Friday, May 18, 2007


I have a lil Rambo at home. Come I show you.

Cannot really see the luka-luka right? Nevermind, those that are attending tomorrow's bday bash can see how dirty this boy looks like with the luka on the face and hand. Havent even show you guys the mozzie bite on the leg. Dunno why, mozzie likes to attack us both and not Big C (btw, let me high light to you again big C= Big Chan and not Big Cock. Okay?)

So, why I call him Rambo? Cos this fella just dunno how to be scared. And he play rough, very rough. His favourite stunt now is to cover his eyes and walk (playing blind man) so he end up banging the wall, the tv rack and everything! Egghead said we will let the 2 wrestle and see who will win. And those that is attending tomorrow's bday bash, please be informed that my son still dunno how to control his level of strength, he might wanna hug you but will end up pushing you. Okay? So Yvonne, still wanna let Ryan play with Jayden? Hahaha

Read about this and this that they felt bad after they piakpiak the kid. I totally understand how they feel. Cos I just whacked my son this morning at 5 am. I dunno why, he sleep late and woke up at 4 am everyday for the past few days. And demanded us to play with him and watch Barney with him.

So this morning I cannot take it anymore, I jumped into the playpen and he LAUGHED!!! So we both lie down (wondering how I sleep in a small space? Macam baby in the tummy la!) while watching Winnie the pooh on Astro (damn boring show) and as I was about to doze off, I heard ppl giggling and OUCH!!! He pulled my hair! And he did that like so many times! At first I just kept quite and then it got violent and he was giggling very loudy thinking that it is SUPER FUN! I said " Jayden, stop it." And he did it again!!!

Wuah! Blood go upstairs, I pat his thigh indicating that I'm angry and its not funny. He laughed even harder! I pat harder and said "NO!" I guess NO, STOP IT and ITS NOT FUNNY is not in his dictionary. So, I got up and whacked him hard on the tight-butt area (controlled strength). He was stoned for a while and then he opened his mouth wide like a hippo's mouth and said UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! And then he turned around and slept.

I was like ????????????? Okay la sleep la.

But then, of course I felt bad but then, what to do? If warned many times and still dunno then have to show him some colour. I'm not the type that will go "its okay" and let my son "step onto my head" when he is bigger. But I don't encourage serious whacking until the kid turn blue black and all. I hope he learn his lesson this time (but i doubt it *sigh*)

But you know what? He is notty and mischievous but its better than him, being sick. I just cannot stand seeing my son getting sick. Aiyoh, now he looked so skinny. Even Shannon who met him last Sat said he lost weight. Samo his hair is abit longer now, he look like he kena electric shock. HAHAHA but I want him to have longer hair so gotto let him look like Einstein abit for now.

Jayden says :Tommorrow I'm going party!!! YES!


  1. fuh! the last pic really furious wor! really Rambo hor? LOL!

  2. Foowah!!! Banyaknya scars! Tabik lil' J!!!

    Eh, I oso piak piak Irfan last night. Sigh. I guess much discipline them from now on, ey? Otherwise later pengsan!

  3. the last picture show he is crying lah .. nak tipu pulak .. have fun tomolo lah ..

  4. Wah if ppl dont know, they think you abused him... hehehehehe...

  5. Hahaha,, the last pic is so farnee. "Tak Tak Lok Sau" meh so cute.. ??

    And how, my Ryan oso kenot control his strength so tomorrow, mummies we sit down and look fwd to a good wrestling show lor...

    Alamak, Nadia oso piak piak the son. Why so many sons kena piak piak last night? Hmm...

  6. wah...can imagine the exciting party u guys r gonna have...sure pening! enjoy anyway!!
    i agree on the part that really have to discipline as early as possible & never let kid climb over our head !!!

  7. EstherL12:11 PM

    i thk Ethan has same toy as Lil J holding (in the last pic), the jungle animals 1, got the Cactus tree and a 'map' rite ? hehe

  8. maybe his height increased so looks more skinny

  9. he inherited the Rambo personality from who? father or mother?

    I'm sure not father lar. I also chan ler, but i not as chan (naughty in hakka) as him ler.. :P Lol! Ok lar, maybe i was when i was as young as him lar.

  10. Egghead : YEAH!

    nadia : Why ah? I think cos our kid baru turn 1

    janicepa: tipur yr head la.

    Julian : Yeah lor

    Etcetera~Mommy: We let them FIGHT!

    Jacss : One word Havoc. Yeah i agree with u

    EstherL : Yes! u have sharp eyes

    huisia : Yes and no lor. He memang lost weight

    ehon : Ah? Sorry ah. This is Hokkien punya Chan. So....

  11. mua hahaahhaahah..

    i baru *piak* my no.2's hand. so notty...selalu buka cupboard door..and clean it out for me. everything is now on the floor!


  12. Train him more to build up some muscles... then he will be Malaysia 1st Rambo... Rambo is my hero leh.

  13. Aiseyman! Jayden kena piak. Come-come Jayden I sayang you! kekeke

  14. i see the pic, i tot u dera anak...
    mana tau, u piak with controlled strength also u feel bad...

    that last photo is his incredible hulk stylo, with wide opened open instead of clenched teeth... hahahaha

  15. I Piak my son heavily too... but i edn up in tears when he come back to me say sorry... isk isk. now i miss him. :(
    I wonder what he's doing now at auntie..hmmm. I better call him.

  16. wah he's totally opposite of mine. mine is so scary cat LOL

  17. You went into the playpen? The thought of it just cracks me up.

  18. Aiyo..lil J kena piak piak...luckily only cried a bit and went back to sleep :) hey, have you tried Moz Away spray. Really good to keep those pesky fella away.

  19. Dear Sasha,

    We have reasons to believe that you've abused Lil Jayden.
    You are hereby, sentenced to 100 squats.

    Rumah Kebajikan

  20. Love ur banner, very creative! What a gorgeous boy Jayden is! The last pic - bergaya betul, dont play play

  21. i also not hakka chan lar. i mean chan means naughty in hakka. i am chawan punya chan. :D

  22. Hahaha, ur Lil Rambo is so cute and I guess he thought u were playing with him in the playpen and enjoyed pulling ur hair.

    Alamak! 'Piakking' with hand oredi ppl say child-abusing, what if use rotan?????

  23. can see the bruises lar. wah so many here and there. he will stop walking closing his eyes soon lar, don't worry, kids go thru stages one. the last picture very cute lar, he looks very geram only. kekeke


  24. mott : J like to do that too! can be kawan!

    Kenny Ng : Walau dun wan. nanti his muscle satu bijik satu bijik. so ugly

    AceOne118 : HAHAAH u're like my mum!

    ShannonC. : Yeah he is still doing the incredible hulk thinggy

    papajoneh : Hehe felt damn bad right?

    jazzmint: Good la!

    Giddy Tiger : Haiyoh. u laff samo!

    Mommy to Chumsy : When use then dun kena ite la. Sometime the mozzie faster than us!

    Rumah Kebajikan Budak-Budak Abused: PIGI LA!

    G @ : Thank u!

    ehon : HAHAHAH ok ok

    Tracy : Haha yeah . some ppl really too much la. sikit also say abuse. POOOODAH!

    LA My Home : Yalor. Today baru added fresh one.

  25. lil mr scar face. Rowena ha a lot of scars on her forehead.

    The last pic is really really funny - should send for contest

  26. eh, why all the fella that kena piak piak are boys ler..