Saturday, November 20, 2010


When I received an email from Parent Reviewers saying that I was selected to review Stride panty I was so happy because I really want this panty so badly! It has a built in pantyliner and I have chosen the seamless design. It means totally no VPL (visible panty line). 

So when I finally receive it, I was jumping up and down! *lol* You know why? Ever since I gave birth to my first born, I had problems with light leaks especially when I sneeze or cough. I had to cross my legs especially when I am standing in order to control myself and not wet myself in public. No Joke!

My first time wearing this was to the gym with my husband. I was running, cycling and working my Non VPL butt happily because I know that everything is A-Okay. With the OQUOS™ technology everything basically remains the same. The dryness, the shape of the panty and it also deodorizes. I just think its the perfect panty for every woman and I'm glad I own one. :)

Disclosure: This post was written solely based on my personal opinion and no monies are being paid by the said company to review this product.

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  1. yeah i dig no VPL's. Beats a g-string. Anytime :)