Saturday, November 20, 2010


When I received an email from Parent Reviewers saying that I was selected to review Stride panty I was so happy because I really want this panty so badly! It has a built in pantyliner and I have chosen the seamless design. It means totally no VPL (visible panty line). 

So when I finally receive it, I was jumping up and down! *lol* You know why? Ever since I gave birth to my first born, I had problems with light leaks especially when I sneeze or cough. I had to cross my legs especially when I am standing in order to control myself and not wet myself in public. No Joke!

My first time wearing this was to the gym with my husband. I was running, cycling and working my Non VPL butt happily because I know that everything is A-Okay. With the OQUOS™ technology everything basically remains the same. The dryness, the shape of the panty and it also deodorizes. I just think its the perfect panty for every woman and I'm glad I own one. :)

Disclosure: This post was written solely based on my personal opinion and no monies are being paid by the said company to review this product.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Justin Oh Justin

He climbed on top of me and pretend to suck my nen nen like breastfeeding him.

Me: Eh, drink nen nen ah?
Justin: Nolah. I only drink Milo.
Me: AH? MILO?! hahahaha


I left him at my neighbour's house the other day. When I got back she told me what he said ...

Justin: Mami is missing.
D: Nolah.. mami went to fetch kor kor from school
Justin: Are you sure?
D: *terkejut*

He love to chat with me when he is doing his big business...

Justin: Wait ah. Big one coming *make face*
Me: Big one? Hahahha okok
Justin : *PLOP* ah..... perfect. Now small one coming..
Me: hahahah okok
Justin: Ah....No small one... i shee shee only. *pause* now small one coming...
Me: hahahhaha

Justin Oh Justin... you and your words is really extraordinary.....well, at least for your own mum :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peaceful Hair Pulling Moment

One fine day, just like this morning, everything is okay.

He woke up with a big smile, big hug and greeted me "Good Morning Mami".

And after that he can just turn into a tiny lil monster that screams, kicks and cry for no apparent reason.

After I changed his shirt, he was playing very happily.
Then suddenly he started crying and said he hated his shirt. He asked me to take it off and change it to a Thomas t-shirt for him.
You know.. I can just give in to him and change him and save the crying, the screaming and yada yada. But then I have to deal with 4 ppl clothes and let me tellyiu, my kids changes like they are in fashion show. Just Imagine the amount of clothes I have to wash, fold everyday. So NO! Its not dirty, its not torn, just wear it la right? No..... He gotto pusing pusing his hands into the sleve, and get stucked like this.
And we're going to pick JD up from school, so I untangled him and asked him to get  into the car and keep quiet. I took his pic and asked him "nice or not?" He said "not nice.." and sat in his car seat nicely.

Sekian Terima Kasih? Belum....

Half way, he started to cry and scream and tried to escape from the car seat.
And guess what. Pusing and pusing until hand got stucked at the seat belt.

What I did? look and take picture la. What else? Help him ah?

Yes la.. Will help la. He's my son right..... help is a must but not so soon.  Cos I know he is not in pain ma.... so Let him learn his lesson. So he got stucked in that position for like..about 10 mins? Then when I reached Jayden sch, I got down and entangled him and he quietly sobbed in the car.

Then 5 mins later, he started to scream again..."I DON'T WANT THIS SHIRT! UWAAAAAAAAAAA"

I just left him crying and his babysitter (Jayden) asked him in sooo sweet tone "Why? What Happened? What's wrong" and he kept quiet. Then he realize that it's not the t-shirt that is bothering him. It was becos......Jayden wasn't around to play with him. And now, both of them is playing and watching tele and there is no complain about the shirt anymore.

Well, there goes another hair pulling day for me. I could have screamed and started smacking him but I think I am immune and learning to be deaf. So there goes another day or PEACEFUL Hair pulling day for me.

Now really.. Sekian Terima Kasih.

Monday, November 08, 2010

its one of those days

At this point in time.. I am a bit down. I have lost my direction of what I wanted to do.
And sometimes I don't know what I am doing or what I am good at anymore.
Then as you're moving along very fine, suddenly some ppl would pop up and give you sarcastic remarks like
"How much do you make? Enough or not?"
"Fuiyoh RICH LOR!!!!" (seriously???!! haha)
"Who's going to buy your stuff?" or "Got people buy or not?"
"For what susah susah sew and then sell? Why not just buy and sell?"

When they say it to me I'll think and say to myself "keep it coming babeh, the knife is already in my body. Just push in even deeper will ya?."

And so I have been thinking, for the past 2 weeks? ( or is it one week? I lost track)
What am I doing?
I am not spending much time with my kids.
I am not earning much. (YES SERIOUSLY!)
I am sewing so much that my shoulder and neck is so stiff.
But I am still doing it.
Still sewing but not very actively.
I am taking things more slowly now.
Enjoying life with my 2 kids.
I dragged my sewing machine and placed it right in front of my tv, I  sew and watched tv a the same time while my kids run around me. Sometimes they would come for a fast peck on the lips or cheeks.

So everyday I just tell myself.. "Live everyday like its the first day I thought of the name "Sewing Monster". And as long as there is someone who buys and believe in my product, I will continue to sew.
My Ozzie Order ready to be shipped out. Thank you (you know who you are!) for believing in Sewing Monster!

And hopefully I will plant it deep into my brain and continue to pursue my dream.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

sleep edi...

Last night was a longgggg night for Justin, Hub and Myself cos the small one was cranky due to teething, fever and diarrhea.

After we put the suppository into his bum, he started scolding us and asking us to remove his diaper.

JT: Take out! Take out pampers!
Me: cannot.. you must wear pampers
JT: No. I don't want to wear pampers! take out!
Me: You must wear pampers if not the lizard will come and bite yr kukubird
JT: *paused* No. Lizard go to sleep edi! Take out!
Me: :s

Of course with him having diarrhea, we cannot let him take off his diaper and he finally doze off after the supp  and that's like.. maybe 5am? I have no freaking idea what time is it.. *yawn*

Monday, November 01, 2010

Tips from Housewife : Sliced Mushroom

My mum gave me some frozen sliced mushroom and I thought she is mad for soaking the mushrooms, slicing them thin and nicely, separate them in small packets and froze them. Then, when I used it to cook for my family, I thought it's a fantastic idea. Cos I don't need to pre soak and slice it myself. Especially when you're in a hurry and the darn mushroom is still so hard and takes forever to be soft! So, thanks mum for sharing her Housewife tips. And who says Housewives are brainless people? They think and experiment stuff like this to make the housework faster and easier for them. They make things look to damn easy and that's why everyone thought that housewives work is so damn easy.

First you soak it.
Slice it nicely
Pack it separately according to the amount that you will normally use.
Freeze it.

P/S: I'll be sharing the tips I get from my mum (and from her friends) here from now on so that I can refer it myself. Don't have much capacity in my brain, if you know what i mean. *lol*