Wednesday, November 29, 2006

100th Post!

Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah

So fast 100th Post edi...So fast half a year blogging edi..

I still remember my first comment in my blog. So happy that she came to comment in my blog. So happy that I called my hubby and tell him "SOMEONE ACTUALLY COMMENTED IN MY BLOG!!!". And then this 2 fler came and commented on my 2nd post! I called my hubby again "CELEBRITY BLOGGER CAME AND COMMENT!!". Hahaha like bodoh only..i know . Hiaks!

Time son is already 8 months and I'm stuck in my work place for 2 1/2 freaking years.

Hahaha What's next??? Stay Tune to find out.

I just wanna Thank U guys for supporting me and commenting to my craps, shared my ups and downs (mostly downs) and grow up together gether with my blog, my son and myself of coz. Hahaha macam Award only...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

After The Mommie Blogger Meet..

So everyone went home after the gather-gather thinggy. I went shopping alone Jayden. It was quiet challenging especially the toilet and fitting room part.Jayden loves the fitting room session cos he can see himself in the mirror. But others was like wondering how come this lady in the fitting room so damn noisy wan??? Hahahaha Other than that it was Okay. So..i went round and round shopping! YAY! Bought myself a Zara top and Harajuku pants.

So went down the escalator with Jayden in his stroller..and suddenly i felt like someone is zipping down my baby bag behind me. YES..A china woman was trying to open my bag and take the stuff inside. So selamba only.. i try adjusting my bag and bring it to the front. Already half way opened! So i closed it back and buat tak tau. And that lady..pretend like nothing happened, put her hand on the escalator railing and continue talking to her partner. Cool eh? Why i never scold her? Want to die ah....sekali she kick me down with Jayden mampus la kita orang..

Mr Chan had been calling me and leaving sms .."Babe..what time are you coming home? I also want to go kai kai". Hmmm just now ask to follow tak mau..say wanna clean the house. So i replied " Okok. we're coming bek". Suddenly HP rang..aiyak my sister called. Wanna join us with my niece, Jasmine. So they arrive and makan makan at Secret Recipe and I gave Jayden Carrot cake.

Aiks why the picture so big wan? Anyway after that Mr Chan came and joined us. Walk until the leg also wanna patah! I was half dead but the other 3 (my sis, niece and hub) still very the semangat! So we went to KFC adventure park in exibition centre..The aunty there follow the poor clown who's giving away free posters. My sis got in in her hands and got snatched away from this aunty. my sis was like #@$@!#$! Where got ppl so uncivilised wan? So, my niece was like nagging and nagging that we didn't allow her to do the rock climbing and pay RM22 to play there...chi sin meh? What if she fall down? i die ler... So we brought her to the Jusco Mini Theme park instead. Jayden loves the carousel...

And since I'm abit cacated...i dun have energy to carry my wiggly worm..i passed him to Mr Chan..and snapped some pics..

Christmas decorations are everywhere..and you can hear jingles jingles.. But i only want to hear.."LET'S GO HOME". That's why i went home at 7pm. The meeting was at 10.30am....So can u imagine how tired i was...i knocked out at 10.00pm that night....Hahaha

Jayden 8 Months!!

Overdue post...quite busy with work..or pretending to be busy that is. Hahahaha Anyway here's the latest picture we took while bathing him the other day. Nowadays its too hard to even change his diaper! He just won't sit or lay down still for us to change his diaper or change his clothes! And he hates it when we change his clothes...coz his head is just too big. Sometimes the T-shirt will get stuck at the head! hahaha

I think he should be 8kgs now. The other day we went out to meet with other mommy bloggers, when Angie carried him..she said "Wah So light!" Hahahah Yeap..he is very light! But he eats alot. Dadi always say the same thing "He can finish all the porridge in that tupperware??? Are you sure or not?? Dun feed him so much. He will vomit!". He haven't seen before..first the porridge and then another 8oz of milk. Then take a nap..then fruit big bowl again! But he just won't gain weight!

And although he is light, his grandparents threw in the while towel the other day. SURRENDER!! This guy just won't sit still..he will wiggle to the left and right non-stop. And he is VERY CLINGY to me just like the elephant glue..I kinda like it at first that he shows that he prefer me more than his Dadi but sometimes I really beh tahan...The other day when i came back from Kuantan, i went into the room quietly and whispered...Jayden...He turned and crawled so fast while laughing loudly he never see me for so long..only 1 day trip ma..

I have not taken any picture of his 2 little front teeth. So cute! Everytime he smile (he normally will laugh) and can see his teeth. Lately he has not been sleeping well at night. I think he is just too excited to learn how to climb and stand. He will sleep till about 2am and then he will start to crawl and wiggle in beetween the 2 of us. And use US as his climbing materials including this. So there goes our lalaland time...both of us goes to work with panda eyes everyday.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Meet Up!!

Time really flies…blink once blink twice already passed weekend. How I wish now I blink blink then it will become Saturday again! Hahaha

Anyway, I know many ppl are waiting for someone to blog about this. But nobody is moving..So here goes. Another Blogger Mommy meet up! Angeleyes came down to KL so we decided to meet in Burger King Midvalley. So if you happened to be in BK area, and u saw like so many mommy and babies..Yeap..That’s us.

In Total: 6 mommies with 7 kids and plus 1 maid!
So here’s the havoc group picture!

I'm sure you guys know who is who right???

And after I've taken the pictures of the Mommy and the kids..I realized something. Some mommy and kid(s) look like the biscuit mould! So here's the up close and personal pictures of the mommy and of coz the adorable baby too!

Hehehe to make things more exciting...You guys can vote who's the most lookalike mommy + baby here at the side bar! Thank You!!

Friday, November 24, 2006


In kuantan blog via hp again! Dunoo wat wrong wiv my son last nite.he didnt sleep much the whole nite.he was wiggling in between us the whole nite. I tried to stay up but still tertidur also.suddenly someone pulled my hair,very hard n fast! Terkejut me.i opened my eyes
n saw jayden smiling. Aiyo!!!!...I felt like wanna strangle him! Then i tertidur again...wa..syiok...dreaming about me sleeping nicely....suddenly my hp usual like a snake jus wiggle n reach for it. Waaaa! Painful.the phone got electric wan! i tried to shout calling my husband but no i can't!
Zzzt zzzt zzzt Zzzt zzzt zzzt Zzzt zzzt zzzt
Can u imagine feeling of the hp vibrating n electricuting me at the same time? Sakit... When i woke up,wit my half dead voice i said... "Babe take away my fone..." My hub said "ah?" Alamak... Dreaming again?
Hmmm... Then tried to sleep again... Then zzz... Suddenly can feel a twisting painful sensation on my nipple!
I shouted n opened my eyes. Jayden also cried,looking at me wit his hand on my nipple. Terkejut myslf n my boy also. What is this???...tat guy practising how to hold on things to stand up in the middle of the nite! But why?! My nipple?! Adoi! Today,working in kuantan wit huge panda eyes n sore nipple. Ouch!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yum Cha!

This post is dedicated to egghead..cos he say he dun have tea to drink during working here goes. First u gather gather all the ingredients...

Red improve blood level..

Wolfberry to improve eye sight..

Some flower..i think lily bud...

Chrysanthemum to cool yr body...

forget-me-not..i didn't know that this flawer also can makan wan...

This one buah keras ke apa ke..i tak tau....tapi boleh dimakan...

and to make things sweeeeeeeeeeeeet masukkan this "ping thong" sugar..


U put-ted everything together gether like this in your cup. And pour hot water!

Lift of the sieve,separator (not the car separator) or whatever you wanna call it...and...


Ahh..............i feel so thirsty anymore...Very mah fan hor? Have to go gather gather the stuff just to make one cup of tea..this one can recycle wan la..can drink many many time. But each time have to put in new sugar cube la..

Still very mah fan right....


just go and buy this.

Everything in a pack from Eu Yan Sang...Easy, Fast and err expensive? ( small packs for RM7.90).

Good News!!!!!






I have good news for myself!








I'm not pregnant la.....







I can masuk my old pants liao!!! Dun play play..Dorothy Perkins Petite size 8 leh....But i tak boleh masuk my old size 6 yet...and my super low waist Levis jeans...takpe just wait.... I know la..although can masuk my old pants, my peha like the peha big!.. What to do? *sigh*

3 more kilos to go only ma.. I can do it wan!!! Kambate!!!!

But wait...abit funny...cos..not only i got fatter after give birth... i also grew taller !!!

Got such thing meh?????? Why the pants so short wan????!!!!


You know what? i drafted this yesterday...and i went home again to try my Levis Jeans..Guess What?

YAY!!! I can Masuk!!! But still cannot wear cos my kangaroo pouch is still dangling there..Not very nice lo hor????So need to loose like 1 kg of the pouch, 1 kg of the butt and 1 kg of the top part (except the breast area) then will go bek to original Sasha!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Okay to solve the munchkinz mystery let Jayden show you how it works. Hehe

Let me start from the beginning why i have time to take picture step-by-step (oh no.. ally gonna say I'm "cheong hei" again. Not because's because i'm alone with Jayden (again). Mr Chan went to find cocka in Johor. Hahaha Joking only la..(about the find cocka part)

Anyway, i picked Jayden up from Nanny's and wanted to give him some bananas to try. It's his first time (virgin to banana). I think that eating banana only will make him "jelak" so decided to mix it with apples..just like this one..

But Nanny always say.."why wanna eat this kinda "unhealthy food" when can have the fresh one"... kantoi.. so have to make fresh wan la.. So u gather the apple & banana together gether liddis..

And then you chop cop liddis...

And then you blend blend liddis...
Then you get this. Where's Jayden??? Ok...he is very hungry edi! Biting the toys edi...Come Jayden.... Never show him the bowl or spoon. or else he will be like this! Once the food is in the mouth, he is a very good boy. Other times...*shake head*

So this is supposed to be the story mory of Munchkinz.. how come about Bananas and Apple Puree leh? hehehe sajala...cannot meh??? Anyway, after feeding him, it's Mami's turn to makan. But Jayden always ka-ka-cau-cau when i makan-ing. So what I did was....
Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: Step 4:

Step 5: Lock it!Step 6: Give it to Hungry BabyStep 7: Hungry Baby Eats it! that he is occupied.. i can makan my dinner...
See...he is so occupied eating his munchkinz feeder with banana. Good ..Mami can have peaceful dinner.. Alamak: Forgot to put hanky on the walker.. nevermind just wipe! How to clean the munchkinz? Remembet to turn in inside out to clean. If you have baby bottle cleaner or toothbrush is good enough...Clean as new one!

How to clean baby after that? Strip him butt naked and give him some cloth to wipe his dirty face and bath him!!!

Hahahahahah Why u wanna to look at my nen nen????????
Jayden says: Aunty & Uncle...So do you still want to buy a munchkinz for yr kidz????

Additional tips: DO NOT FEED YOUR KIDS BANANA AT NIGHT!!! HYPERACTIVE!!!Jayden woke up at 4.30 am - 6.00 am to play..*pengsan*

Yeah..although Jayden wil use this feeder like only a month or two..but i want to train him to be independent, holding his own food. Cos even his bottle now, he refuse to hold it. So, it's considered another milestone for him lor....BTW..he has 2 teeth edi..but cannot really see!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Fruitful Weekend!

As usual, Mr Chan gotto go for his company's reading club every once a month. Last month time time, i went for Warehouse sale with Jayden..alone without him. This month, no warehouse sale. So stay at home and do something for myself and Jayden lo....

With Jayden around..i'm always so busy even when he is sleeping..why? Because i have worms in my buttocks..cannot sit still. Those who know me, if i diam diam sit there...then u know..i'm sad or sick. So eat-full-nuthing-to-do.. i did all these..

Heart Heart veges to be frozen as cubes...for my son's porridge..Can you feel the lurveeeee???? Why i do liddis leh? It's because i always buy alot of vege to make porridge for Jayden, cook a little bit and throw the rest cos its spoilt very fast..So what i did was..cook everything and put the cooked veges in the ikea ice cube maker.. and tadaaa!!! Heart Veges...

Then i made this... This time, no step by step cooking.Cos:
  • i was rushing like mad, scared Jayden wake up.

  • i only make one. Really eat-full-nuthing-to-do.

  • i was just lazy.

  • Simply just de-bone the chicken drumstick. Then wrap carrot n potato inside. Outside wrap another layer of bacon. Marinate with chicken marinate sauce. Then bake. Turn.Turn. Turn.Then sapu with Teriyaki Sauce. Then Sapu with honey. Then put cheese. And Wallop...and makan the fella.
    Jayden was still sleeping when i finished the stuff. He was sleeping on the bed with the "chak chak" that I made for him using bird seeds or you can opt for saga seed. But I dun have enough saga seed so I made it with bird seeds .What is this for leh? This is for kids that "jump" when they sleep. So with the weight it feels like someone is holding them when they sleep lo....Got matching pillow samo. Sew until hand also pain...

    Mr Chan still havent come home. Do what leh? Annie says Lifecella mask is very good. So...
    At this time..Mr Chan came back. He nearly had a heart attack...and so happened Jayden also woke up..

    I thought he will cry looking at my face like this..mana tau he chuckled and start digging my eyes and nose..hahaha guarantee this is really my son! Same like the mother...kekeke

    So i wanted to get a carpet to lay on the floor for Jayden to practise his crawling and sitting. We packed our stuff and went to Ikano to jalan jalan. Jayden is feeling much better after the rashes outbreak the day b4. See how cheerful he is..

    So happened there's Flea market on saturdays..and there's christmas deco..a good time to take picture! Actually my main intention besides the carpet was to hunt for this..but couldn't find it anywhere in curve. So I called my sis up and she said it's available in Jusco BU. Aiyo....Since i know i'll be lazy to go out again on Sunday..i went to Jusco and bought this..
    So on Sunday. i very the sexcited to let him try this feeder...

    A very satisfied customer..

    And then we went to makan makan in the Damansara Village Restaurant with extended family members. It was a good dinner..wanna see picture? go to my other blog to see it.

    This morning i came to work late cos i have to attend a meeting in supplier's place. Peek out to see what's the weather like and i saw this...

    She's waiting for us to come back although i haven't gone to work. Hmm must spend some time with this girl edi....

    Wah write so much...i think i won't have anything to blog for a week edi..hehehe