Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why You Speak Chinese?

JD: Mami, why  you like to speak to dadi in chinese wan?
Me: because we are chinese. So we talk in chinese la. Are you chinese?
JD: No. I am english. You also english.
Me: Nolah.. I am chinese. Dadi also chinese. You're also chinese you know?
JD: no... but I speak english.
Me: yeah, you speak english but you are chinese. Actually you should also speak chinese.
JD: No la. I am english. you also english but poh poh is mandarin okay?
Me: *give up*


  1. speak chinese as in? cantonese? mandarin? my kids all chinese.. speak cantonese.. english less.. :)

  2. Know what? When I was small I also thought I was English. Can't imagine myself being English now.

  3. Maybe you can tell him he is a English speaking Chinese boy

  4. hmmm... it's difficult to explain the different races to young kids. I use skin color : fair = Chinese, a bit dark = Malay, very dark = Indian. hahaha I'm not a racist, jes trying to make things simple for the kids. :)

  5. hahahahaha gibran said the same thing too!! that he is english and we are malays! crazy boys!! hahahaa!

  6. jayden's HILARIOUS!! :D :D :D what a cute (and intelligent) little boy :D