Saturday, September 04, 2010

Did You Say Bye Bye?

Many of us know that our dear blogger friend Lisa Wan passed away few days ago. When I heard the news, I was in shock and also very sad. I kept thinking about her the entire day and couldn't work. So the email came and asked who want to pay her a last visit. I have been thinking the whole day and finally I told Annie Q that we should go.

So yesterday, I prepared Jayden about it.

Me: Later, dadi will take care of you and titi okay? Mami need to go somewhere.
JD: where are you going mami?
Me: My fren, passed away.
JD: *blank face - don't understand what is passed away*
Me: Passed away means.... die edi.
JD: like chacha?
Me: yes yes. Like Cha Cha.
JD: so they dig a hole and put inside? Your fren is going to see Cha Cha?
Me: yes. So mami need to go and say bye bye to her before they put her in the hole.
JD: okay :)

So when I was on my way out, both the kids came running after me , holding to their own shoes (with Justin butt naked).
JD: Mami I want to go say bye bye to your friend too.
Me: Nolah. You need to stay home and help dadi take care of titi okay?
JD: Okay...

I went home quite late and the boys were sleeping. And I still couldn't sleep last night. It's been 2 nights since I had a good sleep. (Boy I so need my sleeping pills tonight). As soon as Jayden woke up he said to me while I was trying to sleep..

JD: *whisper* mami... Good morning....
Me: good morning baby
JD: You come back edi or not?
Me: yes baby.. i am back.
JD: so did you say bye bye to your fren?
Me: yes b, i did. I said bye bye to her edi.
JD: okay. So your fren go and see cha cha edi?
Me: yes, she is with cha cha edi.
JD: yay!

I am glad I went to bid my last farewell. I don't know why. After I saw her for the last time, I felt lighter. It's like I know she is no longer in pain or suffer. But looking at her hub and her 2 kids, makes me so sad. Only time will heal...

Rest in peace Lisa. Don't worry about your kids, I believe your husband is a superb dad. May you look after them while you're in heaven. Will always miss you and your beautiful smile.


  1. Am very glad you got to say goodbye. It does make a big difference. Sad that *ahem* someone had to detract the attention away from her. Take care girlfren..and keep 'pretty', as Lisa would say to you!

  2. Good that you went and say your farewell. You are a very good mommy for teaching the boys about life.

    Hope you will have a good night rest tonight

  3. Rest in peace Lisa.. My deepest condolence to her family.

  4. it's really sad to see ppl leave.. altho i dont know her nor follow her blog. may she RIP..

  5. life is short :(

  6. I didn't know her but would like to offer my sincere condolences to her family (borrow your blog for this purpose ya)

    she sounds like a wonderful lady... May she rest in peace...