Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Bash!

The party day finally arrived. I dunno whether I'm the first one to blog about it or not. But anyway, here's a lil update. I guess we have a few professional photographers that will post nicer pics than mine. So this is a sneak preview! I wanna say (and do my tag sekali,) these 2 are my blablabla FANSEE! So Esther and Yvonne, you're both tagged! Esther just started blogging but she had been reading my blog ever since Annie introduced my blog to her. Btw, Annie you are also my fansee, so you're tagged too. Yvonne started reading my blog when Esther introduced her to my blog.

I also met with BabyKhong's family for the first time. The other day I smsed Babykhong and yadda yadda she told me that my blog is one of the first few that she read if she go bloghopping. So flattered, I wanna tag her. Kakaka Didnt managed to snap picture with her cos she was busy with her lil princess.
Okay you guys always ask me when I'm gonna have another one. Okay I admit. Actually I have 2 sons. But my right leg abit cacat now, cos Darrius is heavier than Jayden. Kakaka

Haha Rachel kissed Jayden , twice! Chap tou loh! (way to go son!) My son was extremly quite QUIET(corrected by my sister) today. he was so shy. Dunno why. Maybe wanna act goodie goodie to impress Rachel leh? Hahaha Shannon is also my supporter. So Shannon, since you're doing the tag, include my name la!

Here's my lil one playing with the balloon. We thought that this BK will have a playground with slide and all, like the one we used to go but there's none. So less running around for me. I brought him to McD earlier this morning and I injured my hand and leg cos he ran and wanna kamikaze by jumping down from the slide staircase. I ran up the slide and managed to catch him. Phew!

Been uploading the video for so long . I wanna cry edi! cos it's so LONG! Will update later when it's approved by youtube.


  1. tag together LOL

  2. Jayden got gf ledi kah? wakakaka!! Syiok-syiok party la Jayden boy.

  3. Angeleyes1:43 AM

    wei... my parents said you very lenglui wor! They also said your Big Chan very hansem and Lil Chan very cute~

    Aiyoh my Darrius soooooo kecik lah! Like same size with Jayden liddat!

  4. sasha,
    Your lil J seems like really shy worrr! hahaha! How come ah? Not like the usual him. :P

  5. The video was so funny! Kieran is a fast one...cepat-cepat blew all the candles.

  6. he like to suck finger coz he seem like his mom like to suck...LOL

  7. Wah realli happening ah?? Nowadays kids are soooo lucky.. big big birthday bash wor!! I also wan to go!!!

  8. 4th picture...waah! Jayden so young learn how to char bor bor ledi ah? LOL

  9. jazzmint: Yeah. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Aceone: ;) Hehe

    : Thank U thank U, U also apa kurang?

    Kok: I dunno also hahahah

    Vien: U really watched until the end!

    Ah Nel: sei la u.

    : U wanna come ah? Nolah u fast fast make one then i invite u for Jayden's 2nd bday. Ok?

    Cock: Learn from u la!

  10. heya.... can i ask u favour? did u take any pix with my 2 monyet? I forgot my camera la....i need some to post up in their blogs..

    thanks ah.

  11. wah so fast blog about the birthday bash already?

  12. syiok la..
    one word, ENVY!!! live in KL seems so fun

  13. Thanks so much for posting the birthday bash ;) Can you see Ashley flapping around in the video? I was sweating like crazy just trying to hold on to her (slap forehead). It's great seeing all of you. Love the photo of Jayden with his girlfriend :) Very 'tang toi"....hahahaha.

  14. Walao, def the first to blog abt the bash (at least the first on my feeds). Really a lot of ppl... I can only recognise a few familiar faces.. *slap head*

  15. eyh, how come the mothers look happier and enjoying themselves more than the kids one?

  16. Wui? Jayden and Darrius look kinda alike also hor. Or is it because babies look all the same?

  17. A fun birthday bash indeed. Everyone looks so happy!!!! :)

  18. It was indeed a bash! Sooo many adults and soooooooo many kids. I blur blur, some I don't even recognise who's who *tongue out*

  19. So great to see so many mommies there :D

  20. So is it a Mummy's gathering or kiddo's gathering. I can see all the mummies enjoying more than the kids :P

    Anyway, I also tagged u in my blog :P

  21. mott: okie. send to u.

    Mom2Ash:Yeah. Hahaha before i forget. And this week kinda busy. So i fast fast blog about it

    Huisia: Aiyoh. We missed u during the party also.

    Mom2Chumsy: Tangtoi ah? I better save money for lai kum edi.

    Etc Mum: Haha yr first time ma

    Ehon: Kakak abuden?

    Rabbit: errr cos 2 also botak?

    Timothy's Mum: Yeah! Super.

    Tracy: Hahah yeah!

    Sue: Yeah nice to meet everyone!

    Criz: Ah? Tag? But....But.....

  22. aiyoh! my ugly face! hahahaha
    Later spoil ur blog image... HAHHAHAHAHAA

    Set ar, Son In law arr... hahaha... I find it so amusing when Rachel kiss Jayden, Jayden so shy... hahaha... cham lar, next time Rachel die die want Jayden... HOW?!

  23. Yay!!! Way to go J! Nanti make your mami more peninglah.. hahaha!

  24. Eh..yalar, Jayden was quiet and the pretty mummy also abit LC la, dun talk much also. ;)

  25. Looks like a really fun party! Way to go Jayden! Haha.

  26. woi thanks for the snacks ah.. you gave me but dont know siapa angkat liow... my son tak tau jaga barang wan... hehe..

  27. Wuah, scary liao. I retire liao and wish to escape from such gatherings oredi. Gimme lots of toyboys wan, I go lah. Baby boys, enuff liao. Hehehe. *go to corner and sulk cos just realised I have outgrown this mommy stage*

  28. babykhong3:26 PM

    Wahhh...pandai ahh you...tag and birthday post together.

    Nice meeting you. Hey, daddykhong said you look like HVD film star lehh.... :-)

  29. i think i saw my lecturer in ur video... muahah..
    so nice the bday party.. haha

  30. wow wow this also kena tag ar...*faint*
    Thanks for coming to the party!Hope u all have a great time.
    I think me will be the last who blog this, busy this few days! *sigh*
    See i told u, u're the most leng lui mummy on that day!HVD film star!Yuhoooo!
    Jayden & Rachel yes very "dan toi" hehehe..

  31. ShannonC. : Then let hem have each other la

    nadia: HAHHAH yeah now also penin edi

    Allyfeel : Eh where got eksyen!

    cc : Yeah fun and havoc!

    Oscar's Mommy : WHo stole? Stupid!Nevber i bring for u samo : U switched gang edi

    babykhong : Yeah no time to do separately. Haha i know which one u talking about

    Jolenesiah : he clown@

    Annie Q : THanks for having Us!

  32. hey thanks for distributing snacks to the kids ah! muaks muaks!!

  33. wah.. lots of potential in-laws in the party hor?

  34. What a great party, so many leng lui mummies & lovely kiddos!

  35. Wow! Looks the biggest birthday bash I've seen with so many mommies and kids! Happenin leh! Nice gathering too!