Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lorong Seratus Tahun

I read from this post that the curry mee here is nice. So on usual day, after i went home and discovered that I forgot to turn on the timer for the rice cooker to cook my soup, we went to Lorong Seratus Tahun Restaurant in SS2 for our bowl of curry me. Apparently they have many other options to choose from. We ordered Prawn Mee, Curry Mee and Special Beancurd for the lil one. Sorry, Camera fone not that nice effect ya.

The Curry Mee

The Prawn Mee

Small Kid Kacauing Girl next table

And the small kid walloping the beancurd.

He really liked the beancurd!
Overall, we liked the Curry Mee more. But we're so the blur. Cos we used the Prawn Mee Chilly for the Curry Mee until we looked at the next table and realised..."SHIAT. There's a special Sambal Chilly for the Curry Mee!!!". Anyway we had out last kopek of the curry mee with the special sambal.
Absolutely, NGAM!


  1. So happened I checked your blog at this time.. ie DINNER time.. ~~low hau sui~~ now...:P

  2. sasha,
    Maciam very nyamannnn oh!! haha!

  3. Their fried Kuey teow is good too according to my sister! that's what she orders every time when we visit this shop!!

  4. My MR K walked pass, saw the second sentence and promptly said "that's you on a normal day." @#%&*!!!

    The food looks yummy!

  5. hungersssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

    You come and try my curry laksa la....the OUG one..damn KAO one.....come la......come ... come... come...

  6. simon9:15 PM

    eh i know this place, near the wo lai yeh. but never tried b4.

  7. 2 big giant have big bowl of delicious noodles but small giant only have beancurd? Hrmmm....

  8. For a moment, i tot u are in Penang. Penang got one famous curry mee stall at Lorong seratus tahun!

  9. this kedai said it's a branch from penang mia but it does not taste anything like penang curry mee at all.

  10. Not tempted at all, not a chilly fan lar.

  11. Oscar's Mommy11:31 PM

    wei kawan, give full addy la of this place.. ss2 quite big wan wor...

  12. Angeleyes12:46 AM

    is this the branch from Penang???? We also go there to makan at the Penang branch wor... recommended by Lilian.

  13. Desperate Mummy12:58 AM

    Em...looks yummy! Must try one day :D

  14. So is the curry mee really better than elsewhere?

  15. mafoolat! I am eating maggee now!!

  16. i know we are supposed to be checking out the food, but my, check out what long eyelashes the little one has. Are you sure its not the little girl next table kacau-ing him instead of the other way round?

  17. like the looks of the prawn mee :)

  18. wow..look yummylicious..

  19. Dry curry mee in my hometown, Kuala Kangsar, is very yummy.

    If you travel to northern states, remember to make a detour to Kuala Kangsar and taste the mee. Most stores are opened in the morning only.

  20. looks yummy!!! mmmmm

    *curi jayden's beancurd*

  21. Darn woman! You making me hungry.. :P But I cannot eat all those things yet.. pfftttt...!!!

  22. Hmmm... will try it out one day. See can fight Penang curry mee or not... kekeke

  23. everyone seemed to be attracted by your food but yr cutie pie caught my attention instead....he's just so damn cute...esp d mouth-mouth, muah! i bet it must be difficult to resist kissing it......

  24. Etcetera~Mommy: Hehe i post and cabut. dun dare to look also

    Kok: HahahahaNyaman?

    Min: Yakah? I try next time

    cc: Hahaha u tell him Yeah. So?

    mott: Okay set. U need to buy me makan with yr ppp money

    simon: Yeah next to it

    michelle: U know how big plate is the beancurd

    shooi: Yeah same one!

    nyonyapenang: Yakah?

    Tracy: Okay lor

    Oscar's Mommy: Got la Click at the Link la. Got map in KY's blog

    Angeleyes: Yeah Branch

    Desperate Mummy: Yeah nearby only ma

    sue: Not really. HHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    Ckyeo: HAHAHHAH maggiee mee also nice

    allthingspurple: Yeah unoticed! hahaha

    Egghead: Yeah the prawn is big

    -ritchie-: Bring yr mum!

    khengsiong: Ok boss

    Huei: Jayden says UWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

    Nadia: Boleh...wait a while okay?

    Kenny Ng: Yeah. we go sama sama

    Jacss: Puckerlicious. Haha I wanna kiss him all the time

  25. another temptation..:)

  26. Wah....really yummy. The lil fella is so cute la. At least eating the beancurd will keep him busy for a while :D

  27. dadi and mami eat so nice, spicy food, jayden have to eat BEANCURD oni... kohlian

  28. noticed jayden's forehead is quite huge.... must be very good maths whiz in the future.

    the curry mee not very nice looking... u can try the one in O&S right? that one is the best. coming from someone who dont fancy curry mee.... true me on that.

  29. Best curry mee is still the one made by my late grandma... :)

  30. remind me of the times when I used to stay in SS2, and go there quite often...this is actually a spin off branch fr Penang, where the stall is actually located in Lrg Seratus Tahun..

  31. tried b4....jayden so small know how to eat spicy food already?

  32. huisia: Soon u can eat

    Mommy to Chumsy: Hey let him wrestle with ash this 19th ya?

    ShannonC.: His beancurd nicer and more exp than ours

    zewt: O&S ka? Hmmm

    Julian: yeah. Normally that is the taste that we like the most

    milkmaid: YEah This is branch

    Winn: Eh beancurd not spicy. But he memang can makan spicy food

  33. I heard so much about this place but never went before.

    My husband very against eating such things.. he's always worried got MSG.. For me I just whollap nia.

    It's opened for dinner too?

  34. where is the place la.."lorong seratus tahun'?
    Y the curry colour not so "curry" look lei? ;)

  35. eh..i dun even know where is Lorong Seratus Tahun..

  36. yeah... the best curry mee around that area. i am sure u know where it is right?