Saturday, December 26, 2009

The real test came...

Remember I posted about teaching Jayden about not talking or taking anything from strangers?


The real test came yesterday. We're at this consumer thinggy in BU and while I was busy listening to this woman selling some cleaning salt, suddenly I felt someone pulling my hand. So I looked to my right and I saw Jayden pulling my hands and pointing at this man. He was holding a small cup of Yogurt ice cream --> offering to Jayden.

Hehe the lil boy didn't dare to take it until I said "Say thank you to uncle la..". He quickly said Thank You and happily ate the yogurt Ice cream. So yeah, he learn the lesson well. He can only accept something with my permission.

And I thought my son is blur about the entire thinggy. *Phew*

But then am I gonna stop reminding him? Nolah.. just today while gardening I saw the news on some foreign beggars that was featured not long ago. So I quickly asked Jayden to come over and have a look at the picture. "You see, this person you don't even know if the person is a girl or boy. Cos this person took the ice cream and followed the uncle la. So they cut the ears, cut the hand and you see, they ask them to sit under the sun like that.  You want?"

You should see his facial expression. His eyes were so big and he looked so shocked. He was stonned for a while when he saw the picture and he ran away shouting NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The "Do Not Talk To Stranger" Talk

Okay. So Jayden went missing last night in Jusco. Not to say he seriously went missing. He was unseen for about 5 mins maybe less. Don't wanna tell HOW he went missing but he wasn't with me and the maid was at home, So enuff said.

Before slept, I spoke to him...

Me: Jayden, next time you cannot go wander around alone okay? You must hold hand. If not then some uncle or aunty take you away, then no more mami and dadi edi. You will have new mami and dadi.No thomas. No titi. And then they cut your hands, cut your legs, cut your ears...

Jayden:No.. No!Don't want new mami and dadi! Don't cut hand! I hold hand, Mami hold hand. Mami fren you...(me)

Me: So you must remember to always stay with mami and dadi. Must hold hand. Cannot let go okay?

Jayden: Ok.

Me: If some uncle come and ask you "come come boy... let's go playground" What must you say?

Jayden: Ok.

Me: AH!? No. Cannot follow that uncle. Later he cut your hand and leg how?

Jayden: NO! don't cut hand!

Me: So don't follow that uncle ok? He is a stranger.

Jayden: No follow stringer...

Me: Is boh boh stranger?

Jayden: No

Me: is Boh leh stranger?

Jayden no.

Me: If the uncle no name wan leh?

Jayden: stringer!

Me: STRANGER....So if the uncle say "come boy come, let's go playground" What must you say?

Jayden: No don't want playground. I want go to swimming pool.

Me: *slap forehead* NO.... You cannot follow anyone to anywhere. Not to playground. Not to swimming pool. You cannot go with stranger and you don't talk to stranger remember? So what must you say?

Jayden: Don't want. No talk to stranger.

Me: Goood... So if there's this aunty come and bring you ice cream and say "come, i give you ice cream. What must you say?

Jayden: OK! Strawberry ice cream?

Me: *slap forehead* NO.......the aunty give you ice cream, if you take the ice cream, then she will bring you home and cut your hands and legs.

Jayden: NOOOOO Don't want cut hand

Me: then what must you say?

Jayden: *sad* don't want strawberry ice cream..

Me: Good!

Jayden: How about chocolate ice cream?

Me: NOOOO any ice cream also cannot take ok?

Jayden: ok..

Me: so if the aunty bring you triple scoop ice cream leh? Got strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ic cream, you follow her or not?

Jayden: Yes!


Jayden: no.... don't want.

Me: Okay. If the aunty say give you ice cream,you just tell her NO. Mami will buy you BIG BIG BIGGG scoop of yummy ice cream ok?

Jayden: OKAY!

Me: Promise?

Jayden: Pwomise!

Jayden: (if) aunty Dorothy bring ice cream? (next door neighbour)

Me: ai...... if aunty Dorothy brings you ice cream and IF mami is around you can have it okay? You need to ask mami before you take anything from anyone. Do you understand?

Jayden: yes...understand.

Wah can vomit blood teaching this dude to understand the danger of talking and following stranger. But what to do? Gotto keep reminding him until he undertstand it. Guess this is what I'm gonna do during this holiday. So how did you teach your kid? Care to share?

and ......Merry Kissmass everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I cook Pot Pie!

What do you do when you're upset with your boss, too much work to do and stress to the max? You go down and cook pot pie. Hehe

I gathered some:
Left over chicken (ok I lied. Its fresh chicken)
Button Mushroom
Mixed Vege
A can of mushroom soup

Chop some onion and throw into a pan with butter. Sizzle it abit and throw in chicken pieces, button mushroom, mixed vege and lastly mushroom soup. Add salt (not too much-the soup is already salty) and throw in some grinded pepper. Add a lil water and leave it to cool.

The topping I used some potatoes, which I have boiled and peeled the skin. Mash it all up, add butter, salt and some milk. And you have Mashed potato. Slowly spread it onto the filling that I have cooked earlier.

Glaze the topping with some egg and I threw in some grated parmesan cheese. Bake for 20mins ( How i know? Estimate la. hantam only)

Tadaaa!!! Kids its time for lunch!

My piece of pie.

DSC_1550w Jayden. Imitating me. A true blogger's kid he is.

Mami say "Cheeseeeeeeee"

Cook, eat and then back to work.

Yeahlah I did say in my previous post that it might be my last post for this year but I so sien-lah waiting for my boss to reply my email.While waiting for more work, I post pics lor. Cos Big C didn't get to eat this. So at least he can see pics ma....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

High, Lo, In and Out

Pic taken on 14th November 2009 In Aquaria.

Sometimes Jayden just make me go o.O with his words.

For example at the nail parlour and he saw the manicurist applying lotion on my hands.

Jayden: Mami.. cheh cheh use LOtion on your hand.
Me: Yeah, put lotion then smooth smooth and nice smell.
Jayden: I want to put HIGH-tion mami....
Manicurist: O.O
Me: Aiyoh.. where got HIGH TION Wan?
Jayden: Muahahhaha

p/s: before u say I live my life like tai-tai.. my last manicure was when I was 8 months preggie with Justin before I went for this photoshoot. So, no. I'm not tai tai. Only do it cos I have continous wedding dinner to attend.


In the room one night:
Jayden: Mami Mami *mumbles* Indian. How about OUT-dian mami?
Me: *didn't hear properly* what did you say?
Jayden: Indian Indian. How about OUT-DIAN?
Me: O.o Where got OUTDIAN WAN?!
Jayden: *chuckles*

Okay I think this wil be my last post for this year. Still alot to do.


Merry Christmas


Happy New year!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's Mental Sch Holiday Week!

It's school holidays. You know what I mean? Means the kids got stucked at home 24/7 with me. Although Jayden only goes to sch for that 3 hours but then that 3 hours really makes a big difference. Plus my niece is here during the weekdays. Lagi mental. Early morning you can hear them screaming,laughing, blasting my tv, crying for toys blablabla. One word. HAVOC.

Plus I am rushing a few projects so that I can clear every damn thing on my to-do list and start a new year so lagi headache. So while I am rushing for my work, I can hear Mr.Bean, Phineas and Ferb, High Sch Musical as the background music. And kids will come running to my room, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes pretend to sell me thing "Mami I give you six dollar and ninety nice cents" or the small one will come and give me the money he stole from my wallet and asked me to say "Teh Kiuk" (thank you).

Sometimes they will come with this look.

Just broken an egg from the fridge and quickly ran up to my room and said "Sorry mami. Mami hold hand mami.. Mami fren you (me)".

Or the kids would giggle and come in with this...

Do you know what he is wearing? No?

Now you know?

haha Its a catwoman mask that I helped a friend sew as sample. It was supposed to look like this..

Don't laugh so hard ok?

Can you see how havoc it is during sch holidays?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sasha Cook: Seaweed Roll

It's been a looong looong time since I have posted my masak masak here. It's always very pressuring to give some food to my neighbour cos her hub is very particular and fussy about food. So that day, I cooked extra and after everyone tried (maid + hub = guinea pigs) and said its "ok" then only I passed a plate to her. When she saw the plate, she said "Can I try one now ah?" She said "yummy" and "sasha I wanna learn this also. Good to serve when we have some guests over". Some of you might know this but what the heck, I already took some pictures. So why not post it here right? muaahaha

Rolled it too small, so you cannot really see the pattern nicely done. Better to roll it "fatter".

Very Simple dish. Preparation is longer than cooking time but if you plan it well, I think it's a sap sap suey dish, if you know what I mean.

Ingredients 1:
Egg curd Sheets ( go pasar and tell the taufu woman, she will know what to give you)
Japanese Seaweed

Ingredients 2:
Fish paste
Minced Meat (you like: pork/chicken/beef)
Water Chestnut, cut to small small cubes
Carrot ( cut small small cubes)

Ingredient 3:
Crab Sticks
Aspagarus (didn't use this cos couldn't find it)



How to do it:
1. Mix fish paste + minced meat+ water chestnut cubs + carrot cubes + seasoning
2. Spread fish paste mixture onto the egg curd sheets.
3. Place seaweed sheets on the fish paste spread.
4. Another layer of fish faste.
5. Put carrot strip + asparagus + crab stick on edge and roll it like sushi roll.
6. secure and steam for 5mins.
7. Remove from wok and coat it with egg and cover it with cornflour and deep fry till golden brown.
8. Makan!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to handle 2 kids that want to read 2 different books at the same time.

I have a problem reading books with my 2 kids. One wanna read nursery rhymes and one wanna read some other stuff. So that day I was so tired, I told them "Today Mami wanna read a book" and i flipped out my recipe book.

And everyone enjoyed the reading session, pretending to eat the food in the recipe book.hehe

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I drafted this since 24th and today is the 26th. SO damn busy keeping up with my company's request. But I better post it otherwise I'll drag and drag until my next birthday then only I'll post the pics up. hehe So here is where we stayed...
Cherating Holiday Villa.

The view facing the sea. This is where we spent most of our time there.In the swimming pool and not the beach although the kids love the beach

He love the sand.

He love the sand and water. He told me "Mami I love YOUR sand mami..."

And the sandflies love me too. Got bitten once I sat on the beach. And that's why we spend most our time at the pool.

The first night, Big C googled and found this restaurant. Many good remarks about it. So we went to try.

The very famous stuffed crab. True la.. this restaurant is very famous cos on the same row, there are 3 restaurant selling the same thing but only this restaurant is full with people.

And the person that got so excited seeing the stuffed crab is of course my eating machine.


See? Crab Shell also he wanna hantam. But the stuffed crab is so so only. Too oily and not so fresh. :P And we drove around and around the town and headed back to hotel.

The next day, very early we drove out to hunt for breakfast. After a round of nasi lemak by the kampung roadside we went to the Turtle Sanctuary next to Club Med.




And I love the way he call TURTLE.

After that we thought we wanna check out Club Med to see how nice it is.. maybe we can go there in the future. But nope.. need to wait for certain timing, need guard to go inform the office and the office ppl will accompany you to go around the place for just 20mins. Not more than that. So eksyen? forget it. So we went to Kemaman's Zoo.
It's new, so it has limited animals. Birds, Birds, Birds
Peacocks and peacocks and peacocks. Some snake, some sunbear and a waterfall which u need to pay extra to go into. We got tired and stopped by the small store and met this friendly cockatoo that loves to be tickle.
Yeap right at the armpit please....
Ahhhh....nice.. hahaha

After an exhausting walk in the zoo, we went to hunt for a cake and went back to our hotel and went to 8 at the Eastern Pavilion just 10 seconds walk from our hotel. Haha same mgmt but then high class abit la.


The entrace..

Boss wanna take picture with smaller boss..

It has many many houses. Rumah Sarawak, Rumah Selangor U get what I mean la. So i think only got like 13-14 small houses by itself.And we went to 8 further..

Each house got its own pool. Private small pool.

Eh flower also nicer flowers on this side.

So we cabutted and went back for a swim. Nothing much to do and not many ppl since its weekday. And before we left I managed to snap this pic..
Both kena smack from me cos both tried to run out the room while dadi took things down to the car. 2 culprits, one tall enough to open door and one more waiting to run together.Piak Piak both, fair and square.

That's all, not much pictures to share cos both me and Big handle one kid each. So no hands to even hold hands. hehe But nevertheless, its a nice trip and we had fun, just the four of us.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yeap I am 29!

Celebrated my birthday in Cherating last week. Took a few days off and spent it with my hub and my kids without MAID. Just wanna have some family time alone without any strangers around, if you know what I mean. I am so busy right now cos I took a few days off-no work but then deadline is still DEADLINE, gotto hand in by the given date. *sigh* Hence posting of Cherating might not happen anytime soon until I finish my work. Nevertheless, here are some of the pics taken on my birthday. This year is special cos I have 3 guys celebrating it with me and of course I received a surprise from Big C.

Dun count the candles cos my hub simply hantam for the kids to blow!

He insisted to find a cake and so we went round and round Kemaman town and he finally found a cake for me. I was wondering how come he is so persistent in getting one. When he presented me the cake I thought it was just a cake. To my surprised, he placed my pressie on the cake.


Thanks babe! *muaks*

Monday, November 16, 2009

Share Share Baju


I ordered these T-shirts from Cassey's website and I thought it was the same as the ones I have ordered from other oneline shop last time. So I chose bigger size and Opps too big for him. Different supplier! *lol* But nevermind, can keep for future or can wear at home, Loose also nevermind! If Jayden cannot wear, mami can wear (not bad hor can masuk 7-8 yr old baju). When he is slightly older we can share baju and wear edi.. hehe

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Bought this from Nice or not? Very affordable.. only about rm30+. Okay la.. no need to buy so expensive cos I hope I'm not gonna wear it for long long time. Looks so familiar right? Hmmm me too. Think I saw it somewhere before but then really so difficult to shop in shoppingmall, cos my kids will perform bolloywood drama for everyone to see. *sigh* So thank god there's online shop.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Durian Bomb

I seldom eat Durian cos Big C don't really like the smell in his car. And also he doesn't allow the kids to eat durian cos he said its too heaty for them. So the kids don't eat, the mom also don't get to eat. That day we passed by New Town (State in PJ) I asked him to drop me at Sri Karak Restaurant.

And i saw the banner.. wah Durian bomb!

This how the Durian Bomb looked like. It's Rm1.80 per this tiny ball. I'm telling ya.. It's worth it. Cos you can feel the durian swimming in your mouth when you pop it in.


And I also bought the tart. Also rm1.80.

Also very full with durian. Wah.... syiokalingam!

P/s: yeah la.. he stil complained about the smell in his car but too bad la. His wife need a durian fix that time!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Married Life is like this wan la..

You know..I heard from an ex classmate "My husband said he will love me and care for me same like when we're dating time" When I heard about that, I wanted to laugh REALLLLY loud.

I said wait till you have kids. But then some men really still treat the wife the same. Lucky them!

"He also said he will still sayang me very much. We can still go clubbing. Go shopping. Go Holiday ALONE".

What if got kids? "Find someone to take care lah!"

Hehe... like her kids is ppl's obligation to take care so they can have a "good" relationship.

Very easy to say.. "just find someone to help jaga yr kids for few days.. then you all go have some quiet time lor".

It's so hard. Ppl also need to work. Ppl also have own family. Ppl got own life.

Cannot expect ppl to help. So how? Tahan la. See how long can tahan. Cannot tahan then ....err scratch la.

What to do?

Married life is like that wan la..

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sleep tight little ones...

justin mickey 2
Nice or not? I make for him...Mickey head pillow.

He just love to put his leg like that I don't know why...

Few days ago I went to wake them up cos they slept till 7 pm and still sleeping. And i saw this...

Cos I kept telling Jayden "Jayden you take care of titi okay? Don't let him run away..." I guess by putting the leg like that then he know titi is near him. Hehe

Ah so quiet when they are asleep....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Another boy?

I think it's because so many ppl asked me "So when are you going to make a baby girl". Each time I hear that, I don't know what to say. Cos somehow I just have this feeling that I won't have daughter(s). Even If i can buy a baby girl off the shelf, I will think 10,000 times. As for now, NO MORE for me. I am happy with both my boys.

Last night I dreamt I was at the concourse of a big shopping mall. And I can hear Big C saying "baby, i have something for you...." And everyone turned and looked at me. I was stoned cos...

1. My hub stopped calling me that in public since..... i forgot when.

2.It's in a concourse of a shopping mall with many many many people.

And 3rd. He on a mic? That really got me stoned.

Then suddenly a baby boy walked down the stage with a tag on his body written "Make Me".

Then big C said "baby if you agree to make one MORE BOY, you carry him and bring him to me la"

Everyone chanted "Make baby.. Make baby.. Make baby"

I was puzzled but i carried the boy and walked towards Big C. I got no idea what I am going to do and then.....

my alarm was on. Tit Tit Tit.

Phew.....!!!!!! You dunno how glad I was man.

Eh to continue the story now.. I'd carry the kid and go to the mic and say "Oi who lost a child? Come and take him back!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tell me what you think

During wedding in a grand ballroom. Seated 30 tables of guests with 1 emcee and the bride and groom on stage. The emcee asked "why did you chose her to be your wife". And the groom answered very fast...

"because I have no choice" and laughed.

Tell me if you're the bride, what will you say. How would you react in front of nearly 300 ppl. Just tell me what you think about it.

p/s: the bride is not pregnant.

My Boys

Everyday you can see this...



And when you say "oi.... not too near ah..." guess what will happen..

He will cry like I smacked him.

I don't know why when I put them on the sofa.. then as i turn my back they're right in front of the tv again. And that day Justin fell from the tv rack, neh he likes to hold the tv, sway his body like pole dancing on the tv and Kaboom! UWAAAAAA! Then he need ppl to hug and kiss kiss him and then you turn around, he's there again. And you know what? These pictures were taken right after that incident. Scared? Nope.. not my boys.