Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Unagi..Yum Yum

You Know, every time i eat Japanese food, I'll end up choosing Unagi or Tempura set. And every time I wallop the fella, I'll remember about the time when i followed my brother to go for eel hunting. It's very interesting but of course it was hard work!

One fine night, while big C was lepaking at my house (before married la) my brother was packing his stuff and suddenly Big C decided to join him. So I followed also ler. And the things that we need, a transport to go to the destination, a string with a hook, a bucket, a piece of cloth and torchlight.

The transport that we need is our ...Kaki (legs). Just walk to the padang (field) behind our house. Walk ...walk....walk...Suddenly my brother jumped into the longkang (drain) and began fishing for the eel. Big C and I of cos like stupid...just stand and see the professional do its thing.
My bro used the torchlight and flashflash at the drain water and spotted something floating. So went nearby and place the hook right in front of the mouth. and.....KAP!!!!!!!!!!

The eel took a bite on the hook and the hook went through its skin and of coz the fella is painful la.. So it will turn and toss and its very hard for you to remove the hook from its mouth. That's when the cloth comes, You need the cloth to hold the eel, but somehow the eel (cos its a long eel) will wrap around and it will squeeze my brother's hand (exactly like how a python kill its prey). Can see his hand turn red. And then after he entangled the hook from its mouth, he will just throw it into the bucket and continue. You don't even need a bait or something. And he managed to catch like 20 over eels in one night.

And we went home after that, and he poured the 20 over eels into another bigger bucket, guess how many was inside...countless! It was a very GELI sight to see so many swimming in there. And he told me he is selling it to the restaurant.

So every time I makan (eat) Unagi, I'll ponder whether it's from a farm, longkang, sea or somewhere else..

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm so bored. I finished reading all the blogs out there. I cannot scrap cos photoshop and illustrator sudah expired in my work pc. Everyone also busy with work. And then nobody come to read my blog. And i have nothing to say....Hahahaha

I'm so bored.


Monday, February 26, 2007

5 reasons why i blog meme

Berkali-kali I kena tagged and berkali-kali I said i don't wanna do tag but i berkali-kali still answer tag. hahahhah OKAY! Last time ah! Dun tag me anymore! This time die-die must do cos this sifu tagged me.

So why i blog?

1. I like to talk too much until nobody (including my hubby ~ well, sometimes) wanna layan me. So i gotto talk to the internet and let ppl know what I wanna talk about. Sad huh? And you know what is sadder? My hubby reads my blog. When I tell him something at home, and he goes like "ah huh..ah huh" and forget about it...but he can remember what i write! You say sad or not???

2. I learn alot from the mommies online. Free and easy tips...everyone is creating more and more easy ways to cook for kids, how to take care of cranky kids and all. Don't you wanna learn too? Free tips wor!

3. Free jokes to cheer you up~ read posts from Ah Pek, Ace, Cocka, LinPeh and Wingz everyday is like vitamins... Although sometimes you have already read the posts but somehow these guys managed to twist and turn and make things sizzle abit and still make you laff.

4. I wanna show off my son. Yeah, although my son is not as cute as some other kids, not as smart as other kids, not as chubby and other kids, but it's an achivement for myself to remind me that I'm still doing a good job after my 18 hours of labour!

5. Make new frens la! Before blogging i only have 30+ ppl on my msn list. After blogging, my list is so so long. Sometimes i get mails from ppl, especially from readers telling me that they love what they see in my blog really makes me happy.....Happy to know that someone actually like to read my blog crap.

Now I'm gonna Tag Another 5 bloggers:
Desperate Mummy
Baby Ryan Lim

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A gift from London..

Came home from CNY visiting and saw a package being stucked at my gate under the rain. ..the posmen so bad left it under the rain and it was a big package, so anyone could have came over and took the package away. So my Big C so excited and curious, he fast fast tore the package and see what's inside. I was like "WAIT!!!! let me take picture first"..i was too late.
It was a package from Wen for Jayden's Birthday! Thanks Wen! You're the first and best!

The T-Shirt was still abit too big for him, so I let him try his jumper and it fits nicely, Just that it's a bit too long. Asian ma...hahaha

Jayden is now 11 months. He will be celebrating his birthday next month. We still haven't decided on how to celebrate it. Proly a small party at home for immediate family? Maybe eat out? Still dunno. But SIL already offered to bake a cake for him....and we leave it to her to decide the design and all. Thanks in advance Min!

10 days with Jayden 24 hours a day is really tiring cos he is super-hyper-active.I witnessed his first 2 steps. Of course he fell down after the 2 steps.And since then he can't stop trying to walk. I guess by his birthday, he will be able to walk. And surprisingly, another 3 teeth is coming out all at the same time, proly 4 too. So, he's droooling like mad!

We went for a holiday in PD's legend water chalet resort and stayed for a night. Updates and picture in Jayden's blog. This holiday, we managed to do so many things like banking and we even brought Jayden to produce a passport. We're going to Phuket this June to celebrate Big C's bday and our 3rd anniversary (signing ceremony).

Tomorrow will be a working day for me and i don't expect that i'll do anything....of coz la..after 1o days of holiday of cos like blurblur la..hahaha My last day will be on the 16th March and i will be joining the new company on the 26th. Another 10 days of holiday. Maybe I can go cut my hair short, do some facial, shop for new clothes ...sure pokai soon. Hahaha see how la...

My ex classmate came for visiting today and just saw her again in msn...and she said " you looked stressed". Dang! Another of those who look down on moms and still enjoy single life person. But nevermind..i don't wanna say much. What goes around comes around ay?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tagged~~~~~~ Again....

I got tagged again by this woman. I dunno i kena how many time tagged by her. Until i blur blur edi! She say MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSTTTTT Do. Okay la. Nahh..U better go and read my post below and draw me a nice house ah!!!!

Not gonna tag anyone as usual. Anyway...



My House*updated*

Wooo Hoooo See what i did? I draw a house and they can tell my personality based on my drawing. This is my house, and next door is Annie Q. Annie Q: why u draw yrself lying on the floor???

Based on your drawing and the 10 answers you gave this is a summary of your
personality:You are sensitive and indecisive at times. You are a freedom lover
and a strong person. You love your house and family. You are a gifted artist as
well. Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. Your life is always
full of changes. Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. son. You
will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You
love excitement and create it wherever you go. You see the world as it is, not
as you believe it should be. You added a flower into your drawing. The flower
signifies that you long for love. It also safe to say that others don't see you
as a flirt. You don't think much about yourself.

I should do a tag here...*grin* ...No i won't be so bad la tagging ppl at holiday season.Annie Q, no need to do this tag liao lor! But Angeline, Amah, Ecetera Mummy, Julian, Egghead, Tracy, Shannon, Nadia, Who else ah? Whoever who spoke to me on msn today must Draw okay? Muahahhahah

Come la.. let's be neighbour by drawing a house! and View our own road. Maybe we can be like Desperate Housewife and be neighbours!


Look! so fast i have neighbours edi!!!!!!

Sue and Shannon both staying next to each other further down our road!JanicePa mansion in dunno what street! Siap with swing and all and 2 cars samo.. Keng ah!

Nadia's Lalaland in dunno which street?

Hmom's Palace in dunno which street?

Michelle's mybabybay house and Jess's humble house!

Ace also got house. According to the personality test..this house belongs to a leader wor..
Etcetera Mummy also come and draw! Mushroom house..she lives just few houses away from AceOne.

Where's yr house?

What a "tiring" Night Part II*updated*

OOOOOOOOO I nearly forgot about that night until i went home last night and started to cry when i told my hubby about what happened. It was like this..after everyone went to bed and just before we were awaken by someone who suddenly sat up and "on" the tv, i dreamt about something

I dreamt that i walked into a house and saw a group of ppl surrounding a table. And when they moved away, i saw my husband lying down on the table. And his eyes, around it was all black and his face like......he looked like dead people. And someone came and told me...He died. I was like WHAT????!!!!! Cannot Be! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can felt like my heart ache so badly and wanted to hold him immediately but someone came and held me back. She told me "It's not good to touch dead people". And they pulled me away

Suddenly my hubby sat up. Everybody was stunned and another guy said.. "ooh, he must have something that he wanted to do and he didn't get to do it. That's why he woke up [to finish his stuff and then die again]". (like dat also can ka?) I wanted to hug him so badly, i was crying like mad already that time. And my hubby turned around and said "B, why are you crying?" and he proceeded to do his normal things like watching tv and walked around the house. And then he came a gave me a bear hug. Everyone was like "OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot touch dead people wan!" After that hubby went to toilet, and everyone quickly pulled me out of the house, scared that he touch other ppl too.They said that when he's done, he will fall and die again??????? I cried like mad in my dream, i dunno whether i cried out loud or not. Probably I woke Jayden up and he grabbed the remote and turn the tv on. That's when he woke me up. I remembered the dream but dun wanna tell my hubby about it, scared that i might scare him.
And not forgetting...we received a call at 4.30 am ..guess from who?? RINI!! cilakak! I didn't even pick it up. nmflt betull....gila la call ppl at 4.30 am. Probably my name in her hp is AMOI and she wanted to call her ter press my name.'s Valentines Day ma..Proly she horny in the middle of the night and wanted to call her lover leh? Who knows? Muahahahah (EVIL ME!)
And then after 1 hour of patting Jayden's bumbum to sleep, i slept again. And this time i dreamt that i was blogging and clicked on Angeline's site and she changed her template! i fast fast msn her "woman! so free ah? Change template. Nice wor!" and then before angie can reply my msn...

tit tit tit tit tit Dang! My hp's time to go work. That's why it's so tiring

And last night, i told my hubby about the dream. He was abit shocked, not because of the dream details...because i was crying like mad when i told him about the dream. He hugged me and Jayden also wanted to hug hug. That's when i know I LUP my hubby veli much.... still and i dun wanna die after him if not i'll be sad like this all the time.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for CNY? Jayden is ready. He just went for a haircut last Sunday in Hartamas.

At first his Dadi refused to let a barber cut his precious son's hair. Say might look ugly (how ugly can it be? Not much hair also!) Then while we were shopping around Hartamas area last Sunday, so happened we walked pass an Indian barber shop at 9pm++, suddenly Dadi said, come let go cut hair. It was written there that children's haircut is RM7. (okay ma...) So the indian barber placed Jayden on top of a small stool , on top of the big chair. He quietly sat down and didn't fuss at all, although he was very cranky and sleepy at that time. "Wokay! Apa Style Mau?" He asked. I was like "errrr kasi Stylo Mylo Sikit!". I was thinking...what hairstyle can make la..with this little hair? Hahahahhaha ...So Shiak! Shiak! NGEEHHHH ! NGEEHH!!! The sound of the scissors and the shaver, and he still didn't move. Even when the guy tilt his head left and right, he just obliged and follow. So good Boy!!! And he charges us RM5 (guilty la tu..cos Jayden got so lil hair! Haha)

So Jayden is ready for Cny..Are you ready?

Anyway, just wanna say thank you to all of you that Voted for him in Kindergarten Malaysia Baby Contest. He won consolation prize-RM10 voucher. Arrived in the this is what it looked like now..And I want to Thank someone for the items (bamboo chopstick and tea leaves) below:

This cheeky fella sent this stuff to me few days ago. I see the card, i know who is the sender. But she dun wanna admit its her who sent it to me. How i know who she is huh? First, who else wanna thank me besides her, i just revamped her blog for her with new skin. Second, only she will call me Sasha Tan. Only she will type "TQ" and only she will use so many !!! in a sentence.

Since she dun wanna admit, the next day i told her that I've thrown it away cos i scared someone send some jampi thinggy to me and she was like "AHHHHHHHH!! You throw it away ah?"

Annie Q...TQ VERY MUCH!!! and gotcha!

And to all.


What a "tiring" night!

Although its sooooooooooooooooooooo tiring, i enjoyed it very much *wink*

While i was heading home i smsed my Big C.
S: Babe
C: Yes Babe
S: Where
C: Economy Rice
S: What u toking.
C: Going to customer place before go home.
S: ?????

Was trying to tease me that we're eating economy rice for Valentine's Dinner..apalah

So headed home and tried to use alternative way to go home. Just to check out how long it will take for my new working place to reach home. It's quite okay and I "think" I can reach home in time to pick Jayden up next time when my working hours will be from 8.30 -6.00. Anyway, got home and Big C came home not long. He came home and gave me a bear hug and gave me a a card. Simple and nice card. Then he said, let's go dinner. So all of us changed into nice nice clothes and we thought of going to Giant Mall to mam-mam secret recipe then after that can go for cny shopping (again). Stuck in the LDP jam and we masuk-ed into the lorong lorong and end up behind Giant Mall and we saw a "steakhouse". Mana Tau in front of the steakhouse takde drove drove further, Big C saw "Charisma" Mediterranian restaurant we thought of checking out the menu cos none of us (including Jayden) ate Med food before. I'm like bodoh standing outside and checking out the menu..Both C's already seated! Malufying betul!

So we had our dinner and snapped some pics. Will Share em in my son's blog. Anyway, the drink included in the set was called "Sangria". Wine cocktail. I took a sip and straight away i said "NO" or else no body will take care of Jayden later. So big C sapu-ed all the Sangria and after dinner he asked me to drive. His face was abit "reddish" already when we headed to Giant Mall. Checked out FOS and a few stalls there and he told me he cannot tahan anymore, need to go home. So we fastfast run towards our car and someone tried to stop me to sell something and i just told her "sorry i can't stop to listen to you. I gotto send my drunk husband home!" And she was like.."Oh Faster Faster!" Hahahhahahah So while i drove, he was giggling. Adoi! My Big C can drink but I have no idea why he got drunk so easily this time. He told me " you know babe, i think you spiked my drink." I was like "Ah? I spike your drink? What for? After spiked you'll only lie down there and kaki kangkang only". Then he began to laugh and we both laughed and Jayden laughed too! Hahahahha

Once reached home, in to the toilet straight away. BUEK!!! BUEKKK!!!! Wow! Never seen him like this before. I Gave him a T and Cap from Nike [NO, Firehorse, this is not for Val's day. it's for errr.....CNY only] he was happy and he went to BUEKK!! BUEKKK!! again. And he went to bed with the shirt and jeans and no bath! (i hope he bath this morning before he head off to work-but i doubt it!) So one C down another to go.

The small C enjoyed the night like as if he is celebrating Valentines Day. He was babbling and shouting and laughing loudly in the restaurant. Reminder: please don't bring a small baby into a restaurant during Valentines Day. It was like as if Jayden was a reminder to those that was planning to "enjoy" that night, remember to take precaution or DON'T DO IT! Muahahhaha But you can see the 2 couples around us, one guy was staring at Jayden and commenting about what he was doing (silly things) and was like drooling. Obviously he wants to get married. Another couple, the girl requested to change place with the bf so that she can look at Jayden. She basically stare at him and not the bf. Sorry Mr.BF!

So everyone went to bed. Sorry to disappoint you guys who thought "tiring" was having "fun" punya tiring. But no.....was awaken by something at 4.30 am. Someone woke up and "on" the tv. Both Big C and I was shocked to see Jayden was up, holding the remote control and pointing it at the tv. Alamak! His eyes was like so big! Big C still abit hung he went to lalaland straight. And I gotto pat the lil monster's buttock for 1 hour! Until i gave up, then he went to lalaland..(this is too much!!!haha). By 730am i tried to wake him up by tickling his nipples, he just laughed and sleep back. Adoi! So i sent a sleepy head to the nanny and this is the first time he's sleeping while i sent him to nanny's.

So you say tiring night or not? Damn sleepy now.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Okay, Enuff about the sad stories.(tomorrow only continue) Today is Valentines Day. So let's make talk about lurve. Since I've taken up Firehorse's challenge to spend not more than $5 for our lurved ones during Valentines day..That's about Rm18 here, basically you can't find anything to buy besides a card. Buy card also will be a headache, since all of us go out together-gether. Very hard to sneak out to buy cards. Second, all the cards out there is so freaking expensive and its very hard to find a nice looking card for Husband.

So I looked around for some stuff that can be recycled in my store room. And i only found a roll of ribbons.
Can i use it to tie around myself and give myself to my Big C as pressie? Hehehe Nope. Cos, i looked at my pussy willow and decided to use it to decorate it.

Ran out of ribbons so.....I'll just cin-cin-cai-cai do something la. Can't do much cos i deleted photoshop in my work pc and using illustrator with my pc can really kill me. So here goes la..

I Lurveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my 2 Chans!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How does a scape goat taste like?

A bit bitter...

A bit hard to chew...

A bit hard to swallow...

But what the heck..

People cook for you, just take it la! Since S already resigned of cos will get this kinda treatment. But S felt like its not professional of the current boss to push the blame to her subordinate.

S boss , lets call her X is a very Dominant and likes to control every single thing in her dept. All the invoices must go thru her hands, must checked again and again, and then she will write which account to bill and pass it back to her subordinates to raise payments

One time, the agency reverted the figures wrongly and asked S to fastfast order one of the item cos they have backlog deliveries to send out. Said the stocks is at 0 level liao. So S the very efficient fastfast ordered 300pcs of the blardy tupperware. But then 2 days later the agency reverted again and this time the figures changed again. The first attachment was a wrong figure and guess what? They have 200 pcs of that tupperware in the warehouse

So S fastfast call the supplier to cancel the order. You know what? The supplier said already printed the tupperware, which is bullshit la. Knowing all the suppliers around, they wont be so efficient wan la. Taking the tupperware in from China also need at least 1 or 2 weeks time. How come can print already??? yiutell me? Then cannot cancel lor. Then S fastfast go and see the X and X say it's okay la..Cost only 2K ma..We take in and use for other promotions la

Since we have 200pcs of the current tupperware in our warehouse, its impossible to bring in another 300 pcs right? So X advised to keep with the supplier first while we raise payment. Then she sign her name nice nice on the invoice and told S to raise payment. S, being a small kuci rat executive of cos follow la

Now, X called E(another colik) and S into the room and asked "WHO ORDERED THIS TUPPERWARE? SAMO ORDERED 300PCS!!! WHO RAISED PAYMENT

E looked at S, S looked at E. They both know..This time, the goat have to telan bulat bulat without removing the skin, the fur, the intestines, the eyeballs. Everything telan..and nearly tercekik

E tried to go round and round the bush, trying to push back the story to the boss, but of coz,, Boss cannot loose face. S also tried to do it but gave up. Nevermind la..Resigned already, sure get this kinda shit wan la

S knows there's more to come. It's gonna be a lonnnggggg 2 months. And nope..until now there's no news on when they're gonna release her. Sian.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Thank You!

I blogged so much.. the comments also getting lesser and lesser hahahahah Nevermind.

Anyway, remember i said that I lost one of my radio button and i needed help from someone to look for the button? It's my lucky day...thanks to blogging!!!!!!!! Look!

HAHHAHAAAHHAH no need to change Radio lo!!! Cos Sasha very poor money to buy new radio or change Esther came to the rescue!!!! Esther is my blog reader and someone's auntie...heheheh but i'm not gonna tell who.

Thanks Esther! Thanks!!!!! MUAKS to u My dear! And she gave me Jayden angpow samo! Initially we're supposed to meet in order for me to pass her the orgasmic cookies that i helped her to buy from my colik. Mana tau we cannot meet on Sunday so we brought forward to Monday and she gave me this! So nice of you..say belanja u the cookies u dun want. Nevermind..later u msn me yr addy okay? hehehe

Sudah! Saya Tak Mau Kerja!

So we've been our own "Rini" for the pass few weeks, or maybe month. I don't know how long already but..We're doing all the stuff ourselves la. But we're having fun doing all the housework by ourself and we felt "happier" and more relaxed without Rini around. I guess it's more private la. Wanna mop naked also nobody knows... But one day, Big C came and told me " we need someone to help with our housework. The laundry costs me RM70." Hehehe that is how long he can tahan doing the housework and he's been nagging me everytime i do the laundry. Now you know why i want to do my own laundry. ( discount or not?)

Been teasing Big C when he's mopping the floor. I will disturb him and say "Rini..sini takde mop. You bodoh ka???" of cos I never scold her like this la. Then Big C will reply " Sudah! Saya Tak Mau Kerja!!". Hahaha exactly what she replied when Big C scolded her the day before she resigned.

Then there's one day, Big C said that he's gonna mop the floor. Then the next thing i heard..."SNORRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE". Aiks. Sudah tidur pulak! So I bengang edi...and went to mop the floor. Ping! Piang! Pushing all the chairs like purposely make noise to wake him up and hoping that he will take over. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO snored louder. I guess he was too tired la..

So the next day i msn-ed him.

S: Buzzzzz My hand pain (manja)
C: Why ah babe?
S: I mop floor lor.
C: Aiyah. Next time you dun mop la.
S: .........

S: Buzzzz...Nama saya Rinu.
C: Saya Ah Boi
C: Goblok (stupid in Indon Slang)
S: Pundek (errrr very violent wan...dun learn okay?)
C: Sudah! Saya Tak Mau Kerja.
S: Pigi la.
C: Hahhahahah
S: Hahhahahah

And guess what? Rini called yesterday and i didn't pick up her call. I guess she's running out of money to spend her boypren...and need her job back. way. We have better choice now. We managed to get 2 agencies number and now we're deciding which one to take.

Tagged Again?!

U know what? I got tagged again! This time by kittycat pulak. WHY ME!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhahahah She wanna know 10 things I suka about my other half's state. Which is mine..same same!!

1. Warehouse sale everywhere, anytime around the year!
Muahahahaha My other half also loves to go to warehouse sales! So i have kaki la to go shopping with me...only warehouse sale ah! Not shopping malls and when u wanna pay, he's already outside of the shop. Hahahaahha

2. In the middle of everything.
We stay in Pj. In between North and South. So where we wanna go, either just turn left or turn right. Hahaha (like as if everyone dun turn left or right..oh yah! forgot tim...) Go straight also.

3. No Kampung to go during festive season.
Kakakaka. But we go travelling lor. Cos his family plans to go together-gether to last year go A Famosa then recently went to Penang. This chinese new year tarak pigi mana mana. So gonna see where my family gonna go and maybe wanna tag along. So no fix kapung for us..

4. Near to our family.
Yeap! This is my fav...cos sometimes i read from other blogs..they rant that they only get to see thier family members once in a year or something like dat. For me, i get to see them every weekend and sometimes more. I get to eat my mum's home cooked food. Yum Yum! And you know what is the best? My mom, dad and sis will help to take care of Jayden while i just laze around. hahahhaha

5. Our house.
Our house is small like toufu, and located in a freehold land. So easy to take care and not worried that we'll run out of time (not that i will live up to 99 yrs old). But the sense of belongingness ma..

6. Shopping Malls.
Do i need to say more?

7. Macam Macam ada...
As in food la..Everything pun ada...go straight turn left.. you will end up in SS2...lots and lots of food.

8. Easy transportation.
Our house is located near (not THAT near like next door) LRT. So even if we don;t have a car..we can take LRT. But sudah bertahun -tahun since we went up the LRT. Maybe one of these days I'll bring Jayden for a ride.

9. Many Choices.
Of everything! U dun like Jusco, go Parkson. Dun wan Parkson, Go Giant, Tesco, Ikea all also near near only..Easy la..

10. Speak Same Language
We both got to know each other thru internet chat when he was in UK and I was in PJ. And he reads my blog..(My Fan la). So when i blih bleh about blogging and chatting he knows what I'm Talking about lor!

Okay la ...Something like dat la. I also dunno what I'm Talking about..Monday ma.,.Abit Siao.

Not gonna tag anyone..cos i'm soooo late in submitting this assignment. And moreover those that have "other half" is so busy preparing for CNY and those that is free to do this tag..Dun have "other half". How?

Cikgu kittycat..ini boleh ka?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Notty, Notty and Notty.

He's extremely notty nowadays. Every morning when i reached the nanny's place, she will say," your son is so notty". When i go and pick him up, she will say, "your son is SOOO notty!" The next morning, she wil say "Your son is the nottiest kid i ever jaga. I've looked after so many and I have never met anyone as notty as your son".So everyday is the same complaint. Every single day! I was like..yeah he IS notty. Anything new? With a notty mom like me...what do u expect right? hehehhheheh

Dadi is so scared when he needs to take care of him. If there's a white underwear around, i guess he will make a "surrender" flag to surrender. Jayden is one fella that will not stop for even one second. He will toss and turn and lunged out towards something he likes when u're carrying him. That explain why he can't gain weight. He eats mostly everything we eat except chilly. (sometimes we bagi only la....) Even during makan time, he wont sit properly in the high chair..he stands and jumps on it. How to eat in peace yiutellme? and worst , now he climbs out of the walker if youleave him for more than 5 seconds. Wanna berak also no time man....

He is starting to talk..or at least trying. He says hwo..? (hello) when is playing with our handphone. He says wheh? (where) when his toys is missing or rolled somewhere and then follow by dehhhhhhhhhhhhh...(there) And he sings..and yesterday morning in the nanny's house, i saw him dancing for the first time. He looked so funny with his Big Diaper and super big T (for sleeping). Jumping and Dancing with his mouth wide open with his 4 teeth showing and giggling at the same time. So cheeky!

He loves to play in the car! Everyday when i stopped the car, he will stand up and ask me to carry him to play with the steering wheels. Signal la...wiper la.. radio la. Even my radio button fell out. And cilakak the car wash fella.....go and vacuum my button.Now my radio so ugly...Anybody know someone in Proton that can help me find a radio button ka? Tolong la...

And this is him with his HUM SUP look. Hehehe

Really looked like a rascal! Like what greatgrandpa always calls his grand childrens..Rascals!This notty fella always attack his Dadi nipples and belly button but not mine. I have no idea why. Maybe his Dadi will run away and giggle so hard if the son attack him. Jayden also attacks the boy in the nanny's place and digs his belly button esp when the boy is sleeping!

His Dadi cannot tahan gotto put him in the laundry basket cos he is taking out all our clean clothes from the basket. Here's a video of him messing helping me to do my laundry. He will take out all the laundry piece by piece and throw it all over the floor. And he was so occupied with this for the whole night. This is his favourite toy now. Laundry and clothes.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Under my Breast!

I gotto let it out. Its under my breastBreath! I cannot tahan already. You know sometimes ppl tend to joke with you but they just don't realise that it's pain in the assheart?

Conversation 1.
R was my ex classmate and currently working with a liquor company. She's mostly in clubs and pubs to do market survey on guys competitor. She likes to hide the fact that she is lonely and sad and always try to show that she's so damn happy with her single life. So here it goes..


R: Helo! Your baby so cute.
S: Thanks.:)
R: So what's new?
S: Err. I resigned.
R: REally? What's next? Becoming a housewife. (diu..say la SAHM..more glamour)
S: Do i look like a housewife to you?
R: Seriously yes.
S: (speechless):)
R: Joking only la!
S: *tulan-ed* :)
R: So which MNC are you joining?
S: Aiyah. Which MNC wanna hire a mkting fella like me? I look like housewife only la. Small small pahlia company only will hire me la. I'm not like you mkting like.
R: Basket! I'm just joking about the housewife thinggyla
S: Haha Yah. (Yah right!)
R: So which company la?
S: Tell you also u dunno. So pahlia until no one knows.
R: Hahahahahaha
S: How's babysitting (last time she told me that she's so depressed and tired because she need to baby sit her bf)
R: Oh..So tired. So many Babies.(action la having many bf is a good thing)
S: Guess it must be tiring for you.
R: Oh? Why?
S: So many to breastfeed. Of course tired la.
R: Hahahahhahahah Well he is complaining that I don't have enough time for him and blablabla.
S: Ask him to shut up. Give him a pacifier.
R: Hahahhahahah
Seriously, do i look like a housewife to you? If you say i look like Desperate Housewife cast i don't mind ler. I know i look nothing like any of the housewives below.
But I know her so well, she always picture me like this.

Or....Maybe she IS picturing me looking like this....

pic from here

Yeah Maybe (trying to cheer myself here..)Hmmmm..Actually there's nuthing wrong looking like a SAHM.In fact some SAHM are looking more and more cun-ner nowadays! Its just that, i don't like the way she always think that I'm already married and can't have a flying career. Who says married woman and mothers can't have a career. Even SAHMs like shoppingmum has a career. She's making more money than i am by writting PPP and she gets to spend her time with her kids while making money. You envy her or not? You say?

Conversation 2
And then this morning...another ex colik msn-ed me. He saw me yesterday. See what he said.


L: You didn't diet ah?
S: I very FAT izit?
L: almost like after your baby born lor.
L: after cny will become more. HAHAHAHA
S: Diu lor.
S: you know how many kgs i lost edi ah?
S: 19 kgs. (and still cannot see diference? blind meh?)
L: i dun know. but not as slim as last time.
L: aiyah FAT is good ma.
S: are u sure or not? this is so like painful like "knife stabbing " to my Heart.
L: woi , dun so serious la.
L: i just joking only.
S: Ya right.
L: yesterday you like so rushing only.

You see, sometimes these ppl just like to cakap. And simply cakap they did. Cakap kosong but stab into the heart keluar at the ass. Yeah..that made my day. Thanks very much.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nadia's Scrap

Look! Look! Look at what Nadia did to Jayden's picture! So nice right???? *sigh* Very shy scrap compared to this, mine looks like rojak! Hahahaha Anyway i was telling Nadia that I might not be able to msn, blog and of cos scrap when I'm in my new place. So now have to blog all I can. I will still blog in my son's blog cos i need to update the ppl in overseas about Jayden's status once in a while.

I'm very surprised to received 2628 comments up to now. It's the first time ever i received so many comments in a day time. I didn't expect people to read my ngamngamchamcham(grumblings). Anyway, you guys made my day! :)

So, just wanna make u some of you guys laff (if you click at the video below and let it load for long long time and look at what my son's latest funny doing. Warning- takes forever to load) and *sigh* you gotto make yr screen very very bright to be able to see this videos. Damn..need to change camera *blink blink to Big C*.

See that he put the handfone behind his head...over shot his ears..hahah And he did the "berak" action again..trying to press hard hard like his "opening rambutan" act the other day, just like the picture in Nadia's scrap up there.

Came across Angeleyes's post today about the baby died because tercekik(choked) on the pacifier. It gave me the chills man...coz Jayden is addicted to his pacifier. He won't cry if there's none but once he sees one, he will crawl towards it, pick it up and put it into his mouth. He can handle his pacifier very well, but not his food. Why ah? Here's the video taken this morning. Was teasing him with his chut chut. I guess after reading about the news, i wanna make him sucking pacifier. First, it's dangerous.Second, cos his top teeth is coming out. Scared that he will have bunny teeth and make him more ugly than now. Third, I hate the fact that sometimes he drops it on the floor when we're out. Forth, I guess it's time already.....or....maybe...perhaps I should let him wait till he is 1 yr old? hehe

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Exit (Tai Kit Kuk)

You guys bored edi or not? Like what Tracy said..

Tracy said...
TNS, popcorns sudah habis, biscuits sudah habis, kopi sudah habis, ada Part III pulak! Ur stoli damn long. Must bring my blanket along lor like dat.

So go and bring yr blankie la..*yawn* But i plomise u read also you feel like throwing yr dirty and smelly underwear to the computer screen edi! You dun believe...Come i tellyiu.

So before the 5.25pm..S smsed her current boss asking her whether she's coming back from dunno where la. And the bossie never reply. knn. Then 5.25pm only called.. S, you looking for me? Pop by.. Diu la. So late only come back. Better dun come back la. So S asked her to sign a quotation and the bossie turn around to take a file and when she turn back.. she saw an envelope on the table and her eyes like juling juling abit ..roll eyes konon la. The Bossie asked ..S are you resigning? S said..Yeah. And the bossie fast fast (Nadia's favourite) Fast Fast open and read the resignation letter, written " althought under the employment agreement I have to submit 2 months notice, however i wish to request for an early release due to the fact that i'll be joining another company under its XXX division" (which falls under the same product S is handling another words....some sort of competitor la

The bossie fastfast ask..which company you joining jek? S replied XXX. Bossie said Ah?? That company ah? So small? Good Meh? Here no good meh? And S replied.. I'm going to do Brand. Bossie said AH???????? Why everyone also want to go Brand? You all think Brand very Glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*roll eyes*aaamouurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr meh? Here, if you wanna go anywhere also i can transfer you. You wanna do Mkting services..National Account? Bla Bla Bla You tell me. I can transfer you. S damn beh song edi. She just replied, yeah i know can transfer. But i see some ppl wanna transfer long time also not moving anywhere. Besides, even if i stay here, in any position also, it wont bring me to anywhere close to where i wanna be in the future. Bossie Tulan Edi. Roll eyes samo(yalah roll samo..tersekat then become juling then u know , hahahah)

So she try to use other factor to pull S back. You join this company ah, very busy wan hor..Then your son how? (yeah like you care, suddenly so caring) He is so small only..then you have to travel and all...then you cannot spend time with your baby. And your hubby...He has his own business right ? (Damn all think my hubby is wan tan mee man) He wont have time to take care of your son. Then you how? S very the beh song. How can the bossie use the son as a pull back factor. S said, Yeah. Initially they offered me APM but i rejected them cos i need to take care of Spore and Msia mkt and need to fly here and there. But then now they offered me Senior, and no need to travel at all. So that's good for me. Bossie wanna start cakap again....and rolling eyes edi...S stopped her. Actually I never apply for this position. I thought i wanna stay longer here, but they looked for me. (Action la...saja wanna make bossie angeli) I thought about ALL the FACTOR for VERY LONG TIME before i tender. Boss got cut off straight. I think cat got the tongue or something

Bossie beh song(Not happy). Counter attacked. Bossie said..Actually I know u have potential that's why I FISHED you out of that dept. When you join, you're BLUR. Then your boss also BLUR. Means BLUR plus BLUR equals to BLUR BLUR DEPT. Just like your new JOB!

Okay...Don't throw the shoes yet! Wait! Wait! S won't simply loose in the arguement wan okay?

S counter attacked.

Yeah. We are new and blur but we managed to get things thru. But too bad K gotto leave and after that i went for maternity. And when i got back everything is in a mess. I also very susah hati looking at the condition like this.

Bossie said. You not happy with your current job function meh?

S tot..NMFLT! everyday ask me to arrange meeting and write minutes! Sei la! S said..I'm very happy with my job. in fact I'm SO COMFORTABLE...come to work at 8.30 go home at 5.30. Arrange my schedule properly and my work is okay la. (Yeah right. Blog la!)But comfy is one thing but all these while i like to do branding. And if i stay here forever, it wont get me there.

Bossie said small company, cannot get you anywhere wan la.

S said..Big company like ours now is good. But small also can have opportunity. In fact more cos I'll be the pioneer to XXX and there's more possibility for promotion.

Bossie Tu lan Edi. BIG SMILE. Okay..But i'm just afraid that the catalogue cannot come out in time. blablabla.. S cut her off. I will make sure everything is done before end of Feb. By March you wont need me here, March is only the printing part.

Bossie giving Fake Big Smile. Okay. I'll see how first.

S said. Okay . You let me knowla . So i can tell my new boss.

Bossie. Okayla...Say so much. Turn around.

S walked out of the room.

Like dat lo..ending liao....So now S just sit there and wait la. But confirmed that the resignation went to HR edi and they're looking for ppl edi. Some ppl avoiding S cos they heard she's joining competitor. Some bosses Jeling Jeling.

So S just wait and see lor.



The Exit Part II

Wahhhhhhhhhh i wanna do my work and leave this company fast leh...but the msgs all coming in scolding me asking me to do this post fast fast. Vien in San fran also cannot sleep. My hubby also msging asking me to fast fast write. OKAY LA!!!!!!!!!!

Okay this time don't take popcorn edi. So..Go and bring food to make BBQ ka..or steamboat.. then the food can last longer. Hahah

so...where did i stop la? ooo never submit proposal..So S thought that was the end already. Mana tau, not even 1 hour later, the manager J called and ask S whether can talk or not. So Serious voice. S thought that's it la. S friend E will kena scolding from her. So S went to the staircase to talk la..cos S's office is full with busy-body bitches and bastards. So have to talk at the staircase.J offered S the job and S quite surprised cos she just wrote an email to the mkting director to reject the offer.

J was surprised to hear that the director asked S to write a proposal. Totally unacceptable..why wanna do proposal like applying for manager position la? J asked S. S said she don't know why but anyway she didn't do it. J said , "it's ok. but anyway, i'm offering you senior mkting exec tittle only after discussion with JL. And your pay is XX. " S was dumbfounded la..XX amount..only 15% increment from her current pay. Better just sit in current company and rot to death la. So S made up her mind already..and wont join the company. But she told J that she needs a few days time to think about it. But in the mind she already decided that she won't take up the job. steamboat eat half edi la..BBQ also finish kai yek (chicken wing) edi la..Still want to hear or not? Okay Okay ...Eat slowly la..Dun choke okay?

So..Think, Thought and thoughted..

Sunday night...S wanted to sleep edi. Suddenly the handfone rang wor. Picked up lo. Its S's old classmate A. A is currently working in advert agency and longing to join mkting line for years already. After struggling for few months looking for job, she finally found one job in the fitness centre as mkting exec lo. She asked how ah? Should i take a? They offer me XX pay wor. S was thinking ...WTF!!! XX amount. I work damn 9 long in mkting line also not offered so high leh. Even new job senior also offered me a lil bit more than her. nmflt..this is not fair..NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!! And A was still talking..bliblehblibleh...How ah ? How ah? S said...Take lor. I work so damn long in mkting also not getting so high pay. Single and free, take the job la. A said ..Okay! Thanks very much for yr advise a? Good Night :) . Click! S, half asleep, half awake...canoot sleep edi. Think Thought and Thoughted....Not Fair..and didn't sleep whole night!

Monday morning, S went to office and wrote letter to J, Die Die i want my pay this much . (nicer term la) and J never replied for 2-3 days. So S said..Hahahaha Fail again. Work la..Continue to work in this company, see the same ppl's face for many more years. S msned her hubby tonight we make baby girl. S hubby said.. Ah????? errrr
No..Nothing happened that night. Hahaha

So then J called S and said , ok. We're giving you according to what you asked for. But u must come in fast. We're hiring a contract manager to guide you thru and yr position don't require you to travel. NO NEED TO TRAVEL???GET THE SAME PAY AS ASST MGR??? WOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S told J, okay. Gimme a day to think okay? Hahhaa Still wanna jual mahal la tu. So S went home and told hubby, hubby happy (YAY! No need to make BB).

So how edi ah????? I also forgot edi la! Adoi!

Then DI DI DA DA S submitted her resignation on Friday noon. Her bossie came back at 5.25pm. Bugger! 5 Min before the day end????? Even the receptionist said to S, ask her to go home la. Ppl go home now only she come back. Dunno where she went..Ish Ish Ish...

Okay la...VIEN wanna go sleep edi, so have to post this up fast fast....

So to be continued la!

The Exit

So, everyone also wanna know why the worker wanna resign and what happened. Okay la. I will tell you a story..No need to take tissue but please take pop corn, sit down and look at the screen

It's like this. Supposely the worker don't wanna apply anymore job, cause she's so afraid of rejection and most of all she's afraid of being discriminated coz she's a new mom and all. So she was thinking of just hang around and probably try another baby or perhaps just wait till her son is older than only change job. Suddenly, one day she received a msg from her ex-colik asking her to apply for this job. So of course, she said no cos she don't wanna change job. So days passed and everyday she will receive many msg from ex colik asking her to write in. So finally one day (just to make her fren happy) she sent in her resume without writting any cover letter. At the same time in her mind "what for? I'm not gonna get it anyway

Then she waited for few days..and the worker msged her ex colik (call her E) and said "See i told you, they won't wanna hire me as APM (asst prod mgr)". E replied.." You wait and see". E was very supportive and she was very persistent saying that the Worker (S) will get the job cos she has worked with S for sometime. And she really hard sell S to the mgr so kaukau, dunno whether she got add salt and sugar to the story or not...and So S said.."We'll see

Soon after that, S received an email from the company asking her to attend an interview. So S very scared and started to think whether its a wise choice or not. She also asked her hubby whether he want a baby more or the wife to change job more. Maybe the hubby is so scared of having another naught baby like now, he said "Baby can wait". So S also in miserable stage. But she tot "I might not get it anyway. So why wanna think about it

Eh...are you all really reading this ka? Not boring meh? Still wanna read ka? Your popcorn finished edi or not? Get samo la. If you wanna continue reading then scroll down lor. If not..Thank you for reading so far la..then u can click the X button on the right hand side corner. Haha

So she (buta-buta) blindly went for the interview while her hubby take care of the naughty son of thiers. She sat for an exam that she had seen before and still failed. Hahah Cos the paper was freaking confusing and complicated.And not to mention she tot that , that day was just for exam and she didn't bring her certs and all the previous work portfolio. And then followed by interview...long interview with the manager J. J said that S don't have the exposure to Brand but she likes S's attitude and heard that S used to work for a crazy company so her endurance towards being tortured and patience is very high. So S will have a good chance of getting it. So S went home and she's more afraid that she will get the job. The job requires her to travel to Singapore and Malaysia. And also to Philippines and she will handle a new product by herself. So there wont be extra time to blog, or to chat on msn, and to play with her son, to spend time with the hubby and blablabla

Then S said.."Nola...wont get wan la. Just like that day went for interview, they said they will call me for 2nd interview..but the fone didn't ring at all" So she happily went to bed and went to work the next day which is a Friday. Then she received a call again, asking her to go to 2nd interview on Monday with 2 Marketing Directors. So S said OK and immediately her head felt heavy and the world is like spinning edi...cos headache, think too much. So the weekend was like "Go...Don't Go...Go....Don't Go..." But she went shopping also usual. Hehe

So she went to the interview with 2 Filipinos Mkting Directors and got bombared with questions after questions after questions non stop. Talk till her mouth felt numb cos non stop talking and her throat was like sooooooooooo dry. They made her felt so small small as this --> . They said "you don't have the BRAND exposure, you don't have this you dont have that, blablabla". S felt so small, and a lil bit angry at that time cos all her previous effort put in event, fashion shows, press conference, photoshooting, designing, and all the shits..all being thrown into the rubbish bin. Kapish! All useless! So she felt so bad after day..and the interview went on like its never gona stop..S think its about 1 hour 45 minutes long. And while the mkting directors sent her off, one of them said "it's not your fault that you don't have the needed experience, you're not given a chance. But i like your attitude and i think you're creative. So why don't you go back and write me a proposal, strategic thinking on What is C brand lack of in Malaysia? and email to me okay?". So S went home thinking ..No problem..It's very easy only

Then S think and thought and thoughted (got such word ka? Hahaha) for few days time and finally she decided not to join the company. Family is always first. But then she fell ill for the next few days. And while being sick, she thought and thoughted again. Yeap, she finally decided not to join the company afterall. And she wrote an email to the mkting director and told him in a nicer words la...something like since you guys mentioned that i don't have the required experience then i guess it's better for not to gain more experience then try my luck again la. It's much much nicer words okay...cos I have seen the email mah

Like dat la

Never submit proposal la. Means never get the job la.

After that what happened huh?

I tell you later coz now i have to settle my stuff if not my boss wont release me early la.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Valentines Day

Aiks..Everyone's like so sexcited about CNY...totally forgot about Valentines Day. So what's the big deal about Valentines Day? Some ppl action la...said that everyday is Valentines Day cos they're soooooooooooooooo in Lurve. Yeah la..Me also..Me everyday celebrate Valentines Day with my son. He gives me a bag of PooP everyday. Hehe
So..i was looking at the current newsletter that i was struggling to complete for the past few weeks and the title was CNY and Valentines Day. And The article was about "Romancing Valentines with Choc & Flowers". So it made me wonder....Hmmm....What I want for Valentines Day ah?
I've celebrated 8 Years of Valentines with him, this year is my 9th. The first few years was sexciting..then abit not so sexciting..then married..lagi teruk. We normally celebrate Valentines Day, new year la, christmas la and any other occasion with just a kiss and that's it.
Normally i will try to make it more "happening" or more "loving" by giving card pressie la. But it's a long time edi since I've received a card or received "surprised" pressie.Why ah ? Married need or dun need edi?
Okay...i also sian edi. Maybe this year I will buy him a new girlfriend la. Easy.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Choy San Dou...Choy San Dou.'s everywhere now. Everywhere you go you can hear Dong Dong Chiang, Red lantern being hunged everywhere...and the red clothes being sold at shops..Ang Ang, very ONG O!!

So what happened was, we went to meet up with my parents and niece in SeaPark pasar malam. It's a tradition for mom to shop with us, buy loads of things for cny and we gotto send her back with one full car.This year, she wont be buying anything for cny cos they're not celebrating. So the whole night she was busy entertaining Mr Notty Boy and i get to spend some quality time with my precious niece Jasmine. And of course,,started la.."Mai Mai (youngest aunty in Hainanese) buy this for that for me" and she spotted the fake croc shoes with the ugly minnie mouse on it. We're in between 2 VCV DVD stalls and the Choy San Yeh (prosperity God) song was playing loudly..

Choy San Dou...Choy San Dou (prosperity god arrived, prosperity god arrived)
Howe Sam tak howe pou (if you have a good heart [as in kind hearted] you will have good return [will be blessed la])
Choy San Wah Choy San Wah ( prosperity god says x2)
Wan Chim yiu ching lou.. (if you wanna look for money make sure it's thru the right way)
Choy San Dou Chou....YIKKTTTTTTTTT *silence*

SAU TONG AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lari ah!!!MBPJ sudah mali!!!)

Aiks? Where is choy san yeh? Choy san yeh takde la....Wan Sann (god of bad luck) adalah..The "pihak berkuatkuasa" was there to raid the stalls. These guys can really spot those guys and they can really hide things FAST man...Hahahah and we're in the middle choosing fake croc minnie mouse shoes...So bought the damn ugly shoes and met my mom later who's trying to juggle my son in her arms..she was too busy entertaining him until she dun realise there was a raid.

Ah cd?? sing ourself lo.. Choy San Dou..Choy San Dou....
You dunno what I'm trying to say ka? nevermind la..i also dunno what I'm trying to say's just one of those days la..when u're abit gila...hahahah

Waiting to be released.

I have nothing to blog today.

Today, I just sit and hang around in my office while i read blogs.

And forwards mails to another colleague of mine to follow up on certain issues...she will be assisting me for 1 month..

Now..I'm just waiting for my boss to tell me when they wanna release me since I've tendered my resignation letter on Friday.

Sian...Is this what you call..Monday Blues?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Due to Special Request..

Yes, Due to the request from my fellow blogger friends..i Have reserved for you.....

The other day when i was complaining about frogs coming into my "Small Pond" (Jazz now u know i dun have a pool, Haha) many left comments saying that I should keep and make porridge. Hahaha Here's some of the comments:

Wenn said:Cook them la.. Catch manyak manyak then can cook porridge too.. Hmmm yummy yummy lor!!

Annie Q said:ya ya ya..agree with wennn, can cook "tin kai porridge" for Jayden!:)

mott said... :mmmMMMMmmm...Tin Kai Chook! Eh...frog legs very good for baby to eat leh....very smooth and soft!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

So, Wenn, Annie and Mott this frog i will keep while collecting more for you guys to make porridge k? Nyonya..tak cukup wanna sell to the restoran la..

This little bugger just don't understand what "get lost" means. I have been throwing this fella out of my garden so many times. Aiyo! How ah? How to get rid of it? Don't ask me to put a snake into my garden cos that's what I'm so afraid..frogs attract snakes ler. And hubby once found an injured lil snake in our longkang. So you see..that's why I'm so scared le..So any recommendations on how to get rid of this lil bugger?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Jayden is Well, Thank You!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the wishes and the sms..Thank you very much!
So after the hospital visit, he stopped having fever (touch wood). And he was quite cheerful in the morning but very very tired and cranky. Yeah la..of coz la..Mami also feels like being cranky and wanna merajuk also...cos Mami's voice like pondan edi coz my throat is killing me.

So we didn't go to the PONEY warehouse sale. Gosh! and when i saw some mommy blogging about the clothes, i wanna shoot myself. Ah well....saturday is round the corner, no worries!

HeHeHe But Dadi was complaining that he wanna bring us out although Jayden just recovered from fever. He said, must bring him out...look see look see then not so sian at home. So off we go..Packed our stuff and head towards "My Dear"'s warehouse sale in Puchong. Not many ppl and lots of choices.(till 17/2) The kids are allowed to sit and try on the cars on sale. We bought one for Jayden and asked him to try when we got home but obviously he was very cranky...still..

This tricycle can be maneuvered from the back panel. And since his legs are so short, cannot reach the can rest on tray where you can remove the tray when he is bigger and taller and when he can ride the tricycle on his own. What i like most about this was the safety railings around him. When he stable enough to ride on his own you can lift the railing up. And we bought a car - baby chair for him la. Actually we wanted the cover only coz we have good one at home but the cover is spoilt la. And the cover outside in the market is about RM199. So buy this chair to take the skin only.

Okay gotto go and do something very urgent with my boss now ....tata

Thursday, February 01, 2007

To the hospital at 4am

Received a call from my nanny yesterday at 3pm saying that Jayden has high fever. Told her to give him paracetamol first and will bring later to see the paed. Worst, received sms from Big C saying that he got to go and entertain mat salleh principle.

Went home and immediately brought Jayden to his usual Paed at our housing area. While he was in the car, he kept on making a hand gesture saying "no more" I have no idea when he learnt that and of course he learnt it from nanny's place. Reached the paed..walk up the stairs and Jayden kept on saying "No More". True enough, the paed is closed. Not opened on Wednesday. Weird eh...coincidentally Jayden was showing No more all the way to the Paed.

So went home rushed like mad, packed milk, changed clothes and drove further to DJaya to see another paed. Phew! not many ppl, so we're 2nd in line. He was alright when he met the doctor, but fever was slightly high 38.3. Doctor said he has ear infection due to the cold and sore throat and that will cause fever. So after that, i went to tapau next door and headed home. It's very difficult to juggle with a BAG, Crying and Clingy Baby, Food, Car Keys all alone.

He was extremely clingy (i believe every child is like this when they're not well) but he was a god boy. He finished his medicine and went to sleep.....for only 5 minutes. Wake up, sleep, wake up sleep, and i didn't get to eat my dinner till like 945pm. His fever fluctuated up and down, when it reaches 38 i will bath and sponge him hoping that the temp will be lower. It didn't. The whole night he was breathing heavily and cried. So poor thing. His Dadi cried looking at his condition like this. Till 130 am, he cried and he vomited. Soon, you can see from his face that he felt better after vomit. However at 4am he was crying even louder and his face turned red and he was so hot, his temp was 39.3. We packed out stuff and headed to Assunta.

We're the one patient there and the doctor that attended us was the same doctor that pronounced the death of my grandma last November 7. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy to know that Dr Praveen is a good doctor but sad because he made me think of my grandma and i started to imagine that my grandma is standing around us, because she died in Assunta.

They took Jayden into the Emergency Room and gave him the paracetamol thru his back and bath him in cold water. He was okay with the water but not the air cond and the nurses that was holding him. From his look you can see "Mami, Carry me!" sign. My heart aches like mad, and his Dadi was speechless to see his son crying like that. Soon everything was fine. While waiting for Big C to settle the payment, we sat at the counter with the nurses who's busy playing with the new automatic door (cos they just have a major renovation) and Jayden began to sing out loud. Nyeh..Yah..Nyeh...Yah...eeerie.

Jayden fell asleep in my arms during the journey home and we all konked out straight after we reached home. And everyone woke up at 930am. And Jayden is free from fever for the time being. Tired, sleepy but still wanna sit up and watch tv. I took out the sarong that we used to use for him and he's sleeping happily in there now. Dadi pengsan-ed sleeping on the floor now. Luckily today is a public holiday otherwise we'll all be taking emergency leave today.

Checked his "coconuts" and it was dangling and not like usual, rounded and firm. My grandma used to look at my son's "coconuts" and will comment: he's very heaty. Give him some barley. Or he's Okay. Not sick. That's how the older ppl looks at boys to see if they're healthy or not. But she never taught me how to know if a girl is sick. Never had enough time to teach me. This year will be our first year without her. She'll normally wait for us to wake up..and it takes forever for us to wake up and serve her tea during CNY..but being the lazy bunch we wake up at 10 when she's already up at 6am. This Sunday we'll visit her grave and do the ceremony for 100days although its not officially 1o0days yet. The "priest" wanna go CNY holiday wor. What to do? hmmmm i miss my grandma. Grandma ..if u're listening please "pouyau" your great grandson here to be healthy, happy and smart.