Friday, June 29, 2007

You want an Answer?

Last Friday at this time I was in Putrajaya. My boss asked me to visit some department to get an answer.
Can or cannot do such such thing on the label or packaging la. So I drove all the way there, pay toll, drove and went round and round for a parking. If you havent been there, don't hope for a covered parking okay? It's written "PARKING" but you see closely somewhere near that sign its written "ORANG AWAM DILARANG MASUK". So park at the open air car park and walk la.

So I went to this building and asked the guard there and he pointedTingkat 4. Ada dua belah. Masuk kiri.So I followed his instruction la. And then I arrived at this place where its locked and there's no bell for you to press. So wait la for a while...and then a guy opened the door and I went in. The reception area looked like..errrr don't look like there's anyone been sitting there for ages. So i went in and tried to look for human to ask some question to get my job done. So I said.."Excuse me, blablabla so am I in the right place?" And that lovely lady gave me a nicest smile ever..

(just that she is chubbier and wore bright red lipstick)
And she asked me
Macam mana you masuk?
You dari company apa?
Apa hal you nak tanya?
Siapa panggil masuk sini?
Sini memang takde buat benda macam ini.

So, i politely asked if I wanna ask things like this, where should I go to?

You pergi sana.So sana I went and it's a numbered counter. Need to take number lo. So took number and waited. Many uncles there waiting in line.
and wait.
and wait for dunno how long.
DING 200 - no one moved
DING 201 - no one moved
DING 202
DING 203

Yay! My number. So I asked and showed some sample of what I was trying to explain to them. And they cheekily asked me "Eh you dari company ini ka? (competitor) Macam mana boleh menang ini contest ah? Ah?? You bukan dari sini ka...Chey. Sini takde buat benda macam ini. You turun tingkat bawah tanya dia orang. Itu Dept buat ini punya."

So turun I did and I managed to stop a guy from going into the "heavily locked door". And asked him. You pergi
So i said But i baru naik and they asked me to

Oh yakah? Okay la Masuk sini la. Cari Miss XXX.

So Masuked la saya into that office. Cari Miss XXX la I did. Waited la I did, and they told me Miss XXX takde hari ini. Apa you nak? So that guy passed me to a pregnant lady la. And that pregnant lady bring me walk up and down the office la and went round and round la and she caught this guy En XXX. So i went to see En XXX and En XXX asked me to sit (after ding dong for so long baru boleh sit down) and I explained to him.

En XXX is very nice. He said that there's no such dept that handle this kinda thing. Normally company just do it (like nike huh?) and hope that consumers don't call and complaint. If complaint then only they investigate.

So Finally i got my answer.

And I drove backto my office. Travelled 90 km. Paid Rm 6.2o toll. 3 hours. And I told my boss, the answer he gave me and she said .....

Okay, some said why in the first place i never call first. My answer: If only they pick up the damn fone. I've been calling for hours the day before i went there.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Main Course

No Time!

No Time!

I only have time to resize a few (45 pics) and load all into the slide.

Overall, Jayden was good all the time (phew!). He enjoyed the flight, he even disturbed the mat salleh sitting behind us. He tried to grab his nasi lemak from our seat,cheeky boy. The room was great but noisy. The bed is superb, enough room to roll around (for Jayden). Luckily we brought Jayden's pillow case so he has his own smell.

The wave was rough, and Jayden still don't like the sand. And we only spent like 40 mins at the beach side. (wasted my money to buy the swim diaper for him-only used 1 pc). But he got a lil sun tanned, macho abit now.

Shopping sux, cos need to bargain in more than 50% which I don't like. I like to buy as it is, gimme best price or I don't buy. But the stuff there is cheap (if you know how to bargain) and even the stuff in the malls is also cheap. But too bad, not much place in luggage.

The night life was abit too scary. Ahkuas started to come out in batches. They were all over the place. Big C walked very close to me! hahaha But the best thing was, those guys were promoting the nude spots and clubs to everyone but they hid the pamplets when they see us walked passed. heheeheh potong stim only!

It was a short short trip! Didn't rest enough cos Jayden slept in the car and we didn't. And when we get back to the hotel, he was awake and it was time for us to rest. Every night he will sleep around 11.30pm or 12.30am. So it's damn tiring for us but I think he enjoyed it very much. He will stay in the stroller only if we feed him something, so most of the time its mango. And travelling with him is rather easy because he adjust well and he eat whatever we eat. We even went to buy instant cup porridge for him and he loved it. Senang la...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back from Phuket

Back on Monday and took another day to settle things at home. Fixed my car, scrapped a lil at the workshop and went home to be a maid. Cleaned the house and cooked dinner. *phew* tired.

Anyway, came back to work today and received a bad news. They're sacking me.


I gotto go Manila this coming July for 3 days. 3 long days. And after that need to go Vietnam. You say sian or not? *sigh*

So today need to rush many many things and I don't have enough time to resize the pics. Only managed to upload a few videos. Pics later okay?

Naah....this are the desserts before the main course. Enjoy la.

This is Jayden, mabuk in the room.

This is Jayden, playing at the beach.

And this is Jayden again, playing in the lobby.

Why so many Jayden only? Cos this vacation is mainly for him. Just to chop his pasport for the first time :0)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mee Suah Edi...*updated*

Okay Chillz no more hokkien mee edi...cos u know why? No call from Big C saying that he is staying back in S'pore for today. (better come back today itellyiu). Now i'm like mee suah edi. :)

*updated: Big C sms saying he is leaving from Spore at 4pm. Weee*

Anyway. The other, day we went to SS2 Teow Chew Ming for our Mee Suah. This place is good for me (because I was sick that time) and good for Jayden (cos Mee Suah can telan bulat bulat ma) and good for Big C (no need to think where to bring the wife and anak to eat ma).
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So we ordered this...Pic from WMW blog. Do visit her blog for more yummilicious food!

Janice said my earlier picture looked like MEEN SEEN. The ones that looked like meen seen is the fake shark fin la. This is how it looks from the top view and picture taken using Big C's handfone. I forgot to bring my camera. So now look like Mee Suah or not?

That dish costs us RM10 per person. Since I just recovered from diarrhea and I was just so hungry (can eat the whole horse edi) we ordered portion for 3 person. For Rm10 a person do you think the shark fin is real leh? (pssst Simon, suitable for you cos I know you don't take shark fin right?). But anyway real or fake, it is yummylicious.

The uncle next table wanted to order same like us. But the waitress said "But their portion is for 3 person leh?" And that uncle shouted "2 adult eat 3 person portion. Siau ah?" Woi uncle....cannot meh?

Anyway, while we're gobbling away our mee suah, suddenly another 2 guys entered the restaurant. One of the guy chose the seat right behind Big C. And another guy looked at me and nod his head (like saying hi) and he dropped his head so low, I cannot see his actual face.

Then I went home and realized OMG! That guy that nodded his head used to be the idiot that always kacau me when I worked in Sect13 PJ few years ago. Can you imagine this idiot can actually blow wolf whistle to you when you sit just right next to him. Damn irritating.No wonder he was so malu. Imagine you used to kacau this girl and now this girl is feeding her baby with her husband sitting next to your table. I wonder why he never kacau me anymore??Hiaks! I bet he was extremely malu...soo....soo...malu!

That made me wonder...if hor, you go for one night stand and suddenly you bumped into yr s*x partner and it turn out to be your family member's new bf macam mana ah? Or you used to date this woman and sekali this woman become your dad's new gf? Or you used to tackle this girl and now this girl is your chewren's teacher or or or ....HAHAHAHAHHAHAH. Eat full nuthing to do go and think about all those thing. Blek!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hokkien Mee

Picture from Lilian's food blog!
(sorry lilian wanna ask u for permission but u offline in msn. Can use hor?)

Nice right? Well, I bet you don't wanna look at my hokkien mee face. It's as black as that plate of mee. I'm like the duracell bunny using the pirated version of battery. I'm moving very slow that's indicating that I'm running out of battery.

I went to stay over night at my mum's place with Jayden. You think I got my rest? Haha Dream Onz. Once arrived, Jayden started to play with my nephew and watched Barney. My niece put him in the middle of the floor and surrounded him with pillows, which he giggled and enjoyed so much. But right after 9.30 ish he started to act weird. He refused to let my mum carry him and wanted to sleep with me on the single tilam. And I guess that he missed his pillow and bed. He tossed and turn the whole night and took like 80% of the tilam. I have no choice but to sleep sideways. And surprisingly he will wiggle and stick to me every time I pushed him away. How to sleep? *bee boo bee boo alarm indicating hokkien mee being formed*
Hokkien mee face formed: 33.33% now

And not to forget his dots dots, some is drying and some new ones just popped out. I hope that all will be out and dried off by this Saturday before we fly off.

Worst, my mum who just came back from her Switz trip told me that my cousin showed her Jayden's picture through his blog. And guess what my mum told me "she said you're dumb because you posted all his picture in the blog. Everyone can see." *alarm ringing, blood go upstairs, nearly explode edi, gulp, swallow down, chill* I just said "Yakah? If she dun like, then ask her don't see la". Anyway she might be reading this right now.

Are you enjoying my story so far?
Hokkien mee face formed: 66.66% now. 66% only ma. Not chet 100% You wait....You wait..

So I logged onto my laptop this morning. And surprise surprise! Big C gmailed me "Hi B. How was things last night..Yadda Yadda..Blablabla ....errr..I have bad news for you. I need to stay back another day. Got last minute meeting. Sorry ar". *Ding! Ding! Ding! Blood shooting up from backside right up to my eyeballs and then to the brain, go round and round the brain, gonna explode, swallow down, wipe tears, go toilet and shit and wipe samo tears, chillz,walk back to desk* and typed "its' okay".

I'm his wife, supposed to be supportive and I cannot say that he promised me that once he changed to this job, he don't need to travel anymore. Cos he answered me once "when you took this job, you also told me that you don't need to travel. But now you need"
Hokkien mee face formed: 99.99% now. Still not yet 100% ma.

I tell you. Only 0.01 % to go and I will explode. Too many things happened to me and my family edi. You see now why I wanna go on break? I did not expose everything that happened. If you know everything you will know that I'm actually 200% Hokkien Mee face edi.

Fark all the bad things. Fark all the bacteria. Fark everything lah! BLEK!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jayden...Oh! Jayden....

*shake head*

I very pening kepala.

See how happy my guy is? I just wish that I'm him sometimes. No matter what happened around him, the most important thing to him is his milk, his porridge, his snacks, his Barney show, and most of all his pacifier. Like totally no worries at all. Noticed that there's a red dot on his forehead? It was a mozzie bite. Unfortunately he scratched this mozzie bite and caused some bacteria to go inside the wound and caused this skin infection called IMPETIGO. (I dunno if its called this name or not butI did a google search and this was the closest and so happened he really did have a wound before this)

It started around that mozzie bite, then it went to his neck. At first I thought it was just plain rashes until it became and outbreak spread to other parts of the body and worst of all the red dots contains water and it looked like chic pox! So we brought him to the doctor and doctor confirmed it was just bacteria infection.So now he gotto bath with Dettol shower cream and sometimes I wipe him with Dettol diluted with water. And applied the antibiotic cream and calamine lotion to the dots. See sapu his whole body with calamine lotion he buat dunno only. Just wanna watch his Barney.

And also ask for nen nen!

Noticed that there's a cut on the left eye lid? It was a darn close call. He knocked his face on the side table in someone's house cos he wanted to play with the telephone. But he tripped and fell. It happened so fast we cannot even hold him in time. Aiyoh!

I tell you, he is extremly fast! The other day, I took off his diaper and tot to let him go diaperless. So while I was preparing his porridge, I saw him playing in front of the fridge. I turn around and I saw him playing with some kicap on the floor. In my mind I was thinking," Aiyah broke some container and spill on the floor!". Then I opened my eyes wider. SHIT!!! He was playing with his SHIT giggling at the same time!!! He was spreading shit on the floor and trying to use the shit to create some masterpiece on the floor. *pengsan*

Anyway I just hope that he will recover from this rashes thinggy and get ready for our phuket trip. I bet he look very cute in his swimming trunk!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bitchin' Time!!!!

It's been so long since I've written something about my workplace. Well I guess every working place will have someone we will call "Biatch" and without them the work place will be so so BORING! Lucky me, We have one here!!

The nick that i'm giving to this one : Flower. Cos her name is a flower (Donald Duck's Gf Name)

I was warned before I even stepped into this company to be aware of this woman. She sits downstairs so she's kinda left out (she asked for it) hahhahaha I shouldn't write too much in just one day. So once in a while I will update about her cos once in a while she will "stir shit" for us. Oh yah, she's also called "Stir Shit Stick" (kau see kwan)

Not long after I joint this company, it was my colleague's birthday. So we wanted to surprise her with flowers and cake. So we gotto sneak the cake up. UNFORTUNATELY, when they brought the cake up, the flower saw the cake and she knew that she wasn't invited. (You know ah, she don't wanna pay but she wanna makan cake wor. Cheapskate!) So just like how we expected it, she wrote a memo (like so powderful eh? can keluar memo wan-cos she is secretary cum admin cum hr for KL office) supported by HR director, saying that some of us came late to work. But there was a memo not long ago being issued saying that if we come late, as long as we cover back the minutes that we're late it's okay. So ding dong ding dong, email shoot here and there at the end her boss supported her. And she so called won the battle. And after that she EKSYENLY told the mgr here " I'm already 14 years here. NOt so easy to DIE wan". You see i need to say more?

And she's like Drew Barrymore in 50 first date? Just that she is WORST than that. I have repeated myself so many times saying that "I DON'T SPEAK HOKKIEN". But somehow I think she purposely choose to speak to me in Hokkien. You know what to do when you actually meet someone like this? IGNORE! Cos you dunno how to hear and speak Hokkien ma! Ignore her until she speak in the language that you understand la! haha (shhhhh....wa beh hiau kong hokkien wah, tapi wa eh hiau tia tompok tampok)

The other day she called me:
Sasha: Hello?
Flower: Sasha, you be a good girl okay? Pok Pek Pok Pek (in hokkien: You don't say anything okay?You help me see if Jo is at her place or not.)
Sasha: FLOWER! I Don't understand Hokkien!
Flower: Of sorry ah ..Pok Pek Pok Pek (in hokkien: i forgot that you cannot understand hokkien. You have to remind me samo okay?)
Sasha: HUH????
Flower: you help me see if JO is at her place or not.
Sasha: she's on leave la.
Flower: Yakah? Why she's on leave ah?
Sasha: I dunno wor...
Flower: ok ok KAMSIAH LU AH!
Click. Turn ard and told T.

Sasha:Eh you know ah this flower called and asked me if Jo is at her place or not.
T: Eh why she ask. the leave form is with her ma.
Sasha: huh? means she will know la who is on leave
T: yeah.

Fone ring.
T: hello?
Flower: T ah! You know where is Jo ah?
T: She's on leave ma. She gave you the leave form right?
Flower : pok pek pok pek.


The other day she questioned me, what happened to me cos I was on emergency leave and on mc the next day.
Sasha: not fever. Diarrhea and vomiting
Flower: OH i tot he fever!....Why he fever ah? Why u take MC.
Sasha: Not fever. Diarrhea and vomit. I also kena ma.
Flower: Oh . Pok Pek Pok Pek in Hokkien
Sasha: .... (walk away)

Fone ring.

Flower: SASHA . Pok Pek Pok Pek in Hokkien
Sasha: Flower. I told you . I don't understand Hokkien.
Flower: Oh. You have to remind me again. SASHA LEI LAI SEE AH? (sasha, you tershit ah?)
Sasha: Huh? What LAI SEE? Diarrhea la.
Flower: So U told GM that you diarrhea because you drank the water in office ah?
Sasha: No ak. I told you at i got it from my son mah. My son never drink the water here also.
Flower: OH (saying out loud so GM can hear her) SO MEANS YOU NEVER LAI SEE AFTER YOU DRINK THE WATER HERE LA?????
Sasha: No but other ppl here also diarrhea maybe they...
Sasha: *Scratch head*
Other coliks: Flower called you ah?
Other coliks: What she said
Sasha: Bli Bla Bli Bla.
Other coliks: Hahaha MUST BE Buy here Free at home la! So support the supplier! Hahahah


We went to celebrate someone farewell and like usual we didn't invite her. UNFORTUNATELY she saw us coming back. So drama again la..So everyone pakat-ed and said that we went to normal chinese restaurant to makan curry mee only. And then I went down to get my stationary (oh yah , stationary can only be collected on Mondays and Fridays. And guess what, the store room where she stores the stationary is like 10 steps away from her desk and there's only like *count hand jari and kaki jari* of us only).

Flower: Sasha. I want to ask you something. Just now I ask Ja why I'm not invited for any occasion. Is there something between me and you all ah?
Sasha: (YEAH!! BIG PROBLEM WOMAN!) No ak. Got problem meh? Who told you?
Flower: Neh... Ja said you all have problem with me wor...
Sasha: (sense something fishy) HUH??? How come I dunno wan? You should ask Ja ma. If she really said got problem, then you should ask her!
Flower: Yalor . I will ask her later. So there's no problem between you and me ah?
Sasha: What problem? *blink eyes*
Flower: No problem hor?
Sasha: I only worked her for 2 months only ma...won't have any problems wan...(yet)
Flower: Good!

So I went up and said :
Sasha: GUYS! I have announcement! Bli Bla Bli Bla
Coliks: AHH??????
Ja: Swear to god!! I never said such thing! Why she frame me like dat.
Sasha: I know I know! I sense something was not right so I questioned her back and she cannot answer.
Ja: I go down and see what she said.

Ja pretend to walk pass flower.

Flower: Ja! I have something to tell you!
Ja: Yes flower? *blink blink eyes*
Flower: Nolah. I want to tell you something. Just now i told Sasha, you said that we have problem.
Ja: Flower....why you said like that? I was joking when you talked to me this afternoon. Actually i never hear what you're saying, I just said maybe la and walked away.
Flower: Yeah lor I know you're joking. I just want to tell you that I told Sasha..
Ja: Okay? So how?
Flower: Nothing la.

Hahahahaha you see. What dirty tricks she play every single day. But seriously without her I think we will be very bored. Hahaha See how she gave me idea to entertain you guys?

Friday, June 15, 2007

I are Back!

Wuah! This is the longest I ever confined myself from blogging. Nope, not pregnant- of all thing pls la. I'm sick, he is sick, even the cheerleader (Jayden) is sick. How to have mood and energy to make? I was on blog break because too many things happened and the left brain is not talking to the right brain. And I felt that too many sad things being posted in BlaBlaBla so I thought better not blog until I have something FUN to blog about. Anyway thanks for all the wishes!

Anyway, yesterday my dept went for makan in Baby again. This time to celebrate someone's farewell. She's going off to be 'siu lai lai' in USA. And of course we snapped picture and I discovered something. I look like a sick person. So I was wondering if its the lighting in the office or something. So i tried to snap my picture again and true enough, I do look like sick person.

I'll be going off to celebrate Big C's birthday and our 3rd wedding anniversary (its 3rd right?) in Phuket with our precious this 23rd. Loosing 4 kgs means that I need to get new swimwear and a whole new wardrobe (YAY to my collection but *sob* to my wallet).

Jayden is down with cough and cold. The other boy in the nanny's is also having the same sickness (so kamcheng??). So, they sort of pass the bug left and right. But other than that, he is okay. Only cries in the middle of the night, request for us to carry him standing up and watched his Barney for hours before falling asleep again. (so that explains my sucked-in-eye). Last night I brought him out to meet an old friend and we dropped by toys-R-us. The moment we got into the store, he eyed for a Barney soft toy. Oh boy, he was walking around the store and i tried to put it back and he remembered about Barney and went back to the shelf to get it. So I end up buying it for him. *wave bye bye to RM50* As for appetite, he is slowly getting back to himself. I have a video of him here , oozing over the cakes in the shop. A funny one!

Big C is going off to Singapore for 3 days on Monday onwards. *sigh* I think I need to buy a big specs to cover my eyes edi. *sigh*

So who wanna hear me bitch about the btch in my company?

Monday, June 11, 2007


Today I can officially walk straight. Btw, thanks to POH CHAI YIN (chinese diarrhea med) I have finally poo-pooed! not diarrhea one but my normal one. YAY! never been so happy pooing.

The other day, I mean Friday night was a disaster. Vomitted and Diarrhea again. I seriously don't understand. How can someone never eat anything or drink anything got things coming out both ways wan???? Anyway, I think I pengsan or slept after few hours or crawling in and out of the bed. And woke up totally refreshed. And then started again! So I went to see the chinese medicine doctor and he gave me some medicine. What to do, mat salleh wan also tried, still cannot after poke here and there, try chinese wan lor. Mana tau this chinese wan drink edi, puke lagi worst. So stay at home and cannot attend bday party lo.

By night I jalan senget edi. More of like nenek edi (remember liang poh poh?) Anyway, something happened. But then after that I felt better. Can walk straighter.

*big sigh*

and then sunday somemore things happened. And my son cried the whole night without opening his eyes and tears flowing out. Big C and I managed to sleep for 2-3 hours only.

*bigger sigh*

Now we walk very straight. Very very straight. Like Zombie. In fact last night when Big C came and gave me a hug, he told me that my body felt like so bonie. Yeah, I really lost weight, alot of weight. Imagine today I'm wearing the top i used to wear when I was in Bali for my honeymoon. I was 47 kg back then.

Sehingga we're all fine, I guess I'm taking a break.

So Happy Birthday to anyone that is celebrating birthday soon.[KW]. If arrival of new baby, Congratulations! (Egghead, Allyfeel & Janice [coming soon]. If changed new job, Congratulations! [Annie Q].

Adios.I hope i wont be gone for too long.

P/S: Everyone please pray for us. For those that know...Shhhhhh.....tq.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Jalan Senget

Sorry guys, couldn't reply your comments. I was down yesterday. Packed my stuff and headed to the panel clinic nearby. The doctor said that my vomitting is due to my headache and flu. Once I got out from the clinic i started to vomit. And then I remembered that Sue (btw, she work near me) said she used the other highway to go back home. I end up in Sg Buloh, Kota Damansara and tropicana. My usual journey will take me like 30 mins to get back home, but I took the wrong way and I end up going round and round for dunno how long. One reached home i tried to sleep but cannot.

As soon as Big C came back at ard 4 plus, I started to vomit like mad. And also diarrhea. Exactly like Lil J the other day. By 8 we SOS called my sis to come and take care of Lil J while Big C drove me out to get a jab. The doctor gave me a 5ml jab, mixture of so many things. Once reached home, I slept and slept till the next day. The next day I couldn't get myself up from the bed and cannot open my eyes for long. I end up sleeping the whole day. I have to use a timer to prompt me every 30 mins to take different medicine. First is the vomitting pill, then 30 mins later food, 30 mins later antibiotics,30mins later wind and 30 mins later diarrhea.

Today I'm back at work, but I jalan senget because my right butt is swollen (damn painful) and i felt like the world is turning (probably too much of sleeping). I lost weight. Finally I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. This month I think I have lost 4 kgs. So, who want to loose weight fast and easy, come. I teach you.

UPDATED: Jayden is well already. Last night not so koala edi.Now mami wanna be koala..UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mr Koala

Sorry Guys. I really dun have energy to reply comments but I have seen each and every one of it cos it comes direct to my email ya. Thank you!

Anyway, like how I've mentioned yesterday ,my son has turn into a Koala Bear.

He don't want to touch the floor
He refused to let you off his side.
He will not let you sit and carry him.
He will not let you lie down next to him. He will pull yr hand and ask you to stand up and carry him.
He want you to carry him while you're wearing your clothes.
He want you to carry him and make his milk
He wants you to carry him and cook.
You pangsai he wanna follow you in.
You bath he wanna go into the toilet with you.
He wakes up in the middle of the night and throw his pacifier out and CRY. Asking you to come into the playpen and sleep.
He wont watch his Barney without you holding him.
He wont play by himself without you holding one of the toys and interact with him.

Anyone? Anyone hear me suffering? I'm trying to hang on today at work. Cannot take too much MC. The mind is not working, the back is painful like its breaking. The head is spinning around *singing Kylie Minoque's Spinning Ard now*. The chest is painful and I just vomited but I'm not pregnant.

You're wondering how come I'm doing everything myelf. Where's da MAN? He was asleep..sound asleep for two days after he popped in Panadols, he is down with flu. When I got back from Vietnam, he twisted his neck because of "too much moving around with Jayden". So he can't move fast and turn his head unless his body turn first. Abit ike Robocop. If I shout "Faster" It takes him so long to reflect to what I've said. More of like I'm saying "come.........". So can you imagine me with my diarrhea and him with his head twisted and Jayden wailing and shouting all at the same time?????. One word=Havoc!

Last night after cooking my chinese sausage with eggs, and veges, I placed it on the table. And while I went out to make milk, the lil one followed me. I turn around he was holding the plate up high in the air ,single handed. The eggs with sausage was already on the floor. And he was about to throw the plate down, I shouted "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO". He stopped and looked at me. I said "Give it to me!". Immediately he obliged while blinking his eyes and gave me the plate. And then I just walk off and said "Come with me". Wuah immediately he cried. And then he refused to budge, I gotto guide him into the room and he stopped at the door. I sat down and said "Come sit here. And he cried again like I baru cekik him!

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"M SO TIRED!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Thank You!

Jayden is finally free from the bug! Thanks for all your wishes (comments and sms) and especially to Shannon and Yvonne who volunteered to come to the hospital to help. Really appreciate it so much!

He has obviously lost weight, me too. Not an ideal way to loose weight but what to do. I hope no one will scold me nmflt cos my Fu really will LATT (pants jatuh) edi!

This is him saying "FUYOHH!!!". Who else will teach him to say this kinda thing la. See, only the hair grew longer. The rest all kecut (shrink edi) even the mouth also!

You know this saying, ppl say if the kid get sick then they tend to be more manja. Mine of course not excluded. He is now officially a "Koala Bear". Stick to his dad like glue. And want me to carry him and sleep in the playpen with him. Anyone know where to buy an adult size play pen? Last night he was crying so loud in Ming Tien, Tmn Megah food court demanding for food. So we ordered porridge for him and he refused to let me sit down. So I gotto stand up, carrying him and feed him at the same time. Yeah weird right? I look like some maid standing up in the middle of the food court while everyone is sitting down. His dad ate so fast and we exchanged duty. But surrrrrrrprisingly he allow his dad to sit an feed him. Punishment for me because I left him for 2 days? I don't know. Anyway I might be going to Philippines next week. *sigh*

This is him chilling with my toys (handed down to him) while watching his Barney. We waited anxiously the whole day for him to poop. Hahaha Parents waiting for the kid to poop to see if its good or bad news. Isn't that great? Apparently he never poop for the entire day. After this diarrhea and vomiting session, we got so used to sniffing his backside. What a view!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

No, it's not okay.

*sigh* Once I reached KL, i turn on my hp and i received a sms "pls take taxi home. J is having fever".

So I rushed out and figure out it totally crazy if I wanna wait in the long Q for a cab. So I took the KLIA express and then I smsed Big C and told him I'm taking the lrt home. But then he called me (with J in the background whining) saying that he will come over to the Sentul Station to pick me up. So they arrived. I saw Lil J sitting in his own chair. He turned and stared at me and turn to the other side, totally ignoring me.I called him but he turned his face away from me. Heart broken and worried, I picked him up and cuddled him. Still, he refused to look at me.

Went home and the whole night he was tossing and turning, crying for no reason. So the whole night I slept with him in his play pen and the next day I was like a zombie, called office and told them I'm taking emergency leave for that day. Glad I did that, cos by 12noon J's nanny called and asked me to take J home cos he was vomiting and purging the whole morning. So I picked him up and called his dad. We brought him to the hospital and doc immediately gave him a drip and some jab to stop him from vomiting. My heart was broken to hear him wail and shouting while they insert the line to his tiny hand. And i think he cried too much, he fell asleep.

Lil J with the line in his left hand.

Doc gave us 2 options, to get admitted immediately or to go home and see what happen. Big C chose to go home. According to the paed that Big C brought Lil J that day, its common nowadays cos there's some vomit and diarrhea virus going ard and it will subside by few days.

We waited at home, and Lil J began to vomit and have diarrhea. Drink like 2oz and vomited so much like double of what he took. We packed all our stuff and rushed to the hospital at midnight.
Once reached *sigh* they prepared the line again. This time on the right hand cos few hours ago the line was inserted into the left hand. Again he was crying like mad. And then he was ushered to the 5th floor in the kids ward. Not long after that , around 3am, i went down to see the doctor myslf. Cos I vomited and been purging too. They have to give me so many jabs so they end up inserting a line in my hand too. And i fell asleep in the ER for 1 hour plus. Woke up, felt like wanna poop again and checked with the nurse the jabs was not for my purging. It was for my tummy ache. So I went and pay and took my medicine. Boy, its eerie walking around in the hospital alone.

Lil J and Mami's hand. Both with Line and plaster.

Lil J was weak, and surprisingly he didn't pull the line away. Instead he used the board underneath the hand to whack me when he is irritated. He was obviously scared of the nurses and whenever the door opens, he will start to whine and look at who just came in. Big C gotto rush to the office to prepare for an important meeting. So I was alone with J until my sis came to the rescue. At least I get to sleep for a while until J began to whine and wanted me to carry him all the time. I think my sis carried him too much till the blood back flowed into the drip. So a few nurses (i think about 4 nurses) came and held him down to squeeze the blood out from the drip and redo the drip tube. My son can really SHOUT. Now whenever he is not happy about something he wil shout.Kepala pun pusing, i tell you.

Big C cancelled his important meeting and came to the hospital.Just when we though we can go home, suddenly J pooped all over the floor alhtough he is wearing diaper.So doctor said " wait for another day". So we spent another night and I slept with him in the cot with the cot-sides up. He was tossing and turning the whole night so the whole night i was detangling the tube so that it wont block the drip or cause the blood to back flow.Big C even brought my laptop so that Lil J can watch his Barney shows. He was so happy that he clapped his hands although the right hand is all bundled up like a boxing glove.

Doctor came at 930 just like what he had promised and he said "Okay, you can go home!" Boy, we're so relieved. They removed Lil J's drip line and he began to run around in the ward. But he was weak so he walked like orang mabuk. He walked and walked and end up reaching to this door. Once the door was opened, he removed his pacifier and said "MAMMM MAMMM!!!!" Yeah we have reached the cafeteria. He ran and wanted to climb onto a chair. So i picked him up and he was pointing at all the food at the counter, pointing at the food and said "mamm maaam, maaam maaam, mammm maaa" non stop. I bought him a pau and he took some of the pau and started to stand up on the baby chair. I used to be irritated when he does that, but today it's a relief that he is doing this.At least he is himself again.

Playing on the hosp bed after they took out the line.

We came home and he played with his toys like he missed them so much and he watched his Barney and slept in his own bed. My sis came over for a visit and just when we decided to go for dinner in Tesco, Lil J pooped again. That was the first time after he came back from the hospital. We decided to let him recover slowly by himself because even when teething baby tends to get diarrhea. Just as long as he is not vomiting and he is taking food, it's ok. So we're controlling his diet and praying that he will get better soon. He refused to drink the Lactose free Milk ( i guess it's tasteless) and want to eat porridge and drink his normal milk. Probably that's why he is still purging. He eats and drink in small portions and sleep for a short while but more often. Well, I guess he is very tired. We're all so tired now. Big C said that he felt like he is so useless cause he took care of the small one for only one night and he is sick like this. Seriously I don't blame him, even if I'm around I think this will happen too. At least the small one is more manja and wanted his Dadi not like last time.

Aiyoh, MY SON!! Please get well soon la!