Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Merdeka....and its time to indulge

I love weekends and holidays. Why? I have to go back to my mum's cos I need to send Jayden over for her to play sayang. And in return she cook all these for me to indulge .....
Her Salted Fish Tau Fu Pok In Claypot *drools*
Her sambal udang...must eat with my fingers *drools*
And lastly.... her vinegar pork leg with lotsa lotsa egg!

Wah syiok! She said a very wrong thing to me "what you wanna eat on Sunday then you call me lor and tell me" Muahahhaahhahahahahahha

Anyway these pics are part of a tag and if you wanna know more about the woman that cook the dishes above, come here la. Oh yah, Annie, Julian, Angeleyes and Kok you're tagged here!

HAPPY MERDEKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

He love...

Nuff said. He love his spoon with all his heart. I don't know why, but he just like to hold it in his left hand and won't let it go when we're out of our own house. Many tried to disturb him by taking away his spoon and giving him other things like ice, food, tv and all but he will cry like mad if you take it away!

We went to the BU Merdeka Community fest to support my SIL at her booth last Saturday and we stumbled upon Nyonya Penang and Angel in BU shopping centre. They recognized the "lil man" first before they start to look for the mother. So you say who's more popular?

I'll be going slow in blogging these few usual la..Merdeka and holiday mood ma...chill la babe. In fact I've gone slow-mo in blog hopping too. I only remember a few blog address and I don't dare to open my RSS reader cos it will indicate that I have many many blog post to read. I don't have internet connection at my sis' office and when I come back, the lil one will hold my hands and try to distract me from typing . How? Stop blogging? See how's just not easy maintaining a blog....*sigh*

p/s: i tried to blog hop just now but my comments got eaten up. Don't know what's wrong and where my comments flew to...dang!

Anyway, if you wanna know how to chase away Ind0n robbers, go here.

I only follow my Mami ma...

Remember this?

Aunty and Uncle, let me tell you Mami very bad wan. She always post my notty and funny things on this infernet. I eat my hokkien mee also she post on the infernet. Nevermind....Then my grand-aunty from New Zealand saw my picture in my other blog ah...she said "eh your mami also have a picture like dat". And she send to me lor....Naah here's my turn to show you my Mami funny thing.

She is eating hokkien mee with only one chopstick! How can? Must hold chopstick using left hand and use right hand to put the hokkien mee into the mouth me right?


But anyway you see my makan style? I follow my mami only ma....she is a dirty monkey! Hehehe

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jom Shopping

If we let him take over the trolley and decide what to buy, we both need to declare bankrupt.

Eeeee So Smelly!

Don't wanna say much, the animated picture will tell you what I wanna say....

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bila Merdeka?

Normally ppl writes backdated post....but I'm abit cuckoo, this is my post dated post !Hahahahahha This post was meant for my post before the Merdeka goes
Selamat Hari Merdeka ke 50 Malaysia!
(did I say it correctly? if wrong dun sue me okay? Muahaha)
Anyway, I was searching high and low for a flag and I tell you, it's expensive. And now they even have what original and fake flags! Haiyoh..If sendiri make means fake izit?

Anyway thanks Shannon, Nadia and Dinah for complementing my Merdeka Scrap (they saw it in msn). Now that it's big do you still think the same? I wasn't in the mood to scrap (although I can scrap easily when I'm down the hill) but I just stared at the screen for few days and Jayden was moved here and there and finally I cincai did this scrap.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Look at the animation picture above and you will notice there's actually 3 different pictures. And Jayden looked different in each pictures. Not bad eh? Haha Okay, why he was laughing when we took these pictures? Because I gave him the flag and asked him to go to the door and run towards me when I say "OK!!!". So he did it for many times, again and again until he went abit GILA!!! And he thinks that it's a game, that's why he was super happy when we took these pictures! HAHA


He turned 17 months today. This little cheeky guy of mine is SOOOOOOOO active and notty nowadays. Dadi is not wearing his underwear anymore cos he threw in the white ones and whatever colour he is wearing as an indication that he surrendered.But anyway, we prefer him to be active rather than to be unhealthy! Janji he is healthy!

I checked Jayden's language development when I visited Shannon's blog last time. And he was under the "normal" category. Okay la...I don't expect my son to be super smart (if smarter also i don't mind haha).

Right now he is climbing up the bed, walk towards me, I'll bring him down to the floor and in nanoseconds he's walking towards me on the bed! (while I blog on the side table HAHA) and he's been doing this for the last 20mins....and more to come *pengsan*

The other day, while I was walking towards the nanny house, I saw him from far, sitting down and looked at his friend putting on his shoes. His face: about to cry and sad face. Nanny told me lately he will cry when other people goes home before him. So that day while being sad, he turned around and saw me. He jumped up and shouted "YAY!!!!" and started to clap his hands. When I picked him up from the ground, he smile and gave the "action/show off" face to the other boy's mom. HAHA everyone said "wuah! action ah! Today go home earlier than kor kor?"

Well I hope this month he will be able to:
Learn more words
Grow fatter
Hair to grow longer
Feed himself better than before.
No longer attracts Mozzies like flower attracts bees!
What else? let me think hmmmmmmmm..................

Okay don't write so long. Otherwise ppl will say I write as long as a river. Muahahahha and maybe too long some ppl might get lost while reading my post!

Monday, August 20, 2007


U know the feeling of suddenly you have the urge to eat that specific food and if you don't eat it you will toss and turn on your bed, and think think think so much about it. When you wake up your husband tells you that you just smiled when you're sleeping and half way arguing talking in the middle of the night, your reply to his question is..."there got nice food wan....." HAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHHAHA

So to stop me from smiling in my sleep, Big C said "Come, I belanja!" Apa tunggu? Pick up my phone and called my sis and BIL to join. JALAN!!!

Yeah I'm itching for crab. This was Big C's request.
Milky crab. MINE!!!!

We didn't go to King Crab or Fatty crab this time. We went to PJ SEAFOOD, next to tropicana golf club. Apparently the chef from King Crab used to be the chef here before he moved and have his own restaurant. So the taste is about the same but I can tell you something is different. THE PRICE!

That 2 baby up there costs us RM30 perdish (rm30/kg). Normally we will have 1kg in King Crab + Fried Rice + Vege and that will costs us about RM60. We also ordered fried OO Chean and claypot toufu.

Half way eating my BIL excused himself and help to jaga Jayden. Big C stopped not long after that. My sis stopped too. I'm the LAST SURVIVOR!!!! And here's my last kopek....let's celebrate it with me..

*burp* excuse me. I'm so full, I wanna go sleep. I don't think I have energy to even smile in my sleep edi. I told my sis...

"No more crab for 3 years. Oh well maybe 1 year la. Errr....Maybe few months la. Maybe few weeks. Okay, 1 month! No more crab for me!"

And my BIL said "eh come next week I belanja you makan in Subang. The crab there nicer la!"

and I said "Wokay! Set!"
Ah....some of you notty people sure think why I have the urge to makan specific food eh?

Sure you guys think of that "P" word.

I tell you hor...*shy*

Yeah lo...

I am..

I am Pregnant Virtually! Muahahahahhahahahahah

Sorry too much crab. Talk Crap --> Gila already.

I wanna go Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz now.

Warehouse Sale!

Not Clothes.

Not food.

Educational Tools!

The top is to learn to count and also get to stack according to colours. RM15!
The middle one is ABC and its also a puzzle. So the children get to have fun looking for the other piece. RM38!
The bottom one is for the kid to identify the matching piece and also identify shapes! RM10.

There are more things like these, huge play house, sand pit, slides, flip cards and many many things. I'm broke so I can only afford all these stuff. Hahahahah

Last day is this Wednesday! Wanna go or not?? If you want, then come here for more information!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lah Cha Kau Chai

Normally when ppl see dirty kids they will go like "Lah Cha Meow" (dirty cat).I have no idea why they call kids that is dirty Lah Cha Meow. But this is my version of the Lah Cha Kau Chai.(Kau Chai = Lil doggie. My son was born in the year of doggie).

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Normally the super clean mom will go like "Arghhhh!! So dirty!". But I'm not the super clean + perfect mum and I like him to explore things by himself. He's improving, although he looked super dirty. At least I can't see any mee on the floor this time. Yipee!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I kena harassed and it's all his fault.

I have two posts today. So if you have time, please read both la. I might be going for a blog break. Lost touch. I'm so sian lately, just no mood to blog. *sigh* No internet at working place, cannot blog hop. Come home also tired and Jayden wants my attention. So...lost.

Yesterday, I went for an appointment. And it was located at level 6. When i got there, I looked up and down and I couldn't see any level "6" button in the lift. So I went out and looked at the directory. And the company's name was listed and it was located at level 6. So I asked a Malay guy (not being racist here ya...) how to get to level 6. And he showed me the way....the story goes like this:

Man: Come, I'm also going up to level 5.
*door opened*
Man: My name is ???? (forgot what was his name, couldn't be bothered). *shake hand*
Me: My name is Sasha *shake hand, geli because the guy was touching my hand*
Man: What are you doing here? You work here?
Me: No, I have appointment here.
Man: What's your name again? Can I have your number?
Me: *smile, buat muka bodoh, pretend to look for something in handbag, pretend to be deaf and the door opened*
Man: *shake hand again, this time grab grab the fingers touch touch* what's your name again? Can I have your number?
Me: *smile* I'm late for my appointment! Thanks! *run up to level 6*

So I smsed Big C:Just now while coming up to level 6 this man shake hand with me, touch touch samo want my number! Gila.

*phone ring*

Big C: What happened??!!!
Me: Nolah, he want my number and samo he touch touch my hand.
Big C: Oh hand only izit. Okay la. Talk Later
Me: O.o

Went home:
Me: You jealous izit just now?
Big C: I thought he touched where....
Me: So touch hand can la?
Big C: Cannot...
Me: So you angry or not?
Big C: Angry..........Must be you never wear your ring la.
Me: Got la *show ring*..ALL YOUR FAULT!
Big C: I know la....the diamond too small ma..
Both: *LOL*

Will the real idiot please clean up?

Kindly look at these 2 pictures below:

This was taken last week.
This was taken today.

First thing first. It's not Big C's. (Cocka, don't even think about saying it's Big C's) We don't need contraceptive like this. We have natural contraceptive --> Mr Jayden Chan.

The first pic, when I saw it (while walking to nanny's place to pick Jayden up)last week, I thought it was just an empty cigg box. Then look closer, it looked like a plastic glove in the cigg box. Look closer again. DANG! And it's right in front of the house which belong to the rumah orang-orang tua. O.o

Then today, when I got out from my car I saw the lovely orange color thing.DANG! Again?

I told Big C and he said he saw another yellow colour condom cover on the street the other day too.

Someone's been busy lately. Yeah, happy la. But then, no need to tell whole world that you just had fun (proly in the car??) right?

So should I go and "clean" it up? Otherwise ppl might think that it belongs to me since it's just next to my car. But then if I go and clean it up, ppl will think it's mine. Cilaka!

So will the real idiot please clean up?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dunggu Mama


I must admit I'm old.

I brought Jayden to Toys 'R' Us the other day. And of course the little one will run around and start poking playing with all the toys that he can reach. And most of the time, the toys are normally "cacated" or the battery is flat.

So he went to this car steering toy. (If you've read before in my previous post, Jayden loves steering wheel). Of course he went crazy just looking at the toy steering wheel, key, gear box, signal and horn. And he began to poke here and there. But the toy just wouldn't make any sound. So I tried. Nope, not a single sound.

So I told Jayden "Boy, it's spoilt. Come, let's go" and I turned around.

Guess what? *music playing in the playground*

I turned around and saw Jayden playing with the steering wheel.

What happened?

He used the key to to start the engine. And then he masuk gear and jalan. He even signaled and he pushed the horn and he went to start all the engine for all the toys he can reach. Remember he's only 16 months going to be 17 months soon?

So now u know why I'm a Dunggu Mama?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dunno what title post...

*sigh* I don't know what title to put already. Cincai la. Can?

You know the feeling of waking up and you felt like you just wanna scold someone? Or find someone to scold? But to prevent that, you chose to keep quiet and don't feel like talking the whole day. That's how I was feeling lately. I though I was going mental until I spoke to him, and he told me he feel like that sometimes. So okay, I'm still curable. Haha

This picture was taken when I picked the dragon fruit seeds on Jayden's face the other day and made this :( on my finger. My niece asked me "Mai Mai (youngest aunt in Hainanese) How come you make a sad face? " And she picked up the seeds and make this.

She said . " See .............happy face!" (See how rough my hand is.. *sigh*)
Kids are so happy all the time. So happy and free..... If only adult can be like kids...carefree..

You see, kids are like mangosteen. Why mangosteen?Because my grandma once told me "A mangosteen won't lie to you. You look at the "backside" of the mangosteen? You see how many petal, that means how many seeds you will find inside the mangosteen."

See? True enough there are 6 seeds inside. (eat full nothing to do in my sis office so play play with my camera's macro mode. See so chekai pics...)

Anyway, yours truly went to this place just now..I was scratching my head and then I turned around and bang my elbow to the shelf last Saturday night. *ouch* So today I couldn't drive properly (cos I drives a manual car) and couldn't lift heavy things. So Big C brought me to SS2 for a hand massage. And I ended up getting a massage for my hand, back and leg. That man (yeah a man) kept on asking me why my hubby is so sporting, letting another man touch the wife. Some more it's back massage (errr you dun wear bra ma...but still covered la). I guess he was worried that Big C might wallop him. But he don't know Big was just lazy worried that he might hurt me further (the veins get more tangled up). That man stopped massaging my hand half way cos I was giggling and laughing. He asked me "why are you giggling?" He don't know, when I'm scared or painful, I will laugh. So imagine me on a roller coaster? Yeah I laugh all the way.

That man told me that my body is full with wind. Never "jaga" properly during confinement so masuk angin. That's why the whole body like ache here and there. He asked me to take care when I have my second one. I asked him "what second one?" He went like this ===>O_o

Okay damn syiok after massage. I wanna go zzz liao and hope that I will wake up feeling super happy tomorrow. Tomorrow's (or maybe the day after) topic will be "Dunggu Mama". You wanna read then you come back la. Okay? Bye! Bye! Bye!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Faking It Part II.

Like what I've mentioned before, If You Can't Do it, FAKE IT ( no idea what I'm talking about? Read Faking it Part I here!). I have another one here. You know, mothers are expected to be superwoman. You come back from work, you boil the water, you cut the veges, cut the watever, go and pick up your son, then you need to listen to the nanny complaining that your son is naughty, then you rush back, cook rice, cook fish, cook chicken, cook vege, cook soup. That's not all.

Feed your son, wash the dishes, dump clothes into the washing machine. Then wash dishes again, then bath your son, put clothes on for your son, then "on" Barney for him to watch, Mop the floor, remove clothes from washing machine and dump into the dryer and put in another load of clothes into the washing machine and .....finally you bath.

Tiring? Not enough. After you bath, your son pooed in the diaper. Clean him again. And then he complain and he want you to play colour colour with him (sounds familiar?) Then you make milk for him and then all go to sleep. Now, that's super tiring!

I tell you...everyday like that can DIE you know? Somemore if your husband come back and complain "why this one not nice, that one not nice ...." you felt like you wanna throw the knife right at his eyeballs man. NO NEED!! NO NEED TO DO LIKE THAT!! Haha

We just gotto be smarter abit. Come I share with you something....

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Nice or not? It's yummy you know?

How did I managed to cook this in like 20 mins? Marinate and cook the sauce some more? Hahah That's why I told you. If you can't do it, Fake it!

The secret ingredient is......*drum roll* .....POPCORN chicken!

  1. PopCorn Chicken ( you buy from the supermarket frozen)
  2. Pickle Leeks (or you can opt for vinegar)
  3. Big Onions
  4. Tomato Sauce
  5. Chilly Sauce (Optional)
  6. Mixed Carrots, Green Beans and Corn (Optional)
  7. Salt and Sugar to taste
  8. Corn flour with water to thicken the sauce.

The ingredients are easily found at home.
No need to marinate.
Fast and easy to prepare.

  1. Fry popcorn chicken. Set aside.
  2. Fry the Big Onions, Pickle leeks, Tomato Saude, Chilly Sauce. Add salt and sugar. Add water. Simmer for a while and add corn flour (premixed with water)
  3. Mixed the popcorn chicken into the sauce.
Tadaaa! Fast and easy and Yummy. one need to know that we didn't perform the whole show (marinate and cook it). They just know that it's sweet sour chicken prepared by super mum. Right?

That's all for now folks...Remember if YOU CAN'T DO IT....FAKE IT!

Colour Pencil Part 2

Thanks for your earlier comment on my part 1.

LikeMummy to QiQi said...

mamak also got wifi advance liao....sasha, the dark photo effect is nice! u might wanna consider d ikea round table and colorful stool. Qiqi's table become our living hall coffee table too...

Yeah we did go to Ikea and looked left and rigt for the right table. And I wanted to buy the set with 1 table and 2 chairs. It was Rm89. Then I had the same thinking with her...
Judy said...

Ya wor....Jayden big boy already. See, small things like this, educational and make him so happy.

Sasha, you wait lah, when he starts going to school, you will surely cry one! No bluffing here.

Shopping for table and chair from Ikea? I think they have nice good range.

But hor, I tell you waste money also. All the colour tables and chairs I got from Ikea, bed, the end all also give away cos children grow up so fast. We tend to spoil our kids too much these days, learn a lesson from this grandmother, I am suffering now from their want, want, want addiction! Not only want wor, want it yesterday some more!!

So, the next day I went to Mydin (why nowadays always go to Mydin for shopping huh? My sis's office is near Mydin) And we bought this for him.
A short table for RM 17.90 (just in case he climb on it and do some funny dance and fell down. At least it's lower than normal table so the "injury" will be "less". Haha which HE DID LAST NIGHT, WHILE WATCHING BARNEY. Wanna dance on the table and fell down like cempedak. Cried like mad, I tell you!) And a small stool (RM3.90) where he can sit by himself, with the position like sumo wrestlers lifting up their legs before the match..HAHAHA funny sight)

And he happily posed for me...

And he said "Oh No !!! HOMEWORK!!!!! HEADACHE!!!"

And Dadi came home and played with him. He used the little plastic knife to cut the watermelon in half for his dad. That's his new toy. I bought in from Spore to teach him about fruits and vege and also how to divide things in to 2. His nanny told the other boy's mum that these toys like GIRL!!!! Girl her head la *fuming*

He's beginning to have conversation with me. Shorts one. he will say DIGA DIGA IKA IKA???? Okay, I dunno what that means but somehow I know what he want. Haha His dad always ask me what he want ah?

The other day when I picked him up from nanny's she told me. He asked "MAMA eh?" after all the other children left. Yeah, I'm not surprised cos sometimes he will ask me "dadih eh?" He's beginning to ask me questions. One time I tied my hair back and as he lay on my chest, he asked me " diga? diga?" then point point at my ear and my hair for a few times. Then I realised, he asked me where's my hair? So put my hair down and he smiled and started pulling my hair...Adoi!

Every morning he need to do the same thing. Drink his milk and slowly pass the bottle to me (cos he used to throw his bottle and I smacked him, so he's scared edi) and will ask me to carry him to see ISH.... that's his version of fish. And he will say udddd.... for Bird.. And Chiak Chiak for ChaCha my doggie.

Haiyoh why this post like zhappalang (cincai boncai)? Cos I was blogging in mamak (wifi not action okay. My sis don;t have streamyx, so the only place I blog is at the mamak :( . And when I'm at home Jayden will stand in between me and my laptop) Samo my sis and BIL left to work edi and I'm still here.. That's why I'm just typing whatever I can remember! CHOW!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Only RM1 and recycle paper needed... make my little one happy! I bought this lil small pack of colour pencil(RM1 only!) from Mydin and took home a few pieces of recycle paper from my sis office and see how much the lil one enjoyed scribbling away....ahhhh the joy of just looking at him drawing and giggling and babbling.

But then suddenly I felt so touched (wanna cry errr) just looking at him drawing and he looked so big boy edi (not in terms of size la...cos u know he is skinny).

Look at him scribbling with 2 hands! I don't know why, he always need to hold something in both his hands then only he can balance himself. I didn't know that drawing also need to hold pencil in both hands! hahah And then look at him squatting while scribbling. Cute right?

I know I know...its bad for him to write with this position so we went to search for a table and chair for be continued (cos i tengah makaning in mamak stall with wifi and laptop low batt and forgot to bring my camera cable...)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Food Review By Master Ming

You don't know who is Ming Siew (Master Ming) ah? Ming Siew used to be the nickname given by his nanny to Jayden. He said he is like a little master. Whatever that means la, okay. Anyway I pass my blog over to Ming Siew la.

*ahem* That day my Dadi wanted to go to Kg Tungku Post opit. Then he said hungry so we went to C-Park to eat mee. This place is called Soo Kee Ipoh Shreded Chicken Hor Fun. So we sat down and ordered something. Then the pweetie cheh chech brought this to our table. So, I cannot talk much now edi because my saliva is drooping and somemore I'm not sucking my chutchut(pacifier).

So my mami gave me a spoon and a small bowl and ask me to get to work eat. First you need to check the temperature of the noodle. You don't wanna burn your lips and remember me!
Then you test test water noodle and if its not hot you can start to eat like me.Yes hold a spoon in your left hand and use your right hand to eat.
It's the newest style of eating.
Oppsss the noodle fell out cos so slippery. But then you use your little pointer (that's what mami called my 2nd finger cos Barney sings "where is pointer? where is pointer? hehe) to push it back in. My mami always scold advised me not to waste food.
And you make sure you sapu everything in the bowl including the soup. If can, make sure you lick the bowl also ya.
And then you ask for more when your bowl is empty. So I guess the noodle is nice because I asked for more. But then I tell you all a secret..... My mami said it's expensive because it's 4 linggit a bowl and I can eat half a bowl. She say dun wanna come anymore....just like the last time she said before! I think she is lying wan....hehe

Jayden on the phone!

I was reading my newspaper in the car the other day and suddenly I overheard someone talking. Exactly like an adult talking using a handphone. Ah...Hmm....Ah... So I turned and saw Jayden using his Dadi's car player remote control and was pretending to talk on the phone! So I started to record and suddenly.....

Friday, August 03, 2007

The $33 International Std Bird Show

Nah! Here's the very International Standard Bird Show the tour guide was telling me about.


Of course must see la. It's $33 Wei! See and take video somemore to share with the rest , right? Hahahahahaha

Psstt let me tell you something la.. It's nearly the same as A Famosa's Bird Show la. But maybe cos the Birds are slightly bigger abit la...that's why it is $33. hmmmm Maybe la..Should be la (convincing myself that I didn't waste my money...haha)

Advertisement kejap.....Skip it and go to my other Spore Post la. This week is all about my Spore post only la. I'm working part time now for my sis so not much time to blog hop. I know some of you don't really like me doing the cari makan post but then I need to find some pocket money ma. I no money to eat Nasi Lemak wei!! I'm loosing weight edi! Hahhaahahahha

You still support me or not jek?

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Singapore Trip Pictures

Okay I finally managed to compile my Spore pictures and combine it. Cause I know some of you guys don't really like to read long long grandmother stories and some told me they just scroll pictures. Nah! Scroll la! Haha

Big C went for training the day after we reached Spore. So only left the mother and the lil one in the hotel all alone. So every morning we will sleep till 10am and then we will walk out for makan makan session at the nearby flats.

The 2nd day, I enrolled for a Ducktour around the city and the river. But before the tour we need to get to Suntec City to get our tickets. So we went for a ride in the double decker bus. He liked it at first then he began to get irritated cos the wind was blowing towards his eyes.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And the tour guide, talk and talk and talk non stop......
and Sasha snap and snap pictures non stop...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Finally we got our tickets but we need to wait for another hour. So we took a quick bite of Nasi Lemak and Teh Ais before we went on the boat ride. The vehicle is actually a land and water kind of vehicle. And we're the last one to go on it, and there's no other seat available except the front seat nearest to the driver and the tour guide was just next to us. Talk and Talk and Talk again!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Nothing special for the boat ride, Jayden slept after 20 mins of the boat ride. According to the tour guide, the river that we're at will be converted into a damp or water reservoir just in case Malaysia won't supply them water in the future. Okay, that's a good plan!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Every night both Jayden and mami will look forward for Dadi's return from training. Then we will go for our dinner and walk walk around our hotel area. Our hotel area is near to Bugis night market. So lotsa things to SEE and buy. (But I didn't buy many things la..not working edi ma. Save money lo) Jayden was so impressed with the Giant Fan in the Bugis night market. It was so windy and nice......But most of the time it was raining in Spore so when the rain comes..brrrrr cold!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The next day, I enrolled ourselves to Jurong Bird Park visit. We took the 2pm tour cause the earlier one was at 8am. Both mother and son still in lalaland how to wake up leh??? And there's another 2 ladies from Dubai that joint us in the same van. They're so nice. The daughter ( she looked the the hottie Ashwarai something something leh....) helped me to carry Jayden and also the stroller while we're at the park.
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But those who wish to go Jurong Bird Park, I suggest that you go early in the morning cause you won't be able to see all in 3 hours only. Our tour was an express one! The tour guide repeated told us "You need to go straight to the amphitheater to see the Bird Show. International Standard! Don't miss it!Then after that, don't take picture! Go straight to the monorail! Don't go down! wait until you reach the point and go straight to the Hawk show! Then you have 15 minutes to take picture! I will wait for you at the entrance at 4:45pm. Okay? Remember!"

The next day was just roaming around the Orchard road. Dang! It rained like mad that day. And I tell you it's so hard to travel around with him in the stroller and umbrella. Not many places in Spore is stroller/wheel chair friendly. I gotto carry him in the strolller up and down the stairs. And please remember that most of the restaurant do not have baby chair, except fast food outlets like McD or KFC.

The last day I woke up with a cacated right leg. Don't know why it was so painful but I think I sprained my leg or walked too much. But a mother got to do her duty. Still gotto walk out to buy breakfast. And it was a rainy day again. *sigh* But luckily it was the last day.

Since the journey to Spore was a mental one (read about the road bully here) on the way back I was praying all the way back from Spore until we reached our house. Thank god it was a smooth journey. Luckily no more road bullies or accident along the way.

So as conclusion,
Dadi happy cause he don't have to miss home.
Mami is happy because she get to be with both the guys that she love.
Jayden is happy because he get to travel in the bus, taxi, boat, MRT and Monorail. Only never get to ride bicycle. And get to swim in the bath tub everyday. And don't need to walk cause he travel most of the time in the stroller and get to see many many things. Buildings, fish, birds, vehicles blablabla...

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