Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Service? Bad Service? How to differentiate?

Come I tell you how. Come I tell you a story. In fact 2 stories. Okay? Take popcorn and sit back.

After the bday bash (read the next post if you missed it) we went to Tesco. And decided to feed Lil J milk but we dun have hot water how? So we stopped by this cafe called JOM BALI CAFE. (remember that name!) And then after we paid for the water, we made milk, fed Lil J and we decided to go and have a walk at the Flea Market in Curve. Walk Walk suddenly I remembered that we left his bottle cover at the table awhile ago. So after 2 hour plus (yeah went to do some marketing in tesco ma), I went back with Lil J and asked the waiter that served us just now.

Me___: Hi. I left my bottle cover just now.
Waiter: Oh yes. and he walked to the kitchen)
Owner: Yes maam, can I help You?
Me___: Yeah, I left my bottle cover here just now, and yr guy went into the kitchen to look for it.
Owner : Okay *smile* walk off.
Waiter: Miss... We THROW ALREADY.
Me___: WHAT????? You throw my bottle cover?? I went off for just like 2 hours ago and you throw my bottle cover?
Waiter: Yes, We THROW already *BIG SMILE*
Jayden: ???????? (pic from ally's collection)
Me: *trying to stay calm* Okay. Thanks

Walk to Big C.
Big C: Got?
Me: No.
Big C: ????
Me: They throw away edi.
Big C: What???

You also say WHAT?? Kan? Why throw ppl's things away? At least keep for another few freaking hours la. Its not like the cover takes up alot of space right? Fark!!. I really dunno what to say to the smiling waiter, samo gimme big smile. I was thinking , am I supposed to smile back? You guys remember this stupid cafe name JOMBALICAFE in TESCO MUTIARA. Don't go there or leave anything cos they like to clear the damn table.

Now another story.

We used Pampers All Night for J's night use. But then, we noticed something wrong with this particular pack. The stickers got stuck together and you really gotto use yr nails to peel the sticker and the base off. And sometimes the sides will totally come out! PIAKKK!!! So Big C saja called and told the HQ that there's problem with this particular pack and they diverted him to Phil and they took the batch number and guess what? They're paying us back the money! Didn't expect them to do this also. We just want them to improve the quality a bit cos there's no other diaper that can last for J's night use.

And after the call,( about few days later) they sent us a mail and told us that they're processing the payment. We have yet to receive the cheque but then at least they admit there's problem with that batch (so dun go simply call and say you're got problem too okay?) and while they're processing the payment they told us to wait and even said thank you for our feedback.

Now that is what I call Good Service. Compare to what Jom Pergi Mati Cafe, PIGILAH! BLEK!


  1. what?????????????

    TNS!!!!!! I got the Pampers All night last time and everytime the sticker part came off.......

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!! I was soo angry I decided never to buy anymore!

    y u don't use mamypoko?

  2. YEalar, so inconsiderate la, throw ppl's things away. They shld at least keep for a day right?

  3. stupid ppl .. simply throw ppl's things.. put under lost and found lah .. stupid ! banned that place !

  4. bycott that jombali place. sure ppl won't go there after reading your post. btw, whenever i have problem with the diapers i buy here, i call them, they either send me a coupon for partial off, or a coupon for a free bag of diapers. huggies, pampers ... always good customer relationship.


  5. For that thing... we chose Huggies. The best so far. But yes, for nitetime only. Now, my son eksyen don't want to use.. so we only put it when he already asleep kekeke.

    And damn the place... adakah throw just like that... ban it.

  6. Hahaha, buy Huggies, cheaper and gooder. I got that Pampers pohbum too but aiks, that was again, like a year or two ago. *sigh* I am really out of the loop...

  7. Aiks, PapaJoneh not only post at the same time, we agree on the same brand.

  8. mom2ashley4:54 PM

    the waiter can smile back somemore? should have said something to wipe that smile off his face..jhehehehhe

  9. What the hell? Throw people's things! Sheeeesshhh..

    Anyway, as for the Pampers' problem, yeah, that's why we use Huggies only for Irfan. So far, so good! :)

  10. Ooh jahat la this people. So inconsiderate to throw away things. Afterall, it was just mere 2 hours. I hope they read this. Sapu them gau-gau!!

    For the diaper bit, Only tried MamyPoko all these while. So far so good la.. but not sure abt the cus service tho..blehh..

  11. wahh..nvm ur experience not as bad as mine on sat :p

  12. Anonymous8:00 PM

    jombali cafe ?? is that where i bumped to u after the b'day bash ?

    i quite like their kopi-ping.. hehe :D

    tks for the info, will keep note not to leave anything behind !

  13. like heaven one like hell :)

  14. waaah...wht a day! lucky thg it ended on a happy note!

  15. Aiyo, that JomBaliCafe fella really taking the "Service with a Smile" tagline to the max huh?
    Pampers All Night even though good batch also not-so-good the sticky tape. Glad you managed to negotiate for money back.

  16. Aiyoo... smply throw away people's things also can wan, didn't you give the manager a piece of your mind?

  17. mott: Yeah frustrating sometimes. Sigh. Mamypoko and huggies got the velcro thinggy, Jayden can easily pull the diaper out whereelse the pampers one more difficult for him to pull out ma. Haha

    Allyfeel & Bb : Keep until the end of the day also never mind ma right?

    janicepa : I dun wanna go bek that place edi

    LA My Home : Wuah! So nice ah this mat salleh place.

    papajoneh : if he dun wana wear then better la..HAHAHA but gotto change bed sheet la : Haha u still talk abou diapers. Cannot run edi la u .

    mom2ashley : Aiyo he cari makan also. I dunno what to say to him also

    nadia : I mix mix brand. Semua guna except PETPET! EKKKKKK!

    Etcetera~Mommy : U notice or not mamy poko can smell the urine?

    jazzmint: What happened? Ksi tau!

    Jo : Yeah there la! They changed owner edi. They used to be Old Tow Kopitime. Now like dunno what balia place

    huisia : Exactly

    Elly : Yeah!

    Giddy Tiger : Never negotiate, they kasi balik straight. haha

    sue I dunno what i want to say to him also! in my mind i was thinking of ways to kau tim him hahaha

  18. Oscar's Mommy10:48 PM

    aiyer... ok boycot this place.

  19. The power of blogging! Yeah...everyone...avoid JOM BALI CAFE!

  20. Claim from the owner who gave you a big smile ler. Hahaha.

  21. mamypoko one can smell the urine meh, I didnt notice that.

    Anyway, malaika used mamypoko for night time and huggies for daytime. I find that mamypoko can absord more urine.

  22. Whenever we find something in our store.. it's there for like months.. before we finally throw it out..! we have toys.. gloves.. shoes.. all sorts.. that were left behind in our store..!
    Very inconsiderate of that cafe..!

  23. Hello.. one is international brand.. the other is.. what?? Jom mari cafe?

    What service you expect leh?

  24. if i were u, i will not hesitate to give them my black black sour face & tell them off......

    as for d pamper's sticker, i'd long encountered the same problem but never thought of complaining....somemore can get refund.....hai, dun know wasted how many pieces edi coz my boys bum so big & heavy, pull slightly only...plak!! so oredi ban it! now on Drypers...can work la!

  25. Anonymous5:34 PM

    recently i also encountered a very rude service from just heavenly cake shop....

    i called to ask abt a small serving of choc durian cake to try first said still got 4 then tell me sold out already...even have the guts to tell me to order 3 days in advance for it...then i said 1 small pc also need to order? he raised him voice and tell me "1 small piece also need to do, right? in an soooo unfriendly here on my comment

    come on lar...what's the point of opening a cake shop..just bake at home and sell lar!!! really idiot ppl >:(

  26. Anonymous5:41 PM

    anonymous is me....allan and nigel is what he reply me....i think they r talking nonsense...and i absolutely sure that i was talking to nigel that person who reply me cos later in the afternoon on the same day i still managed to bought 3 pcs of durian cake which they claimed is sold out!! really not as nice as i think of it..too much publicity!!

    p/s: must read that posting column on what that nigel reply me ar....and tell me am i over reacted?

  27. Noted .... BOY COTT the JomMaliCafe

  28. Oscar's Mommy: OK! SET!

    shooi : BOYCOTT!

    AceOne118 : Claim? U wait la..slowly wait

    Malaika's mummy : Can wor. So smelly.

    Mama BoK : Yeah lor. its not like its so damn huge ma

    zara's mama : Halo? its only a small cover ma. Takkan need ISO standard?

    Jacss : Already give liao. Hokkien mee to him edi. Hahah

    Anonymous : Aiyah. Its like dat la. Sometimes one or two bad apple will spoil the image. U boycott that place la. why still go and buy the durian cake?

    Jessie Woo : YES!