Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hokkien Mee

Picture from Lilian's food blog!
(sorry lilian wanna ask u for permission but u offline in msn. Can use hor?)

Nice right? Well, I bet you don't wanna look at my hokkien mee face. It's as black as that plate of mee. I'm like the duracell bunny using the pirated version of battery. I'm moving very slow that's indicating that I'm running out of battery.

I went to stay over night at my mum's place with Jayden. You think I got my rest? Haha Dream Onz. Once arrived, Jayden started to play with my nephew and watched Barney. My niece put him in the middle of the floor and surrounded him with pillows, which he giggled and enjoyed so much. But right after 9.30 ish he started to act weird. He refused to let my mum carry him and wanted to sleep with me on the single tilam. And I guess that he missed his pillow and bed. He tossed and turn the whole night and took like 80% of the tilam. I have no choice but to sleep sideways. And surprisingly he will wiggle and stick to me every time I pushed him away. How to sleep? *bee boo bee boo alarm indicating hokkien mee being formed*
Hokkien mee face formed: 33.33% now

And not to forget his dots dots, some is drying and some new ones just popped out. I hope that all will be out and dried off by this Saturday before we fly off.

Worst, my mum who just came back from her Switz trip told me that my cousin showed her Jayden's picture through his blog. And guess what my mum told me "she said you're dumb because you posted all his picture in the blog. Everyone can see." *alarm ringing, blood go upstairs, nearly explode edi, gulp, swallow down, chill* I just said "Yakah? If she dun like, then ask her don't see la". Anyway she might be reading this right now.

Are you enjoying my story so far?
Hokkien mee face formed: 66.66% now. 66% only ma. Not chet 100% You wait....You wait..

So I logged onto my laptop this morning. And surprise surprise! Big C gmailed me "Hi B. How was things last night..Yadda Yadda..Blablabla ....errr..I have bad news for you. I need to stay back another day. Got last minute meeting. Sorry ar". *Ding! Ding! Ding! Blood shooting up from backside right up to my eyeballs and then to the brain, go round and round the brain, gonna explode, swallow down, wipe tears, go toilet and shit and wipe samo tears, chillz,walk back to desk* and typed "its' okay".

I'm his wife, supposed to be supportive and I cannot say that he promised me that once he changed to this job, he don't need to travel anymore. Cos he answered me once "when you took this job, you also told me that you don't need to travel. But now you need"
Hokkien mee face formed: 99.99% now. Still not yet 100% ma.

I tell you. Only 0.01 % to go and I will explode. Too many things happened to me and my family edi. You see now why I wanna go on break? I did not expose everything that happened. If you know everything you will know that I'm actually 200% Hokkien Mee face edi.

Fark all the bad things. Fark all the bacteria. Fark everything lah! BLEK!


  1. Aiyoo..nvm la...he is bringing money to the family also. Dun be hokkien mee edi, U so leng lui must show us more Cantonese mee. ;)

  2. Oh dear, I'm so sorry. I know you're going through a tough time, but hang in there, ok? Buzz me if you need any help. Take care!

  3. Yeah, Sasha, just go ahead & blog about it! It's therapeutic, don't keep it until you meletup! Have a good day anyhow! Cheers! :)

  4. *cabut before you fuck me oso.*

  5. Oscar's Mommy1:17 PM

    wei, can smell burnt smell here lei. dont be so stress la. Big C got to work so its ok. and lil J also tak mau jadi sick so its also not his fault he became cranky. go go ... go enjoy yr trip... eh their foot massage very jeng wan... ciao... *smile* la..

  6. Hang in there.. ya..!! there is light at the end of the tunnel..!! keep telling yourself that ok..! cool down.. cool down.. ! "give ice water with loads of ice" to crunch.. :)
    Ok.. now i better run far, far .. and quick .. quick.. if not kenna lighting God.. kekkekee!!

  7. hang in there friend. Count down for ur Phuket holiday trip...two more days to go...*put a smile on ur face*

  8. Cooollll. Take it easy ok. Think happy tots. Btw, the hokkein mee pic looks very delicious. Yum!!

  9. EstherL1:42 PM

    Ppl got said: After thunder Storm always hav Rainbow coming out. Means, bad bad thg will over soon. Cheer up!! Rest n Relax trip is coming soon to u.

  10. dun hokkien mee liao lah... cheer up lah .. hugzzz...

  11. Go & drink Chinese tea to cool down :P Seriously, hang in there. I know how it feels "U also travel, so I travel cannot complainlah"

    Hope Jayden recovers soon, take care & don't lose some more weight ah.

  12. Aiyo, don't want to see ur Hokkien Mee face lar. Not leng lui lor. I go get the 'antibiotic cream and calamine lotion' from Jayden and apply on ur face. *tongue out*

    I'm sure Jayden wasn't used to the new surrounding and he missed the smell of his pillow, blolster and bed. Hug him like a bolster (of course with ur arms and not ur legs, okay?) and I'm sure he feels he's in safe arms and will go to sleep.

  13. wahhhh hokkien mee.. wahhh... lucky not like our Kon Low Men here.. All black with soya sauce.. the one i love anyway. So u be good ok. Whatever needed to be released, just release thru this blog. hentam aja. but don't hentam us ok. we fren fren one.
    wow, bestnye Big C can go outstation that long. If me, no chance one.

    *cabut ikut belakang ahpek.. faster ahpek... *

  14. Aiyar, I should put more dark soya sauce and a big blob of sambal belacan in that pic to drama it somemore. Hehehe.

  15. Collapse comments
    Allyfeel : i know...i know...

    Nadia : Okay thanks!

    Dancing Queen : okay. :)

    Ah Pek : *chase ah pek*

    WMD: Thanks..

    Oscar's Mommy : Syiok? See how first

    mama bok : I can see the light ...very small light only

    Annie Q : *counting days*

    Estee Soo : okay!

    EstherL : I love this comment. Thanks

    janicepa : Dun wan ...dun wanna fren u edi

    IMMomsDaughter : if things are easily be cured by tea..

    Tracy : *sigh*

    papajoneh : Strangle papajoneh : Wuah ..u add samo sambal belacan?

  16. Hijackqueen3:48 PM

    errr... come, today we go sing karaoke and order one big plate of hockkien mee. Sing all you can and eat all you can tonight.


  17. Soon the Hokkien Mee will turn to Sar Hor Fun (Wat Tan Hor). Look forward to you trip !!

  18. Don't angry lah.....he's making a living. :) Easy for me to say hor?

    Actually hor, I couldn't stop thinking of your peepokpeepok....(might blog about it) and for someone who cannot peepokpeepok, can show Hokkien mee face one ah?

  19. Aiyoyo! Black hokkien mee face adi ar? Can challenge with Justice Pao la!! wakakaka...Cabut!!!

  20. chill girl! the world is not coming to an end! stay cool!

  21. aiya..dont angry dont angry....

    *brings ice cream*....

  22. poor sasha..hang in there, ok?

  23. Sasha.. I hope as you read this you're already a Cantonese Noodle, no longer Hokkien Mee. Just remember.. there is a solution to everything. Hang in there. Big C coming back tmr.. go thru the situation together. Two heads is always better than one.. Take care.. both Jayden and yourself. Okay.... U know who u could ping if u need a good listener ya.

  24. poor u...but do take it easy. maybe it's just some ups n downs in life...dun u worry...everything will turn out a-ok in no time. It's good to bla it all out too! Cool down n enjoy ur holidays. dont think too much! take care!

  25. You make me wanna eat hokkien mee. Cool down yeah & take it easy!

  26. Thinking sbout your trip to Phuket and start packing now.

    Hang in there. Hope by the time you read this comment, hokkien mee is becoming hmmm, sunny side egg (happy face).

  27. i tot you were complaining about your son... which i observe brings u much joy... more than sorrow definitely. i think the real reason behind the hokkien mee face is your husband... or more accurately... his tendency to place his career ahead of family...

    or am stating the obvious?

  28. Ice Kacang can cool you down or not??? Take care!

  29. your vacation is nearer..... so everything is gonna to be FUN FUN & FUN then.......u gotta make sure it is or else waste $$$$$ onli, k?

  30. Oh dear sasha....just be patient and hang in is just around the corner...have a good break ;)

  31. Joanne2:17 PM

    geez...i can imagine the "fun" and pain you have to go thru. My hubby going for biz trip in July, i bet i will end up same boat as you.

  32. errr.. at least still got your mother's plc to go..

    Me ah.. farked the wall la.