Wednesday, September 01, 2010

*The Right Shoes*

When Jayden hit 1 yr old, I got him a Nike Sandals. Many said "why spend so much for a kid? Moreover kids feet grows very fast". But I went ahead and bought him one for his 1st birthday. And now Justin is wearing his old Nike Sandals. The quality is so good that it lasted more than 2 years. To me, you don't need many pairs of shoes. You just need one that is good quality that is best for whatever you're doing. Let say walking shoes, jogging shoes, hiking shoes. But that's different for me, cos I need many pairs of heels. One red, one black, one white, pointy ones, mary-janes and the list goes on. Hey, I'm already not wearing nice clothes daily cos I am stucked at home, why can't I get dressed when I go out right? *lol* Anyway back to kid's shoes.

I have sewing baby shoes in my sewing blogs. Some requested that the sole is made from anti-slip material. I agree, if the kid starts to walk then we must have anti slip soles for safety purpose. That's why when some of my customers wanted to buy for bigger kid, I refused to sell it to them although they insisted. What if something happen to them when they wear my shoes. So it's not all about money, it's about my customer being happy wearing my product and being safe. :) So if some of them wanted to buy baby shoes online, I'll recommend them to another shop.

So now that Jayden is 4yr old, I am teaching him how to put on his shoes properly. He is a very active kid and if the shoes is not properly worn, he might trip and injure himself. I'm already very busy, I don't wanna deal with a injured and whiny kid! Anyway, while I am teaching Jayden how to wear his shoes properly, the little one is listening hard and tried to wear it himself too. I am impressed, he can do better than his 4 yr old brother. *lol* Another way to teach them to put on the shoes the right way is through videos online such as video below.

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