Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lil J

Got it left from Judy, Right from Samm and now Centre from Shannon for the same tag. And then pending for Hijackqueen and Chumsy's mum's tag. Seriously I dunno if I have the time to do it or not. I might be going to Vietnam next week and there's so much to do and prepare before next week. So spare me k?

Anyway back to the Name thinggy.

Jayden in Hebrew means God Has Heard. ( I said I wanted a baby boy, tried one time, checked 3 weeks later, confirm. So he heard me.)

Chan = No choice. The contributor to produce Jayden has the surname Chan.

Jien = Healthy in Chinese (Kin Hong).

Ming= Tomorrow. Initially I wanted the meaning Smart (Chung Ming) but this Ming is supposed to be for girls So we opted another Ming which is Tomorrow (Ming Tien). Btw, my sis's kid and my nephew also have names that end with MING.

There you go. Done

Now my victims:
Chumsy Ashley.
Desperate Mummy.

Instructions :**Start Copy**Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
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2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
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Sasha-Lil J


Now for my own posting.

I brought lil J to a advert shoot last Sunday (mother's day). No, he didn't act in the advert. I was there for work. And I brought my 2 C's together. My lil J is a very sociable boy. He played with everyone on the set and he walk all over the room, exploring things. Luckily it was break time and by the time the shoot began, he was sleeping. The main character's mum asked me "your son very good lah. He never make noise before he sleep. And he never cry when he fell down". I told her "It only happen when we're out of the house". Which is true, at home when he fall down, he will cry. When he wanna sleep, he will cry. I guess he is more "manja" when he is at home and too busy playing when he is outside our house.

He is very selective in doing things. For example he will only share his food and pacifier with me and say what I asked him to say (btw, he can call Kor Kor, Dada, Mum, Mum Mum, Aunty). For his dad, he will only look for him when he sees his dad change to "outing" clothings. He knows that his dad will carry him to the car and wait for me.

This pic was taken after we got back from the shoot. He found a pear in his bag (given my my sis) and took a bite and i fast fast snap his picture.



  1. How long will you be gone?

  2. wow..go to nice and i bet u, sure u will miss little c super muchhhhh!!! How long u will be in Vietnam?
    U Notti mummy, give jayden a "nice hair band" hahaha..cute! Latest fashion is it?

  3. Vietnam which part? Jayden knows how to give mummy face when outside. Wont 'lau gai' ma....

  4. I can't seem to be able to read your feeds lately. Hmmm....

  5. i want the pear! looks so juicy...
    ngam ngam ngam... hahahaha

  6. Hey, Lil' J will thank you next time when he sees his photo with the headband :) Have a safe trip, ok? Take lots of photos, ok?

  7. Woah! go Vietnam bikin apa? So fast got company trip ledi ar? hahaha

  8. wah so good go vietnam wo .. u have a safe flight yeah ..

    wey i m eyeing the PEAR la :P u know wat to do la :P

  9. Ah! noty mummy pun that headband on lil J's head eh? Keke! Have a safe trip ya! Take pictures!

  10. vietnam ar.. i gonna miss you too.. bring video of Lil J lor.. tht's the only way lor.. of chuck him in ur bag lah .. kakaka... bring him as well

  11. wei vietnam shoppping paradise...bring lots of US$$$

  12. Ahhh...good lah, go Vietnam. Take lots of pics and be the ultimate camwhore. Ge.... if only someone will look after mine, i'd go PRONTO!!!! Thx for doing the tag :) Enjoy your trip!!!

  13. FH: Answered u edi ;) Thanks

    Annie: 2 days! Nice hor? Hahaha

    Etc: Ho Chin min!

    Imm: I inform u everytime i update ok

    Shannon : Buy yrself ler. heheh

    Chumsy mum: Haha Yeah right. scold me ler

    AceOne118 : Work la!

    Jessie Woo : Whats so good. Work la.

    Rabbit : Hehehe Work la. take what picture

    janicepa : Miss me ar. Hahahah

    mommy of 2 : 2 days rush like mad. buy what la!

    Samm: Take picture of factory for u okay? Hahahaha

  14. Haha! So tak baik go and put the cover on the son's head!

    Anyway, love the scrap! ;)

  15. Oh..! he is too cute..! i wished .. my chloe would eat like that..!! but nope.. my brat .. very the "kiasi".. everything also donch wanna eat..!!

  16. Thinking of tagging u on kids' names, but seem u've done liao...

    anyway, wish u plain sailing....

  17. That is a very cute picture.

    Bring it along for your trip, so that you can take it out to see when you miss him.

  18. Bring the lil kid along to Vietnam... baru shiok... hahahah

  19. the white thing can fit Jayden's head oo..
    don't forget to buy me keepsake :)

  20. Make sure you get hold of a Vietnam national costume (forgot what it's called). Bon voyage!

  21. sasha,
    Got 3G phone? If yes, use that loh. :P

  22. wah going travel somemore, all da best ;)

  23. have a safe trip!!! cute..the pear is so huge when he holds it!!!

  24. Phhhewww... I thought I wanna tag u... but my inner feeeling said, no need, she scold u later one... see, got tagged already by samantha.

    anyway, like the "try once, check 3 weeks later, confirmed". Hahahha. God Has Heard you indeed.

  25. Vietnamese currency (dong) is very small. When I first went there a few years ago, I mistook 10,000-dong note for 1,000 dong.

    Be careful...

  26. To giddy tiger,
    Vietnamese costume is 'ao dai'.
    Only good for slim women...