Friday, April 06, 2007

Another NeneBuBu

What is NeneBubu? Ranting..unhappy things...saja wanna complaint wan la...cannot meh.

Semalam kena sound from nanny cos i got there at 6.55pm. My normal time is 645pm. And for whole week, we've been picking Lil J up abit late and most of the time this week, Big C gotto go and pick him up. "SO late wan?????? The weather is okay ma today....". Shiat...cannot even lie about traffic jam and bad weather. So i told Lil J "Okay say bai bai to auntie la..she need to go cook" . BUT she wanted to talk , bli bleh about my sons notty things. Nevermind just take it. Again i said "Jayden say bai bai la!" Zuup! I cabuted so damn fast!

So i went home and told Big C about it and he was like "Why she so not flexible wan...why she only complaint to you...why she never complaint to me....". Angry with e flat he did it i dunno.

STRAWBERRY AND CHOC cos lately i have been having the urge to make a baby. *sigh* i dunno why. Maybe Lil J has grown so much and he is n longer a baby. Time to replenish stocks la konon. Haha EAT LA! Eat more strawberry and choc la! Makes you damn horny wan...But make sure there's someone to service you. Otherwise.......errrr. sendiri settle a babe!

Then i told Big C, "eh why not u gimme the 1K u give to me every month to give the nanny and the cleaners as my pay la. Then i dont work,i stay at home and take care of our kids. I only use 3 bucks now when i to go work. I think 1K i can survive la."

He replied " yah no problem. 1k u take la. Now u spend 3 bucks. but do u think that u will use less than 3 bucks or just 3 bucks when you're at home? I think its dangerous for you to stay home".


6.45am.. i woke up and got to work today.


  1. better go "do it" lah... otherwise you will be thinking more about many other stuffs... LOL!

    good luck on second one :P

  2. wahahaha
    go for it...
    buy tonnes of strawberry and stock in fridge...

  3. Like Nike's ad: Just Do It! Heh! ;)

    And tell the nanny: You talk so much, mouth not tired ah? Hahahaha!

  4. Feed Big C lotsa strawberries and chocolate also la, then no need to sked no one service you lorrr... hahaha.

  5. I think it's not strawberry and choc.. I think you mixed around too much with breastfeeding musm.. BFing mums give out a hormone into the air which will act as an aphrodisiact for females..

    Don't believe? Last year, 2 out of my 4 lunch mates pregnant and beranak.. and both of them also thinking of close shop liao one..

  6. hmm..thinking of another one? good luck! when yo find out you are pregnant, don't afterwards think..."Huh? I have to go through the whole thing again???" hahaha

  7. Hey..Shannon,
    You are still young.. and if you want another one.. you should quickly have one.. so the age gap ain't so huge for both kids.
    And now can earn money just by blogging.. shouldn't be a huge problem... if you stay home lor.. :)

  8. strawberry & chocolate really that good huh? will try it one of these days...errr with hubby lar


    Jessie Woo : Nike ad meh?

    Shannon : u DO i DO..Okay?

    Nadia : u DO i DO..Okay?

    sue : Oi u stay so near my house..i share share strawberry with u la.then we can all get raped

    zara's mama : Oi u still zara mama meh? ZZ mama edi la. Anyway....Are u trying to spread the MoJO to me ah

    mom2ashley : Aiyoh...I KNOW!!!! Thats why kepala pusing

    mama bok: Oi i not shannon lor...I sasha. hahahhaha

  10. Desperate Mummy2:24 PM

    Em.. I think u should think twice (advice from my experience)don't think too much if u think u wan go for it.

  11. Blueranger: EEEEEEEEEEEE u so wanna get raped!! hahahha

    Desp Mum: Eh u can blog durng working meh? Anyway, think think thong first okay?

  12. Esther2:32 PM

    so young want to retired n stay home become SAHM ar ? HE HE

  13. You wan 5 star mia dvd anot? i gip free!! Wakakaka

  14. Ooopsie..!! sorry ya..!! at 3am in the morning.. kinda "mabut" lah.. ;) hahhah!! SASHHHHHHHA!!
    Typo.. no fault of the mind.. ;)

  15. Alamak, am i one of the breastfeeding mums that releasing hormones? LOL!
    And can't wait to hear the good news about no 2! :P

  16. Faster lo...go and do it..

  17. wah itchy to get no 2 ah...ahahh get busy ok...

    think u cannot stay home la...u so super better! wah 3 doll-lar...can or not?

  18. Esther: eh got age wan meh to be SAHM?

    AceOne118: Cilaka. I do 6 star one myself!

    mama bok:Muahahahaha u open too many windows

    shoppingmum: Yeah la yr MOJO LA!

    huisia: Cotto Matte!

    mommy of two angels: Yeah Super Hyper?

  19. Sasha should get number 2... so is Shannon... haha the more the merrier la.. :P

    I think Sasha already want number 2.. but of course, can't do it alone.. hor hor...

    Eh, Sasha do 6 star porn ah? wahhhh... must be very good... :P Can educate us a bit or not.. hehe

  20. Oooh.. go Cameron got objective wan... So stock up on strawberries already lor?? :D

  21. haha...ur hubby vy funny

  22. faster!! faster!!! still got time to boink for piggy baby!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Oscar's Mommy7:48 PM

    hehe... tak mau kerja konon! you want piggy bb ah? fast fast make lor... sked cannot make it la.

  24. SiwwyPig : HAHAHA eh u wont get paid for answering my comments u know

    Etcetera~Mommy : Oi i go to hornyday only la....not making baby la

    jazzmint : Aiyah.he memang like dat wan tone

    mott: Oi faster we make together....errr different room ok?i shy nia..

    Oscar's Mommy : Hahahah kenot meh...dream only mah

  25. I heard this year is extra extra good to have bb. So just do it.

  26. Go with your hormones..Lol.