Tuesday, December 04, 2007

No Mood....No Time

Mami said she has no mood to blog. Aunty Shannon said that it's Year End Syndrome. But I think it's because there's finally rambutans in Pasar Malam but she is sick and she can't eat it. That's why. She is also wrapping wanton using her nose everyday but I wonder why she never cook it for me to eat.

She also said that she has Eleventy Two Thousand Things to do at work. How much is that? The uncles at her working place gave her alot of things to do. All also same deadline. If the line dead edi, how come still need to do? She also need to be contractor, setting up promotion areas. So maybe you can see her in the market...She said she is very tired and her neck is going to break. Dear God, please dun let my mami die so fast. I want her to make another didi/meimei for me to gusti play with.

So she sent me to tell you this.....
By the way, this baju was given to me by aunty Shannon for my birthday.

Tell me to tell you that....she is bored with blogging

And she is looking for herself...

to find her bla bla bla mojo back

So we wait and see....

Thank you. Now I want to go and watch my Mickey Mouse Club House edi...Bye!


  1. eh...me first again??? Very lucky these days...hahahahhaha. love the pics :D

    So...does this mean you are taking a break? have a good rest and find your mojo ;D

  2. btw, lil' J looks so handsome in that shirt. Aunty Shannon has good taste lah :D

    How on earth did you squeeze through that place to snap the photos?

  3. since you may take a break...i better comment more..muahhhaahhaa. i love lil' J in the last photo, wearing only his diapers. So cute!

  4. Wah Jayden, I can see you take after your mami. Interesting post here.

    I also dunno what your mami means by eleventy two thousand things. :)

    Nice shirt, very hansem boy!

  5. Oi! Mana lu hilang lu punya blogging mojo? Come I give you some of mine .... *blows blogging mojo dust*

  6. jayden,
    Take care of your mummy until she has no wanton to wrap ah! Good boy.

    You look very handsome wor. I bet lots of ah moi looking for you hor? kekeke.

  7. Julian5:29 PM

    Eh that baju ah... look like my baju.. same stylo but mine purple kaler only... hehehe...

  8. jayden, mummy definitely needs a break. perhaps another didi or mei-mei will make her to life again...be a good boy and go watch cartoon yeah...

  9. huisia9:33 PM

    alamak..Jayden,how come your mami so sick one? don't forget to ask your mami sleep more more ar...

  10. BARBARA!!!!!! Three Comments! U so the love me. Muahahahah of course u can be first. Cos most of my friends don't comment edi so u can be the first commentor la! *Hugszz*

    Judy, means many many much much things to do la.

    moby, sulah hilang la kawan

    kok, if only he knows and understand...then i can sleep well liao.

    Julian: yeah yeah similar Yrs Baby Kiko also?

    Huisia, ai...semua sakit in my house.

    Chinnee, one more Jayden or Jaydyn can make me die faster , now la.

  11. lil J, let mummy take a lot of nice pix of you and then, she will definitely have her blogging mojo back.

    get well Sasha!!!!

    btw, i have a gift 4u, do check it out at:

  12. aiyak, venture in wan tan business pula...no good no good. Get well soon Sasha!

    So geram looking at Jayden's picsssss!! He look so cool in most pics!!

  13. Wah! Nice shirt!

    It's that time of the year where people get flu ... better not be bird flu or the H5N3 virus. I also kena... in fact the whole family.... I'm the last one to get sick.... shows that I'm the strongest in the family!

    You take care of Mommy, ok? Don't get her wanton. kakaka.....

  14. Year end mood is holiday mood...hope you get well soon..

    Just like the hand posing at the back...like a little bossy..infact he is..haha

  15. Love the pics. Very nice shots taken. Hope you are feeling better.

  16. Sick ar? Too tire of "OT" issit? LOL..

    anyway, take care hor!

  17. We sama-sama sick of the year end deadlines. Take a break and go on a vacation.

  18. *waves hands, fingers and toes*...here la...btw, Jayden looks very smart in that shirt. Its nice. Aunty Shannon indeed has good taste :-D

  19. take a break and have a kit kat lah ..

    if you dont blog.. i will die u know..

  20. sound so moody...take a break lar leng lui....after a long suspense....i'm sure u will be back with more ummpphhh !!!

    blogging shd be enjoyable so if it's not at this moment...put it aside for re-charge !!!

  21. JD looks very mature in his new shirt wei...

    Anyway, Eleventy what again?! *LOL*

  22. i can't believe i bought such a big size that time... should have just kept it for 2nd birthday lar... walamak!

  23. Hi Sasha, I think I took a wrong turning somewhere, but glad I did, dropped here, missed the lampost too, seeing your gorgeous profile pic.
    Beautiful kid you have, love the colourful shirt.
    Nice blog you have too.
    Anyway, you keep well and have a nice day, UL.

  24. Hey again Sasha,
    Poor girl, sick like a rainbow, hope you get well soon.
    Aha, so baby Jayden doesn't have chubby cheeks for me to pinch ? And you will let me pinch his cute butt? Well from the last pic of his, I think pinching his butt will do, coz he is really cute.

  25. Giddy Tiger12:09 PM

    Me too...looking for mojo... when your Mommy finds hers, can you help me find mine?

  26. etceteramommy1:02 PM

    Jayden... you didn't cover mommy with blanket at night ar?? Mommy 'kum chan' edi... :P

    Hope you'll find your mojo back soon...

    The shirt from Shannon and the shirt he was wearing at home same color hor...

  27. Awesome pics! Love the shirt. So, you taking a break? Don'tlaaaaaaa.... nanti miss you how? Heh!

    Take good care of yourself and don't stress too muchlah!

  28. haha... jayden boy you are so kuai... aunty sharine also pray for your mummy to recover soon and wish her find back her blogging mojo and dancing around in the blogsphere as before. You also must behave and be good boy, ok?

  29. Jayden, fast fast go sign up for modeling.. lu ala baniak potensi la

  30. From Destinee jeh jeh:
    Aiyo, Jayden didi, my mommy oso wrapping 'wantons' the past 2 days. She not only 'ah choo ah choo', she oso 'coff coff'. My Pappy asked her to go and see Uncle Doc but she so stubborn don't want to go. So, she took the biji ubat and the black sirup ubat from the fridge to stop her 'ah choos' and 'coff coff'. My mommy so scared she'll spread the 'ah choo and coff coff chung chung' to me so she always don't want me to go near her. I see her so poor thing lor. Ur mummy oso so poor thing, so we don't be notty notty hor.

  31. What a coincidence. I oso need to find my mojo again. *Shake hands* Eh that last photo our friend's standing post banyak gaya lah.

  32. Nice shirt from Aunty Shannon, makes Jayden look like a big boy! Are rambutans back in season now? I want to get some too!

  33. hi dear take it easy.... give lot of hug* hug* and kissxxx to mummy she will be fine .tell mummy to chil and dun't think too much .
    you are a little cutie boy, I like the video with your nice no smelly feet hehehehe.

  34. hey.. take care ya.. the blogging force is strong with you and the blogging world awaits you.. hehe

  35. Love the pictures.. ;) Have a break.. and come right back ya.. ;) yer know i'm gonna miss you .. ;)

  36. ya, very easy to get sick when end of the year!

    you take care!!

  37. Oscar's Mommy9:10 AM

    wei...no mood ah? same lor... if you are still wrapping wantons, i suggest you take a day off to rest la... wrap wantons betul betul not shiok wan la... take care. *hugs J...*

  38. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Jayden boy look so smart, make the shirt look so nice :)

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  40. Sasha9:09 PM

    mama of 2LittleFellas, thanks for the gift. U're so sweet.

    Daddy Terence and mummy Joanne : next time i let u bite him ok...

    eastcoastlife: we semua sick and J recovered edi...jumping ard while the 2 zombies trying to keep up

    Lemonjude : Yeah my little bossi

    khongfamily : tq...

    Jesslyn : no OT for me wan wor...:)

    Vien : yeah...sigh

    Shireen Loh: thanks thanks..

    janicepa : u wont die geh...

    Jacss : okok....when i find my mojo

    L'abeille: u're the 2nd one that calls him JD besides Papajoneh ;)

    Shannon : hahah 2nd birthday soon edi

    U.Lee : Hi U.lee thanks for visiting..

    Moonlight_tears: hey there... to be honest his butt doesn't have that much to pinch..nevermind i will try to pump him up for u to pinch k..

    Giddy Tiger : will tell mami that

    etceteramommy: noler aunty yvonne, i busy kicking mine aside also

    Nadia : aiyah u see my mami in msn everyday ma..

    Peridot&Sapphire: thank u aunty sharine...

    Kirsten /; wa punya lips terlalu besar wor...rejected item

    Destinee jeh jeh:wah what flavour yr mami is making..my mami making custard wan...
    mumsgather : hehe i busy watching tv ma...
    Health Freak Mommy : aunty shannon very smart to choose clothes for me wan....yeah got rambutan everywhere!

    PEARLY : i dun kiss my mami wan...i shy ma..
    sting : okay ..

    MamaBoK : ok aunty jan

    chooi peng: sigh..its the time that we supposed tobe enjoying holiday

    Oscar's Mommy: eh u tell me...u oso need to rest la. Why u hug J no hug me? i sick wor

    Rachel : ten kiu ten kiu

  41. *crossing fingers and toes that sasha gets her blablabla mojo back*

  42. rambutan again ah!!
    he looks like so grown-up .. so cute in the long jeans.

    btw, got a tag for you at http://littledarlings.twinilla.com/?p=25=259

  43. me also mega lazy to blog...ya ya blame on work la, preggy la, sick la,...getting presents la...hol day mood la...heheheh

    time for a break.

    pictures are soooo cute...i like the last one with his diapers!

  44. o.O Since when did Sasha turn into a messenger? Looking forward to Motts' post in a new land. Thanks pal. ^-^

    Really no mood to post ah!? Want some herbal wine to uplift your mojo? hehe....

  45. *i hope google won't telan my comment this time*

    jayden looks so grown up now. what is that place he's squeezed inside? he went inside himself or mummy put him inside? haha!

    waiting for you to come back with more blablabla

  46. Cute boy there. No mood to blog but still an interesting post to me. :) Hope your blogging mood will come back soon.

  47. wah, this mommy can take really nice pictures ar..love those pic a lot.
    year end syndrome, biasalah. everyone draggin a feet.

  48. no lar..cannot run out of bla bla blas one..ur life so colourful! take care & get well soon then mai continue bla bla blaing lor...

  49. Thanks for the msg on my blog. :-)

    Have a good weekend and send my love to Jayden.

  50. Hey I like the shirt..he looks so handsome wearing it. Is he looking at gals thru the window?

  51. the shirt very nice. looks so hensem. take a break lar mommy! I also very sian dunno what to type anymore. =)

  52. this mummy says no mood but still can write something to cheer everyone up! real salute u...

  53. Wow, Sasha, you have lots of fans. 52 comments ahead of me!

    It's alright. Blogging is not an obligation and we should feel happy when blogging. When you have no mood, just take a rest and you will feel better.

    You may want to read this:


  54. Your baby got a cute face, unique!

  55. maybe you can take a short break and snap more photos using your DSLR.

  56. me too lei..maybe is year end, busy and lazy and no time to blog.
    Still on blog break ar? Dont take too long ya. Hope u have recovered. Take care!

  57. I am also wrapping wanton.... it's the season i think...

    Lil J looks cool! :P

  58. so fast change clothes eh-di?

    You good boy or not? You good boy thn mummy can come back faster.

  59. Hey, Jayden looks really good in that shirt la