Friday, June 29, 2007

You want an Answer?

Last Friday at this time I was in Putrajaya. My boss asked me to visit some department to get an answer.
Can or cannot do such such thing on the label or packaging la. So I drove all the way there, pay toll, drove and went round and round for a parking. If you havent been there, don't hope for a covered parking okay? It's written "PARKING" but you see closely somewhere near that sign its written "ORANG AWAM DILARANG MASUK". So park at the open air car park and walk la.

So I went to this building and asked the guard there and he pointedTingkat 4. Ada dua belah. Masuk kiri.So I followed his instruction la. And then I arrived at this place where its locked and there's no bell for you to press. So wait la for a while...and then a guy opened the door and I went in. The reception area looked like..errrr don't look like there's anyone been sitting there for ages. So i went in and tried to look for human to ask some question to get my job done. So I said.."Excuse me, blablabla so am I in the right place?" And that lovely lady gave me a nicest smile ever..

(just that she is chubbier and wore bright red lipstick)
And she asked me
Macam mana you masuk?
You dari company apa?
Apa hal you nak tanya?
Siapa panggil masuk sini?
Sini memang takde buat benda macam ini.

So, i politely asked if I wanna ask things like this, where should I go to?

You pergi sana.So sana I went and it's a numbered counter. Need to take number lo. So took number and waited. Many uncles there waiting in line.
and wait.
and wait for dunno how long.
DING 200 - no one moved
DING 201 - no one moved
DING 202
DING 203

Yay! My number. So I asked and showed some sample of what I was trying to explain to them. And they cheekily asked me "Eh you dari company ini ka? (competitor) Macam mana boleh menang ini contest ah? Ah?? You bukan dari sini ka...Chey. Sini takde buat benda macam ini. You turun tingkat bawah tanya dia orang. Itu Dept buat ini punya."

So turun I did and I managed to stop a guy from going into the "heavily locked door". And asked him. You pergi
So i said But i baru naik and they asked me to

Oh yakah? Okay la Masuk sini la. Cari Miss XXX.

So Masuked la saya into that office. Cari Miss XXX la I did. Waited la I did, and they told me Miss XXX takde hari ini. Apa you nak? So that guy passed me to a pregnant lady la. And that pregnant lady bring me walk up and down the office la and went round and round la and she caught this guy En XXX. So i went to see En XXX and En XXX asked me to sit (after ding dong for so long baru boleh sit down) and I explained to him.

En XXX is very nice. He said that there's no such dept that handle this kinda thing. Normally company just do it (like nike huh?) and hope that consumers don't call and complaint. If complaint then only they investigate.

So Finally i got my answer.

And I drove backto my office. Travelled 90 km. Paid Rm 6.2o toll. 3 hours. And I told my boss, the answer he gave me and she said .....

Okay, some said why in the first place i never call first. My answer: If only they pick up the damn fone. I've been calling for hours the day before i went there.





    WTF?!!! Stooopid people. Urrrgghhh! That's why I HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE dealing with those mofo's. Urrrrgghhh!

    Anyway, haha, I agree with mott, so funny the tudung picture! LOL!

  3. I tell u ar I suppose to be moody today but after I read your blog I laugh until wan to pengsan :P

    Funnylar u Cik Fatimah :P

  4. LOL!!! You didn't show Hokkien Mee face to your boss?!?! You are so creative!

  5. at first i really thought u took that malay lady's picture and put here leh! Rupa rupanya is yourself. =P Aiyoh, wan sek kan nan hor?

  6. Oh no...if i kena like that, sure curse, curse & curse!! but so good that u can still twist this to be so laughable!!

    esp that pic of u.... i squeeze squeeze my eyes, turn turn my head & see if that's true YOU ka???

    wah...just tudung d hair, put spec & mouth senget a's totally different people oredi....still blablabla girl but d ugly version heh ????

  7. That picture of yours is so hilarious! I was reading, reading, suddenly when I saw your picture, I burst out laughing! :D

    You are one funny girl! :D

  8. EstherL3:33 PM

    Cik Sahsa, u really a good artist !!

  9. Oh.. boy..!! what a waste of your good time..!! next time.. you should just get a coffee at starbucks.. and bloghop.. for 3hrs.. and then go back to the office.. and give your boss some stupid answers .. ;)

  10. hahahaha...i just think is that u ar? Look sooooooooooooooo different!!! U really can be actress la!!

  11. Wei, that photo ugly lah
    U leng lui leh!!!
    I want Phuket photos!

  12. Cik Sasha Binti Blahblah... since when u converted?

    err.. no comment. hahahahahha...

  13. wow.. the tudung picture cool lah.

    wasted time and still pay tol somemore. aiiiyaaahhh....

    and what, all the boss said... hmmm. Gggrrrrrhhhh.. bikin panas woh!!!

  14. the tudung picture, very funny!!! Sasha Boleh!!

  15. Read your post is just like the monitor is talking to me...Next time better if can call to ask first...else go there let ppl point not shiok la..I hate no one responsible on things...wei u not geram having an answer "ohh" only?

  16. mott : Nyiak. U think RTM want to hire me or not

    Nadia : Saya bangga saya anak malaysia.

    Desperate Mummy: *wink*

    aprilWong : Hok what kien la...cari makan ma

    Rabbit: Wan sek howe kan nan a

    Jacss : Muahahahah are u enjoy?

    Dancing Queen : Halo! thanks!

    EstherL : saya tarak artist la....

    mama bok : Hahah kenot lor..

    Annie Q : U try also. maybe u look better

    shoppingmum : HAHHAHA phuket can can..

    Julian : Sejak ...hari itu *point left right and centre*

    papajoneh : Jangan panas hari ini flyday ma

    KK & WS : Hahaha semua boleh la

    judy chow : i called gazillion times edi. If only they pick up then i dun need to go all the way there

  17. hahahahahahahahahahaha
    i love this post...

    but i think it's really a common thing right?


  18. I cant STOP LAUGHING .. aiyor tummyache adi jor :P

    Kesian you :P

  19. khongfamily5:46 PM

    Aiyoo... manyak jari lah...I pun confuse!?!

  20. Aiyo!!!! After all the running around and all the "tim lei tim hui", still without an answer. Sigh! Malaysia pasti boleh!

  21. Wahahaha, you farni lah. When I saw the photo of the lady, I thought "What a comedy" but then I put 2 and 2 together and realised it is not the real lady otherwise where so easy get a close up shot. So, who was that pretending to dress up like that? Cartoon lah!

    Actually hor, wouldn't it be easier to just pick up the phone and ask, "Yes or No"?

  22. luckily u r not directed to go to the police station, labeling u an "INTRUDER"!!! no hard feeling yah...

  23. *DUM*... laugh until bb drop liao .. kakaka...

  24. took me awhile to realize it was you! i thot you actually snapped her pic upfront!!!

  25. And who said want to cut holidays to improve productivity is siao!!

    Improve all these la..

    And this malaimui very min sin.. don't know seen from where before.

  26. sasha, u are really funny. how did u manage to take the pic of the lady??

  27. Oi Mak Cik, manyak molek, ada latuk jatuk cinta?

  28. oh, kekeke...i din even recognise its you. Jayden must enjoy every moment with her humourous mom!

  29. phuiyo .. that aunty in tudung so seksee!!! pheeweettttt

  30. aiks, our govement ppl do things is like that lar..we all get used to it..waste time only, where we can upgrade??

  31. ShannonC.: Yeah expected it that why not angry lo

    Jessie Woo: hahaha

    khongfamily : Saya pun confused

    Tutiger : Malaysia Boleh kan?

    Dr ve Thru : they never pick up my call la

    W_W_Ho : Hahahah yeah

    janicepa : If only so easy..

    simon : Nolah wanna die meh

    Zara's Mama : Yeah!

    Mummy to QiQi : Hhahahahaha *speechless* : Talak la boss

    Wingz : Lu sukak meh? *wink*

    1+2mom : welkam to malaysia

  32. Ya ya almost got fooled and thought it was really a Malay lady. Oi, you can go audition to be an actress already!

  33. Wakakaka!!! kena marie go round ar? That malay lady veli CUTE!! KEKEKE

  34. haha...funny pic!! well, at least u get a lot of exercise hor?

  35. Like that laaa... don't even expect something straight forward when it comes to the gaomen...

  36. u wore tat need sunat wan orr!!! :D

  37. you use wrong finger lah..

  38. You must know that building very well now. Close eyes also know where to go!!

    And your pic is hilarious! LOL!

  39. alamak..turn here and there...i feel pengsan here la..

  40. i lurve your bee-stung lips dah-leeng!
    malaysia boleh attitude makcik!

  41. HAha!That was too funnneeeee!!!

    I was trying to figure out if you were wearing a real tudung or a makeshift tudung? You have a tudung???

  42. hahahahaha..this is so funny. like the tudung lady ;D

  43. You really crack me uplah! You should really consider getting a job in drama or something...sure can make lots of big buck$$$

    That photo is hilarious!!!

  44. hmmm...sounds like a fun excursion you have there. hahahaha....

  45. IMMomsDaughter:heheh next time i will do better until u cannot recon me

    AceOne118 : Yeah pusing round the world.

    blur_mommy: exercise my mouth got la

    sue: Yeah expected it too

    ah nel : Ah? that is not tudung wor.

    Ah Pek : Right la....

    King's wife : Yeah know evel 4 n 3 very well edi

    huisia : Hahaha u havent pop ah?

    Sweetpea : Kakaa bee stung?

    Big Pumpkin : Nola that is my scarf for my bikini wan

    Mommy to Chumsy : Saua suka bila u suka kakaa

    KittyCat : cannot la. no one wanna hire me so siol sendiri here la

    nyonyapenang : like amazing race

  46. I actually cannot recognise it was you in the tudung. Sometimes I just wonder why some ppl just like to make other ppl's life difficult... Sigh...

  47. muahhaha i like that pic!!! at first i tot, wah u so daring go n snap tat lady's pic as u speak to her!
    ahaha. i can see ur holiday pic liao


    i mean , the weather:P

  48. I thought you will get the answer: "with $$, anything also can".

  49. I dont think I'll be that patient liao !!! Your pictures so funny la.. I would have blasted someone there already!!

  50. hhahhahah i like the finger pointing act!!

  51. tell me about the parking there again....that's how they do planning lar...even their own staff have problem looking for a place to park their car

    wei...i tot you really so 'tai dam', publish the gov. staff punya photo..hehe

  52. OMG!!!! HILARIOUS Pic...

    So... Lost how many KG pusing kiri kanan naik atas bawah ?