Sunday, November 14, 2010

Justin Oh Justin

He climbed on top of me and pretend to suck my nen nen like breastfeeding him.

Me: Eh, drink nen nen ah?
Justin: Nolah. I only drink Milo.
Me: AH? MILO?! hahahaha


I left him at my neighbour's house the other day. When I got back she told me what he said ...

Justin: Mami is missing.
D: Nolah.. mami went to fetch kor kor from school
Justin: Are you sure?
D: *terkejut*

He love to chat with me when he is doing his big business...

Justin: Wait ah. Big one coming *make face*
Me: Big one? Hahahha okok
Justin : *PLOP* ah..... perfect. Now small one coming..
Me: hahahah okok
Justin: Ah....No small one... i shee shee only. *pause* now small one coming...
Me: hahahhaha

Justin Oh Justin... you and your words is really extraordinary.....well, at least for your own mum :)


  1. Gosh...his vocab is really good. He speaks like an adult.

  2. How gorgeous. Never boring with a little man like him that's for sure!

  3. More funny words to come.. kids really can make us happy, hor! minus the stress.. hahaha...

  4. So much conversation during his business hours. Hahaha! lol!

  5. hahahaha ..... it's fun to read all those conversations :)

  6. hahaha..mummy missing! and the big business funny! Kids made our day.

  7. hahaha Justin oh Justin... he describes his big biz vy well. :)