Monday, September 20, 2010

It's one of those days...

That I don't know what I am good at anymore.

And I don't know what I am doing although I have been working non stop for the pass 14 hours. No Inspiration to do anything.

Everything to me is like "half pail". Designing and also sewing.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day.



  1. if you half pail, i quarter pail.. if u feel moody, i feel sad...
    Cheer up, silai.. there is lots to do tomorrow... take each step at a time..
    (waa..lau..know how to advise people but not myself.. )

  2. people having writers block. Maybe you are just having inspirational block for the moment leh. Need to go and relax a bit and you will get back your wonderful ideas

  3. If you are half pail in designing and sewing, then my pail is lagi jialat.. totally dry and empty..
    :( There's always a brighter tomorrow. :) Cheers..

  4. Tomorrow is always a better day...
    Cheer up!!

  5. Yes la silai. You are not a robot. Everyone feels bad once in a while. But tomorrow will come as a better day :)

  6. Dun worry... just a... uh... 'sewing block'. LOL... I get author's block all the time too, and when i get that, i get out and do other things totally unrelated to relax so that inspiration could come back to me.

  7. you're good at your design, in my opinion, don't ask me to draw any cute cartoon (not even about my family, though i strive very very hard)
    you're good with your bags, i love those 2 that i've purchased from you,
    you're... GOOD as a mom...
    reading your blog, i feel that, your boys are very happy, you may think that they're not, but most of the time, they're just 'deh' you only.. :)

  8. what's wrong? you are doing good S. it's just the mood swings..sometimes up sometimes down. you'll be ok when the dark clouds have passed..hehehhehehhheheeh. cheer up!

  9. Don't worry, we all have our down days.
    Here's to a better tomorrow!

  10. can feel u over there. Its those time when we were rushing on repeating orders, and at the same time wanna think of something new. Hopefully u will be able to breathe soon once its all settled.