Monday, November 08, 2010

its one of those days

At this point in time.. I am a bit down. I have lost my direction of what I wanted to do.
And sometimes I don't know what I am doing or what I am good at anymore.
Then as you're moving along very fine, suddenly some ppl would pop up and give you sarcastic remarks like
"How much do you make? Enough or not?"
"Fuiyoh RICH LOR!!!!" (seriously???!! haha)
"Who's going to buy your stuff?" or "Got people buy or not?"
"For what susah susah sew and then sell? Why not just buy and sell?"

When they say it to me I'll think and say to myself "keep it coming babeh, the knife is already in my body. Just push in even deeper will ya?."

And so I have been thinking, for the past 2 weeks? ( or is it one week? I lost track)
What am I doing?
I am not spending much time with my kids.
I am not earning much. (YES SERIOUSLY!)
I am sewing so much that my shoulder and neck is so stiff.
But I am still doing it.
Still sewing but not very actively.
I am taking things more slowly now.
Enjoying life with my 2 kids.
I dragged my sewing machine and placed it right in front of my tv, I  sew and watched tv a the same time while my kids run around me. Sometimes they would come for a fast peck on the lips or cheeks.

So everyday I just tell myself.. "Live everyday like its the first day I thought of the name "Sewing Monster". And as long as there is someone who buys and believe in my product, I will continue to sew.
My Ozzie Order ready to be shipped out. Thank you (you know who you are!) for believing in Sewing Monster!

And hopefully I will plant it deep into my brain and continue to pursue my dream.



  1. I have the same feeling on the part that you mentioned about you spent less time with the kids. I feel bad too sometimes, when I busy with my work and other activities. Anyway, do whatever you enjoy and be happy always.

  2. lovely! the colours are sooo vibrant!!!!!!

    i love them!!

  3. follow ur heart, do what u think u like, if sometime too tired, just stop and rest and take a break .... b k ful on the neck and shoulder hor, it can get serious wan lei ....take k ...
    and .... u really sew alot lei ...O.o

  4. Wah! Who in Ozzie order from u? It make good xmas gifts. xchange rate so gooooooood now.

    Anyway just do n believe in urself. ur passion. I still owe u my picture...sigh.

  5. Wow that's a lot of sewing. Good for you and hope you get more business.

  6. Aiyah why you worry what people say. Just nod head and remember that the person who laughs last, laughs best!!! DOn't stop believing in your dreams.

  7. i believe in your product,
    those people do not have much belief in themselves, they follow the majority, they believe in what majority believes in...

    anyway, ah... can't wait for you to finish your Oz order (yes, i'm sure the Oz will be thrilled when they receive your goods),
    then, i can start looking for what's there for me to buy :)

  8. I have faith in you.. SASHA BOLEH!! do what u love doing.. just like me.. blog like crazy!

  9. Wah, such a big order for export. So those ppl giving -ve comments dunno what they're saying. Pls ignore them. I think it's great that u're turning ur passion into something that can generate income.

  10. You are doing a wonderful job. Just believe in yourself. If sewing makes you happy, then just continue doing it. Don't worry about what the others say. Don't let your talent go to waste ;)

  11. Keep up the good work!

    Will always support you ya *wink :)

  12. hey girl... hang in there... not many people have your talent and much lesser dare to venture into their own biz... so you're doing great :-) *hugs*

  13. Anonymous12:10 AM

    sasha, ppl can have 10000 different opinions and judgements towards you lar.. I do feel guilty sometimes if I neglected my boys a bit. but to let others make u doubt of urself, no no.. don't let them do that to you ok..

  14. I believe it You and your beautiful work. You are one Creative Mama!
    Press on! Gambateh!

  15. Sometimes its not about how much you're making, it's about keeping the hobby and the passion alive. If it is something you enjoy doing, keep it up!

  16. I'm impressed with the Sewing Monster and I love your work. Just go on doing what you love and don't bother what they say!

    Cheer up baybee :D

  17. It's good to take time to reflect. You realized that you did not spend as much time with the kids and have make amends. So, just continuing doing what you love. We can't make the whole world happy but what's important is that you are the one who's HAPPY YA.

    P/S I have no doubt your Aussie customer is your best supporter ;)

  18. Just listen to your heart! :) all the best to u!