Monday, November 20, 2006

Fruitful Weekend!

As usual, Mr Chan gotto go for his company's reading club every once a month. Last month time time, i went for Warehouse sale with Jayden..alone without him. This month, no warehouse sale. So stay at home and do something for myself and Jayden lo....

With Jayden around..i'm always so busy even when he is sleeping..why? Because i have worms in my buttocks..cannot sit still. Those who know me, if i diam diam sit there...then u know..i'm sad or sick. So eat-full-nuthing-to-do.. i did all these..

Heart Heart veges to be frozen as cubes...for my son's porridge..Can you feel the lurveeeee???? Why i do liddis leh? It's because i always buy alot of vege to make porridge for Jayden, cook a little bit and throw the rest cos its spoilt very fast..So what i did was..cook everything and put the cooked veges in the ikea ice cube maker.. and tadaaa!!! Heart Veges...

Then i made this... This time, no step by step cooking.Cos:
  • i was rushing like mad, scared Jayden wake up.

  • i only make one. Really eat-full-nuthing-to-do.

  • i was just lazy.

  • Simply just de-bone the chicken drumstick. Then wrap carrot n potato inside. Outside wrap another layer of bacon. Marinate with chicken marinate sauce. Then bake. Turn.Turn. Turn.Then sapu with Teriyaki Sauce. Then Sapu with honey. Then put cheese. And Wallop...and makan the fella.
    Jayden was still sleeping when i finished the stuff. He was sleeping on the bed with the "chak chak" that I made for him using bird seeds or you can opt for saga seed. But I dun have enough saga seed so I made it with bird seeds .What is this for leh? This is for kids that "jump" when they sleep. So with the weight it feels like someone is holding them when they sleep lo....Got matching pillow samo. Sew until hand also pain...

    Mr Chan still havent come home. Do what leh? Annie says Lifecella mask is very good. So...
    At this time..Mr Chan came back. He nearly had a heart attack...and so happened Jayden also woke up..

    I thought he will cry looking at my face like this..mana tau he chuckled and start digging my eyes and nose..hahaha guarantee this is really my son! Same like the mother...kekeke

    So i wanted to get a carpet to lay on the floor for Jayden to practise his crawling and sitting. We packed our stuff and went to Ikano to jalan jalan. Jayden is feeling much better after the rashes outbreak the day b4. See how cheerful he is..

    So happened there's Flea market on saturdays..and there's christmas deco..a good time to take picture! Actually my main intention besides the carpet was to hunt for this..but couldn't find it anywhere in curve. So I called my sis up and she said it's available in Jusco BU. Aiyo....Since i know i'll be lazy to go out again on Sunday..i went to Jusco and bought this..
    So on Sunday. i very the sexcited to let him try this feeder...

    A very satisfied customer..

    And then we went to makan makan in the Damansara Village Restaurant with extended family members. It was a good dinner..wanna see picture? go to my other blog to see it.

    This morning i came to work late cos i have to attend a meeting in supplier's place. Peek out to see what's the weather like and i saw this...

    She's waiting for us to come back although i haven't gone to work. Hmm must spend some time with this girl edi....

    Wah write so much...i think i won't have anything to blog for a week edi..hehehe


    1. what to do with that ice cube lei?Defrost and eat the vege inside oh?heehee! U really eat full nothing to do!! HAHA!But it look cute!By the way,glad to see Jayden back to his normal noti & cheerful smile!

    2. wow, you are one creative gal, at first I thot those hearts were choc. Hey I got that munchkin for my gal too. She only use it for 2 months.

    3. We bought the feeder for chloe too.. but she wouldn't used it.. bummer..! she is a late bloomer .. when it comes to eating. Your Jayden so smart..!! going at it. .with gusto.. ;)

    4. Happy weekend hor? So many things done within the two days. How nice.

      Looks like more and more nice cooking coming from you...

      eh the pillow really works aH? Maybe I should tell my wife and ask her to make for Raelynne cos maybe she will sleep longer this way at night.

    5. Wah, really fruitful LOL!
      Actually i found that munchkin very hard to wash, unless you wash it immediately after being used.
      Jayden not takut you meh when you're with the mask?

    6. how does the feeder work? put inside issit? i itchy backside to get...!!! your jayden is a smart boy!

    7. ya man how does the feeder work? looks gili & messy leh..

    8. oo the feeder..i bought this sometime ago for michelle's girl kekeke...wah ur chak chak looks very syiok lerr, so much comfy than the one i got for vyktore, how come i never thuoght of beans..chey

    9. Wah, that vege cube... full of LURVE!! but but, how does it work??? teach me oohh... then I can do for Rachel.... hehehe

      Rachel used to have that chakchak also, i made from rice (uncooked lar of course)... But have to throw it away in 2 months, else later got insects...

      I saw the feeder in 1U before... but hubby didn't like it, else I would have gotten it... looks good yeah... how is it? let me know, then i can go psycho hubby to buy... hehehehehe.....

    10. Waaaahhh, u so damn rajin ey?? Haha! And I got Irfan the same Fresh Food Feeder thingie too, but I bought it from Metrojaya MV. Haven't had time to use it yet though. Busy doing up the house and 3/4 of our stuff are already in the boxes! =P

      Btw, Jayden's pictures are just sooooooo adorable! Can you squeeze his cheeks for me please? ;) Thanks!

    11. Wah.. use hand to sew those bead pillow.. terror!

      Yeah, like mamabok I also found munchkin too difficult to wash.

      what vege is that.. looks err.. very green.

    12. Annie: Yes, later when wanna eat then defrost la..

      Mich:I'm not creative. Ikea's creative.. hehe

      Mamabok: Late bloomer means boss life ma..u dunno meh? Hehe lucky u!

      Julian: Can try lo.very cheap and easy to make ma.

      Huisia: Nola..this guy not scared at all.Samo come n poke my eyes..OUCH!!

      Mott + amah: Yalah, just cut the fruits and stuff it into it, and lock it!

      Jazz: what did u use for Vyks?

      Shanon: Cos my vege and fruits always spoil very fast. So have to cook the stuff first, put in tray, freeze it and defrost as per yr liking. Yeah, dun use rice cos will have "ulat" later. The feeder is not bad. But I think Jayden will only use it for few months only. Just wanna intro fruits to him and worried that he might choke if terswallow big piece..

      Nadia: Will do that for u tonight! :)

      ZMM:wanted to sew using machine but MIL sewing machine sudah Kaput. No choice ler.. Yeah..very green ei? it's spinach + brocolli ma..

    13. Waiseh, so creative, vege cubes in heart shape :)

    14. That's a very creative way of storing those vegies. I think I am gonna try it if I eat-full-nothing-to-do :) Hehe...u so cheong hei also, can really write sooooo much. kekekek!!!

    15. wow...the food looks yummy...but i must say the feeder looks geli...reading the comments...must have big washing problem & wat abt hygiene leh?

    16. wah...I got that feeder in LA too and only USD$2.99!!!! Last pc some more ah... Darrius was a bit blur when I gave him but now he knows lioa so he chop chop the food inside.

    17. babykhong8:31 PM

      Hey, your heart heart veges look very nice lehh...what a good idea to store them that way. Cool! You are a very creative cook decorative!

      We also bought the fresh food feeder for Brae but we stopped using that after he plays and throws the feeder on the floor. *sigh*

    18. this mommy very rajin and creative. ;)

    19. Aiks..where is my comments? Disappeared ledi!!lol

    20. IMD + nyonya: not me creative..its Ikea who's creative. kekeke

      Ally: yalah eat full nuthing to do ma..hehe

      Momof2angels:no problem ak..later i show u how..

      bbkhong:ya to use for a while only..then have to throw away. :(

      ACE: WHY U NEVER COMMENT?????? hahaha

    21. Sasha very panlai wor, so much love, sure Jayden can feel it la,

    22. I'm always having problem reading your blog, as there's a debug problem!
      Finally, can see your lovely vege cubes, you're so cute, make them into heart shapes.

    23. Wah you really like to cook lar. Every week or so, got some yummy dishes from you... I also lurve to cook, but got no time cause Aiden doesnt sleep for long during the day. Must try something this weekend.
      Chak Chak - some pple discourage, so I did not do for Aiden - he always terkejut in the day time one... now that he is 6 mths, maybe I'll do one.
      Munchkin feeder - eh, I oso got one. Havent started to use it yet...
      Heart Veges I lurve them, at first I thought you made jelly -- hahaha