Tuesday, November 02, 2010

sleep edi...

Last night was a longgggg night for Justin, Hub and Myself cos the small one was cranky due to teething, fever and diarrhea.

After we put the suppository into his bum, he started scolding us and asking us to remove his diaper.

JT: Take out! Take out pampers!
Me: cannot.. you must wear pampers
JT: No. I don't want to wear pampers! take out!
Me: You must wear pampers if not the lizard will come and bite yr kukubird
JT: *paused* No. Lizard go to sleep edi! Take out!
Me: :s

Of course with him having diarrhea, we cannot let him take off his diaper and he finally doze off after the supp  and that's like.. maybe 5am? I have no freaking idea what time is it.. *yawn*


  1. adoi...home he get well soon.

  2. I hope he is getting better by now, get well soon!

  3. Poor boy, wish he has a speedy recovery and be cheeky again. :)

  4. Hahaha...yes, the 'lizard' idea is not bad at all. I will use it in near future whenever my boy dont want to wear pampers

  5. hope he gets well soon and you get your sleep soon too... hahaha, you ahhh so sleep deprived yet can still joke!

  6. Anonymous3:17 AM

    hope he get well soon, lol lizard sleep edi. so cute. hehehehe

  7. Aiyo...kesian... Hope everyone feels better soonest!!

  8. Hope he gets well soon. Your son scared of lizard, but my daughter is scared of rats hehe.

  9. You can't fool him (abt the lizard). LOL! Hope he gets well soon!

  10. Hahaha, motehr and the son are the same.. real joker! :D


  11. Ur boys r vy smart. Not ez to trick them ay.