Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jayden 8 Months!!

Overdue post...quite busy with work..or pretending to be busy that is. Hahahaha Anyway here's the latest picture we took while bathing him the other day. Nowadays its too hard to even change his diaper! He just won't sit or lay down still for us to change his diaper or change his clothes! And he hates it when we change his clothes...coz his head is just too big. Sometimes the T-shirt will get stuck at the head! hahaha

I think he should be 8kgs now. The other day we went out to meet with other mommy bloggers, when Angie carried him..she said "Wah So light!" Hahahah Yeap..he is very light! But he eats alot. Dadi always say the same thing "He can finish all the porridge in that tupperware??? Are you sure or not?? Dun feed him so much. He will vomit!". He haven't seen before..first the porridge and then another 8oz of milk. Then take a nap..then fruit puree..one big bowl again! But he just won't gain weight!

And although he is light, his grandparents threw in the while towel the other day. SURRENDER!! This guy just won't sit still..he will wiggle to the left and right non-stop. And he is VERY CLINGY to me just like the elephant glue..I kinda like it at first that he shows that he prefer me more than his Dadi but sometimes I really beh tahan...The other day when i came back from Kuantan, i went into the room quietly and whispered...Jayden...He turned and crawled so fast while laughing loudly HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH..like he never see me for so long..only 1 day trip ma..

I have not taken any picture of his 2 little front teeth. So cute! Everytime he smile (he normally will laugh) and can see his teeth. Lately he has not been sleeping well at night. I think he is just too excited to learn how to climb and stand. He will sleep till about 2am and then he will start to crawl and wiggle in beetween the 2 of us. And use US as his climbing materials including this. So there goes our lalaland time...both of us goes to work with panda eyes everyday.


  1. he's such an active and inquisitve baby.

  2. You have panda eyes too? Same here :P but mine is because he wakes up at 1 am and 5.30 am for milk! Dunno how long this Mum is gonna last...

  3. wahaha... Jayden so so happy in the tub.... lucky no xxx.....

    but but, u sure 8kg nia ar? Rachel is 2 months younger and oledi 8kg leh!!!!!!!!

  4. My son also leh - a No. 1 lil monster. They say bb girls are less hyper and more manageable. Not sure how true...hmm..

  5. Naked baby pic inspired by Jazz ah? hehehe... 8 months lor... wah lau... 4 more months 1 years old already.

  6. wah wah - so enjoy the tub hor. Why dont you buy him a mini pool and he can play in it? I saw Giant selling for really cheap - less than RM25 leh...

  7. wah so cute so cute....he enjoys bathing a lot hoh..I just can't wait for my boy to be able to sit without support...

    boy he sure misses u dearly...

  8. I am sure you miss Jayden too.

  9. Maybe he sleeps to much during his afternoon nap.

  10. wa.. wa wa.. sexy photos..

    Yeah.. can spot his teeth. So cute.

    Err.. all parents of toddlers are deprive of sleep.

  11. Jayden is so cute la!! Everyday I come and read ur blog and the I wish I have oe too!! Is nice seeing kids grow we all their laughter and crying!!!

  12. Lucky you .. if Jayden is light.. and eats alot..! easier to carry too..! Chloe eats so little.. but really solid.. and heavy..!!! you donch see she tiny, tiny.. but weighs like a rock..!!! and a big rock .. for that matter..!!

  13. rachelcmy9:26 AM

    awwww..so cute and he so happy playing in the tub, can bring him to swimming pool..hehehee

  14. Whewett another X-rated pix..ha ha...so fast 8 months already.

  15. Thin means slim. Next time no need to keep fit!

  16. Nyonya: Yah Yah :)

    Kittycat: u wait until he is like 1 1/2 yrs old first . HAhahah

    Shannon: Yalah he is only 8 kgs..

    yvonne: wait..let me make a girl and tell u next time. Hahaha or why not u make first?

    Julian: Ya wor..old liao. Hmm

    Milkmaid: Got Got buy edi...no time to set up for him to play.Maybe this weekend.:)

    Jazz: Soon soon...

    Mich: I kept on looking at his video in my camera when i was working in kuantan.. Hahaha

    Huisia: Afternoon also dun sleep ler

    Zara Mama: *yawn* yalor...need some sleep man..

    Wenn: fast fast make one lor! Hahah

    Mamabok: This one is light..but cannot stop moving!

    Rachel: tat day sudah pigi langkawi mah!

    IMD: Yalor...old liao..

    Shoppingmum: Next time he know how to walk edi will be like stick man! Hahaha

  17. wah so "cheong kwong" the china lady, upzip ur bag in daylight?? Gosh!!! U shld hv gave her a killing stare. ^0^

  18. Wah! My lil bro so big oledi ar!!!!! Mom better take good care of him!!!!