Thursday, August 09, 2007

Faking It Part II.

Like what I've mentioned before, If You Can't Do it, FAKE IT ( no idea what I'm talking about? Read Faking it Part I here!). I have another one here. You know, mothers are expected to be superwoman. You come back from work, you boil the water, you cut the veges, cut the watever, go and pick up your son, then you need to listen to the nanny complaining that your son is naughty, then you rush back, cook rice, cook fish, cook chicken, cook vege, cook soup. That's not all.

Feed your son, wash the dishes, dump clothes into the washing machine. Then wash dishes again, then bath your son, put clothes on for your son, then "on" Barney for him to watch, Mop the floor, remove clothes from washing machine and dump into the dryer and put in another load of clothes into the washing machine and .....finally you bath.

Tiring? Not enough. After you bath, your son pooed in the diaper. Clean him again. And then he complain and he want you to play colour colour with him (sounds familiar?) Then you make milk for him and then all go to sleep. Now, that's super tiring!

I tell you...everyday like that can DIE you know? Somemore if your husband come back and complain "why this one not nice, that one not nice ...." you felt like you wanna throw the knife right at his eyeballs man. NO NEED!! NO NEED TO DO LIKE THAT!! Haha

We just gotto be smarter abit. Come I share with you something....

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Nice or not? It's yummy you know?

How did I managed to cook this in like 20 mins? Marinate and cook the sauce some more? Hahah That's why I told you. If you can't do it, Fake it!

The secret ingredient is......*drum roll* .....POPCORN chicken!

  1. PopCorn Chicken ( you buy from the supermarket frozen)
  2. Pickle Leeks (or you can opt for vinegar)
  3. Big Onions
  4. Tomato Sauce
  5. Chilly Sauce (Optional)
  6. Mixed Carrots, Green Beans and Corn (Optional)
  7. Salt and Sugar to taste
  8. Corn flour with water to thicken the sauce.

The ingredients are easily found at home.
No need to marinate.
Fast and easy to prepare.

  1. Fry popcorn chicken. Set aside.
  2. Fry the Big Onions, Pickle leeks, Tomato Saude, Chilly Sauce. Add salt and sugar. Add water. Simmer for a while and add corn flour (premixed with water)
  3. Mixed the popcorn chicken into the sauce.
Tadaaa! Fast and easy and Yummy. one need to know that we didn't perform the whole show (marinate and cook it). They just know that it's sweet sour chicken prepared by super mum. Right?

That's all for now folks...Remember if YOU CAN'T DO IT....FAKE IT!


  1. sasha!
    This is real good! You remind me of my mum's cooking! Almost half a year I didn't have my mum's cooking liao!!!! Ahhhh!

    By the way, can I invite you as my invited chef with Wok With Kok next time? :P

  2. aiseh. thot i can curi another lazy cooking idea. see see fry punya. i cannot fry lar, my house will smell all day :(

  3. make me drool!! yum yum! I love Sweet and Sour Chicken/Fish/Prawn etc..

  4. Hehehe!! thanks..!! I'm sure gonna try faking it.. :) and yours looked really great..!! i really thought it was S&S chicken the traditional type.. :)

  5. Pssst! in bed all those moaning sounds Big C knows you fake them anot jek? LOL

  6. wah good idea fast fast post more new ideas to share!

  7. Good idea. Thanks. WIll try next time.

    I hate to do the deep frying at home.

  8. This is good..but frying? Cannot mmb said, sure whole house will smell like oil.

  9. are a great faker man!
    Your dish looks so authentic but of course don't tell anyone it was frozen popcorn chicken lor. CEO ate it all I am sure.

    You mean to say, when you were working, that was your daily routine ah? Read already, also die from exhaustion!

  10. Oscar's Mommy8:26 AM

    whoa!!! lidat also can.. okok.. i dig back my similar recipe and post... wa... mau makan liow.. hungry like mad! hehehhe...

  11. Kok, 4 more months u can eat her food edi.come to kl n i'll wok wit u

    sweetpea n vien ,u can heat it up in oven n then cook's cooked edi wan ma

    cocka,moan yr head la

    mmbk,yeah u try n see if yr brat likes it or not

    joanne,yummy looking eh.try it!

    laundryamah,ok ok i'll try my best

    malaika's mum,i have frying too.

    judy,the cleaning n cooking was when i cook the chicken minus the husband come back n complaint.mine diam diam eat la.hehe samo wanna complain?sekali the knife in the head how?

  12. Oscar mum,missed u out tim. Dun anger a.i'm replying yr comment using hp in mamak stall now.cannot see clearly. Yeah,fast fast share recipe la!

  13. I always say you're very terror menerror wan! Like that also let you fake! But it's true, being an SAHM is not easy - the routine just gets more & more mundane.

    Keep up the good work, girl! :D

  14. I will find your receipe real useful this time next month... "grin"

  15. Woman, u really can cook and "fake" it so nice!hahahaha..Yummy Yummy!

  16. wow...definitely will try this when I'm over my first tri. looks damn easy to do man!

  17. Fuyoo..the chores!.... now I'm so scared of even getting married...

  18. Wow looks good! I wanna makan-makan!! Hehehe! You're making me hungry oh! I wanna eat like there's no tomorrow!!

  19. good for my weekend cooking session :-) but i still consider it tedious on weekdays...

    but hor, how to fake the other things ler...moping, cleaning, feeding our son, etc. idea ar?

  20. sasha, reserve some for me??? looks yummy!!! *slurppppppp!!!*

  21. Wow.. another cooking tip learned.. Must keep that in mind... Next time use your technique and wah laaaa.... :)

  22. khongfamily2:07 PM

    Wahhh...pandai ahh you. Will definitely curi this recipe and try.

  23. EstherL4:52 PM

    Mummy Sasha, u only hav 3 members in a house, hw come nak wash two times of clothes ar?? (hw many clothes u change per day ??) hehe

  24. Dancing Queen: Thanks!

    Etcetera~Mommy: Yeah *wink*

    Annie Q : eh really taste nice wan

    mott : yeah very easy...good and easy for u

    L'abeille : yeah the chores.*sigh*

    Nastasshea@Nesh: pregnant ah? hahah

    TheBlueRanger : That one easy...u google search for part time maid services and ask them to come to yr house when yr hubby is not ard...sshhhh dun tell i say wan!!!

    W_W_Ho : sorry! Habis!

    SiwwyPig :yeah use it hahahaha

    khongfamily : shhh dun tell i teach u wan...nanti daddy khong come and chop me

    EstherL : kawan u think I'm laundryamah got big big washign machine meh? one load how to wash? samo if wash daily can go pokai ok.

  25. hehehe.... saw the Fake It title, thought it was R-rated post!

    I must agree your fake it dish is very good idea wor! ;)

  26. Sweet and sour chicken best!!

  27. I also thought it was the old type S&S chicken. But my MIL sure will said better use the fresh chicken then the frozen chicken. Maybe will tell her once awhile nvmlar.

  28. sasha,
    Maybe more than that lah. I have something to do after 4 more months. Might need to stay here for longer time.

    Wah, you sure?!? Set! You think of a dish and I'll WOK WITH YOU! hahaha!

  29. Anonymous2:45 AM

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  30. you always impress me with your cooking skills!! really good idea wor. even i a non-cook can copy and fake it!!

  31. gam dou dak!! but it's good idea too....

    haha...u say throw the knife at ur hubby's eyeballs if he complains...funny ya...but if it's me, i'd rather throw the knife at his butt!! wuakakaka...

  32. thanks for sharing d great idea!!
    can blog using hphone some more arr, so belakang lar!!

    btw, my peepeepee approved edi & had refered u, check out ya.......

  33. oh ? I didnt realise there's such a thing as popcorn chicken hor??? Thanks for the tips ~ And all of the above chores sound so familiar to me. Dat's why I end up sleeping like by 1030pm ! ~ after my Astro On Demand show....

  34. eastcoastlife : Nolah sasha no R rated show wan hahahha

    AceOne118 : wait til i post my other recipe ya

    1+2mom : Yeah la yr MIL so free, ask her to prepare la. we working mother can eat Home cooked meal also happy edi la..

    Kok : Yeah of course!

    mommy of 2 angels : shhh dun say so loud.. ppl will know hahahha

    Jacelyn Chew : Dak!! meh mm dak ah? hahha

    Jacss : Yakah? PeePeePee3 never say anything to me. I think they sapu my money edi la..

    milkmaid : Hahaha samo u got time to eatch astro on demand Keng ah!

  35. hey thanks!!! great idea!!!! i'm gonna "fake it" this weekend! cepat put some more fake it tips up here okay..