Monday, September 06, 2010

The chocolate, strawberry and butter

Big C was left alone with the 2 small and tiny Chans last Friday cos I went to attend a funeral. So when I came back, Big C updated me with alot of stories. One of it was this one..

You probably know that Jayden love to sleep on his dad's chest since baby.
(ai.. this pic is so long ago. The only difference is the size of the body and also minus the pacifier.Others all remain the same :) )
So the other day, he asked to sleep on his dad's chest again and of course the dadi say okay.

He laid down and he said

"wait. I go get butter first".
He came back with his smelly elmo pillow.

If you read before about the story of our ice cream potrait then you will know what I am talking about :)


  1. peanut butter sandwich lol

  2. Such a comfy position. We should hold and hug our babies as much as we can when they are babies. The window of opportunity is small because they grow up so fast and then it is lost.