Monday, April 16, 2007

What i like about weekends.

You know what I like the most? Food! Food! and spending time with Lil J. I wanted to bring Big C to try the "Yee Tau Mai" (Fish head meehoon) in SS2. You tell me. Are they stupid enough to open shop for business at 12.30pm ON WEEKENDS? Anyway we end up walking straight and went to "ONE NOODLE". This is what we order!

Seefood Kari Lai Meen (pull mee). One word. YUM. (p/s: Wen: can you cook this for me? But make sure there's kiap-kiap like the picture below ah...)

But they're kind of "duh" abit. Cos they placed the hot food near Lil J. And you know my son love chilly food, right? So i gotto push everything to the left *singing beyonce's to the left to the left song). And then i passed him to his Dadi, he swing his hands and *PIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK* he broke the receipt holder. Oppssss..but they didnt charge us...cos mainly its their own fault eh?

Hey Hey! Dadi snapped our pic and i noticed this picture looked familiar!

Thats Lil J when he was about 1 1/2 months in Genting.

Anyway, he had fun in the Car Showroom..

He had fun running around the car showroom....very spacious so he can do his 360 degree turn. Boy...he's starting to run now. Video in another post k? Youtube today holiday...nobody approving it.

Just look at how much he had grown! So macho wearing clothes like this. Errr.minus the pacifier la...haha

And we went to SS2 later again that day. Nope, im not craving or pregnant or pms or something like that. It's just that so happened we passed by and we're hungry. Notice the spot on his KKB area? Thats water mark from the rain, yea..dun think of other stuff. He slept not long after that ...and we had a peaceful meal...(P/s:
wen Can you cook this for me too? I want meehoon, not meesuah okay? more gravy okay?)

Huge portion for 2 ppl. Big C was abit shocked that I actually recommended this (btw its SKY CAFE, SS2) cos he knows that I'm not a big fan of FISH. But this is okay, not fishy and i love the char choy (okay i dunno what its called in english).We had this at around 5ish. So, later that night we had suppper...Roti Canai! Yum! Truly Malaysian!

We went for another mommy blogger (plus egghead) gathering in Marche. And Lil J received yet another pressie! This time from
Des! (Lil J said: Thank you Des Cheh Cheh)

And he sat next to celebrity girl : Ashley!

And this is how my Lil Fella sit. *sigh* Definitely not from me okay?

Read more about the gathering

It was a TIRING weekend. But I'm so happy that I spend time with my Lil J since i hardly spend (well, not as much as last time) ever since I started work in my new working place. *sigh* another long week....counting down...another 4 days.*sigh*


  1. Waahhh... I'm the first???

    Anyway, love the picture of J looking like a gangsta like that. Haha! Of course, minus the pacifierlah! ;)

    AND I agree, weekends are eating days! ;)

  2. he got the big boss look lah... hopefully not mafia boss lah :P

  3. Esther5:27 PM

    very enjoyable and fruitful weekend !!

  4. i like the pic which lil Jayden w his pacifier, very 'tai kor' look! BTW, very happening wor...

  5. wah the food pictures make me salivate only la..slurpsss...

  6. Wah sai U eat liao sumore wan me to cook ah??? Oredi early early morning make me salivating liao... gosh hv to go work liao...

  7. mom2ashley6:26 PM

    wah....i dont have one pic of our outing yesterday oso! and look at ashley's face? so serious! and jayden macam tauke!

  8. i hate hate hate you .... made me so hungry... summore i cant eat those food.... sigh....

  9. I want that noodle! Yummmm...BTW, char choy is Szechuan vege. And hor..maybe you sit like that when you made him leh? Kahkahkah.

  10. whoa yummy, must go try

  11. jayden macam big boss la..just look at his big foot..

  12. Who belanja "one noodles"?

  13. OK becoz of U hor Ah Wennnn has made it.. But U hv to wait for me to post it tonite when I come bek from work....

  14. wah... you weekend so nice... mine like hell la

  15. sasha,
    The sixth photo, Lil J maciam "TAI LOU" like that. Or, maybe a king. haha! That's a cute one. :P

  16. Nadia : Yeah cant wait for this weekend...

    Egghead: If he is mafia boss...then i'm so protected

    Esther: Yeah! Weekend I lOVE!

    CutiePrincessMummy : Hehe every taikor leh

    laundryamah: Hehe nice eh?

    Wennnn : Yeah u good cook mah haha

    mom2ashley : Hey ashley looked serious the whole night

    zewt : HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA wait until yr fasting end then sapu lah! : OOO szechuan VEGE!

    jazzmint : Yea..try la

    huisia : Yeah his foot quite big

    AceOne118 : Who balenja? Sendiri kasi duit la

    Wennnn : OK SET!

    Kenny Ng : When weekend sucks...turn to Food!

    Kok : HAHAHAHA king eh? he's my house CEO

  17. the curry looks yummy!!!!!!!

  18. The curry mee looks soooooo delicious *slurp slurp* And Jayden grow up so fast, now big boy liao...time to have 2nd one liao ;)

  19. Huei : Eh u no online anymore ah? I have something to ask u la

    IMMomsDaughter : hahaha yr laksa sarawak shud taste nicer!

  20. really big boss leh...

    and whoi, the photos, jayden grow up, and u grow younger? hahahahaha

  21. Nice to meet you sasha & lit J!
    Me did not take all kids pic ler..sigh

  22. Wuah dun pway pway with Lil J yeah ...

    Lil' so big boy jor wo .. and this Sasha is still as hot as ever :D

  23. Wow! The Seafood Kari Pull Mee and the Fishhead noodles are soooooo delicious looking. Nice or not ar?

    Wuah seh! To tell me u need to rest during the weekend *duh* But luckily u could make it to the gathering if not ....... (heehee).

    Aiyo, dat boy of urs looks like a 'tai kor tai' neh. Take away the pacifier and put a pair of dark specs on him. Wuah lau eh! (I can imagine how he looks like)

    Heehee, hopes he likes the pressie.

  24. Mrs.Wallace4:40 PM

    Wow! Jayden can eat spicy food? Doing not bad for a little boy ;)