Thursday, April 05, 2007

U dun comment no more.

Last night, no need to work late. Damn shiok. Samo no need to cook.Lagi shiok! Haha I tot i will rush home and cook and become a good wifey. But Big C was already home and he said NO NEED TO COOK. So we went out to hunt for a new toy,dryer. So we went for makan and then went to shops and shop in SS2 looking for a dryer. Finally bought one and they will send tonight.:)
So at night i took the opportunity to do some blog hopping. And then i showed Big C, laozharbor's site. She uploaded her rapping MV. Man...she rocks. She has 60+ comments and she is only like 4 months old in Blogsphere and she dun even blog hop or do anything extra to make ppl to go to her site. For me, I'll be 1 year old in July. But the most i can get is about 30+ (if ah pek dun come and spam my comment box la...).
Then Big C told me.."Eh i forgot to read blablabla today. Let me read." I was like "What blablabla?" Totally forgotten that my blog is blablabla. So he was reading and i just stared at him and wonder if my readers have the same reaction and facial expression while reading my blog. He smiled, chuckled abit....scroll scroll, reading word by word. And then he gave me back my laptop and said good night. Aiks...even my BIGGEST FANSI never comment, so what make other ppl wanna comment?
Many of the bloggers became my frens on msn edi. Sometimes i can see them visiting my site through my bloglog, and some will msn me asking me about the posts. Some guys wont comment, probably they think that it's too "girlie" to comment in a mommy blog and some said that if they comment ppl will think they wanna "kau" me. haha what a joke!
I interviewed some ppl and they told me they DUNNO WHAT TO SAY after reading my blog. I guess i make ppl speechless. Maybe ...Maybe...aiyah Okay la! Enuff of ranting! Go bek to work.!
You see, i just make u speechless again. Haha


  1. Esther6:27 PM

    oi, can leave comment lar, hehe.. but me sometimes really dun knw comment wht, so jst read n run lor.. HAHA

  2. max 30+?? mine max oso belum reach 20! >.< heheh

    hmmmm..komen means wana kau..wah.. r u available arr?? me komenting! kakak =P

  3. common la..sometimes people drop by but didnt leave comment.

  4. Finally Sasha Leng Lui enable the comment box :P

    Don't angry Sasha... I am sure now you will get 40 comments or more... (No guarantees from SiwwyPig)

  5. No comments mai bla bla bla lor...:P

  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    psst.. you are tag

  7. die.. cant comment already, but don know what to comment tim.. -.-"

  8. simon9:46 PM

    eh i comment what, sometimes u dun answer back one ... :)

  9. Esther: Hahaha u also , Read and read.. and msn me. What la!

    Huei : HAHAHAH dunno why they say kau when i so not available,,,

    huisia: Yeah .....I know.

    SiwwyPig : Hahaha another of my blog reader...

    michelle : Yeah thats what i'll do la

    sss1979 aka Nicole : Oi no tags for me pls!

    babyfiona : Hahahahahahaahahahahahahaah

    simon : Oi u read my comments wan meh? I dunno got such ppl wan

  10. Woi!! I waited the whole afternoon this koment box closed wan. Wanna Chup oso kenot.

    When open to public wan?????

  11. Oscar&#39;s Mommy11:41 PM

    woi dont like that ler, i come everyday one ok. sometimes cannot leave comment la bukan ape. eh i am silent reader also ok... *muaks* no angeli ok.

  12. ME me! me also silent reader one sometimes!

  13. Alamak, you mean me ya? LOL! I'm the read blog and cabut type...

  14. my blog 3 months... average about 40 comments... got one post reached 70+ comments... how ah?

    :P :P :P

    ok ok... i was blowing my own trumpets there.

    anyway... that laozharbo really can rap... almost faint!

  15. too many blogs...too many to read LOL..

  16. Ace: Muahahahaha next time u must check every 5 minutes liao

    Oscar's Mommy: I know... i know...

    Rabbit: I know i know..i can see from bloglog

    shoppingmum: I know i know..i can see from bloglog

    zewt: LAN CI BETUL!

    jazzmint: Yeah.i know

  17. i'm also the silent reader...sometimes comment sometimes dun comment...sometimes your post too funny...laugh till forgot want to leave comment...hehe...but I do read your blog everyday...I'm your "fansi" too ler...

  18. Sasha seems happy got people comment although not really comments in her blog.. lol

    I think Sasha should post up something sexy sexy to attract people to come and comment.. :P

  19. *spechless*

    hahahaha is fun reading ur post ..

  20. You PMS ah? Every thing also rant one?

  21. sasha,
    You never reply our comments leh. Then, we comment here let who see leh? hahaha! You can try to have a competition. Whoever comment the most, get RM1000k. Like this we shiok, you also shiok mah. Can can?:P

  22. Zara's Mama, don't think she PMS.. maybe she is ranting cause she wants number 2.. :)

    Kok, she rant because we didn't comment.. when we comment.. she didn't read or reply.. hehe

    I like your idea... Rm 100K for grabs.. :P

  23. hallo hallo
    another silent reader here..

    m a regular of lilian's blog(fellow penang lang).. then click click click, terserempak mott's and somehow found your blablabla syok jugak


    same style of typing mah.. I like it! M a production of SMK mia

    haih~~ i feel like i comment pun macam talak comment

    so is this considered a comment ??

  24. Leng : Thenk kiu my fansi!

    SiwwyPig : Oi i dunn need to be sexy to fish for post okay...

    Jessie Woo : see i told u u sure speechless wan

    zara's mama: eh kenot meh...if not then what is the use of blog

    Kok : Apalah! by the time i reply yr comment i can write another post to make u laff...see u just make me loose another post!

    SiwwyPig : Oi i wont pay u for answering my comment k? hahahhaha

    Kirsten : Oi penang i likey! Thenk kiu for yr support ah. when drop by say hi at the chat box lor!

  25. kidding only la... where got lanci...