Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day.

How did you celebrate your Mother's Day? This was my 2nd Mother's Day. Last year, Lil J was too little, he can only give me a bag of poop. This year, he can run and do lotsa things. On Sat night, I was busy online chatting with him, and suddenly I felt that something was moving in the dark room. It was Lil J picking his own dirty diaper from the floor (his Dad changed him and forgot to throw it away) and walked to the door, wanna go out to throw his dirty diaper into the dustbin. It wasn't his first time doing it (you can see his video here) but it was his first time initiating to throw it himself. Of coz, he was pissed that the door was locked and started to cry cos he wanna go out to throw his diaper. Hehehe What more can I ask for from a 13months old kid for Mother's Day? I already got the bestest pressie ever--> LIL J!

My mom went to Ipoh on Sunday morning and we wanted to make a BBQ party for her. Supposedly bring her for crabbing, but she just went for eye operation (lasik ler...Hiau betul!) So cannot touch seafood. I bet she regretted. Must be thinking "WHY?? Should go for ops after Mother's Day Right?" Hahaha. Anyway, we waited for her to come back, and she arrived at 9pm. By then, we finished cooking and makaning.
Once she arrived, Lil J started to whine cos he wants his PoPo to carry him. This Lil guy loves his PoPo So much! So attached to her! I have no idea why, but he only see her once a week. Maybe this Popo knows what he likes the most cos she always bring my son to play water at the sink, that's why! Anyway, I bought mom an Ice Cream Cake and we got a free Carnation to go with it. So while mom went into the room to change, I asked Lil J to give his Popo a Carnation. And he was holding it, running ard the house looking for his Popo (as you can see in the scrap below). Finally when he presented the flower to my mum, my mum was SO HAPPY! But the Lil one dropped the flower on the floor cos he wants his Popo to carry him!
I guess I gave mum the bestest pressie too.


  1. Woah! so sweet of Jayden! Bila bikin another one jek?

    Happy Mother's day again!

  2. aiyo.. can borrow ur delivery boy ar ?? wanna send flower to bla bla bla.. Hapi belated mom day !!

  3. so nice n sweet of lil J. Am sure this pretty mama is proud of his lil one huh...her bestest pressie!

  4. How schweeeettt... :)

  5. ya man u really gave ur mom the best present - lil, can make your mom happier if u make her a team of lil J's too!!

  6. aiyoyo, can't resist saying it again & again la.......your lil J is so cutesy! I guess it must have compensated your mom for the missed seafood bbq this time!
    btw, miss a bbq too, long time never have damn luring!

  7. sweet la little Jayden. Make more junior sasha or Big c..sure ur mum will be more happy...hahaha

  8. Jayden makes your mom's heart meltlah :) *drools* at the sight of your bbq food

  9. what is ur present? jayden ar?

  10. I am sure your mum had the bestest Mother's Day present when your lil delivery boy delivered her the flower. She must have melted like butter. Hehehe.

  11. haha u got your lil'J to give carnation, thank god i got mr.J to send roses too.. or else I'll be crying after reading this post!! :)

  12. EEE.. jeles.. got flower...

    Happy MaMa day again :D

  13. yorrrr the bbq looks good wor :D

    must be very sweet to receive something from the son hor

  14. Jayden so sweet, now delivered flower to popo, next time delivering flower to GFs..

  15. wah...he is a clever one eh....

    ah... so helpful!

    sayangz jayden!!!!!

  16. Oh, your little flower delivery boy is sooooo cute! I'm sure your mother's heart just melted right there and then. :)

    Happy belated mother's day!

  17. Ahhh.. Jayden.. is too smart..!!
    So nice of you .. to do BBQ for your mom on Mother's Day..! i bet she is truly touched with Jayden and the carnation.. ;)

  18. U can be a best mama... Happy Mother's Day to u.

  19. oh he's so sweet. soon can help mommy do house chores.

    happy mom day

  20. I can see u did a good job in bringing up yr son Jayden. So young and yet he knows his responsibility in keeping the room clean, better than some adults :P

    Errrr...give me a call when u r planning another BBQ. The food looks great. I won't mind be the official food taster :P

  21. Great food.
    An adorable kid...with adorable antics. Ingredients for a perfect Mom's Day. Hope you had a great one!

  22. babykhong11:56 PM

    That's a VERY NICE scrap!!! So sweet of him...

  23. sasha,
    Next year Mother's Day, you can see Lil J changing his own diapers liao. hahaha! :P

  24. Happy Belated Mother's Day Sasha!

    Ei, you dunno meh, see less, when se that time manja kau kau lehhhh... that's why LilJ knew la...

  25. thats so sweet
    jayden next time sure kao sei lui(s)

  26. Happy Mama's Day!!! Jayden gettin bigger and bigger eveliday hor?

  27. AceOne118: Bikin Cake ada la.

    janicepa: Borrow ah. Cahrged per minute okay?

    Elly : Best in the world!

    Nadia: Very sweeet until i kena tooth ache

    mommy of 2 angels: A team? *pengsan*

    Jacss : Thanks! Time for BBQ!

    Annie Q : U make first la! okay?

    IMMomsDaughter : i gotto sapu her from the floor hahaha

    ShannonC. : Yeah ler.

    mumsgather : MG! What a surprise! Melted edi!

    min : Hahahaha lucky u

    Etcetera~Mommy : Flower for my mum not me . U jeles what

    a^ben : He never give me anything wor. But still sweet.

    huisia: GFSSSS u dun scare me ah!

    mott : Helpful at times only la hahahha

    cc : Dunsay my mum. I melted first hehe

    mama bok : The carnation patah patah end up left the bud only hahahah

    Kenny Ng : Can i? hehe

    jazzmint : Hope so!

    CRIZ LAI : Thank u. Thank u. Just trying my best.

    Giddy Tiger: I had a good one alriteZ!

    babykhong : Thank U!!!

    Kok : Change diaper? Better dun wear right? kekke

    sue : Ya kah? hahha

    Winn : OMG LUISSS?? I sked sked

    FireHorse : Yeah bigger each day but not fatter

  28. sweet!! so cute!!!!

    cant wait for my niece to grow she can do all the cute things!!! hehehe

  29. Is the delivery boy for hire??? hehehehe

  30. i almost press X without leaving a comment liao but thought, aiya, maybe I should lar. :P Haha. i blog hopped and hopped and landed on ur blog from the Lilian's blog.

    Jayden is cute!!! Aiya, he'll give u something when he grows up lar. Better than some poo right? :P Lol!

    Happy belated mummy's day!

  31. i oso bought flowers and ask my pricesses to send to their 'Ah
    Mah' (my mil)....more sweet for kids to send flowers i guess!

    Sumore she is my mil, i 'pai seh' to send myself wor...hehehe!

  32. Jayden can be your lil helper now!! Did u go the the mother and baby fair?

  33. awwww *heart melts*

  34. sasha,
    true also hor? No wear, save your money, better Mother's Day present. haha!

  35. Just saw your new header...NICE! I like it...very YOU.