Monday, December 31, 2007

J, You Made My Last Day in 2007 A Good One!

This morning, I was preparing myself to go work for the last time in 2007 and suddenly I heard......


So I rushed out and found him like this...



He tried to take his puzzle in our laundry basket and got stucked , folded! Cannot come up, cannot go down! (btw, if you're wondering, he was the one that threw the puzzle into the basket)

Just like his last incident ( where he got caught in my pot), I did the same thing! Took out my camera!

Wah!!! Sampai ber-sweating!

After that, he walked away....with a "malu" smile.

Yeah, I am BAD. But then if you save him fast then he won't learn his lesson right? hahaha

He, really made my day, the last day of 2007.

So till next year...

Happy New Year!

Yum Seng!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

21 months, Xmas and New Year!

Jayden turned 21 months last Friday. But since it was the eve before my holiday and I wanted a "free-from-work-issue" holiday so I rushed for my work to enjoy my holiday. :D Since today I managed to rush everything for my boss, I have a little time off to update some pics which I took long long time ago... 

Some backdated post....13th December 2007.
Flowers from Big C for our 10th Anniversary of being together....Some say better give money, but I am not the "money-minded" kinda person, so this is good enough for me. *grin*

Jayden's got a brand new bed. Its the same bed from Ikea but Big C got it cheap from lelong. And the lil one love it. No more worries about him falling while climbing out from his playpen.

He love 4 legged animals. And he love to align them in a straight line on his bed frame like this...
I went to the Edutoys warehouse sale in TTDI the other day and got him other 4 legged animals like elephant, giraffe, zebra, ant eater blablabla. Overall he still like his cow, zebra and giraffe.

We went to Midvalley a few weeks ago and managed to snap some pics...



Family pic..
Hahaha Yvonne noticed that my hands are always positioned like this. Now I realized it too when I looked at my own pics. trying hard to hold his head so that he will face the camera!




20th December 2007
Last Thursday, we went to see Barney Show in Bandar Utama.
We're late there's not much space to squeze around on the ground floor.
So we went to 1st floor.

Barney dancing...

And the whole gang danced...

Can you see Chinnee? She was right in front of the stage.

Deco In New Wing. Simply amazing!

22nd - 23rd December 2007.
We went for a short getaway last Saturday in one of the hotels in KL. It was a free-stay courtesy of my 2nd sister.

The room was double room joint together. So the 3Js (Jayden, Jasmine & Jeremy) get to spend some time together.

J loved the tv..

And the cabinets...(see his little legs?)

and the mirrors too. When he noticed it, this is what he did.

But if he missed it and thought that it was a door, then this is what happened.
Crying in pain and asking me to rub his head for him. Kesian.....

This was the view from the pool side.

And my lil one..

It was cold and he hung to Dadi like a koala bear..

and also hung onto me...

And then he began to warm up and enjoyed himself...

That night, our parents come for dinner. *burp* Buffet dinner...
Choc fountain...


A lil christmas deco at the table..

We woke up and found that there was a trolley with food. It was breakfast in bed!

And the little one messed it up for us!

And I received a call from Secret Recipe on Saturday saying that they are in front of my house, delivering a cake to me.
It was a pressie from Rachel. Thanks dear!

24th December 2007.
We're invited by the my SIL to her house on Christmas eve.

The dinner was lovely and I managed to chat with some of the guests, one of them a Japanese couple who has a 5 months old baby girl. Jayden called the girl "cheh cheh" *slap head* he thinks girls=cheh cheh!

At first he was messing with the blackboard until he noticed something on the floor...


Noticed the eye area was abit greenish. He hit his face (eye area to be exact) at his bed frame. He was sitting and suddenly he just let drop his face to the Elmo pillow I made him. But he was too near to the bed!

The whole night he went BURRRRRRRRRR while pushing the train.

25th December 2007.
Christmas day was a lazy dad for us. We woke up quite late with the lil one running around the room. We went for lunch in Mcd Centrepoint. But there was a bday party there so we played awhile and went to centrepoint and let him roamed that area for a while.

Yes, still love SPOON!

And suddenly his dadi went missing. So the lil one started to look for him and ran out of the playground. I ran after him and fell like a chempedak but kiddo and dslr selamat in my hands. *phew* So now hand abit cacated.

"Soweee Mami, i only want to look for yeh yi ma...."

Okay! That's a wrap for 2007. See You in 2008!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jayden, are you a naughty boy?

Remember I used to say people like to judge me based on how I looked? People are still doing that, I don't blame them. I do have a "naughty" face. So what? It doesn't mean that I looked naughty, then I should be naughty right? I don't have to proof to them that I don't smoke or drink or club. I syiok sendiri when I am at home with my 2 guys. That's the best!

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And guess what? Now, people are judging my son based on how he looks. Not long ago, a relative said to his wife "he has very naughty look" pointing at Jayden.

Then a friend said to me " your son is so naughty hor?" because he wouldn't sit still on the high chair. He wants to get down to walk around because he was so bored with us yakking and drinking our teh ais.

Sometime his own dadi will smack his bum and said "Why You're so naughty!" . I asked Big C, why do you always say that he is notty? Everyone don't understand him that's why they said he is naughty. And he stopped saying that.

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Sometime, I get the urge to scold him "Jayden, why you so like that?" But most of the time, I will just look at him and wonder myself, Is my son naughty?
There are many things which he did that really make me wonder if he is really naughty, like:
  • He likes to dig my kitchen cabinet, take out all the containers and leave it lying all over the floor.
  • He likes to throw books and flash cards on the floor, and then choose what he want to read.
  • He likes to dig the DVD/CD folder, throw everything on the floor and choose what he want to watch.
  • He doesn't sit still while eating on the high chair - he prefer to stand up.
  • He will play with the puzzle, but purposely want to fit the piece in another hole and whine when he can't chuck it in.(why?)
  • He love to open the door to go out of the bedroom but he closes the door before he leave. (thats very good)
  • He love to align the farm animals in one straight line and then push them down and say "Oh! ohhh.." and then align them again.
Then when I read updates about other kids being able to say so many words already and mine is stucked with a few, it got me wondering again. Is my son slow?
How come he doesn't talk like them?
How come he doesn't play and interact like them?
How come he acts this way?
Is he.............normal?

He is super hyperactive, there's no doubt about it. He just want to play, play and play ALONE. Very seldom you will see him interact with other kids. I thought that he was a loner but once he surprised me when we're at secret recipe playground when he played with a girl ( I think few months older than him, and she was a pretty one *wink*). I asked him where is cheh cheh and he walked towards the girl, pointed at her, touched her nose and shouted CHEH CHEH! Okay, a respond from him! I was so happy, but that's all la. No more after that. :(

He doesn't want anyone to disturb him when he is trying to read a book by himself. When you help him, he will turn the pages or even throw the book away. Maybe he thought that we wanted the book, so he let go off the book?

Many times when I see someone trying to take things from him, he will walk off. The other day at the Farm, I looked from far, my other nephew snatched a card from him. So he ignored that guy and took another card and he snatched it away from Jayden again and again and again. And Jayden just ignored him and then left him with all the cards and no one to play with. (serve him right! ahaks!) So he has his own personality of "you want ah? naah take la! I malas wanna fight with you" that kinda attitude.

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After a few days of observation, I decided to accept that Jayden is different. He has his own character. His own style. His own way of doing things. He, is just like me. He understand ( i hope) what people are saying but just choose to ignore us and sometimes it is very obvious that he purposely do what we asked him not to do to get attention and it is very obvious that he is very stubborn.

But imagine this, people have never seen him fighting or hurting other kids but they are already judging him saying that he is naughty. Same like those people that judge me based on how I looked. Well, can't stop them from making judgement. We sendiri know better. 

Nevermind, if people want to say that he is naughty let them say. As his mother, I will try to understand him and not call him naughty like other people did and also allow him to grow and progress at his own pace and not compare him with other kids. Instead, I should guide him, pay more attention to him and remind myself that I should be happy with him being healthy and normal. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Short Holiday...

Like I have said in my previous post, we're going off to somewhere for a weekend break. It was somewhere in Lenggeng Negeri Sembilan, called The Farm. It is my 2nd time here but the first for Jayden. I was here the last time when I was 6 months preggie with him.

The Farm is far from the busy place. No car. No Tall buildings. Just green.
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Love this shot of Adam...

We're greeted by the fruit Jayden love the most.
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This was a ketot one. Didn't grow big enough.

It was dragon fruit blooming season. Flowers and lil fruits everywhere. None can be eaten...yet.
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The flower and the fruit side by side.

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He loved the swing and once nearly fell asleep while I was holding him. It was a calm and peaceful moment when I held him in my arms and he requested me to stroke his soft nice.

But that was only for a short moment. As soon as he is awake from his nap (by the way he slept alot, mainly because whenever he sees the Elmo pillow I sew for him, he will lie down on it and then will fall asleep!) he starts to play by himself. The cousins wanted to play with him but he decided to run, and they chase after him. And that was what happened for 2 whole days. They chase, my son run and syiok sendiri! *sigh*
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This is the little boy, on the table trying to wait for the card to pop out after he press the button.

If the card doesn't pop out, lil boy will ...
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The environment is nice with blooming flowers everywhere...
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And bugs came out after the rain..
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And it rained on the first day filing the monkey cup with water...
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The aunties played mahjong like marathon...and sometimes you can hear them saying "Lai Liao! Lai Liao!" it means Come Edi! cos u can see this coming...
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Little finger stealing the mahjong from under the table...

And aunties need to go for a break, and the little one will take over...
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The kids fished the whole day accompanied with few adults..
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Dadi tried to fish too. It was very easy to fish in this pond cos there's alot of hungry fish in it. So its quite easy and entertaining for the kids and the adults too.

Did I tell you that there's alot of mozzie?
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Just like how I have expected it...he got bitten left, right and centre even with mozzie repellent.
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But he totally ignored it..and syiok sendiri again.
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And all of us slept like refugees...maybe like mangsa banjir..but it was cool and happy moment for us.
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The funniest thing is, the first night I woke up shocked because Jayden was no where in sight. He climb over to my SIL's side and slept there. Both Big C and I nearly died of heart attack because it was open space and he could have fall into the pond or somewhere! So the whole night I held his leg and get no sleep cos he was climbing all over the place the whole night. The 2nd night was better, probably he got used to it after the first night.

My SIL brought some cookies and she let the kids decorate it.
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As you can see, it looks so good and its very yummy. Oh yeah...Merry Christmas yeah...

But Jayden doesn't take sweets so....
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Yeah I ate it!

On our way back, I managed to take a pic of the dragon fruit farm.
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I love this shot the most because the plants were all aligned and I was in a moving car when I took this. :)

Yeap that's about it. I was back at work yesterday but the line was totally out so no internet for the whole day. And when I am back home, the little one refused to let me touch my laptop. He pulled my hand away when I was typing and if I refused to do what he asked me to do (ie get away from the laptop) he will do his initial-D drfiting on the floor and guling guling like Hindustan actor.

I can sleep but nearly every night I will dream of my grandma or grandpa or dead body in coffin. Very tired after I wake up you know? I wish I can be like I-dream-of-genie and stop the time and just REST, lie down flat and don't move a single muscle. Can ah?