Monday, January 19, 2009

Best Medicine

Went to see a specialist last Saturday, waited for 10 mins and he saw me for less than 2 mins and he told me " time don't do la. Okay you can go home. It will heal but don't know when. If few days before CNY still like this, then you gotto go hospital and cut it out". And the damage, Rm165.00 for 2 mins consultation plus some antibiotics and swelling pills. *KRAK* pocket koyak big time!

Then before I left the clinic, I received a sms from Big C ... (cannot tell...he'll kill me) And it made me Smile big time. So tweeet.

Then, that night we went to Ikea to buy a curtain rod (yeah move so long stil takde curtain rod muahahhah) and some other stuff for our house. My mouth was still slightly swollen and the nanah (pus) decided to make its way out that time. The entire flesh covering the nanah area DROPPED and the nanah was OOZING out in Ikea. I was busy wiping my lips with tissue paper, covering it like some sick person. Sudddenly Justin cried for milk so I took my baby bag and rushed to the nearby babycare room to nurse him.

While nursing him, 2 other ladies walked in with their kids. One Chinese and One malay. Everyone was busy wiping ass changing nappy when suddenly Jayden came and knock on the door. He then came in with my maid (introduction: Maid's name is Ning). Since I was hiding behind the curtain, Jayden couldn't see me so he started calling out...

Jayden: MAMI! MAMI!"
Me: Yeah Babe. I'm here!
Me: *surprised* I love u too Jayden..

The two ladies immediately turned and smiled at Jayden and then me. My lil boy happily hopped and sat on the rocking horse in the babycare room. And then he said again...

Jayden: Dadi....dadi...I lOVE YOU!

Again the two ladies turned and this time they gave me a bigger smile.

I of course tried to smile, but lips was painful so just give a senget smile.

So I got my best medicine last Saturday. A simple caring sms from Big C and also simple but meaningful words from Jayden and not from the specialist.... and I paid him so much! So now, my lips is no longer swollen but there's one big black dot there that looked like a mole. Maybe it can go away just in time for CNY..or maybe not. Then ppl might be wondering since when I got a big mole on my lips. Muahahaha
Okay gotto continue to unpack...cny coming edi!


Smile boys Smile!!!

Backdated pic....27th December 2008


  1. Glad to hear the nanah came out liao...

  2. aiyo...what happen lar...
    hope you get well soon...

    Jayden is soooo loving n cute...

  3. Hehe, Jayden is so cute! Glad your lips is okay now..and my, that consultation is expensive!!

  4. nanah come out good thing right?? get well soon!

    and good God, that justin looks like big C's spitting image!

  5. Your boys is so adorable!

  6. Your little boy looks very well fed! Hope you have a speedy lip recovery. You can try botox injection to fix it...hehehe..j/k

  7. woo hoo!! glad to hear all is fine, ms. mole ;)

    love the pic of the kiddos. so cute!!

  8. nvm lah..use darker lipstick to cover :P

  9. That's the sweetest words that can come out from a child.

  10. lemonjude8:28 AM

    Glad that you are almost ok...hope by CNY at least it is less swollen it is good already...

    Both cute boys...we all miss you so much...

  11. OMG...u described abt ur nanah!!! gross ler!!! u are so funny ler!!!

    hope u get well soon for a happy & beautiful cny!!!

  12. jayden is such a darlin.. hehe..

  13. Aiyah, shd have saved the $$$ lah since can be cured by the family doctor! Hahahaha!

  14. To a certain extent, the best things in life r free. Glad to hear ur lips r no longer so 'sexy'. :D

  15. Oi! Don't, I repeat Don't pick that black dot okay? Hahaha.

  16. Oooh the three little magic words always do wonder.

    The pus came out because of the med doc gave? If yes, then no choice la. Money like this.. have to spend. :P

  17. Aiyooo...sweetnya this jayden!!!
    Wah! Ur justin so so chubby!! Look at the double chin!

  18. a good to hear ur "mole" getting better :) mahalnyer the consultation!

    eh, cool body suit la! special made for Justin. so tweeet ur boys! the big one & the smaller ones :)

  19. So sweetlar ur Jayden.Now they'll tell I Love You loudly. Wait till he's older. Sure shy and won't dare to tell us. Poor thing. Hope you'll be ok by CNY.Take Care.

  20. romper!! Got Justin's name on it too :)

  21. ooo how i wish i hear this 3 magic words now...

    glad u r recovering. no worries. will be gone by cny....

  22. justin looks wider than jayden in the photo ler

    mole? bring "ong" mar

  23. hey, I just love that motion picture !!! Justin is growing really well. Like those that they put on advertisement. You should send in some entries!