Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peaceful Hair Pulling Moment

One fine day, just like this morning, everything is okay.

He woke up with a big smile, big hug and greeted me "Good Morning Mami".

And after that he can just turn into a tiny lil monster that screams, kicks and cry for no apparent reason.

After I changed his shirt, he was playing very happily.
Then suddenly he started crying and said he hated his shirt. He asked me to take it off and change it to a Thomas t-shirt for him.
You know.. I can just give in to him and change him and save the crying, the screaming and yada yada. But then I have to deal with 4 ppl clothes and let me tellyiu, my kids changes like they are in fashion show. Just Imagine the amount of clothes I have to wash, fold everyday. So NO! Its not dirty, its not torn, just wear it la right? No..... He gotto pusing pusing his hands into the sleve, and get stucked like this.
And we're going to pick JD up from school, so I untangled him and asked him to get  into the car and keep quiet. I took his pic and asked him "nice or not?" He said "not nice.." and sat in his car seat nicely.

Sekian Terima Kasih? Belum....

Half way, he started to cry and scream and tried to escape from the car seat.
And guess what. Pusing and pusing until hand got stucked at the seat belt.

What I did? look and take picture la. What else? Help him ah?

Yes la.. Will help la. He's my son right..... help is a must but not so soon.  Cos I know he is not in pain ma.... so Let him learn his lesson. So he got stucked in that position for like..about 10 mins? Then when I reached Jayden sch, I got down and entangled him and he quietly sobbed in the car.

Then 5 mins later, he started to scream again..."I DON'T WANT THIS SHIRT! UWAAAAAAAAAAA"

I just left him crying and his babysitter (Jayden) asked him in sooo sweet tone "Why? What Happened? What's wrong" and he kept quiet. Then he realize that it's not the t-shirt that is bothering him. It was becos......Jayden wasn't around to play with him. And now, both of them is playing and watching tele and there is no complain about the shirt anymore.

Well, there goes another hair pulling day for me. I could have screamed and started smacking him but I think I am immune and learning to be deaf. So there goes another day or PEACEFUL Hair pulling day for me.

Now really.. Sekian Terima Kasih.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA i m having a good laugh at JD. He is so original n cute la.. BEH TAHAN. U know, it will make u smile more...right? When u take photo that time..did u laugh in ur heart..ehhehe

  2. Really a very cheeky little monster you have. Thanks for making my day. I chuckled while reading this very funny post.

  3. I know how you feel, my daughter is the same. Just that instead of wanting Thomas t-shirt, she wants to watch Barney in the middle of the night.

  4. The first pic hor, he looked just like he's dressed in a tarzan costume (the upper part). LOL... He's so cute and it's heart warming to know that his "babysitter" loves the bro sooo muchie.

  5. oh dear... i die laughing la...... yes, kek sei then.. but laugh till bones ache now rite ?

  6. muahahahhaaahahhahahhahhahaha.....another funny moment with the cheeky one.'s better not to scream or scold. just let him be and take photos :D

  7. ahahahhahahahha..your Justin, so cute, with him around, you sure no boring one. Everyday got something new to make-u-laugh. :)

  8. heheheehe.... I think you have passed the test of Perseverance!! hahahahaha...

  9. Hahahaha! This pusing-pusing baju thingy is so familiar. Chloe did exactly the same thing too...
    It's so darn cute and funny, how not to take photo, right? :D

  10. HILARIOUS!!!...and good on you for not losing it!! Once we change out attitude everything's bound to be funnier!

  11. By just looking at the photos and before reading, I already laugh like mad.

  12. aiyo, can't stop laughing,
    so classic and funny, and so cute :)
    i mean, not many moms have "funny" days like this...
    maybe soon my daughter will be like this too...
    start pening liao...

  13. so bad laughing at him like this...

  14. sometimes kids just making us pening & sakit kepala, when they throw their tantrum in the car we just have to concentrate on our driving or pull at the side to make things ok for them. Well, most people say boy is a bit a naughtier.

  15. breath in breath out.... well done mummy. Stay cool and soon the problem will be solved.

    And well done for taking down the photos. Can show to your boys when they grew up later. hehe

  16. cannot stop myself from laughing... sorry ah... hahahahah

  17. Ahahahhahahaha!!! He is so cute. Kids are really something, aren't they??? If only we could get into their little baby also driving me nuts everyday. Worse still she can't talk so always get angry cuz I don't understand what she wants!

  18. Har har har har...
    I am is soooo funny...

  19. haha.. justin is one funny boy... love his new dress style.. :)

  20. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a good laugh but I bet you must be trying really hard not to be angry with him at that moment. You are doing really great as a mummy! :)


  21. Congratulations! U hv achieved a vy hi level of patience. ;)
    Here's a suggestion, if he ever wanna chg into another shirt altho the 1 he's wearing is still clean, jes chg for him but keep it aside n let him wear later/next day. Win-win situation. :)

  22. goshhh.......exactly what Xavier did when something bothering him. Too bad that i'm yet to immune with it. Mostly i'll shouted at him and asked him to be quiet.

    Thanks for sharing.....i guess i should learn from you.