Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't disturb Me

Justin is sick. He is coughing and everytime after he had his milk, and if he coughs after that, he'll vomit. Gosh... so heart broken to see him gobble down 8oz of milk and then OOEEEEK everything out. Gotto wipe him, change bed sheet, Wait for a while.. then feed him milk again. My baby is no longer.. round.

So last night,in the middle of he night he cried out. "Mami... my mouth is painpainful". So I checked his temp, and he was rather warm but not having fever. And OEKKK he vomitted everywhere. So we got up and changed him. the bedsheet and then I thought better feed him paracetamol and let him sleep.

When he saw the medicine, he covered his eyes with both his hands and said to me..

"Don't disturb Me" and pretended to sleep.


Both Big C and I got shocked with his reaction, however we gotto do what he must do. And he wailed like we're about to slaughter him in the middle of the night. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*He found a ring*

I was busy sewing my Australia's order and then Justin walked in. He quietly crawled to my working chair and sat there quietly. Sensing something not right, I looked up and he was touching his fingers. I thought "Oh no! He must be playing with my needles!" So I quickly go near and found him playing with my O rings for the wristlets. *lol*
He was pretending that he slipped on a ring with Eco-Friendly Diamonds I think. *lol* I wonder how he knew that he can use that O ring to be his ring when I seldom wear my Fancy Diamonds ring. I just can say that kids are so observant.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Does it sound funny to you?

You Very Old Edi la.

Yeah la.. you Housewife ma. Stay at home everyday until become Old edi.

Why are you so BUSY all the time?

Why so hard to ask you to come out and meet up?

Aiyah must know how to delegate ma..

Apparently some of my ex classmates thinks its funny while sarcastically saying it to me. true. I am a housewife who doesn't have a life. I look old, I looked like crap, I am always busy, cleaning, cooking, cleaning the house and the kids, and I have nothing to brag about what I bought, How much is my salary, what car I wish I can buy and so on. But you know what? At least I'm not living under my parents armpit and smelling it. 

Say whatever my friend, we'll see who will have the last laugh.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The other day, Big C and I kinda argued cos Justin spilled some milk onto his body. And he blamed me for giving him milk in cup. I digress from talking about that. :) So.. I was upset and walked up towards upstairs and Jayden followed me..

Jayden: mami...
Me: Yes?
Jayden: Are you angry mami?
Me: Yes la. I am angry and sad now.
Jayden: it's okay mami. Nevermind. Don't be angry. I love you.
Me: Aww thanks baby..
Jayden: *hold my hand* I care (for) you okay? I love you more than dadi.
Me: Wah.... okay okay Thank you ah..

On the bed (while Justin and Big C was still downstairs)
Jayden: Mami are you still angry?
Me: hmmm abit sad la.
Jayden: Nevermind. I sleep with you okay? You can be my girl friend.
Me: hehe okay la. You can be my boy fren...
Jayden: hehe

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's one of those days...

That I don't know what I am good at anymore.

And I don't know what I am doing although I have been working non stop for the pass 14 hours. No Inspiration to do anything.

Everything to me is like "half pail". Designing and also sewing.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's too tight!

That day I saw Justin making a funny face so I know that he is about to poop.

Me: You wanna orsi is it?
Justin: No!
Me: U dun bluff me. Yau mowe?
Justin :Yau!
Me: Okay faster go to toilet. You poo in the toilet ok?
Justin: Yes.
Me: *waited like 1 min* why so long wan? Yau mowe?
Justin: *in pain* mami.... it's stuck!
Me: Huh? The Shit stucked?
Justin: Yes. It's too tight!
Me: Muahahhaha

Aiyoh he cracks me up!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Let Them Try

Whenever I said I am leaving my kids alone with my hub, ppl will ask "Can or not?"

Well, at first I was worried. Then I thought, never try never know.

So I went for a funeral that day and left him alone with my kids.

When I got back, he told me stories. One of it was the Butter Pillow story. Another one was this one.

He brought them to a shopping mall indoor playground and he saw Jayden playing happily with another boy. Then another boy came and bullied Jayden, tried to trip Jayden in front of him. Of course the father was pissed and the boy stopped when he stared at him. Then Justin wanted to eat fishball so Big C brought him to buy fishball which was just next to the playground. And when he got back, he saw Jayden with vomit all over his hands. Then he asked him what happened. And the boy replied saying he vomited.....all over the playground.

I asked him "So what did you do? Did you wipe?" Cos I know he won't bring the baby bag with him.

He said "how to wipe? It was everywhere. And I don't have anything to wipe also"

I said "Then how?"

he said " CHAU AH!!!" (RUN!!)

Oh man.. I laughed like mad woman. I said "cham lor.. cannot go to that shopping mall anymore edi!"

Then he said after that when they got home, both the kids wanted to play games on the computer. So he went into the room. Probably to bath. And when he got out. He saw Poo and Pee all over the floor!

Jayden contributed the poo cos he was too into the game and wanted to hold the poo from coming out but of course PeePiakkk accident happened.

Justin contributed the Pee cos he was diaperless and no one reminded him to pee in toilet.

So the poor Chan-derella gotto clean the floor all by himself.

When I got home, I saw him sleeping- half way hanging on the bed and the kids were properly dressed and sleeping soundly. I know it's been a long night for him. But I never know it was so adventurous.

p/s: sometimes we gotto leave the kids with them and let them try to handle the kids + housework. Then they will understand and appreciate us more. ( I hope :) some might not understand and probably think that we exaggerate the story. Let them try and I bet they will understand more.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The chocolate, strawberry and butter

Big C was left alone with the 2 small and tiny Chans last Friday cos I went to attend a funeral. So when I came back, Big C updated me with alot of stories. One of it was this one..

You probably know that Jayden love to sleep on his dad's chest since baby.
(ai.. this pic is so long ago. The only difference is the size of the body and also minus the pacifier.Others all remain the same :) )
So the other day, he asked to sleep on his dad's chest again and of course the dadi say okay.

He laid down and he said

"wait. I go get butter first".
He came back with his smelly elmo pillow.

If you read before about the story of our ice cream potrait then you will know what I am talking about :)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Did You Say Bye Bye?

Many of us know that our dear blogger friend Lisa Wan passed away few days ago. When I heard the news, I was in shock and also very sad. I kept thinking about her the entire day and couldn't work. So the email came and asked who want to pay her a last visit. I have been thinking the whole day and finally I told Annie Q that we should go.

So yesterday, I prepared Jayden about it.

Me: Later, dadi will take care of you and titi okay? Mami need to go somewhere.
JD: where are you going mami?
Me: My fren, passed away.
JD: *blank face - don't understand what is passed away*
Me: Passed away means.... die edi.
JD: like chacha?
Me: yes yes. Like Cha Cha.
JD: so they dig a hole and put inside? Your fren is going to see Cha Cha?
Me: yes. So mami need to go and say bye bye to her before they put her in the hole.
JD: okay :)

So when I was on my way out, both the kids came running after me , holding to their own shoes (with Justin butt naked).
JD: Mami I want to go say bye bye to your friend too.
Me: Nolah. You need to stay home and help dadi take care of titi okay?
JD: Okay...

I went home quite late and the boys were sleeping. And I still couldn't sleep last night. It's been 2 nights since I had a good sleep. (Boy I so need my sleeping pills tonight). As soon as Jayden woke up he said to me while I was trying to sleep..

JD: *whisper* mami... Good morning....
Me: good morning baby
JD: You come back edi or not?
Me: yes baby.. i am back.
JD: so did you say bye bye to your fren?
Me: yes b, i did. I said bye bye to her edi.
JD: okay. So your fren go and see cha cha edi?
Me: yes, she is with cha cha edi.
JD: yay!

I am glad I went to bid my last farewell. I don't know why. After I saw her for the last time, I felt lighter. It's like I know she is no longer in pain or suffer. But looking at her hub and her 2 kids, makes me so sad. Only time will heal...

Rest in peace Lisa. Don't worry about your kids, I believe your husband is a superb dad. May you look after them while you're in heaven. Will always miss you and your beautiful smile.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sasha Cook: Sambal Prawn with Petai

Since I mentioned it in my previous post, all I can think of is the sambal prawn with petai. So this morning I went to the market, got the petai and zoomed home to cook them. I'm a very simple eater, I sapu anything that is served except slithery animals, hopping animals and errr organs. So to me this is good enough but just too oily. I accidently dash-ed too much oil.

If Sasha can cook so can you. Trust me.

Step 1:

Fry the big onions.
Add in prawns.
Add in Petai
And last add in ......

Rm3.50 a pack.

It's nice. Try it. Some say too sweet, but to me it's okay.

Alah.....Ready pack!

Halo what to expect, got home cooked food should count blessing edi right?

I cooked extra to give to my next door neighbour cos she always cook for me. And then while we're chatting, my opposite neighbour walked over and gave me this.

You say I should count my blessing or not?

Hidup biarlah cincai, no need to kira kira so much.

Cos life is too short and too fragile.

Appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Me, the perfect Domestic Goddess!

I woke up and I began to clean the house.

As I finished, the house sparkle.  Not even a tiny dust under the chair.

Woah, I was so dang satisfied.

The clothes, one piece by one piece I ironed it and fold it nicely. Perfectly ironed, perfectly folded.

Then I moved to the kitchen to cook.

Damn.. those petai sambal udang is so lipsmackinglicious!

Hub face glitter when he ate dinner, my kids sitting there not moving cos they're too full to move.

I asked them to go and rest, have fun while I clean the kitchen.

That night, the kitchen looked spotless. Woah! Never been so spotless before.

and I woke up.

Yeap, I am only a perfect domestic goddess in my sleep.

p/s: Nearly every night I will dream about this. Cleaning house, cooking, yada yada. Probably I overheard my hub said to himself that day "tomorrow need to clean house... sigh.. the house is so messy" He is so sweet, he didn't say or complaint up until today. But I feel bad, cos yeah I admit. I am very bad at housework..

*The Right Shoes*

When Jayden hit 1 yr old, I got him a Nike Sandals. Many said "why spend so much for a kid? Moreover kids feet grows very fast". But I went ahead and bought him one for his 1st birthday. And now Justin is wearing his old Nike Sandals. The quality is so good that it lasted more than 2 years. To me, you don't need many pairs of shoes. You just need one that is good quality that is best for whatever you're doing. Let say walking shoes, jogging shoes, hiking shoes. But that's different for me, cos I need many pairs of heels. One red, one black, one white, pointy ones, mary-janes and the list goes on. Hey, I'm already not wearing nice clothes daily cos I am stucked at home, why can't I get dressed when I go out right? *lol* Anyway back to kid's shoes.

I have sewing baby shoes in my sewing blogs. Some requested that the sole is made from anti-slip material. I agree, if the kid starts to walk then we must have anti slip soles for safety purpose. That's why when some of my customers wanted to buy for bigger kid, I refused to sell it to them although they insisted. What if something happen to them when they wear my shoes. So it's not all about money, it's about my customer being happy wearing my product and being safe. :) So if some of them wanted to buy baby shoes online, I'll recommend them to another shop.

So now that Jayden is 4yr old, I am teaching him how to put on his shoes properly. He is a very active kid and if the shoes is not properly worn, he might trip and injure himself. I'm already very busy, I don't wanna deal with a injured and whiny kid! Anyway, while I am teaching Jayden how to wear his shoes properly, the little one is listening hard and tried to wear it himself too. I am impressed, he can do better than his 4 yr old brother. *lol* Another way to teach them to put on the shoes the right way is through videos online such as video below.