Tuesday, January 20, 2009

That's a wrap for 2008!

I know, I have neglected my blog for such a long time. Even when there's updates they are all sad updates. This year I hope I can blog more "fun" stuff. Bet you wanna know about my maid's story..Muahahhahaaha Anyway...here are some of the pics taken Dec last year.

27th December 2008.
The lorries came, Big C and Maid stayed at home and moved the stuff while I took the boys out to my sisters' place. We went to Sunway Pyramid for some quick shopping and I managed to snap some pics.
Look at my lil boy...He's more smiley now compared to last time.

He's even cheekier now..

That night, we rushed for Big C's Cousin's pre-wedding dinner in Pavilion. And since we're late, we walk like headless chicken that got lost in pavilion cos it was our first time there. After dinner, we went to the groom's house in Bangsar and sat for a while cos it was already so late and that night, we slept on the floor in our old house. Like nomad...haha

28th December 2008.
That morning we all went to attend Big C's cousin's wedding. Got the kids the same T-shirt.
(And since then Jayden has been requesting to have "Same Same" t-shirt with titi.) Of course, we're late again. The bride and groom were already in the house but the ceremony haven't started. *phew*

And we took the opportunity to ask one of the relatives there to help us to snap a family picture.

Maid also help to snap 2 pics, but masuk longkang. The people is at the side of the picture. Thank god it's digital otherwise I don't know how much flim she's gonna waste. hehe

Then at 12 plus we rushed back to our old house and pack some more things and at 115pm we officially step into the house. (Fung Sui timing wor...follow ler.They count count, say very ong timing.) Then we unpack some more and then at 6 plus we rushed to Putrajaya for the actual wedding dinner. It was in the grand ballroom and Justin was chirppy and giggly, looking all handsome in the shirt I bought for him looooong looong time ago when he's still in my tummy.

THis is his first reaction when he see someone with a camera.. and then he'll

try and grab your camera for a quick bite!

After that, we stayed in the old house for a few nights like nomad and finally moved in and slept in the new house for real on the ........ forgot when. Anyway That's a wrap for 2008. 2008 had been a very tiring and challenging year for the 3 of us (with Jayden being rejected by nanny, me pregnant, Jayden started sch, Justin's arrival) I hope that this year 2009 will be a good, fun and peaceful year for us.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Best Medicine

Went to see a specialist last Saturday, waited for 10 mins and he saw me for less than 2 mins and he told me "oh....next time don't do la. Okay you can go home. It will heal but don't know when. If few days before CNY still like this, then you gotto go hospital and cut it out". And the damage, Rm165.00 for 2 mins consultation plus some antibiotics and swelling pills. *KRAK* pocket koyak big time!

Then before I left the clinic, I received a sms from Big C ... (cannot tell...he'll kill me) And it made me Smile big time. So tweeet.

Then, that night we went to Ikea to buy a curtain rod (yeah move so long stil takde curtain rod muahahhah) and some other stuff for our house. My mouth was still slightly swollen and the nanah (pus) decided to make its way out that time. The entire flesh covering the nanah area DROPPED and the nanah was OOZING out in Ikea. I was busy wiping my lips with tissue paper, covering it like some sick person. Sudddenly Justin cried for milk so I took my baby bag and rushed to the nearby babycare room to nurse him.

While nursing him, 2 other ladies walked in with their kids. One Chinese and One malay. Everyone was busy wiping ass changing nappy when suddenly Jayden came and knock on the door. He then came in with my maid (introduction: Maid's name is Ning). Since I was hiding behind the curtain, Jayden couldn't see me so he started calling out...

Jayden: MAMI! MAMI!"
Me: Yeah Babe. I'm here!
Me: *surprised* I love u too Jayden..

The two ladies immediately turned and smiled at Jayden and then me. My lil boy happily hopped and sat on the rocking horse in the babycare room. And then he said again...

Jayden: Dadi....dadi...I lOVE YOU!

Again the two ladies turned and this time they gave me a bigger smile.

I of course tried to smile, but lips was painful so just give a senget smile.

So I got my best medicine last Saturday. A simple caring sms from Big C and also simple but meaningful words from Jayden and not from the specialist.... and I paid him so much! So now, my lips is no longer swollen but there's one big black dot there that looked like a mole. Maybe it can go away just in time for CNY..or maybe not. Then ppl might be wondering since when I got a big mole on my lips. Muahahaha
Okay gotto continue to unpack...cny coming edi!


Smile boys Smile!!!

Backdated pic....27th December 2008

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yeung Sui Sui

First .. I never photoshopped the picture la. If I wanna photoshop, then I might as well put nicer pic without the swollen mouth ler..right or not? My eldest sis came to see me last night after she saw my pic in my blog. When she saw me she told me I look better in the picture. So imagine.....

Today the mouth is still swollen, I still look like an alien.

Yesterday because of the swollen lips, my husband and I argued. Cos, he couldn't understand what I was saying and I got frustrated cos I repeated it for 4 times.

Me: Fhere is our feks machine?
Hub: HUH? I cannot hear you properly (outside in living room fixing something)
Hub: HUH?? (walking towards my working room)
Hub: What?
Me: *sigh* Feks....... Machine..... Tit tit tit....
Hub: You ah, I cannot hear properly ma. You samo show me your yeung sui sui like dat.

Because of this lips, I also got a few remarks from my husband. Although he didn't mean it but its a bit Ouch, if you know what I mean. First he told me I look like I went to lips plastic surgery and it turned out bad. Then he jokingly told me to get the Arabic tudung to cover my mouth , only can see eyes.

Very the sian.
Not yet buy anything. No food and drinks for cny.
I don't even have new clothes for cny.
How to go out and buy with the face like this?
What CNY?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fappy Few Fear

After 4 months of being busy with a new born + an active toddler, plus few weeks of moving I finally have the time to sit down and look in the mirror.(haven't finish unpacking, the house is still in a mess!) My face is so dry, flaky skin started to peel off and I have alot of black heads everywhere. So I decided to take a big mirror and sit in front of it and pressss press the darn stuff out. And I found one near my mouth so I pressss pressss and I can see the black head stucked there. So eager to get it out , I sucked my own lips. And then it turned red and it was swollen abit. The very next day it got so huge, my lips were basically dangling on the right side.

Wanna see or not? If you have weak heart please don't scroll down. And those that can take it, please don't laugh so hard, ok?











Sigh....Today is the fourth day and it's still so big. Yeap I went to the doctor, twice to get medication. He said I gotto wait few days....so wait la. What to do... I wanna heal before Chinese New Year. Otherwise I'll be wishing ppl Fappy Few Year.

Yeap, I talk like daffy Duck sometimes when its irritated with hot drinks or hot food. So, I need a straw to drink. Eat, smaller bites and only from the left side of the mouth. Sigh.. Justin is laughing at me , he thought I'm making funny faces at him!

Okay gotto go hibernate again. Gotto do my work, so many weeks of disappearing gonna get fired soon although I'm working for myself now. Later ppl don't give me the job anymore, makan bubur also no money. And also gotto go tell my maid how to unpack. Gotto point here and there then only will move, otherwise just stand there and wait for Chinese New Year to come. sigh.........