Tuesday, May 15, 2007

If You Can't Do it...

Then u fake it! That's what I learn from Astro Channel 77. There's this lady that like to teach ppl how to eat healthy, how to organise big party but don't need to do alot, and many things la. I like it when she say "If you can't do it...Then Fake it!".

So what happened on Saturday was, Lil J woke up quite early so I gotto drag myself up. By the time he slept, I thought "Hey. can makan breakfast in peace" cos this lil fella will not sit properly on the baby chair. Mana tau I turned and saw Big C sleeping like a log. Called and called no reaction! So I made myself a cuppa coffee and began to cook. You see, I know my two Chans will wake up in about an hour or so. So that's my deadline. 1 hour. And don't expect me to create miracle 3 dishes and 1 soup in one hour when everything is not out from the freezer. So How? If you can't do it. Then fake it lor!

First I took out my pork from the freezer. Since its hard, its easier to slice it 'real' thin. Then dump into the water and it will automatically soften like its defrosted. And then u marinate it abit with oyster sauce, soya sauce, sugar, and dark soya sauce. For me, i chopped some garlic and mix together.

Then you wash the brocolli and carrot and cut according to the shapes you suka la. And then boil some water, dash in a bit of oil and salt. Let it boil, and then throw in yr veges and let it cook for a lil while. (pssst!!!When yr hubby ask you why u cook yr vege like this, you tell him "eat healthy ma". Hehehe )

Then you fry the pork abit, fry fry fry and then add a lil water. And cook cook cook. And you serve like this.

And i called it Sashanoya. Similar to ...

Pic from here.

So when my 2 Chans woke up. Big C asked me "Come let's go eat breakfast" I said "Cook liao lu". He said "Huh? So fast?" I said "Yeah. And when he saw the dish, he was like "...." and he walloped 2 bowls of that and told me.....

"You dun have the dried chillies where the Yoshinoya have ah? Neh...the one we sprinkle on the rice and eat wan leh?"

(Apalah! Dah lah I cook while he sleep. Wake up straight away can eat, samo wanna request for chilly?!!) Anyway i just told him..

"Okay B. I make for u next time okay? *Big Smile*"

See...itu lah secret for a happy marriage. He is happy, I am happy, everybody is happy.Just remember to buy chilly next time okay?


  1. very very creative! remember to bring some to the party! :P

  2. Fuyoh, so good patience wan. Not like "Want to eat, eat lah. Dunwan suak." (suak = done) Hahaha.

  3. Mrs. Wallace2:26 PM

    It looks yummy and professionally done. Thanks for the recipe (food & marriage).

  4. Wah! Can open restaurant adi and charge $10 for that bowl. Yunno hor, a while ago I ate some bowl of noodle outside which tasted very much like curry maggi mee with fake crab sticks and luncheon meat thrown in and charge dunno how much. Chey!

  5. Looks yummy. Will definitely try out the recipe la. ;)

  6. niasing, change template again, issit!!!! i want to eat also lerrr..... Now, go check this out. Iwanna know yours too cos i8, kakakakaka.

    My sons - Gordon & Malcolm

  7. Wow..!! you so stylo malo..!! it's 4.30am here.. and i've just finished marinating the chicken for tomorrow's lunch.. not even cooked yet.
    Still gotta cook rice tomorrow..!

  8. looks YUMMYLICIOUS...
    slurp... i want learn liao....
    and BIG C OI! Wife cook for u somemore complain manyak manyak! hahahaha

  9. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    *growlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* - stomach.

    cook for me la.......pweaseeeeee!!!


    btw, got lil pressie for lil J...MAKAN!!!!! hehehehehehehe!

  10. I think you can buka your own restaurant liao.....

  11. Definitely 'thai tak' , so to validate whether it's 'sek tak' or not , guess I can check wif 2Chans later. Kakakaka...

    Aiyoh.. I saw this food post I'm hungery now..

  12. EstherL4:29 PM

    Thankx Sasha, u give me an idea, wht i wanna to cook for weekends. ( cause sometimes,very headache to thk wht need to cook) n seems tt,this 'Sashanoya' is quite easy hor, so i might cook it during weekends. HA HA HA :P

  13. agree,if got chilly lagi bagus..:)

  14. do u have the salmon and the chicken as well ??? also the special edition(curry sauce) ??? hahah.... can't believe it u actually serve it with green tea as well!! good job , sashanoya!!

  15. sasha,
    I'll let you know what's my KOKANOYA! haha! But your Sashanoya looks delicious leh...Hungry already....

  16. Nice!..Nice!..next time invite us over for makan la.

  17. I am hungry. I tried to fake the Muar Assam Fish but it turned out looking like Curry Fish.

  18. wah 7 early 8 early cook rice summore! Terrrrrerrrr! I wanna do oso!! eh do ledi post in blog can consider copy ah?? hahahahahha

  19. Luckily big C din complain...otherwise, come sundown he kena 'sik chi kei'. LOL

  20. So rajin lah, early early cook rice. What was for lunch? :D

  21. Angeleyes8:39 PM

    wah.... like the real thing wor! Chef Sasha you veli the keng wor!

  22. your 2Cs are just so lucky! must learn one of your marriage saver way oredi.....if me ahh, sure show him face if demand so much !!!

  23. a different sentense from the wife will make the whole situation different! Sasha - you are # 1!!! hahaha

  24. wah, you have that for breakfast. Lunch leh?

    BTW, it looks yummy. Thanks for the recipe.

  25. wah piang.....so early

  26. Wah, u really can cook very well leh.

  27. Now I can comment!!!!
    Wah........some day I will cook something like that. :)

  28. very bersemangat lar you...early-early masak semua yummyzzz.

  29. 2 sets please...I'm hungry now :P

  30. What a good lou poh! If it's me, I'll just toss 2 toast and an egg for the man. LOL!

  31. eh, always cook never invite me ah... nvm...*sulking face*

  32. Egghead : Bring to party? U confirm coming or not first?

    5xmom.com : going there edi. he say one more time kena liao la. hahah

    Mrs. Wallace : Hehe just my 2 cents.

    mumsgather : So exp meh? Rm 10! hahaha

    Timothy's Mummy : Pls try!

    Samm : Yeah i Hiau mah!

    mama bok : WHy u up at 430 am? Haiyoh

    ShannonC. : Yeah u tell him!

    mott : U ah always buy pressie for him!

    Julian : Bukak and closed liao ma. u dunno meh

    Etcetera~Mommy : Next time i cook for u then u know lor

    EstherL : Yeah nice presentation makes alot of difference. You can logon to http://wokkingmum.blogspot.com for more ideas!

    huisia : U also? Hahahha

    Min : I didn't serve with green tea wor.

    Kok : GO and do and show me!

    AceOne118 : Boleh.!

    aprilWong : Hahahaha oKAY MA. Then say u u're trying to cook curry fish la. no one knows ma

    laundryamah : BRUNCH MA!

    Cocka Doodle : Hahaha u ah!

    King's wife : Brunch la. haha

    Angeleyes : "LIKE" only

    Jacss : Haha one more time he kena liao

    KK & WS : Yeah just masuk left and keluar right la

    Malaika's mummy : No LUnch la. Brunch

    jazzmint : Mana early haha 11 lor

    Rabbit : "LOOK" Only

    shoppingmum : YAY!!!!!

    nyonyapenang : Once in a while only

    CRIZ LAI : What u doing up at 2.33am??

    Vien : Heheh he very simple minded. Toast also okay wan

    Oscar's Mommy : Aiyoh..dun angry. I sayang...oscar okay?

  33. sasha cooking again wor..hahaha..
    now got so many food post should create one "sasha kitchen corner" lor..
    yea it "look" yummylicious..but i have to taste first see nice or not ma..so u know what to do la..hahaha

  34. my fat lady says,

    "lou yeh! you wan eat you cook yorself lah!!"

  35. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I like you template, and you really creative..;)

  36. Foowah! Good wifelah you.. hehehe! *respect*

  37. wuah!

    so keng! good wife good mummy! hehe

  38. looks like you are the proof that a way to a mans heart is through his tummy!!

  39. super woman eh .. If me.. eat roti lah ..

  40. Confirmed dat u really are a good cook! I must hide away from u lar when it comes to cooking.

  41. need to learn this fast cook too, yet delicious and healthy, no need to do seperate dish.

  42. Very lucky la your hubby, got such a good wife who can cook good dishes. :)

  43. Wow...you are a good cook lah..my saliva is drooling already :D

    BTW, you've been tagged!!!!

  44. Hijackqueen2:25 PM

    Presentation does makes a big difference! Eh, where is your soup?

  45. Annie Q : No i fake it wan. It taste awful

    Ah Pek : And then u eat maggiee mee and rape her later hahahha

    Rachel: ;)

    Nadia : Pretend only

    Huei : U will be one also

    HMom : Yeah i know what u saying *looking at Big C Big Tummy*

    janicepa: HAHAHA

    Tracy : Nolah U sifu!

    Judy Chow : Terry cannot eat yet

    karenyiau : Hahaha when scold he said i'm not good wife wor

    Mommy to Chumsy : Aiayah got tagged again

    Hijackqueen : SOUP????? Chilly also dun have want soup. Hahahaha

  46. Looks so professional one.. !! fuyoh..

  47. Wah... you so good. If it's me, I see baby so good boy go back to sleep, I sure sure jump into bed and go to lalaland as well..

  48. wahhhh u r so patient ... if me .... i would say .. want to eat, eat la dun wan - done!

    u really good cook la ...... look so good ... i oso wanna try.