Friday, November 17, 2006

Rashes Part II

Okay so i didn't bath him with coconut water last night due to many many other recommendations. Got home early cos gotto attend dinner with my aunt n cous who recently came back for my grandma's funeral. They're leaving tomorrow... So got Jayden all dressed up - in pajamas. And since got a little time i took some of his picture to see the progress of the rashes outbreak.
The rashes spread to the whole body and surrounded his eyes. The rashes on the head is lesser by now. Since he was sick few days or a week ago, he smile and laugh less. Yalah..tired and drousy because of the medicine ma. But yesterday he laugh and play like normal. YAY!

And another super close up of the culprit that causes the fever episodes...

*sigh* One gigi also so messy liao. I dunno what's gonna happen when the 2nd teeth, 3rd,4th..i wanna die edi...

So we went for makan makan in PJ Old Town and my aunt keep on kissing Jayden many many times till he got so fed up and push her face away. Yalah..she's gonna miss whole lot cos after this round ..dunno when she's gonna come bek edi since no more parents in Malaysia.and finally a nice picture of him looking at the camera but he didn't smile cos its supposed to be his sleeping time.
And another picture with my cousin..aka Jayden's uncle. Pssstt this guy is my ex bf when i was 3 yrs old. kekeke

notice the same hairstyle????

So after that we balik and tidor la...but Jayden was crying on and off the whole night. Use what SKII or SK100000 also cannot help me edi..The eyes like kena tumbuk! So my prince woke up early today..and i have no choice but to leave him at his walker and give him some toys to play with.

Then i kacau him.. and as usual he will make like he is "malu" and try to hide his face. Guess where he try to hide his face? He was trying to cover his face with his hands and dropped his head and "bang" his head on the balls. No movement after that...i lifted his head and he suddenly say ...

UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! poor thing! Bang the mouth on the balls. Luckily no teeth yet..if not sure bleed edi wan.

Hmm notice that he always open my mouth when take picture? My mom always say .."all the habuk masuk into the mouth already la....." Hahaha so i try to ask him to close his mouth to take picture and he said...



  1. "aiyah, why mommy lidat wan? i got superlicious puckers and she put her hand on my mouth pulak"

  2. Jayden still not sleeping thru the night?

  3. hmmmm..ur ex boyfriend (cousin)..heehee..

    eh..the coconut water is mix with water la..not just bath with coconut water lei..;)

  4. this mummy behaves more like a child than her son... LOL!

  5. Jayden said..I'm trying to talk, why close my mouth!!UWAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  6. Poor kid..kena rashes, kena hantam by kena shutmouth by mami. hope he gets better real soon!

  7. Hope he gets well soon.

    We all also mung cha cha here not enough sleep. Aiyoooooooo........ when will all this end?

  8. Adoi...poor Jayden... so many painful episodes...

    When teething is like that... very manja and at night very cranky. Once the tooth come out half way... things will be back to normal again.

    p/s: finally can get into the comment box! :P

  9. Eh, mama Sasha, how come you no sleep still can blogging wan? Some more so rajin load so many cute pics of Jayden (not complaininglah since he handsome boy), take care of yourself oso, OK?

  10. Nyonya: U suka the Lips. Sebijik like mine u next time Hehe

    Mich: Nope..still the same.

    Annie: Ya mixed with water liao..

    Egg: Then only can entertain the small boy fren u know..

    Ace: I think So too!! Hahah

    Mott: Hahahah Sorry la his Mami memang abit mental.

    Julian: U think la..Memang no sleep edi wan la until our kids is like 3?4?10? haha

    Angel:Hope so too!

    F/Horse:Cannot sleep in opis ma..load pics lo..

  11. Aiyo poor Jayden la!!! No worry la rashes will soon go away and Jayden will be happi again and mummy pls dun pu hand on my mouth again!! If not I 'll bite U when I grow teeth!! lol

  12. ayo ur son not a toy leh...poor bb!

  13. aiyoyo.... sasha really need more rest liao... hope jayden boy gets well soon so you also worry lesser..
    have a wonderful weekend... and rest rest rest.... :)

  14. My girl just like Jayden, has a tooth coming out too. Maybe we both should go for some spa to relax!!!
    BTW, I've always thought Jayden sounds familiar. Now I know why. My next door neighbour's cucu from UK also has the same name!

  15. When chloe was teething.. she was like that too.. quite fussy... and donch wanna sleep. Hope Jayden gets well soon.

  16. When they are teething, they tend to put things into their mouth and chew, that's a source of infection causing the fever.

    Get well soon.

  17. Yeah woh.. always open the mouth one when he takes pix.

    Wah.. got 1 gigi coming out liao.. soon more will come out.