Monday, May 07, 2007

Come, Let's get scrubbing and boink boink!

I read from somewhere that you can use Lemon to get rid of dandruff by massaging it slightly to your scalp. And for those going "Mediterranean" you better massage some lemon onto your scalp. Cos it lifts the dirt and whatever that is blocking your hair lubang, and let new hair grow.

And ever since I did my re bonding after I gave birth, I think my scalp can't take the chemical being used and thus I have dandruff problem. It's worst when I don't get enuff rest or sleep. So, I went and massage my scalp with it.

While waiting after massaging lemon onto my head, I also scrubbed my butt and legs with Samm's Secret to Sexier legs formula. Using Coffee Grounds and Olive Oil. I totally forgot that she said "warm", so i ter mix the olive oil into the "hot" coffee. Then end up the coffee got all stucked together. Never mind, janji its Coffee and Olive Oil. So i placed newspaper on my toilet's floor and started scrubbing away my cellulite. Scrub! Scrub! and then rinse it off and bath. Ah..........very smooth neh! She said do it twice a week and you will have cellulite free legs and butt. (_!_)

And then I washed my hair......Ahhhhh.....very soft neh! My hair went Boink! Boink! after dat. My Big C told me "Yah. Nice hor. Eh, you curl curl your hair izit?" after I asked him "B,see my hair!". Until now my hair still boink boink. Not bad.

Next time i wanna do this:

Lime CleanserIngredients:
Paper towels
Lemon juice

Take a bowl and mix half water and half lemon juice. Then dip paper towels into the mixture and apply on to your feet. This will soften, smooth and remove odors from your feet. This recipe does not contain preservatives and requires refrigeration. The shelf life of this product is approximately one week.

Remember I was sick the other day? So stayed in bed and watched Channel 77 on astro. Health and Beauty something something la. This channel teach ppl about parenting, menus for the picky eaters, multiple births (6 wei!!Gila!) and so much more. And they taught me how to use strawberries as leg exfoliator. Use strawberry, Olive Oil, Kosher Salt and throw in some almonds, blend it and rub yr feet away! Who's going to Cameron? Help me buy strawberry pls....

Why suddenly wanna get beautiful? Nolah, I'm not pregnant. Saja wanna prepare myself for my Phuket Holiday in June. ;)


  1. i also heard if you squeez lemon juice on your hair and go in the sun, you will get natural bleached hair!

  2. Hmmm... all gals also wanna be leng leng ma. Normal la, if u dunwan be leng leng then u got somethign wrong lor... LOL

  3. i wana try the get rid of cellulite thingy!!!

    u going pukhet in june? when in june? me too!! =D

  4. Ok, since I'm so free at home now, ill try the hair and scrub thingy!! i trust hot mama's secret to pretty pretty hair and body!! face got special treatment ar?
    hahah can replace olive oil with Peanut oil ? wahhahah

  5. waa... cool cool. I am always searching for hair remedy. Will try this one. Thanks! :)

  6. wahh.....i'm gonna try this lemon-dandruff thingy........think i got too much chemicals in my hair!!!!

  7. + olive oil treatment?? I wanna try too.

  8. Wah good things to share... maybe i tell me wife to read this.

  9. you so beautiful oredi somemore not enough meh?

  10. Aaah... it is really not easy to become a leng leng hot mama nowadays.

  11. Any spesel lemon thingy for scrub-scrub rub-rub for hair growth ar? kekeke

  12. me just know yesterday there's channel 77 on astro.Watch it last night, very good channel lei..somemore got kids recipe.

  13. So leng lui oredi still want to be so leng summore. What lar? Gib others a chance mar. No need to be so 'hiau hiau' going to Phuket lar. Still got chancie meh? (kekeke)

  14. lemon is like a magic fruit...has lots of uses.

  15. Suddenly that song 'ling moong tree' playing in my mind after reading this post.

  16. Oscar's Mommy7:29 PM

    wa... must use the lemon in my fridge liow lor... eh the scrub scrub thingy ah... works wan ah?

  17. Please enlighten this old Kopi Soh, what is "rebonding" ah?

  18. eh? Use lemon on the hair then really will boink boink?! Okay i go try!!

    And can i tag along to phuket ah? I hide in ur luggage lah. =P

  19. must go down and buy lemon liao :)

  20. for u lich ppl sure can used limong n sitolobeli to mandi...

    *tat chanel got teach how to make ur boob bigger onot*

  21. HMom : WUAH natural bleach?

    Kenny Ng : Hahaha true true.

    Huei : U where got celulite? U damn skinny wei!

    Min : U so skinny scrub what?Peanut oil? hahahha yum

    cc : Yeah try and blog about it!

    mott : U? Alot of chemical? Dun belip

    shooi : Yeah try it!

    Julian : Are u complaining about yr wife now?

    Ah Pek : Ah pek , u for real or what

    Etcetera~Mommy: u also a hot mama

    AceOne118 : Talk to u in msn

    Annie Q : Cool eh? my fav channel now

    Tracy : *run and cekik tracy's neck*

    nyonyapenang : Yeah nyonya!

    Cocka Doodle : Hehehe no strawberry tree meh

    Oscar's Mommy : Next time i show u

    FireHorse : Rebonding is like the hair straight staight, and its like so the hair advertisemnt girl..*fling hair*

    Rabbit : Hah! U wanna come into my luggage?

    huisia : U pregnant la! no need yet!

    ah nel : Amboi Banyak cakap!

  22. Wahhh.... song seii lerrr. Y never put pic of ur hot legs up wannnnnnnnnnnn......... FASTER!!!!!!!

  23. got!! er..stretch marks actually..lots!!!

    alot alot alot! i duno y!!! *cRYyY*

  24. After reading your post, lemon price so go up!. Yeah me also got a bit of dandruff prob after pregnancy...:(

  25. very good recipes. all natural and no preservatives. but the grounded coffee and olive oil seemed very messy.
    anyway, tagged you from my blog. not sure if you've done it, but check it out.

  26. lenglui, how come you so fast came to my post already? you got 6th sense one issit? already know you kena tagged. sure you can pass to someone else ... i know you already complain about your big c all the time here.

  27. hahahaha
    must try, but ar, lazy to prepare all the ingredients lar... amacam?
    77 is discovery home and health..
    all u punya pasal, now i stuck to it... that day saw 1, the lady did a breast reduction, from cup P to DD.... P! IMAGINE!!!

  28. Now only I know why I easily have dandruff problems. Rupanya chemicals punya pasal. *Going out to buy lemons now*

  29. i am confused... you said lemon to massage the scalp and then in your caption... to apply to your feet? hmmmm......

    i definitely need the massage since i am going mediteranean.

  30. wah good tips but me too lazy lor...

  31. You sure the lemon juice will help with Mediteranean head?

    After the sea become wider and bigger and deeper.. ppl sue you then you know..

  32. Hmmm....didn't realize you do rebonding on your hair. Been considering but still considerlah...

  33. Hijackqueen4:19 PM

    Don't forget to scrub your tummy if you are wearing bikini!

  34. good tip sasha. but can use the lemon juice on coloured hair or not?