Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mee Suah Edi...*updated*

Okay Chillz no more hokkien mee edi...cos u know why? No call from Big C saying that he is staying back in S'pore for today. (better come back today itellyiu). Now i'm like mee suah edi. :)

*updated: Big C sms saying he is leaving from Spore at 4pm. Weee*

Anyway. The other, day we went to SS2 Teow Chew Ming for our Mee Suah. This place is good for me (because I was sick that time) and good for Jayden (cos Mee Suah can telan bulat bulat ma) and good for Big C (no need to think where to bring the wife and anak to eat ma).
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So we ordered this...Pic from WMW blog. Do visit her blog for more yummilicious food!

Janice said my earlier picture looked like MEEN SEEN. The ones that looked like meen seen is the fake shark fin la. This is how it looks from the top view and picture taken using Big C's handfone. I forgot to bring my camera. So now look like Mee Suah or not?

That dish costs us RM10 per person. Since I just recovered from diarrhea and I was just so hungry (can eat the whole horse edi) we ordered portion for 3 person. For Rm10 a person do you think the shark fin is real leh? (pssst Simon, suitable for you cos I know you don't take shark fin right?). But anyway real or fake, it is yummylicious.

The uncle next table wanted to order same like us. But the waitress said "But their portion is for 3 person leh?" And that uncle shouted "2 adult eat 3 person portion. Siau ah?" Woi uncle....cannot meh?

Anyway, while we're gobbling away our mee suah, suddenly another 2 guys entered the restaurant. One of the guy chose the seat right behind Big C. And another guy looked at me and nod his head (like saying hi) and he dropped his head so low, I cannot see his actual face.

Then I went home and realized OMG! That guy that nodded his head used to be the idiot that always kacau me when I worked in Sect13 PJ few years ago. Can you imagine this idiot can actually blow wolf whistle to you when you sit just right next to him. Damn irritating.No wonder he was so malu. Imagine you used to kacau this girl and now this girl is feeding her baby with her husband sitting next to your table. I wonder why he never kacau me anymore??Hiaks! I bet he was extremely malu...soo....soo...malu!

That made me wonder...if hor, you go for one night stand and suddenly you bumped into yr s*x partner and it turn out to be your family member's new bf macam mana ah? Or you used to date this woman and sekali this woman become your dad's new gf? Or you used to tackle this girl and now this girl is your chewren's teacher or or or ....HAHAHAHAHHAHAH. Eat full nuthing to do go and think about all those thing. Blek!


  1. Wah so many assumptions and wondering one??? hehehehe...

    Mee suah... fulamak.. long time never eat....

  2. I lovey mee suah! RM 10 per person.. so u all managed to finish everything ah? Woah!

  3. your mind thinking liddit liddat...

    means...u're ok already.


  4. Wow...sasha back to her normal self liao...phew!...hahahaha

  5. You in opis day dreaming ar? kakaka

    Mee suah nice. drool!

  6. Julian: Yeah hehehe EFNTD ma.

    Rabbit: The bowl berkilat!

    Mott: Almost there.

    Annie:Almost almost.

    Ace: Yeah nice!

  7. EstherL5:42 PM

    i mst ask my hub bring me go n try this recommeded Mee Suah by Sasha. HeHe

  8. that looks like 'tong fun' le....

  9. never tried it, but im getting hungry just looking at it. ok bye...going to make dinner now...see see wat you did!

  10. Thanks for the compliment and using my photo...When you wrote "Pic from her blog...", I thought, "Hey, did I do dinner with you and forgot about it???" and "I forgot you too!" LOL...Anyway, maybe you can replace the "her" with my nick, WMW...

    Thanks again...:o)

  11. Got Teoh Chew Ming outside my place and I still think it is overpriced!

  12. i always think mee suah is for sick ppl but this dish looks nice in the pic leh

  13. Meen seen: the perfect comfort food!

  14. Wah, so chill alledi lah. Hubs come home so I think tomorrow you got no time to blog.

    Actually, to me, this dish looks more like tung hoon (peepokpeepok), (tung fun in Cantonese). Then again, if you no understand peepokpeepok, then it is not mee suah cos that is peepok dialect mah.

    After all that, are you Cantonese or not? :P

    Wah, your little J also clever to know good food hor? Trained from young already.

  15. don't think so much..go makan your mee suah lah! :P

  16. Glad to hear big C is finally home....Your post is also more cheery today.. :D

  17. wow, u happy eh? I though I keep silence coz i notice the angry mode in the messenger.. so tiam tiam lah.

    but ok lah to see u like this....

    isn't that "tong fun" ???

  18. sasha,
    regarding the last part of the post, you really eat full nothing to do ah? Think so much! haha!

  19. dunno tong fun or mee suah.....but it looks yummy wor....when r u treat me on that? :)

    btw, i've tagged u. have u done it liao?

  20. Yeah! no more black-black hokkien mee now.I like the mee suah too yummy! :D

  21. ok ok .. yummy mee suah . yummy..
    next time the treat is on me.. ok ..

  22. esther: Yeah try . remember to bring me.

    shannon: look properly la.

    d'fish: hehe sorry lor

    WMW: Changed! thanks ya

    michelle: ya meh?

    winn: hehe me too. now different liao.

    giddy tiger: mee suah..not meen seen me hainanese la..

    Vien: Ok ok

    etc: cheery eh? hehe

    papajoneh: mee suah..

    Kok: Muahahahhaha

    Jacelyn Chew: Wuah my life upside down like this samo you wanna tag meh ah? seriously, tag is the last thing that i'd do at this time. so sorry ya

    Desperate Mummy: Hehehehe

    janicepa: U buy me? slowly wait la

  23. cheerful leng lui is back in action.....this wan appitizer only, wait till she arrive phuket...then surely can whack like crazy heh?????

    aiyo, can teach how to make that little car moving ahh...wana impress my boys la.....they r super fansee of "cars" & if added their faces ah, surely can see the best laughs!!!

  24. glad to hear you all oki now...

    i like your toot toot car cute....

  25. you seem ok liao...great!!
    the mee suah looked so yummy a..

  26. Awesome mee suah!! Eh, halal or not? Hehehehe..

  27. aiyo... U r the best ....thats y i enjoy ur blog....

  28. Must go try...... can someone tell me where "Teow Chew Meng" is..... not so familiar with SS2 la :P

  29. Can see that you are much much cheerful today. Start packing for yr Phuket trip:) enjoy.

  30. Lin Peh got kacau me you when we worked together meh? LOL!

  31. I live in SS 2 also dunno got this place wor but RM 10 per person, wow abit expensive ler.

  32. the mee suah look like "tung fun"!

    ur mind really gila one...but then the world is really small, anything can happen la!!

  33. jayden's blog only invited readers now? how to add me ah?

  34. really eat full nothing to do go and luan luan thing.

    Eh..last post last Thursday.. betoi ka?

    Your blog sot sot tei for me one.. I also don't know which one is your latest post.

    The minseen.. don't quite like it.. very starchy....

  35. great imagination arrr... good, coz my brain is swimming at the moment. my turn not well lar..

    anyway, if any of those things happened, especially if it's a ONS, discretion is the word. i bet girls can keep their mouths tightly shut in this case coz of virtue status, but i can't say for the guys. u know lar, they like to boast and be 'chew yin cheong' much after 'chew yin soong'.
    amacam? this thinking can?