Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*He found a ring*

I was busy sewing my Australia's order and then Justin walked in. He quietly crawled to my working chair and sat there quietly. Sensing something not right, I looked up and he was touching his fingers. I thought "Oh no! He must be playing with my needles!" So I quickly go near and found him playing with my O rings for the wristlets. *lol*
He was pretending that he slipped on a ring with Eco-Friendly Diamonds I think. *lol* I wonder how he knew that he can use that O ring to be his ring when I seldom wear my Fancy Diamonds ring. I just can say that kids are so observant.


  1. now i know that "O" is for ring!

  2. so did you say "yes"?

  3. I agree kids are observant.