Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Okay to solve the munchkinz mystery let Jayden show you how it works. Hehe

Let me start from the beginning why i have time to take picture step-by-step (oh no.. ally gonna say I'm "cheong hei" again. Not because's because i'm alone with Jayden (again). Mr Chan went to find cocka in Johor. Hahaha Joking only la..(about the find cocka part)

Anyway, i picked Jayden up from Nanny's and wanted to give him some bananas to try. It's his first time (virgin to banana). I think that eating banana only will make him "jelak" so decided to mix it with apples..just like this one..

But Nanny always say.."why wanna eat this kinda "unhealthy food" when can have the fresh one"... kantoi.. so have to make fresh wan la.. So u gather the apple & banana together gether liddis..

And then you chop cop liddis...

And then you blend blend liddis...
Then you get this. Where's Jayden??? Ok...he is very hungry edi! Biting the toys edi...Come Jayden.... Never show him the bowl or spoon. or else he will be like this! Once the food is in the mouth, he is a very good boy. Other times...*shake head*

So this is supposed to be the story mory of Munchkinz.. how come about Bananas and Apple Puree leh? hehehe sajala...cannot meh??? Anyway, after feeding him, it's Mami's turn to makan. But Jayden always ka-ka-cau-cau when i makan-ing. So what I did was....
Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: Step 4:

Step 5: Lock it!Step 6: Give it to Hungry BabyStep 7: Hungry Baby Eats it! that he is occupied.. i can makan my dinner...
See...he is so occupied eating his munchkinz feeder with banana. Good ..Mami can have peaceful dinner.. Alamak: Forgot to put hanky on the walker.. nevermind just wipe! How to clean the munchkinz? Remembet to turn in inside out to clean. If you have baby bottle cleaner or toothbrush is good enough...Clean as new one!

How to clean baby after that? Strip him butt naked and give him some cloth to wipe his dirty face and bath him!!!

Hahahahahah Why u wanna to look at my nen nen????????
Jayden says: Aunty & Uncle...So do you still want to buy a munchkinz for yr kidz????

Additional tips: DO NOT FEED YOUR KIDS BANANA AT NIGHT!!! HYPERACTIVE!!!Jayden woke up at 4.30 am - 6.00 am to play..*pengsan*

Yeah..although Jayden wil use this feeder like only a month or two..but i want to train him to be independent, holding his own food. Cos even his bottle now, he refuse to hold it. So, it's considered another milestone for him lor....BTW..he has 2 teeth edi..but cannot really see!


  1. Try not to give Jayden too much sweet stuffs. It can makes a kid too hyperactive.

  2. wow i see he ate a lot...see the tummy so full and round!

  3. Hi Sasha,u really a good mummy.So "Sai Sam" :)

  4. sasha u really "free" full nothing to do!HAHA!just joking!Ya,Jayden tummy is big big!!Eat too full liao!Thanks to mummy Sasha!

  5. U so patientlah, some more got step by step guideline to share...Lol.

  6. Your Jayden so smart..! my chloe ah..!! everything also donch wanna eat..!! She is so funny.. never put stuff in her mouth to chew at all.

  7. Try plastic grater, it is very easy to use. I use grater to mash the fruits for jo as he is very lazy to chew.

  8. Ooo..look at Jayden boy tummy, so big edi, eat so much..

  9. LOL! no wonder today no see you active at MSN lah... kena hyperactive attack! :P

  10. That's something that cannot be found in KK.. how to buy? Next time go Kl baru buy lah... hehhe

  11. Kenny: Don't give anything also so hyper edi wan la..

    Mommyof2angel + Annie + Rachel: Hehehe his tummy memang liddat wan..

    Desp Mum: What to do..mami edi ma. have to la..

    IMD: Eat full nuthing to do ma..

    Mamabok:yrs is princess ma..:)

    Huisia:prob is jayden wants to chew. i scared he accidently swallow to big pc and choke!

    Egg: Eh nolah...really busy wan!

    Julian: Got wan..slowly find. Sure got wan. If not i help you buy okay ? ;)

  12. haha, i'm so late to the post!!!!
    i like the close nen nen photo... hahaha... this MUST say... :D

    and also, u super free, super geng... blend and feed, then somemore give munchkin... haha...

  13. I tell you..your boy is super cute!!!!!!!!! With you as the Mami..he's gonna be a real hit with the girls!!!! cute and funny!!!

  14. Sasha, Wah liao with the detail pics tat U took I laugh until cried man.... Jayden boy is sooooooo cute!! Especially when he make the face when sees the spoon n bowl and also the close nen nen part!1 But I dun think I wan to eat tat bowl of mash banana and apples lor!1 I rather eat the whole one!!

  15. Anonymous11:40 PM

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  16. wuaah, sekalang ada macam-macam mia gadget. gua tak pernah tengok. gua suakoo betul.

  17. Wakaka..Jayden so happy when naked! Acherly..happy wanna go play play water ler!!!

  18. Cool "munchkinz feeder", when my boy was small no such sophisticated gadget wan.

  19. Shanon:Not free la.Have to do it might as well take picture and show show also la.

    Mott:My boy is a clown! haha

    Wenn: Hehe if can i wan Jayden to eat the fruit itself and no need to blend la..but cannot yet!

    Annon:Okok later i'll go n check it out.

    Nyonya: Hehe Yalor Manyak gadget. beli sampai gua pokai!

    Ace: I bring him to gather-gather u take care of him for me can ah?

    Firehorse:Yeah..too many cool gadget..*looking at credit card bills*...

  20. Haha! Love the "I'm-covering-my-tities" photo. Coolies!! =) I still haven't used the munchkinz for Irfan. Should start soon coz he's damn lazy to hold his milk bottle too. Sigh.

  21. I'm too lazy to clean up the mess caused by Munchkins.. after few use.. kept in store room liao..

    Lets see if can take out for no. 2 to use.

  22. wah Jayden very clever to pose hor?? He's very good with the feeder leh... Darrius just wanna bite the ring on top and not the food inside the net! *pengz*

  23. Nadia: Like his Dadi very scared ppl touch the tities!!

    ZMM: so fast meh? Havent even come out yet wor...

    angeleyes: Hahaha ya first bite the fruit then bite the bottom then throw on the floor. Hahah

  24. Eh - dat is Pat Pou Char issit? I oso got that....Also I must say you very efficient lar, can do so many things at one time liao

    Jayden very cute lor...his stomach so big!!

  25. wahh he ate alot till stomach so big kekeke...

    what blender is that, looks very convenient to me :)

  26. Haha...what a big mess Jay has made. Your lunch looks yummy ler, unfortunately I can't eat stuff lidat now.