Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hainam Sou..

Yeah, that's what they call my grandma around my old housing area. She's the femes CNN around our area. Just ask her for the latest news and she knows who is good, who is bad, who has affair and blablabla. But another thing about this Hainam Sou is that she likes to make up stories. That's how our family members prefers my grandad over her. And she loves to stuff money here and there. That's another major headache.

I used to stay in the same room as my grandma until one fine day, after she returned from my uncle's house in Kepong and told me that she lost RM2,000. Her in-law brought her to sought for a medium and guess what the medium said.. "The person who stays in the same room with you stole your money". So the in-law convinced my grandma that I took the money in fact she is the one that stole they money to feed her judi fever (grandma stay same room with her while staying in my uncle's house). And the worst part is..my grandma believed her. Of course I'm pissed with the accusation , so i packed my stuff and moved to the store room. (by the way this in-law is the mother of the aunty who lost my fone for me during my grandma's funeral, satu family sebijik suey!)

Later that year, I went to Australia for 1 month of seminar + holiday. At the same time, I called back to Malaysia and again she told me she lost RM3000. This time I laughed and said "probably I flew back to Malaysia stole the money and came back to Australia". So, then she believed that I didn't take her money.

I still remember the day that she whispered my to hubby (then bf) that if he marry me he will be very susah and bad luck. When she turned and saw me standing behind her, she walked to the alter and swore in front of the god that she didn't make the remark. My hubby was speecheless when my grandma asked him to be the witness!

Don't know why she made the remarks..probably she's worried that after i gor married she will be lonely...However, I did not take it personally and continue to respect and love her the same as before. I will buy her kuihs and hang it at her door everyday until the day I got married. Her health soon detiorate and she got weaker. Every sunday when we go out for dinner she will say that she missed my "surprise kuihs" and me holding her hand guiding her to walk when we goes out.

She's the only family member that I will kiss besides my hub, son, niece and nephew. I remember the day i accompanied her in the hospital, i kissed her so many times. Probably i knew that she won't make it this time by looking at her X-ray. Others thought that she's going home.

During her funeral, we talked about the funny things she does. Esp with her tongkat..she walks smoothly holding her tongkat up and not touching the floor, like she's the tongkat for the tongkat! and her pronounciation of certain words.. like tupperware will become Pataware, Nasi Lemak will be Kasi Lumak, Steven became timun, Andrew is Mintu hahaha that's why its very hard for me to choose for a name for my son. I tried asking her to say Dwayne, she said Duying. I said Lucas she said Luka, Ethan became Iton and finally Jayden she called Jotun. So how did we train her to say Jayden? We asked her to say Yuinny Boy (my cousin's name) she repeated Yuinny Boy accurately ..then we will say Jayden Boy..and Walah! She will say Jayden Boy! But she still call him Baby ah Boy...

Hmmm I miss her...26 yrs with her is such a long time..Suddenly no more PoPo..like so weird and empty..How not to miss her...she's so full of stories..so entertaining...so tiny and cute...


  1. For me, I miss my grandma's cooking. She basically knows how to cook every thing.

    Since my grandma cannot read and write, I'm very surprised that she can write down everyone's telephone numbers, but without any name to it. However, she will know who's number belong to who. For us who read it, we have no idea cos its all numbers but no names.

    For the past 1-2 years before she past away (she died on 2nd Sept this year), she became more and more manja and seeking attention all the time. Its like an old person going back to kiddy time. I guess that's normal.

    Each and every grandma has their own stories and many stories. My grandma went through World War II.

    I tell you, one blog or 1000 pages of book cant finish telling grandma stories.

  2. Sorry about your lost. You take care ya...

  3. Ya,me also very close with my grandma (my mum side) since me very young i stay with my grandma already,can said she brought me up.She passed away on year 1999 just after a year i got married!She got cancer and died at age 60.Its a relief for her,at least she dont need to suffer anymore.

  4. Firstly, let me just ask, you 26 years old oni ar? :D
    (cuz you say 26 years with her mar)...

    2ndly, it's always a fun thing to do when family sit down and talk about good and funny things of those that have left us... I love those moments, because that's the time when you'll see that everyone elses misses them too....
    I always feel that their soul is with us when we talk about them... It's a way to ensure that they still will live on... Not in body, but in memories... :)

  5. you shared many beautiful moments with your grandma. ;)

  6. You do shared lots of good moments with your grandma.
    Both my grandma still around (Dad and Mom side), I more closer to my Mom side grandma, I am the 1st grandchild for her, she love me so much, each time she saw me she will hold my hand...

  7. Hi Sasha, Yes old people is like tat like to merajuk. Even my own grandma too. Eventhough she treat us bad but until today I still miss her so much. She passed away for almost 10 yrs n I stay wif her since I born.

  8. I'm sure she's real happy to live to see her great grandson eh?

  9. That one is your wedding photo with your grandma?