Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sasha Cook!

First of all, Nadia..if you're reading this..please excuse me ya.. tidak halal mia cerita.. :)

Yes, Sasha cooked yesterday. Was going back home from office yesterday and since I have allocation of Rm1.50 from my company we can take anything from our cafeteria and I took the Ikan Goreng (like shit) and some potato goreng (this one ok). So happened I spoke to some blogger mommy that likes to cook (in msn) so I thought...why not I cook . Since I bought this piece of pork from Giant the other day, so I tot maybe I can cook the pork dish that my grandma used to cook for us when we're kiddies. So pity the pork..its like yelling ,,"Please cook me!" every time i open my fridge door.

And then so happened I bought this packet of salted Vege from the pasar the other day..

So after returning from work, I fast fast take the pork down and defrost it.I chop chop the pork and it end up like this..

Chopping half way my Mr Chan complaining Jayden don't wanna sleep..aiyo..potong stim betul. I shooed him and insisted that he should sleep with jayden....So continue story...Make a hole(to stop the sauce from flowing out), add in soya sauce, oyster sauce, a dash of dark soya sauce, a lil bit of sugar (cos alot of salty action balance the taste) and chop samo..

Then you add the salted vege and some onion and waterchestnut, which i don't have :( and chop samo.

Then u must whack the fella up like this, throw throw to the chopping board like this..I don't know why..but my grandma says it's nicer wor..Then you separate the fella into small ballz..while separating, must whack again ya..Then you add whatever you suka to make it nicer..(not nice to eat but nice to see also can la..hehe)

At first very semangat wanna wrap each and every of the pork ballz with carrots and spring onion like this..but I ran out of carrots (reserved for Jayden's porridge) and very hard to find all sama size mia carrot..So end up like this

Boleh la..make nice nice also end up in the tummy ma..Moreover my mr Chan is like tong sampah..apa pun boleh. So after that throw in the steamer and steam for errr....until its cooked lo.

Taaaaddaaa!!! This is the final output.But few bijis of the green pea terbakar abit..cos I never jaga the fire..busy preparing porridge for Jayden.But it looks okay. The taste? Let me eat tonight and if you see me blogging again the next day..means its safe. Hahahaha

My grandma used to prepare this dish for us together with soup(normally chicken feet with groundnuts). But tonight I'll be having this with ABC soup. Finally home cooked food in Chan's residence...


  1. Jesslyn11:06 AM

    first time cook after marry? so hang fuk ah?? :P

    u so patient hor wrap so nice, if me sure just make meat ball only wan.....but look creative ler!

  2. eh! ur "cook blog" also so funny one la!!Got "whack whack" the meat.Y u cook last nite and eat tonite oh? Anyway,it look great and creative..but the taste...hmmmmm!! HAHA!only u know

  3. Wah looks classy wor the preparation and decoration.

    Reminds me of my mum's steamed minced pork placed inside the bitter gourd.

  4. Well done Sasha...Mr.Chan must be so proud ;)

  5. I wan to eat... can ah? :P

  6. wah, got chop chop here, whack whack there somemore? You really patient leh, after work somemore can do so much? Wat time finish all wor... Looks good... Update us how it taste yeah.... :D

  7. waliow... nice wor... i must try la cos i bought that same piece of meat too from pasar. hehe, once you start to cook, you feel like cooking everyday, very fun wan. except the washing part la... melecehkan!

  8. errr....must not read during lunch stomach now rumbling lar....

  9. Jess: i used to cook for 8 ppl when i was in 2ndary sch right until i got preg.Then after got bb, no time ler.

    Annie + shannon: I know how it taste like..taste like my grandma..'s cooking la.

    Julian: look like 5 star, taste better also! hehe

    IMD: Thank you Thank you. I bet he is happy..and his belly is happy too!

    Kenny: can print out my page and eat the paper la. heheh

    Angie: Try try, then cut it small small pc and makan with rice+soup. Children loves it. I know when i was a small and innocent girl, i love this dish.kekeke

    Milkmaid: Hahahaha Makes me cannot wait to go home for dinner leh!

  10. wah.. come home can still wait for the pork to defrost before starting to chop chop chop?

    Presentation still nice.. :P

  11. u very good leh...

    can whack whack on one hand, and take picture on the other! LOL!

  12. have potential to make a cook book LOL!

  13. nicely done..yum yum....

  14. ZMM: if dun defrost how to chop neh? hehe

    Mott: Yeah, but very susah neh, cook with one hand. HAHA

    Huisia: mana lang no good and my cooking like shi..t

    DragonMummy: Nicely done only..dunno yummy for u or not.. keke

  15. Wah, you terror should name this dish " Pork Ball Kung Fu" style.
    (Bcoz got chop.chop..and whack..whack)!!

  16. fuiyoh! very presentable wor! fit for restaurant liddat! really if i'm cooking for own consumption i dun care about the presentation la..but really i must try one day!

  17. So did it taste as good as it looks? Certainly made me feel hungry. ;)

  18. Wuah lau eh! This cook memang hebat betul one, got chop chop and whack whack and like everything just hantam saja. But hor ...... the ballz look very nice and delicious leh. I thought u just chop chop the 'chee yuk' and the 'tung choi' and steam saja but u have to go all the memang susah way. 'Fuk jor lei lor'!

  19. Wah, the dishes look so nice. U are very good in cooking I think. I must learn from u cos I dunno how to cook and now only start to cook.

  20. sasha: Hahaha! No problemo lah. But they do look good. You reckon it'll taste nice with beef instead of pork? Hehehe..

  21. Aceone: Gd Name! I'll name it " Pork Ball Kung Fu" style!

    Amah: need to take picture mah of cos nice la..if never take picture u think it'll be like this meh? hehe

    mich: like amah likes to say..its "heavenly".

    Tracy: Pai seh pai seh..hehe

    Desp.Mum: Nolah..still learning from the expert cooks in blogging world!

    Nadia: Beef and Chicken also shud be okay!But must eat with rice cos it's abit salty la..

  22. wahh u somemore got time to whack it!! Pui fook...if I do that at home, my mr. hon might oredi gone out finish dinner and come home :P

  23. wah so geng have to whack the piece of pork so many time. but look like a very nice dish. makes me hungry.

  24. Jazz: Aiyoh do one day before time lo.

    Whoisbaby: Hehe Yeah ..kena whack punya dish taste better

  25. babykhong4:37 PM

    Nice decorations! So creative! You really have the 'sam gei' to do the dish so nice. Must be yummy! Making me 'lau hau sui'.