Friday, August 03, 2007

The $33 International Std Bird Show

Nah! Here's the very International Standard Bird Show the tour guide was telling me about.


Of course must see la. It's $33 Wei! See and take video somemore to share with the rest , right? Hahahahahaha

Psstt let me tell you something la.. It's nearly the same as A Famosa's Bird Show la. But maybe cos the Birds are slightly bigger abit la...that's why it is $33. hmmmm Maybe la..Should be la (convincing myself that I didn't waste my money...haha)

Advertisement kejap.....Skip it and go to my other Spore Post la. This week is all about my Spore post only la. I'm working part time now for my sis so not much time to blog hop. I know some of you don't really like me doing the cari makan post but then I need to find some pocket money ma. I no money to eat Nasi Lemak wei!! I'm loosing weight edi! Hahhaahahahha

You still support me or not jek?

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  1. weee..first one...

    $33 is a bit expensive for a bird show...

    fully support you cari money for your right pocket...why not, u still blog as usual wat...

  2. we still support u one..dont worry. Always ur loyal fanseeeeee..

  3. OKOK. Sure support u one.

  4. Eh.. you can come out with pirated DVD for the bird show, then mah pay back your S$33 loh. Kakaka.

  5. sapot you habis long as you still blog that is good enuff.

  6. The one you can rely on here. You crazy Papa that need some poking in order to visit and comment in your blog.
    Of coz we sappot you. You still blog mah... just don talk bout S'pore. ekkekee.... j/k :D

  7. Support, support. Go for your have a goal to achieve so go and achieve it and don't allow anybody stop you! Kekekekek.

    Wah, bird show not bad wor.....$33?
    To watch birds only ah? Think, think first lah! :)

  8. Oscar's Mommy6:48 PM

    wei... do la... we support you wan. understand that we need pocket money also ma. next time i need pocket money i do you also support me okie.

  9. sasha,
    $33 for a bird show? Come Perth see Koala also not so expensive lah. hahaha!

    Eh eh, of course support you lah. TV also got 5 minutes break for entertainment mah...:P

  10. good luck in your new part time job. alwiz remeber, rock steady yah!!!

  11. your bird show no show kukubird wan ?

  12. support u gau gau one...i just don't read the paid posts lor...ngek ngek ngek

  13. I think all the bird show in malaysia are almost the same.
    yea, dun worry will still drop by to see your updated post.

  14. Yalor, very similar to the A Farmosa Birdshow. If they use Eagle, it may cost $333. :)

  15. Yalor, very similar to the A Farmosa Birdshow. If they use Eagle, it may cost $333. :)

  16. isn't this wat it's all about? sapot sapot right? :)

  17. no worry, me always support... frenship matter ma!!

    btw, i think d show must be franchise bis of the A-Famosa.... looks familar but i believe it's good!!

  18. Wah, SGD33 for a bird show is cut throat man. BTW, traveling with a toddler not mah fun meh? I went to HK wif 2 under 2yo toddlers 2 yrs ago and I really suffered big time.