Monday, April 30, 2007


Okay enuff about the glamour glamour and the voting things. Anyway, congrats to all, you guys are winners, esp Anna.

Back to motherly me.

First of all, let me say sorry to
Laundryamah, Annie, Angie and Angeleyes for not turning up for the dinner. Let me say, I rather show up at the dinner than to be stucked at home with a whiny baby. My lil J was sick since Thursday.

He took his MMR jab last Sunday and we expected that he will get his fever ard Friday, but he got his fever on Thursday. And by Friday, he was so whiny till his nanny gotto call me and asked me to go and pick him up early. But I was stucked in the Agency place till 8p.m. We rushed to see the doctor and she said that his fever shud subside by 2 days and then she checked his mouth. Something else caused the fever. It was major eruption of teeth, 1 lateral incisor and FEW first premolars erupting all at the same time! No wonder he looked like a hamster!

And so the fever episode continued. He was whiny the whole day, cried for no reasons and he stopped taking his milk and any form of liquid. We gave him suppository and the fever went up and down. And finally at 2 a.m, we rushed to the hospital. Once reached the doctor checked and advised us to go for blood test. We’re in the old Assunta building and they’re in the midst of renovating and shifting the old block things over to the new block. Walking in the old block reminds me of my grandma who passed away there last November. And they padlocked all the rooms except for a few that turned into prayers room for the malays. Once reached, J was very curious and looked around. Then the drama started when the girl pricked his left middle finger and another nurse held him tight. They press and press for the blood to come out. And he was CRYING LIKE MAD! Mamamamamamama!!!! My tears came down, Big C started to get worried and asked for the nurse to give Lil J a break and wiped off my tears and of coz lil J’s also. But they can’t. And they continued to press and press and more blood came out filling the small tube. And when it’s over, Lil J was still sobbing and then settled down once reached the emergency ward again.

Doctor Celine asked J to go into the emergency room and checked again, to see if there’s any ulcer in the mouth and then she received a phone call. And she shouted “WHAT??? CLOT?”. Yeah we heard her saying that out loud. We gotto go again, cos the blood taken just now clotted cos J was struggling and the nurse was too slow. Off we walk along the eerie walkway again. And once he reached the room he went EKKKKK?????? He remembered what happened there a while ago. And he started to struggle. This time it was his Dadi who carried him. You can see that his face began to change and he look extremely tired, imagine no solid, no liquid and crying like this for hours and hours.

This is Lil J with his bandanged middle fingers.

We went upstairs and bought Lil J soymilk hoping that he will take it. We experimented and he liked it so we show him that its from the SoyMilk bottle and poured it into the bottle for him, to prove that its not MILK. And he drank the SoyMilk and slept. His lips began to be pinkish again and not super red (like wearing lipstick man!) like during the day time. And the bloood test showed that he dont have dengue, just a lil bacteria infection and eruption of many teeth all at the same time, causing the gum to be swollen and the cranky kid. She gave him zitromax and lil something for the gum.

Once reached home, he woke up and cried and slept and cried and slept. I think a few hours later, we all pengsan and slept till 10am. And the drama went on again. Tired of reading edi? I am tired just thinking about it. It was my niece Jasmine birthday on Saturday and I couldn’t bring her out for a birthday outings and there was a discussion between my sisters on what to do for her, bbq or family karaoke in Midvalley? Seriously my mind wasn’t thinking right. All I hope for was Lil J to recover. Seeing him not eating makes me wanna stop eating too. But he can take biscuits, some chrysanthemum drink and fruits. Just don’t wanna take milk. So I kept feeding him fruits, peeling the grapes into small small bits, but he was storing it in his cheeks, like hamster you know.

We went to my mom’s place and he was better cos his cuzzies was playing with him. I gave him watermelon and he ate the watermelon. Them we went to dinner in Jln Alor and many helped to take care of him while Big C and I ate. I ate like I’ve never eaten for days. And J ate some toufu and drank some water. And then we went home and I tried to force him to drink some milk. And he shut his mouth TIGHT, refused to take it. And I lost my patience; I shouted at him and threw his pacifier to the wall. I’m starting to go coookooo. Big C was clam all the way, he took over and told me everything will be fine soon. And we all went to bed.

I must say, thank god that I have Big C to be with me when all these happened. He was calm all the way and it certainly helped me to cool down. He was shaking when I asked him to put the suppository into J’s buttock and now he’s expert in doing that. Hahaha Who wants Big C to help? And I must say luckily that I have my family to standby. Dad was worried sick of Lil J and he brought the whole kampung to my house on Saturday to see him and they even accompanied us to have our dinner at 10pm.

Back to Lil J, he slept better last night compared to the nights before. And when I left the house (yeah Big C on holiday today *jeles*) and he looked better. He finally drank milk, not much just about 5oz and went back to sleep. At least, he drank milk. I called home and Big C said he was still a lil warm when he sent him over to the nanny’s. I don’t know how’s his condition gonna be like today but I hope he recover soon. I miss his smile, laughter and giggle so much! He lost a lot of weight, you can see his guitar strings and he walked like a jelly.

Last night before I slept, i prayed out loud hoping that he will get better soon. If can, I wanna take it for him. If he gets better I really don’t mind. And now, I’m sick with flu and sore throat. So, you think that the Big Guy up there heard me?

P/S: Just called nanny and she said he took porridge (his normal portion) and drank nearly 5 oz of water. But i can hear him whining at the back. Biasa la after sick sure very manja. Now that I'm sick, who's gonna manja me leh?

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Don't shoot me. Whoever who created the tag should be blamed. Not me Okay? Its just that the tag been going on and on round and round until its so so meaningless already. So i gotto spill in some ZEST and make it more "real". So, it is a TAG. Quite real and emotional hor? Those that really thought i will quit...ermmm gotcha? And those that never fall for it (esp shannon!), You are my friend! You know me well! I love blogging too much!

Anyway, if I wanna quit blogging I'll just leave la. No need to make a big fuss like this and leave. HAHA and about the commenting part...AIYOH! I am speechless! I received so many comments (kena shoot) from a few mommies. NOLAH!!!! Many of my own friends never comment because they will msn me " yr blog hor...yada yada yada" They ask me in msn ma. So never comment lor. Anyway got bloglog ma..I can see who came over. No worries. Hehe

I blog because i have ALOT of things to complaint share. Its for my own interest. And my hubby is hooked with my blog...everything and anything also tell me "EH must blog about this!". Like some mommies say I blog for my own interest and to entertain some other ppl out there (including my own sister-who also asked me to stop blogging so that i can spend more time with Big C and Lil J BUT also told me she enjoyed my blog -APA MACAM? Mau ke tak mau?). I also note down all Lil J's notty things so that I can show him what notty things he had done and all. Next time , when he annoys me I'll log on to the net and show him "YOU SEE THIS POST??" ...Better than saying "Neh...last time ah are so notty did this and this and that" you think he can remember meh? Better mah. Got evidence!!!!

So welcome back to BlaBlaBla. Good to know that many love my BlaBlaBla esp from the silent readers who finally emerged from being annon and voiced out. I felt so LURVEDDDD!! HAHA I LURVE YOU TOO!

Anyway, they restarted the whole voting thinggy *sigh*(means all the previous votes kapish!Kapush! BO LIAO! NO MORE!). And your vote previous (many thanks) had qualified me into the 2nd stage being one of the top 10 finalists. Ahem...I was leading in the stage 1 ya. *wink to you, you and you*.

Anyway, they announced the prize and it's quite an attractive prize. But too bad, smell also cannot smell. Cos i'm already 100 or more votes away from the first.( i kat belakang edi) Anyway, join the fun! Vote for them...(if vote for me lagi syiok)...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have been facing a dilemma on whether to stop blogging or not. And after some thought, I think I have to press the delete button.

I guess its for everyone's good.

For me, I can't concentrate at work. I'm using my own laptop with my RSS feader in it. And my fingers are so tempted to press the RSS reader so that I can blog hop. But i always start from A-Z. So I always end up reading her blog first cos hers start with a number.And last is WMD, for obvious reason, cos hers is W ma! And She don't believe what I have said ...cos her is also W in my list. So angry with me lo. So I'm not gonna bring my own laptop soon to work when my boss pass me her desktop.

I can concentrate on my son when I'm at home. Last night i tried to read all the blogs in my RSS but you know what, i realised that i havent been blog hopping regularly and I never know i have so many links in my RSS reader and many of them don't come to my blog no more. So i thought. "Hmmmm maybe its time to retire since no one read my crap anymore". But when wanna tag me that time they will remember me. Why ah? And Jayden played by himself and went to bed himself while watching Barney. Sigh..bad mummy.

I don't have to worry whether there are visitors or not. I lost some of the readers because I don't have time to blog hop and they're angry with me saying that I don't visit them anymore so they dont visit me anymore. Aiks same with up there punya reason.

I don't have to count my number of comments ( i love to count them) but I just realised that some people just don't like to comment. Last time angry la...cos its like rude not to greet people when you go into ppl's house you know. But then, sometimes i think think again sometimes some people also comment for the sake of commenting. So which is better to comment or not to comment? And then some purposely don't wanna comment cos i never visit thier blog ma, so like revenge la. But then when i visit i always have something to say. Izit because i'm so 8 (nosy) that I have to say something? And then some said that "eyerrr she curse wan. I don't want to be seen in her blog. Later ppl will think that i mix with bad people". Yeah, Sasha very rude and rough wan. Don't fren me lor. Puit! Say la what you want. No I dont care edi la! Pls la...I swear doesn't mean I am a bad mother okay. Anyway, I will delete this blog and no eye see edi mah! HAHAHA

Yeah, So after today you don't have to read my craps anymore. Happy???? I AM! Cos I don't have to crank my head and think of so many things after today. I am so wrong, cos i treat my blog like my house and i LOVE blogging. And everyday i need to furnish it to make it nicer for people to see. And if I don't update I'll feel weird and I felt that I didn't do my homework. So no more pressure from blogging!

I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SAYONARA my friends. Thanks for all the support. And thanks for those who love BlaBlaBla, BlaBlaBla Love you too!


Okay, SiwwyPig i have done my homework. Normally i don't do tags but since its quite relevant and ngam ngam its what i was thinking so might as well join the tag. so okay la. So i do your tag la. But no more tags ya. Please.Cos no more this blog to tag liao And I'm gonna pass the baton to no one cos looks like everyone also done before.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ghost Story - Japonese Doll

Okay Okay Now Sasha write about ghost story edi. You want to read or not? Want to read mai read lor. HAHAHAHA
Anyway, since I'm new in this company of cos got new story la!!! One of the manager here told us that she don't like to stay in hotels because she was haunted once for almost half a year. That one in series 2. Now i wanna talk about Japanese Doll.

There was this aunty that loves to collect Japanese Dolls. And she had 3 which was her favourite being displayed underneath her altar. So everyday she will perform her chinese prayers, burning insence and offer all the chicken, meat , fish and whatever whatever lah!

So one night, she felt that she was soooooooooo thristy, she went to the kitchen for a drink. Of cos at night, you don't wanna switch on the lights and spoil your sleepy mood. And like many chinese ppl practise, they're swicth on one dim light in the house so they can see abit and don't see abit.

So GuLp! GuLp! Ahhhhhhhh nice .......she finished her drink and wanted to get backto her bedroom and she walked passed her living hall. She thought she saw wrongly.....she stepped back abit and guess what she saw???

(Pic source)

Yeah, her favourite dolls , 3 of them was standing in the living room, looking at her.

WUAH! she fast fast run and hide in her room until the sun come up! And she was so afraid to touch or throw the dolls. So she went to the temple and the master said that, very wrong thing to do to place the dolls anywhere near the altar because if there's nuthing inside the doll and you pray to it everyday, apparently "something" will masuk and live in it. So she gotto bring the temple ppl to come and take the dolls away, including those which she never place near the altar.

Actually my mom said that it's better not to keep dolls like this for too long, now i know why. Especially in those older days where they place a bride in front of the car for the wedding. If you keep it for too long, the "girl" will come out and disturb you husband.

Sked......sked......But now we use Hello Kitty and Bear for our Car decoration. Should be safe hor?

Monday, April 23, 2007


Lilian's K-Chai Cedric sent me an email. And I replied him. The email was an invitation to participate in H.F.B.A. What is HFBA? Click Here for my interview. (Oi, no need to go to another page, just open a new tab la. Continue to read here!)

Anyway, yeah. Like some mommies will say... Sasha Si Beh Hiau! (so flirtatious). Sudah enter the blogger's choice, now wanna masuk HFBA and fight with the young and cute girls. Yeah, you know why? Cos I already loose mah in Blogger's Choice Award. So mai enter another one la... Cannot meh?

Check out the pictures. All young young 18-22, 18 sui pok pok chui. Simply Yummilicious! (Except the lowest row and third from the left one ya.) If you wanna vote for any of the girls above, please go here. No need to register like the bloggers choice wan...and can only vote for one time ya?

Hahaha Anyway, this is just for fun and to be a lil sporting to represent "Sporting Mums". And MOTT, I'm not angry if you don't vote for me cos she's indeed cute!

April 22nd, 2007 at 11:02 pm1
sorry ah Cedric…this message is for
sorry ah…sasha…..
but i voted MeiQin….she sooooo
i tried so hard
to vote u…but the darn thing was smarter than me…NVM..i go someone’s lappie..and

and look at what this kkj gotto say

April 23rd, 2007 at 2:36 am6
eh why sasha in there wan … she is like not “available” edy … so she is not elligible …

OI MARRIED EDI JATUH SHARE IZIT? Kenot enter meh. I walk on the roadside pppl still Phewwit me leh....Even when i carry my son with me. Hahaha


Thursday, April 19, 2007


Sasha: Hello? Jennifer!!!
Jen: Halo Sasa...What can i do for you!
Sasha: Hey Jennifer i wanna ask you something!
Jen: Ah what izit?
Sasha: Ermmmmmmmm........................................
Jen: You forgot what you wanna say again ah?
Sasha: ah...hmmm..
Jen: When you know what you wanna say, then you call me again la..ok?
Sasha: Okay...bye


Sasha: Hey Steven!
Steven: Hey morning! what can i do for you?
Sasha: Neh...i wanna tell you that..
Steven: Yah Yah What you wanna tell me?
Sasha: Hmmmmmmmmm
Steven: You forgot what you wanna say again ah?
Sasha: you know me well...
Steven: Hahaha Okay la. Call me back later.
Sasha: okay bye.

haha....This used to be the normal scenario at my old place when i called my supplier. And they know that i will forget what I wanna say if they disturb me when I'm talking half way or when they say HI. as soon as i remember what i wanna say, i will call again and totally ignore the "hi" part. Ppl said its normal for mommies to be more forgetful after deliver. How about you?
P/S: but i can remember well who pissed me off. HAhaha i guess i have selective memory eh?

Which is the worst?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*sigh* Why the Parents all so gila wan?

Note to Big C: We're not bad as parent. We only put our
son in the bag. Not as bad as those ang moh up there.

Note to kind soul out there who's so worried about Big C's safety last night : HE IS STILL ALIVE!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Heart Attack!

I tell yiu.
I just had a heart attack just now.
I received a call from my neighbour. She was shouting, saying my BoBoChaCha ran out of the house and went to the taman FAR AWAY from my house! She told me that Big C came home and left the door unclosed! And her DIL passed by the taman and saw them wandering around at the taman.
I was speechless and called BIG C immediately. He can only say "Shit. Okay Okay " . My hands was shivering and tears started to come out. I was talking to Shannon and she was like "Don't think so much, Don't think so much" Trying to console me.
I wrote about them earlier (the post below) and kept the post as draft just in case I'm too busy to blog. And my eyes was like twicthing for the past 3 weeks. If you're in my shoes, what is the first thing that will pass in yr mind, you tell me?
ChaCha is miniature Shih Tzu and there's not many around. BoBo can take care of himself but ChaCha cannot. I was thinking..."Oh No. Either a car will bang her while she's crossing the road or dognapped". I cann't stop myself from thinking negatively. I called big C and he didn't pick up my calls. Fine! I used friend finder to track where is his exact location and I can see that he is going back towards our house.
And he called me, "I found them" . And he TRIED TO EXPLAIN saying that the autogate didn't close properly and there's a small gap in between so yadda yadda yadda. Hey, it's not the first time that they got out of the house because the gate was unlocked - caused by _ _ _ _ .
I always said that just stay for a few more seconds and LOOK at the blardy gate, make sure it COMPLETEly locked and then only drive off. No. But sOmeone said that "Nevermind, will close by itself".
I just replied to him " I HAVE NOTHING TO TALK TO YOU NOW.
Man....this really piss me off!
My earlier sweet sweet post about my doggies......
This is IKEA storage container. Cost you RM6.90 if i'm not mistaken.You can put many things inside. Toys, Books, Soft Toys and etc.

But I used it to put my ChaCha when i mop my floor. And she will stay put inside.

And then guess who will come and disturb her?

And this is her BF. He still dunno how to *ahem* Maybe i need to send him to LIN COCKA WINGZ institute.

Totally neglected them since Lil J is born. Somehow I will try to Bath and groom them when I have the chance.
Winn, when you wanna send Liucas over to play?

Me and My Teddy.



Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He was going through his toys and he found his abandoned teddy lying in the toy area. He looked at me and gave me grin, Big Grin. And then he reached for his teddy and .............poked teddy's eye. A very normal act if he likes someone. Normally he will poke the eyes, nose or the mouth.

And then i we jumped into the play pen and he found another pacifier. He will suck on one, and look at the other one. And the spit the one that he is sucking and exchange with the other one. So i took the other pacifier and teased him by placing in front of teddy's mouth. He giggled and we continued to joke about that. And finally....we took a picture for remembrance. He then kicked me and asked me to get out from his crib. Haha

By the way....this is pocoyo.

This Pocoyo. He tried to dance like Pocoyo but he fell down and bit his lips. Ouch!

Eh you guys really read my blog or what? Forgot that his bday cake is pocoyo meh?


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Name Is Jayden Chan

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My name is Jayden Chan. I am Sasa Tan son. And also Big Chan's son. My mami not free, she say aunty shopping mum tagged her about me. So she asked me to do myself. I also dunno how to talk and type but she asked me to do tag. *sigh*

On the Outside
Name: Jayden Chan errr i forgot my chinese name.. "MAMIIIIIII what is my chinese name ah?"
Date of birth: 21st that when the doctor pulled me out from mami tummy and cut my chin loong wire ah?
Current status: doing tag and sucking pacifier.
Eye color: Blawn
Hair color: Blawn also
Righty or Lefty: I use right hand to eat and left hand to *scratch butt*
Zodiac: what is that ? *suck pacifier*
Height: last time when i go do my paspot hor the unker say i'm 72cm
Weight: last time the unker also say i 9 kgs something. But now no one want to carry me edi. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

On the Inside

Heritage: Chinese
Fear: what's that? Can eat wan izit?
Weakness: I also dunno
Your perfect pizza: errr i eat anything ...anything that dun move wan

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: pocoyo?
Your bedtime: When i close my eyes.
Your most missed memory: i dunno...

Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: i dun like cold drinks. sometimes i like la. but most of the time i no like it
McDees or Burger King: Cannot move wan right? i eat la. please give me now...
Single or Group Dates: I am single i think cos my mami owes say she wanna find gf for me.
Adidas or Nike: I have both or. How?
Lipton Tea or Nestea: ah?
Chocolate or Vanilla: can go inside mouth all gimme me please.
Do you…Smoke: Smoke? got...sometimes my Mami head got smoke coming out....especially when she say "Jayden No No!"

In the past month
Drank alcohol: Mami say i big boy first only can..
Gone to the mall: Yes please...we go now? *take sandals*
Been on stage: Where?
Eaten sushi: sushi? my mamo name is sasa. Same or not?
Dyed your hair: No my hair havent die yet.

Have you ever…
Played a stripping game: *shy* how u know wan! I owes like to take our my pampers and run arond the room and play with my ...*shy*
Changed who you were to fit in: i no understand

Finish the sentence
I love: PocoYo
I feel: Happy lo!
I hate: to be yoneyee...
I hide: under the blanket! Chak!
I miss: my Mami and Dadi
I need: More time and less pressure. It's very pressuring being a kid nowadays...*sigh and suck pacifier* They always want us small kids to be to stay cute all the time yiu tell me?

And now, i am going to tag Ryan,
Rachel and Raelynn! Wuah all R wan...

Eh my Mami uploaded my video of me scolding the unker and auntie in the restaurant..because they bring my porridge so slow. so i scold and scold here....


Monday, April 16, 2007

What i like about weekends.

You know what I like the most? Food! Food! and spending time with Lil J. I wanted to bring Big C to try the "Yee Tau Mai" (Fish head meehoon) in SS2. You tell me. Are they stupid enough to open shop for business at 12.30pm ON WEEKENDS? Anyway we end up walking straight and went to "ONE NOODLE". This is what we order!

Seefood Kari Lai Meen (pull mee). One word. YUM. (p/s: Wen: can you cook this for me? But make sure there's kiap-kiap like the picture below ah...)

But they're kind of "duh" abit. Cos they placed the hot food near Lil J. And you know my son love chilly food, right? So i gotto push everything to the left *singing beyonce's to the left to the left song). And then i passed him to his Dadi, he swing his hands and *PIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK* he broke the receipt holder. Oppssss..but they didnt charge us...cos mainly its their own fault eh?

Hey Hey! Dadi snapped our pic and i noticed this picture looked familiar!

Thats Lil J when he was about 1 1/2 months in Genting.

Anyway, he had fun in the Car Showroom..

He had fun running around the car showroom....very spacious so he can do his 360 degree turn. Boy...he's starting to run now. Video in another post k? Youtube today holiday...nobody approving it.

Just look at how much he had grown! So macho wearing clothes like this. Errr.minus the pacifier la...haha

And we went to SS2 later again that day. Nope, im not craving or pregnant or pms or something like that. It's just that so happened we passed by and we're hungry. Notice the spot on his KKB area? Thats water mark from the rain, yea..dun think of other stuff. He slept not long after that ...and we had a peaceful meal...(P/s:
wen Can you cook this for me too? I want meehoon, not meesuah okay? more gravy okay?)

Huge portion for 2 ppl. Big C was abit shocked that I actually recommended this (btw its SKY CAFE, SS2) cos he knows that I'm not a big fan of FISH. But this is okay, not fishy and i love the char choy (okay i dunno what its called in english).We had this at around 5ish. So, later that night we had suppper...Roti Canai! Yum! Truly Malaysian!

We went for another mommy blogger (plus egghead) gathering in Marche. And Lil J received yet another pressie! This time from
Des! (Lil J said: Thank you Des Cheh Cheh)

And he sat next to celebrity girl : Ashley!

And this is how my Lil Fella sit. *sigh* Definitely not from me okay?

Read more about the gathering

It was a TIRING weekend. But I'm so happy that I spend time with my Lil J since i hardly spend (well, not as much as last time) ever since I started work in my new working place. *sigh* another long week....counting down...another 4 days.*sigh*

Vote? Vote?

Julian nominated me for Blogger's Choice Award for Hottest Mommy Blogger. Seriously I have no idea what its all about. If i win, what will I get? I don't know. But I heard something like i gotto pack my bags and go to Florida. Big C asked "eh all paid expenses ka?" Hmm...that really gave me a BIG question mark. Anyway, I wont be going. Cos the leading hottest mommy blogger is with 208 votes, followed by with 143. And Sashablablabla is at the 9th place with 47 votes. Thanks to Aceone and Julian who promoted me thru thier blogs and msn?? But still, I have dropped 2 spots since yesterday. Anyway, since i'm not going to Florida..i wanna see a few more person leaving on a jetplane to the Blogger's choice award!

First of all, I'd like to see
Lilian waving on the red carpet. She's been nominated for :

And also hottest mommy blogger. Phewwwit!

Ah Pek will hold Lilian's, and walk together on the red carpet for The Freakiest Blogger

Rojaks will be bouncing behind for the best Humor blog.

and also freakiest blogger too! (wingz and ah pek, please don't fight,haha)

And creeping behind is

MontessoriMUm with 2 categories!

You know, you guys said how much you guys love to read these blogs...but what have you done to support them? Not only you guys read thier blogs and don't leave comment, you guys can't even register and click vote (a superbly simple process). Just to show an appreciation and its an encouragement for them to continue to entertain us. I'm very surprised that
Rojaks only got 21 votes (for humor blog) when he deserves so much more than anyone. So do your part will ya?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pureen Warehouse sale!

I totally forgotten about this warehouse sale although Janice did mentioned about it last week. I never plan to go anyway but I end up being there. How come? Well, Big C wanted to go to Chevrolet and don’t know why the traffic was so bad and we missed the turning into the showroom and end up being in front of Pureen warehouse sale. So I got down with Lil J and Big C went to park the car. Smart woman, forgot to bring handphone! Anyway, the crowd was mental pushing here and there. The Q was already VERY LONG and there’s soooo many preggie woman.

I was looking at the baby shoes and suddenly a man shouted “Jangan Tolak! Jangan Tolak!” (don’t push!) and he was carrying a box of new stocks to be placed in the wagon. As he was pouring the stocks in, a few man, jumped from the back, lunged to the front and grabbed some clothes, pushing a few preggie woman to the sides. And these women …………..(nope, not indicating any weakness) PUSHED BACK! And you know what? One of the man threw the clothes somewhere else because it was girls clothes! Aiyo! Grabbing front the back and don’t even know what is in front! HaHa

And that man came again. This time, he was saying “Jangan Tarik! Jangan Tarik!”( Don’t pull) and I looked up, those ppl was pulliing the stocks out from the box, which was on top of the man’s head! OMG! So kampong! So Memalufying kan! Even Lil J was babbling as if he was scolding those ppl. I managed to grab a few girls clothes and why am I looking at girls clothes? Hahaha Nope, I’m not pregnant. Its just that the last time I went to Poney warehouse sale, I totally forgotten to buy for
Raelynn and Rachel! So this time, I was attracted to a pink set which was supposed for Raelynn and a lilac set for Rachel. And then I saw Big C and called him. He came over and said “Eh, Put Back. Don’t buy la.. You look at the Q! And I park illegally and so far away”. Okay, pissed, hot, tired from carrying lil J, I dumped the clothes back into the wagon. :( Sorry girls, no pressie for u girls.

I only managed to buy 1 bottle of Pureen Baby Yogurt Shampoo which was cash sales and can be paid on the spot.The stuff is not really that cheap. Shoes at Rm10, normal price about rm20. The clothes set is about RM8-10. The baby booties at RM3 per/set. Half price and I’m saying its not cheap..w
hy? Look at the Q. You’d know what I mean.

But today should be better , and if you're smart, go at 5pm. ;)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Stupid SAHM.

I went to ipoh yesterday for the Focus Group Discussion. And i talked to my boss to and fro to Ipoh. Woman, we can really talk! MILS, SILS, GHOST, Children, schools, everything la. She told me about two of her friends. One, is a SAHM who got retrenched 10 years ago and decided to be a SAHM. Depending on only one income from the husband, stayed home make another 2 more babies and totally don't know anything about the outside world. They're not rich but using money like nobody's business. The worst part,they have not paid any water bill and electricity bill for more than 1 year, ever since they moved into Kota Kemuning. The house were decorated so posh-ly, she buy flowers from Sg Buloh all the time, Shop and Shop And shop, Never paid the house installments for months and not to forget the car installment.

Worst, even with debts all over the body, they can still go on and use the credit cards. 2 incident where she was doing some marketing in PJ and suddenly when she wanted to go into her car, 2 guys came and snatched her keys. She thought that someone wanted to rob her! In fact they're from the bank, to tow her car. Another one was in a roundabout near her house. They left her at the roadside..she gotto walk all the way backto her house herself. Can you imagine how terrible is the condition at that time?

And she and her hub can go around and borrow money from relatives, refinance the house over and over again( i dunno how they do that) and not pay the relatives back..instead they use it to pay for water fountain, fengshui, renovate the house! OMG! She deserved to be shot right at the head!

And she treats her kids like they're the KING. Whatever they do, its okay. Wanna buy, take. Don't wanna eat, its okay. And now the kids even challenged her, "You want to beat me? NYEH NYEH!! Beat la!". OMG!!!! And the kids are like 5,7 and 10 years old only. So my boss told me, please be strict with yr baby otherwise you will have a tough time when they grow up. Okay, i'm glad i'm starting to train my LIl J to be more discipline. I'm just waiting for the moment that he will not stand up on the baby high chair in the restaurants when we're eating. Thats my next target, doing it one by one.

During CNY, she refused to go back to her hubs place. With the reason, the SILS looked down on her. How not to? Lend her the money, and she used the money that was supposed to be for her to pay off debts but she used it to buy flowers for her garden!!! And because of that the hub went back to PG and she went to her dad's house in JB. and guess what???? Her dad don't let her to step into the house (bcos ion chinese community its not good for the daughter who got married to be back home on the first day of CNY-so old fashion!). She gotto stay in the hotel with the 3 kids, the night before cny and one first day of cny. The SIL gotto send food to her and helped her to pay for the room fees.

And now my boss is helping her to look for a job. Asked her to prepare home cookes meal and deliver to nearby single, she said she don't know how to cook. Asked her to baby sit , she said she felt confined with kids, not flexible. Ask her to do this she say she don't know. Do that don't know. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! no no it's OMFG!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what to say. This woman left me - speechless. More speechless than Me making you guys speechless! Haha.

Well, somehow she taught me to be a smarter SAHM (if i wanna be one in the future)like
her, her and her. Although they're SAHMs but they have thier own savings and they're up-to-date. We woman (and esp mommies) need to have own security, e.g. own savings, must expose ourselves to the outside world and updates and not be like a "Katak di bawah tempurung". RIGHT??????

Okay enuff of gossiping...
Someone broke my egg! and he is ACEONE! My vote now is about 19 votes. I used to be placed on the last page...which is the errr i have no idea what page is that. Now i'm at the 3rd page! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! for your support *blow flying kiss and wave like miss chinese international pagent*.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

OMG! Me???

Came home and Yvonne fastfast msn me while my hubby was using the laptop. "Naah yr blogger fren find you". And She said, "Helo you've been nominated as most hottest mommy blogger" I was like "HUH?" . "Julain nominated you as the hottest mommy blogger" she added. I was like " Huh? Huh?"
And she gave me a site And i clicked it. And found this

And my first reaction was "OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHA 0 VOTE! What a joke!".

And Thanks Julian for nominating me but you forgot to tell me ler.......dun la surprise me like this....heart attack wan you know!

How to Train yr baby to sleep by her/himself

This is to answer Yvonne's question and comment :

At 4:16
, Etcetera~Mommy
Wow.. your Jayden boy suddenly picked up so
many new tricks??? So geng!! He can sleep on his own now? Teach teach.. what's
the secret??

I tried for weeks...imagine no sleep on fridays , sat and sun when its supposed to be relaxing days for me. But I was so determined to train J to sleep by himself. So i sacrifice my sleep and pat him back to sleep everytime he cry, looking for the both of us. Why only me leh? Cos his Dadi never agree with him sleeping alone, so he never bother to help. Btw, he cannot even hear lil J cry at night.

Since i was successful in training Lil J for not taking his night feeding in 3 nights time, i was very sure that i CAN DO IT. That's tips No.1, believe that you can do it. There's one night i pat his bumbum to sleep for sooo many times that night.I got so fed up, i jumped into the playpen and sleep with him. Imagine, my kaki senget and my kepala senget because the playpen was too short for me. But lil J slept soundly that night. Big C woke up and found that i'm no longer next to him, he went around the house looking for me and found me in Lil J bed. He secretly(which i know cos i never sleep ma, Doiknz) took his handfone and started to record videos and took pics of me sleeping with lil J and suddenly i said,"Don't even think about it!". Oppsss and he went to have sex with Chau Kung's daughter again. That night i never sleep the whole night and went to work the next day, with all the bones senget.

So actually there's a reason why i jumped in. Imagine you're left alone being confined in a place where no other human beings were placed inside. How would you feel? Of course you feel like you're being in a prison right? To make Lil J feel more comfy being in his own playpen, you go in and tell him "Hey Look, Mommy's in here too!" . Ever since then, Lil J can play and watch tv by his own in his own playpen. And lately i jumped into his playpen to play with him..he pointed at me and laughed at me, then he started to use his legs to kick me softly indicating "get out mom. This is my crib!" *sigh* tai yin chai mm yiu wo seung...
Another reason is to make the bed smell more like you. Sometimes they wanna sleep with us because they want to smell us. So sit on his matress, roll on his matress or whatever, Just leave some smell on it. Fart if you want to, they love your smell no matter how smelly you are. haha For me, we gave Lil J our pillow. He sleeps using big pillow and he dun use those lil kiddo pillow. So solve the problem. It made him felt like he's sleeping side by side with us.

Trust me its not easy. Many sleepless night , waking up and looking for his pacifier and putting it back into his mouth, patting his buttock until he sleeps back again. But ever since he sleeps by his own, for the first few days i have separation anxiety....i felt that the bed suddenly got bigger. And i always go and check on him, see whether he is okay or not, see whether he is comfortable and not too cold or too hot.

But now, i got used to it. Big C never say anything but i guess he enjoyed the "Space" more. (Means he can eat more edi) I think Lil J enjoyed the space more, cos he can roll and do whatever stunts he want to in his own bed.

Did i mentioned about the privacy part too? ;) Big C loves it ..cos more space and privacy for his sleeping sexxion with Chau Kung's dotter. So that will answer Angeleyes question on
"Eh, You also Making piggy baby ah? Piggy baby?
Yeah , i heard Chau Kung's dotter is pregnant but not me. Haha

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


*sigh* i just got back from work...and its near to 11pm.
Nevermind...let me cerita to you what happened this afternoon. Gotto rush to my agency's place for some focus group. And they told me they cannot find that particular brand product anywhere near their office. So i stopped by 3 petrol stations and 1 Giant supermarket and still cannot find that particular brand. I TELLYIU! If you wanna market your brand...PLEAZZZZZZ make it easy to find!
Anyway once reached the Giant usual the Bangla guards will be stationed right in front of the entrance. And he used his 3 fingers and moved it a lil bit, indicating to me "COME HERE". So i went and ask him " Yeah". He told me " Ini Bag Kasi Letak Counter". And i shouted at him...."NO! THIS IS MY COMPUTER!!!!" and gave him a "you stupid moron!" look. Seriously i dunno what got into me, probably knowing that i need to work late and all. And moreover i love my laptop..wanna die ah? Put there then missing edi who's gonna pay me back? Stupid idiot. I guess i scare him off....and then he geleng his head, indicating "ok...Ok". And i went in with my laptop bag.
So as a summary, please do not disturb a mother who knows that she gotto work late and will miss her baby, went to 3 petrol stations and 1 supermarket and couldn't get what she want, Carrying a big laptop bag and born under the scorpio sign.
We snap quite easily.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Drama on the road

Was driving in Glenmarie...La La La ..

Suddenly can feel like something rushing towards my car.

I looked at the mirror.

I saw a Lorry Flashing and hitting his brakes.


I looked back. I saw. A Chubby chinese Guy giving me the look "SEI PAT POH! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!".

"Fine, u want go reincarnate, i won't stop you" So i tried to go to the left lane. But...CANNOT!

Water pip burst, making fountain like KLCC fountain.

He hit the brakes again...

I hit the brakes tooo....


Then i moved forward and went to the left lane.

He zooomed off and cut through a Kia Sephia in front.

He tried to block the kia sephia....swayed left and right...obviously blocking the Kia.

They both hit the brakes....

Kia guy got down.....!@#$%$%%% walked toward the chubby Chinese fella. (did i mentioned that Kia guy is chinese also?) Chubby guy stayed in the car. Kia guy walk back. Lorry guy open door and scold .....!@#$%$%%% The kia guy turn ard...(he's a skinny guy) and went to open the lorry door. The lorry guy close his door and locked it. Kia guy failed to open lorry door. Then kia guy turn around....Lorry guy open door and scold and close the door, move his lorry abit, nearly hit the kia guy. Kia guy walk back into his car.

Everybody continued with their journey.

MY EYES BEEN TWITCHING FOR MORE THAN 2 WEEKS, MASUKING MY 3RD WEEK!!! DAMN IRRITATING!!!! LEFT SIDE MEANS BAD THING WILL HAPPEN!! Sian! the last time it twitched like grandma passed away. Aiyo i fast fast rub it so that it wont materialised...But it keep on coming back! Shit!

Saturday (running out of "tittle" idea)...

I spent the whole Sat afternoon with my Lil J cos his Dadi gotto go for some training in his office (dunno maybe training with the piao mei or something hahaha). Early morning woke me up and half dead i have to layan this lil fella. After all the cooking cleaning and all, i logged on just to realize that i havent even brush my teeth .....after my nescafe. Hahahaha Okay cut tha crap. Lets rant.

So i spent the whole afternoon entertaining this lil fella, Hugging him and all. And as usual I will tease him "Jayden give Mami a lil kiss pleaseeee???" I tot he will gimme me the shy grin and turn away. But.....He held my face and gave me a smooch with his mouth opened so big! And he did it like 5 times or more! i was so shocked that he close his eyes and open his mouth so big while kissing....Mana belajar? Not from me of cos.....hahahhahah

We went to
BARBQ plaza at night (i can see angie, nodding her head and licking her lips edi haha), I damn suka this place..i dunno why. Then while we're busy cooking and all, sekali turn both Big C and I nearly fainted. Cos Lil J was busy LICKING THE SAUCER WITH THE CILI PADI! See the cili padi down there? on the tripple saucer??? Chopped Cili Padi.

So i rushed and ZUUMMMED him off to the sink nearby and tried to clean his mouth and hands. But he closed his mouth tight tight refused to let me take out the cili padi in his mouth while his dad continue to eat (aiyoh.....always so calm wan). Anf then i tried to give him ice green tea. Tak Nak Minum! Apa ini????? Not spicy at all. He turned and looked and me and gave me a grin....Kecik kecik cili padi???

And then while walking ard in One U, he whistled. I was like....Jayden do again...and he did it again... "phiiii phiiii phiiiii " he whistled! Aiks...Mana learn wan?

And he walked ard in the concourse area playing with the Nissan Cars that was on roadshow. You know very weird feeling while looking at him walking around by himself. I used to think ..."Sigh...when is Jayden gonna be independent, walk, play and sleep by himself leh?" And now since he is walking by himself, play by himself and sleep by his own in his own cot....I kinda miss him.

Okay I know..i like to rant. Happpy, rant. Unhappy, rant. Eh..what is the use of a blog if cannot rant? Better i write in my secret diary and lock it right? Hahaha

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Spoke to Shannon and she said that she's bored with cooking porridge. Actually hor...chewren dunno what is "boring" when it comes to food. They just know that "this is something new!" when you serve them anything new. So, if everyday makan porridge 3 meals a day also they wont be bored wan la...only applies to baby k?

So nowadays i go home late and sometimes my Lil J dun wanna drink milk. So, that day while hunting for the dryer (oh! Must thank the human that created dryer!) in SS2, we managed to stop by this shop that sells femes Mee Suah. And Lil J liked it so much he gobbled my portion also. (oi, i lost 1kg edi-3 more to go!)

Since i still have some left over of Mee Suah in my house. So i fastfast drop him in his play pen and his cartoon on, while i fastfast go to the bek and pingpingpong with my wok and pans. The ingredient needed (actually whatever you can find in your fridge and suitable for yr kid la) Seafood ( i used this fish called "chicken meat fish"), meat (i used my frozen pork blended with carrot - cos i so the lazy ma), tomatoes (from cameron highland), spinach and of coz..mee suah and egg (if your kid is over 1 yr old).

This is chicken meat fish.. The whole fish is cheaper than the siakap or any other fish that we used to cook for baby. This whole fish costs about 8 bucks (the head part all tak boleh makan-according to the market fella). Only lil bone in the middle which is easy to remove and it taste like chicken. So now you know why its called Chicken Meat Fish? (picture from AQUARIA)

Then u chop everything, dump it into the wok, boil it abit, add some salt, when the aroma comes out nicely (and when you think the soup base is nice) you drop the mee suah in it. Let it simmer a while, add in egg and stir stir stir.....not too long yeah, otherwise the egg become lumpy and the soup not so smooth edi (i left it too long mistake. Next time i will remember wont stir too long, hehe). And then I cut the mee suah a bit so that it goes down fast and not get stuck somewhere ya......and this is the result.

I showed it to Lil J and he started to whine, and cry. Cos its too hot and i cannot serve to him yet ma....remember to separate 2 bowls so that it cools down faster. He gobbled everything...I like this quickie meal....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Another NeneBuBu

What is NeneBubu? Ranting..unhappy things...saja wanna complaint wan la...cannot meh.

Semalam kena sound from nanny cos i got there at 6.55pm. My normal time is 645pm. And for whole week, we've been picking Lil J up abit late and most of the time this week, Big C gotto go and pick him up. "SO late wan?????? The weather is okay ma today....". Shiat...cannot even lie about traffic jam and bad weather. So i told Lil J "Okay say bai bai to auntie la..she need to go cook" . BUT she wanted to talk , bli bleh about my sons notty things. Nevermind just take it. Again i said "Jayden say bai bai la!" Zuup! I cabuted so damn fast!

So i went home and told Big C about it and he was like "Why she so not flexible wan...why she only complaint to you...why she never complaint to me....". Angry with e flat he did it i dunno.

STRAWBERRY AND CHOC cos lately i have been having the urge to make a baby. *sigh* i dunno why. Maybe Lil J has grown so much and he is n longer a baby. Time to replenish stocks la konon. Haha EAT LA! Eat more strawberry and choc la! Makes you damn horny wan...But make sure there's someone to service you. Otherwise.......errrr. sendiri settle a babe!

Then i told Big C, "eh why not u gimme the 1K u give to me every month to give the nanny and the cleaners as my pay la. Then i dont work,i stay at home and take care of our kids. I only use 3 bucks now when i to go work. I think 1K i can survive la."

He replied " yah no problem. 1k u take la. Now u spend 3 bucks. but do u think that u will use less than 3 bucks or just 3 bucks when you're at home? I think its dangerous for you to stay home".


6.45am.. i woke up and got to work today.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

U dun comment no more.

Last night, no need to work late. Damn shiok. Samo no need to cook.Lagi shiok! Haha I tot i will rush home and cook and become a good wifey. But Big C was already home and he said NO NEED TO COOK. So we went out to hunt for a new toy,dryer. So we went for makan and then went to shops and shop in SS2 looking for a dryer. Finally bought one and they will send tonight.:)
So at night i took the opportunity to do some blog hopping. And then i showed Big C, laozharbor's site. She uploaded her rapping MV. Man...she rocks. She has 60+ comments and she is only like 4 months old in Blogsphere and she dun even blog hop or do anything extra to make ppl to go to her site. For me, I'll be 1 year old in July. But the most i can get is about 30+ (if ah pek dun come and spam my comment box la...).
Then Big C told me.."Eh i forgot to read blablabla today. Let me read." I was like "What blablabla?" Totally forgotten that my blog is blablabla. So he was reading and i just stared at him and wonder if my readers have the same reaction and facial expression while reading my blog. He smiled, chuckled abit....scroll scroll, reading word by word. And then he gave me back my laptop and said good night. Aiks...even my BIGGEST FANSI never comment, so what make other ppl wanna comment?
Many of the bloggers became my frens on msn edi. Sometimes i can see them visiting my site through my bloglog, and some will msn me asking me about the posts. Some guys wont comment, probably they think that it's too "girlie" to comment in a mommy blog and some said that if they comment ppl will think they wanna "kau" me. haha what a joke!
I interviewed some ppl and they told me they DUNNO WHAT TO SAY after reading my blog. I guess i make ppl speechless. Maybe ...Maybe...aiyah Okay la! Enuff of ranting! Go bek to work.!
You see, i just make u speechless again. Haha

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Messy Cameron Post!

Aiyoh. Semalam I kerja sampai 8.30pm. I called my hubby to ask him to dinner with my sis (who is dying to see Jayden!). Mana tau he told me "B, i cooked edi". Aiks....make me feel bad again. Nevermind...i reached home, yakked with my sis abit and ate dinner with her while Big C took care of Small C (please ah...BIG C is not Big C*ck okay...its Big Chan and Small Chan).

Anyway i start work again from i think 1045 up till 1am. Still cannot finish adjusting the blardy powerpoint!!!NMFLT! why the blardy chart do dem hard to do wan...not forgetting its not one or two charts..bugger..i lost count of how many charts i've did. After dat i tried to go to sleep, but couldn't. Was thinking to pop the sleeping pill but it will make me doze off completely for 6 hours. and it will take at least 30 mins to work before i pengsan. So calculate calculate..Tak Cukup Masa to wake up. No need to work meh? Try to count the sheeps la.....Then i think i terfall asleep (or izit terpengsan or something becos of too tired) Small C woke up and started to crawl and babbling. Gosh. I feell like strangling him. But not his fault that I'm not getting enuff rest....So i woke Big C up to make milk for him (hoping that the milk will make him mabuk and fall asleep again).

Then i came to work today and my powerpoint presentation screwed up. The ammendments is no where to be found. DIE. DIE STANDING and the agency ppl are here for the meeting edi. Luckily my boss, said "don't panic. Don't worry. Just hide some and show some important ones". Phew! So i baru ate my lunch, and now i'm here blogging.

So continue with the Cameron Story. Okay Okay...So Cameron is all about Strawberries and tea leaves and the cold weather. But since we chosed a very bad timing, during public holiday (which i have no idea what holiday izit) and Ching Ming timing. TRAFFIC JAM IN CAMERON!!!! HAHAHAH why why why? not becos of warehouse sale ......Its because..everyone wanna buy VEGETABLES at the market. Hahahahahha what a sight! Man!

Eh U guys know why the tittle is MESSY Cameron Post or not? Cos ah...its not in order. And whatever i can think, i just write la. Okay Okay show the room abit.

The 2 Cs enjoying a nap once reached.

For the first time, Small C hated the pool. For obvious reason.....Too Cold la!

He loves the bathroom.Mami also can dip dip inside with him.

Naah....Another of the Choc Strawberry Stick. Mmmmmmm *salivating*

Then the nest day we went to Boh Plantation. The road into the farm...TWO word DAMN SMALL. VERY CRAZY. Its like the heart can fall out of the body..cos the vehicles can go so near and sometimes like hanging from the cliff. So reached there, some will vomit like me, Vien and Wen....So the tummy empty edi so Makan La.

Then while eating, enjoy abi tthe scenery la. Go fo far, takkan dun look?

Brought my son to see how they make tea leaves and all. Maybe he will invent new types of tea leaves and buy many farms and then become a taikun and i become taikun mummy..and then very rich. then i no need to work. I sit at home and blog. Wah...dreaming edi....nmh! I'm so damn Sleepy Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then after eat ....mai FAT HOU abit and take picture la. This picture hor...if Fengshui master see sure say good. Cos hot hills...Got sky...and got Lenglui human . hahahaha

But actually i already fat hou from the room once we reached hotel.

Cannot meh?

Then when we reached the Raju's strawberry park...Neh the one with the Ice cream and juicy strawberry wan leh..he was sleeping. But being fair of course i will let my son try abit..even when he is sleeping la. (oh the baju is from WEn...thank kiu wen....)

So overall, okay la. The journey up was winding road. Journey down was extreme. I wanted to vomit. Then Jayden heard me Buek Buek ..then he vomitted on my clothes. And then I vomitted. And then he couldn't stop moving. And then i couldn't concentrate with him that even made me wanna vomit more. MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally he fell asleep on my lap with the weirdest post ever (no picture! crazy meh. I pening edi mah!). And then it took us forever to reach home cos the north south highway was like snail moving on the road. The toilet was filthy cos NO WATER!!!!!!!!! EEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We finally cincai took a turn into some exit. Pay the toll, Masuk Ijok, Keluar kampung....Masuk sini sana ..end up in Sungai buloh at 830. Had our BAKKUTTEH and continues the journey to my mum's to pick up my car and headed home. Imagine...we left Cameron at 4+. And then my mum and sis was complaining that we never tell em that we went..otherwise they will go up with us. Last minute now they're planning to go up again. Man..if go again. I will make sure I'm driving OR I take sleeping pill OR Someone pls knock me out before we go up. Other than the journey...everything is fine. And my J, he loves it.

If you're happy and you know it ...clap your hands!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cameron Highland, I come Liao!

OI....lately my post all abit boring....dunno why . Maybe i lost my touch edi...sigh

So....We Went to Cameron Highlands last Saturday right after Big C came bek from Qing Ming. It was a last minute kind thing cos i was busy doing my work and enquiring alot of about tea lately. So Big C tot...Hey Let's go there and have a look. At the same time, we can visit my confinement lady and show the real Jayden to him cos we used to send picture of him to her. He was shy when she carried him. YEAH, my JAYDEN Shy...can you believe it? But he had a blast just being in her house..cos her house is the kampung type kind of house and he sabotaged her astro remote control. Hmmm

Anyway J slept from KL right up to Ringlet. But i was busy trying to fall asleep and trying not to vomit. come they cannot make a straight road right up to the hill! Dammit! Hahaha So we continued our journey from Ringlet and managed to stop by Bharat Tea farm to snap pictures. (J is wearing Shannon's bday pressie-macam model pulak )

Look at how happy he is with the cold weather!Dadi saying to Jayden : Look tea leaves......This is the view from our room. Super big with one queen and one single bed. Jayden loves it cos he can walk and run around...Climbing on the bed frame and doing his "cheeky"look Right after we checked in, we left and went to the Strawberry farm. Juicy but not sweet...typical Cameron Highland strawberry taste. You know ppl said that berries can increase sex desire..;) That's why Cameron Highland ppl are very productive eh? *wink* My J loves the Strawberry Ice. RM1 per stick...everyone is eating this..

And after a visit to the market, J gobble up the corn. Another of his favourite!

And this is what Mami likes.... RM2 from the market! Yummy!

And this.....from the RAJU's Strawberry Farm! Yummy! But J fell asleep while we're here...

And this one.....from the BOH TEA PLANTATION FARM. Travel the blardy winding road....and walk up the hill..of course MAKAN kau kau la! I'm normally not a choc person, but do you know that CHOC + STRAWBERRY = HEAVENLY????????