Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jom Pi Ijok!

Malaysian sure know about Ijok. The latest election place full with havoc. And of all place, my dad wanna go there on the 1st May with his friends. Wanna eat Beggar Chicken he called and since Lil J was a lil cranky (still sick sick mah) so we went with them. Drove like 30-45 mins and we reached the destination. Once reached the town, you wont miss it. You will see palm oil plantation then suddenly there's this sign RESTAURANT BEGGAR CHICKEN'S DELICIOUS.

So drove into the palm oil plantation and you will spot a house in the middle of the plantation. Got down and surprise surprise! Many many Tables and Many human as well waiting eagerly for thier beggar chicken to be served.

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Lil J had the chicken and he loves it. Finally he is eating!!! and drinking happily sipping Ribena away. *terima kasih itu big tai low up there!* Dad ordered Pig Stomach Abalone Soup ( i hate spare parts!) , Salted egg Pulut rice (Yummy), Big Fish (dunno what breed) with spicy sauce, Beggar chich and pig's trotter. And spent like 190 for that meal. Ate like 3-4 pm . Dunno what you call it, lunch? dinner? Lunner?
So Michelle, answered your tag. So will pass this to :
Ah Pek (changed template ah? come do a tag!)
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Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?
Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?
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Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia
My Yummy Cruise loves Ipoh Dim Sum (hey, michelle started this tag by tagging me. So i do two at one go okay?)


  1. had beggar chicken for the first time two weeks back when I was in KL. It was in Ulu Kelang near the zoo. I thought it was just okay but the way it was cooked is unique.

    Hmmm I love Pig Stomach soup...

  2. That beggar chicken certainly looks delicious! Slurp!

    Glad lil J is better now! Sip more ribena! =)

  3. Fuyoh!.."beggar chick" look nice. I want to go there also! Yummy-yummy.!

  4. I want I want.
    But i donno how to go :(

  5. Ooh.. this tag. No prob. Sap sap sui. I can do shortly. Let me dig see got the pic or not. Stay tuned..

  6. eh.... tot you blogging politicss.... mana tau.. pasal makan pulak.

  7. salivating...wah looks so yummy

    also for all you ordered from the restaurant...wah the soup sounds tapau ah!

  8. Wah, so fast did the tag I gave u...good job..I feel hungry now after see the beggar chicken ler

  9. sasha,
    Beggar chicken got beg for $ before they're killed or not ah? *Scratching my head*

  10. damn so hungry now la..

  11. aiseh, during the holiday I just went to eat again my favourite beef noodle, forgot to snap to wait for sometime to do this homework la... - LemonJude

  12. Oscar's Mommy7:58 AM

    wa... i remembered the last time i had beggar chic was some two years ago... we had to wait like 2hrs!!! really potong stim la.

  13. Geez, I love both the chicken & pig trotters leh.... look so yummy & makes me droll already.....

  14. simon7:39 PM

    maybe your dad wanna go and help clean up the posters after the elections!

  15. The Beggar's Chicken looks scrumptious! I remember I had something like that in Johor Bahru too. Apparently they cook the chicken in the ground!

  16. Ahhh... u know what? Hungry~~~~ Don't make me wanna to go eat supper now la.

  17. wow.. It makes me miss of the beggar chicken in malaysia now.

    Maybe I shld make a visit to malaysia tis month to eat the beggar chicken again.. keke.. *drools*

  18. Looks yummy, me haven't had this kind of stuff in a long time.

  19. wah......tell how to go this place la, so many ppl wants to know!! after i cerita to huby, he also asked where & how to go.......????

  20. Sometimes along Old Klang road you can see some vans selling this beggars chicken - dunno if it taste as good

  21. never tried beggar chicken before. must be yummy.

    soli, minta tumpang sikit:-
    aceone118, bila wanna take us to Ijok?

  22. WMD: Pig tummm y soup drink edi very hot neh

    Lebbit: Yeah He's better edi. Thanks!

    AceOne118 ; remember to bring nyonya and kenny

    shooi : Just gi to ijok la. Nearby the belakang jalan to come to KL wan...the kampung area

    Etcetera~Mommy : Okay set

    zewt : Nolah dun touch politik

    mommy of two angels: My dads fren tah pau leh . me no ler

    Lovely Mummy : Double tagged mah

    Ah Pek : Buek

    Kok :Kok dun ask stupid question ok

    huisia : Hehe i look back i felt like eating too

    Judy : Next time eat and snap!

    Oscar's Mommy : Yeah this one gotto call and order wan ah

    karenyiau : Too fattening la the pig trotter!

    simon : Hahaha crazy!

    Giddy Tiger: Yeah this one also its cooked in the ground

    Kenny Ng : I know!!!

    OuR NeW LiFe'S : Come! Come to malaysia!!

    Allyfeel : eat eat before POP!

    Jacss : Wait for my next post okay i tell u

    HMom : Old klang road also got ka?

    nyonyapenang : Its nice> but this is not the nicest i tell u first

  23. Aiks, someone ate my comments. I remembered leaving a comment here saying my keyboard is flooded with saliva and hope that you will bring me to eat some day.

  24. Looks very sedap.. but I don't know where this is.. :( Haven't even heard of Ijok. :{

  25. Wah! Very yummy leh. Must ask Mdm Tang if she have found anywhere in Singapore selling this. Hmmmm!