Monday, April 30, 2007


Okay enuff about the glamour glamour and the voting things. Anyway, congrats to all, you guys are winners, esp Anna.

Back to motherly me.

First of all, let me say sorry to
Laundryamah, Annie, Angie and Angeleyes for not turning up for the dinner. Let me say, I rather show up at the dinner than to be stucked at home with a whiny baby. My lil J was sick since Thursday.

He took his MMR jab last Sunday and we expected that he will get his fever ard Friday, but he got his fever on Thursday. And by Friday, he was so whiny till his nanny gotto call me and asked me to go and pick him up early. But I was stucked in the Agency place till 8p.m. We rushed to see the doctor and she said that his fever shud subside by 2 days and then she checked his mouth. Something else caused the fever. It was major eruption of teeth, 1 lateral incisor and FEW first premolars erupting all at the same time! No wonder he looked like a hamster!

And so the fever episode continued. He was whiny the whole day, cried for no reasons and he stopped taking his milk and any form of liquid. We gave him suppository and the fever went up and down. And finally at 2 a.m, we rushed to the hospital. Once reached the doctor checked and advised us to go for blood test. We’re in the old Assunta building and they’re in the midst of renovating and shifting the old block things over to the new block. Walking in the old block reminds me of my grandma who passed away there last November. And they padlocked all the rooms except for a few that turned into prayers room for the malays. Once reached, J was very curious and looked around. Then the drama started when the girl pricked his left middle finger and another nurse held him tight. They press and press for the blood to come out. And he was CRYING LIKE MAD! Mamamamamamama!!!! My tears came down, Big C started to get worried and asked for the nurse to give Lil J a break and wiped off my tears and of coz lil J’s also. But they can’t. And they continued to press and press and more blood came out filling the small tube. And when it’s over, Lil J was still sobbing and then settled down once reached the emergency ward again.

Doctor Celine asked J to go into the emergency room and checked again, to see if there’s any ulcer in the mouth and then she received a phone call. And she shouted “WHAT??? CLOT?”. Yeah we heard her saying that out loud. We gotto go again, cos the blood taken just now clotted cos J was struggling and the nurse was too slow. Off we walk along the eerie walkway again. And once he reached the room he went EKKKKK?????? He remembered what happened there a while ago. And he started to struggle. This time it was his Dadi who carried him. You can see that his face began to change and he look extremely tired, imagine no solid, no liquid and crying like this for hours and hours.

This is Lil J with his bandanged middle fingers.

We went upstairs and bought Lil J soymilk hoping that he will take it. We experimented and he liked it so we show him that its from the SoyMilk bottle and poured it into the bottle for him, to prove that its not MILK. And he drank the SoyMilk and slept. His lips began to be pinkish again and not super red (like wearing lipstick man!) like during the day time. And the bloood test showed that he dont have dengue, just a lil bacteria infection and eruption of many teeth all at the same time, causing the gum to be swollen and the cranky kid. She gave him zitromax and lil something for the gum.

Once reached home, he woke up and cried and slept and cried and slept. I think a few hours later, we all pengsan and slept till 10am. And the drama went on again. Tired of reading edi? I am tired just thinking about it. It was my niece Jasmine birthday on Saturday and I couldn’t bring her out for a birthday outings and there was a discussion between my sisters on what to do for her, bbq or family karaoke in Midvalley? Seriously my mind wasn’t thinking right. All I hope for was Lil J to recover. Seeing him not eating makes me wanna stop eating too. But he can take biscuits, some chrysanthemum drink and fruits. Just don’t wanna take milk. So I kept feeding him fruits, peeling the grapes into small small bits, but he was storing it in his cheeks, like hamster you know.

We went to my mom’s place and he was better cos his cuzzies was playing with him. I gave him watermelon and he ate the watermelon. Them we went to dinner in Jln Alor and many helped to take care of him while Big C and I ate. I ate like I’ve never eaten for days. And J ate some toufu and drank some water. And then we went home and I tried to force him to drink some milk. And he shut his mouth TIGHT, refused to take it. And I lost my patience; I shouted at him and threw his pacifier to the wall. I’m starting to go coookooo. Big C was clam all the way, he took over and told me everything will be fine soon. And we all went to bed.

I must say, thank god that I have Big C to be with me when all these happened. He was calm all the way and it certainly helped me to cool down. He was shaking when I asked him to put the suppository into J’s buttock and now he’s expert in doing that. Hahaha Who wants Big C to help? And I must say luckily that I have my family to standby. Dad was worried sick of Lil J and he brought the whole kampung to my house on Saturday to see him and they even accompanied us to have our dinner at 10pm.

Back to Lil J, he slept better last night compared to the nights before. And when I left the house (yeah Big C on holiday today *jeles*) and he looked better. He finally drank milk, not much just about 5oz and went back to sleep. At least, he drank milk. I called home and Big C said he was still a lil warm when he sent him over to the nanny’s. I don’t know how’s his condition gonna be like today but I hope he recover soon. I miss his smile, laughter and giggle so much! He lost a lot of weight, you can see his guitar strings and he walked like a jelly.

Last night before I slept, i prayed out loud hoping that he will get better soon. If can, I wanna take it for him. If he gets better I really don’t mind. And now, I’m sick with flu and sore throat. So, you think that the Big Guy up there heard me?

P/S: Just called nanny and she said he took porridge (his normal portion) and drank nearly 5 oz of water. But i can hear him whining at the back. Biasa la after sick sure very manja. Now that I'm sick, who's gonna manja me leh?


  1. luckily your jayden is getting better now..u should take good care of urself too..

  2. i hope lil J will be bouncing up and down soon. I also hope u get some time off to sleep n pamper yourself! All the moms out there know u definitely need it!

  3. He will be well in a few days..just hang in there. Get some rest too.

  4. oh dear. Good to hear lil J is getting better.
    Bryan's PD says that babies should NOT get high fever from private jabs (gahmen ones some will give fever) or teething. Jabs & teething may cause body temp to be warmer but never above 38C. So if high fever, sure has to do with some infection one. In Bryan's case what he said is true. Bryan got high fever twice - once is for throat infection, latest is for Cosackie.

  5. Come.. auntie Yvonne manja you. Glad to hear Jayden is well. Just hang in there... Take care. Holiday lor.. get sick very 'mm tai' wan.. :P

  6. Desperate Mummy2:47 PM

    Hope Jayden will get well soon. Auntie sayang, ok!

  7. angel2:52 PM

    Hope Jayden gets well soon and Mama Jayden get more rest. *hugs*

  8. Get well soon Jayden and for Missy Sasha .. rest more yeah

  9. Oscar's Mommy3:00 PM

    hey, how is j now? hope he is feeling better. makes me sad la reading yr post abt lil boy. you too, stay strong and healthy ok. and big c really terra la... can handle j AND you! bravo big c!

  10. Aiyo, lately many kids seemed to be sick. Hope Jayden quick quick recover. You take care too :)

  11. Poor Jayden.. and poor sasha..! get well soon ya..!

  12. Don't worry!Your darling sure will manja you. Get well soon!

  13. Aiyor, poor Jayden boy.

    *hugs sasha* U get well soon ya!

  14. Poor you and poor Jayden. It's really taxing taking care of a sick baby. Luckily you have a calm husband. My friend also told me that her daughter refused milk for a week when the molar came out. I'm preparing for this to happen to Ethan soon.

  15. aiyoyo... get well soon ya...

  16. khai khee : I hope he is much better now!

    mott : *blur blur* me too! i miss the bubbly him

    Vien : been hanging ard many days...Sigh

    shooi : Oh really make us go crazy

    Etcetera~Mommy: Yeah lor! HOLIDAY WASTED!

    Desperate Mummy : Jayden is so Lucky *jeles*

    angel : Hey Hi! Thanks!

    Jessie Woo : Trying trying,,canoit even open my eyes

    Oscar's Mommy : J i heard is better now. Yeah must puji my hubby abit hor?

    IMMomsDaughter : Yeah quick quick QUICK!

    mama bok : Thank You Thank You!

    aprilWong : Eh my darling also half dead.

    Rabbit : Thanks! u so busy with assignment oso come to my blog *sob*

    TheBlueRanger : I hope it come out soon!

    Jolenesiah : E i tot u in penang also blog ka? Thanks!

  17. be strong little one... just gigi... hahaha... fight it fight it...

    oh, and sasha, take good care of urself, dun make ur virtual friends worried ok? take med if the fever still persist... :D

    p/s: DON"T SAY I DUN LEAVE COMMENT, else i boycott u

  18. Hope he gets well soon. Sick kids always like that one. Dont want to eat, drink, etc. No sleep at midnight... it will last for 1-2 days then they should be okay.

  19. Your hubby is so sweet...Kids..I know..I can feel your anxiety and worries , even though I m a dr..There is only that much medicine can help , the rest is all TLC ( tender loving care)

  20. Adui.... J also kena, ah? Recently so many babies getting down with fever leh nowadays...... I hope all mummies and daddies are able to stay healthy and take care of the lil' ones. I hope you would too..... at least sounds like you hubby is doing a great job there :)

  21. Poor Jayden. You must be very exhausted too and good that Big C was calm. It certainly helps a lot. Taking blood test is horrible... the child will be screaming his head off while you have to hold him still and the few minutes seems like ages.

    Take care.

  22. don't understand why the nurse need to poke J's finger to take the blood! This is strange. Normally, it's from the vein, be it hand or leg.

    My PD normally take the blood by herself. She said the nurses don't know how to take the blood properly and will leave blue black on the baby.

  23. I think should let the experts draw blood from children lah. Poor Jayden. Emily also kena pook like mad last time in KL.

    I must say that my paed does it very well, no sound from my children. Whether it is inserting IV or drawing blood.

  24. poor boy, i hope he's better now

  25. Sasha,
    No wonder you didn't online for the past few days. I hope Little J is recovering now.

    And you too, take care! Rest more when you can and don't forget to eat!:)

  26. wow..that's a lot to take for lil j huh? suddenly all the teeth starting to sprout out....
    hope to get well soon too!

  27. gosh! these nasty bugs are really bugging our kids aren't they?! i know exactly how u feel when u say u hope to take it all in for jayden. that's when we go soft all over them.. but by the time am posting this comment, i hope he's already much better. mmuaakks!

  28. I know the feeling of entering Assunta Hospital! Since my grandma passed away due to operation failure at that hospital, i've never driven near that place !! it's been years since then! i'll take another route just to avoid thinking back bout the sad stuff!! Get well Lil' J as well as his hot mummy !! :) take care!!

  29. aw aw aw! poor lil jayden...

    granpa nel here pray for ur recovery as today is wesak day... ;)

  30. Everybody feeling better now? Good health to all! :)

  31. got sick baby the parents espicially mother will more tired.I scare 3 of my kids will sick together, i will be whole nite cannot sleep well.

  32. poor jayden..and poor mommy..
    you also have to take care well..

  33. poor jayden..and poor mommy..
    you also have to take care well..

  34. Just back from a short vacation, after reading your drama, felt so sad & I shared your pain & hurt too! But i must be blessed that my kids could enjoyed themselves so much while others are sick!
    You know taking blood of infant/small toddler is a damn cruel thing. It will always be my last choice so if(touch wood)d next time any dr. requests it, think twice if need be & seek a second opinion without hesitation!
    Lastly, gain back your health as you r a very impt person to ensure yr cutie Jayden get well real soon though u have such a good huby to help around!
    Good Luck & take care!

  35. Sasha, dun worry so much and ur son will get well soon...btw, I've tagged you, just do it when u have time, ok...

  36. take it easy.. Lil J will be fine lor.. u have to take care too ..

  37. Though i don't know you personally, but i can understand how you anxious you were with lil' J. I reacted the same way as you did when i had to bring my lil' benji to the hospital. Painful feeling, but thankfully it's over. Lil' J is so precious. You are a great mummy. Take good care of yourself. Lil' J needs you.

  38. poor lil j :( the hospital episode is really pitiful. brings back memory of ashley's recent visit there :( hope all is well now and have a good rest :)

  39. ShannonC: Alamak virtual frens...I talk to u in gmail lah

    Julian: Fren this is more than 1-2 days..hmmm

    eve: Yeah he is sweet (at time) Wah u dr ah. i wanna know u lor...cos i see yr blog, u kinda stay near me leh

    Tutiger::) Thanks! and welcome to my blog

    WMD: Yeah although its like few min but it seems like its forever

    KK & WS: Cos they can't use the normal needle. Otherwise when J move the needle will patah.

    michelle: hmm My lil J extremely notty not like emily la

    jazzmint: Thanks...recovering !

    Kok: Yeah kok, no time and energy to online

    mom2ashley: Yeah i hope it comes out soon.

    Sweetpea: Thanks!!!

    Min: Sigh. My grandma died there, i gave birth there. Its like dat la. Hospital, ppl being born and die there. So its just very normal la. Thanks for dropping by

    ah nel: Ah Nehl u So nice. So long no come my blog yeah! Thanks Thanks!

    zarasmama: Not yet..still recovering

    1+2mom: Wuah yrs lagi keng. 3 of them. Me with one also sakt kepala

    huisia: Thanks! u also take good carde of yrself pls!

    Jacss: Wuah vacation! nice! Its very torturing taking blood but its okay. at least i know he is freee from dengue.

    Lovely Mummy: tagged ah? I sick wor. can be exempted ka?

    janicepa: Thanks! u too yeah?

    Benjamin Lee Jingguo: Hey Ben Ben! I know u! anyway, thanks for the concern!!

    Mommy to Chumsy: Yeah u too went through it but we gotto do what we gotto do for our kids. Pain is only for a while.

  40. Oh dear.. kesiannya! Hope you guys (especially lil' J) is feeling better now..

  41. Glad to see Jayden is well but just keep an eye on the fever lor. Lucas was OK till 2 weeks later after the MMR jab - I've just blogged about it. Scary!