Friday, April 13, 2007

Stupid SAHM.

I went to ipoh yesterday for the Focus Group Discussion. And i talked to my boss to and fro to Ipoh. Woman, we can really talk! MILS, SILS, GHOST, Children, schools, everything la. She told me about two of her friends. One, is a SAHM who got retrenched 10 years ago and decided to be a SAHM. Depending on only one income from the husband, stayed home make another 2 more babies and totally don't know anything about the outside world. They're not rich but using money like nobody's business. The worst part,they have not paid any water bill and electricity bill for more than 1 year, ever since they moved into Kota Kemuning. The house were decorated so posh-ly, she buy flowers from Sg Buloh all the time, Shop and Shop And shop, Never paid the house installments for months and not to forget the car installment.

Worst, even with debts all over the body, they can still go on and use the credit cards. 2 incident where she was doing some marketing in PJ and suddenly when she wanted to go into her car, 2 guys came and snatched her keys. She thought that someone wanted to rob her! In fact they're from the bank, to tow her car. Another one was in a roundabout near her house. They left her at the roadside..she gotto walk all the way backto her house herself. Can you imagine how terrible is the condition at that time?

And she and her hub can go around and borrow money from relatives, refinance the house over and over again( i dunno how they do that) and not pay the relatives back..instead they use it to pay for water fountain, fengshui, renovate the house! OMG! She deserved to be shot right at the head!

And she treats her kids like they're the KING. Whatever they do, its okay. Wanna buy, take. Don't wanna eat, its okay. And now the kids even challenged her, "You want to beat me? NYEH NYEH!! Beat la!". OMG!!!! And the kids are like 5,7 and 10 years old only. So my boss told me, please be strict with yr baby otherwise you will have a tough time when they grow up. Okay, i'm glad i'm starting to train my LIl J to be more discipline. I'm just waiting for the moment that he will not stand up on the baby high chair in the restaurants when we're eating. Thats my next target, doing it one by one.

During CNY, she refused to go back to her hubs place. With the reason, the SILS looked down on her. How not to? Lend her the money, and she used the money that was supposed to be for her to pay off debts but she used it to buy flowers for her garden!!! And because of that the hub went back to PG and she went to her dad's house in JB. and guess what???? Her dad don't let her to step into the house (bcos ion chinese community its not good for the daughter who got married to be back home on the first day of CNY-so old fashion!). She gotto stay in the hotel with the 3 kids, the night before cny and one first day of cny. The SIL gotto send food to her and helped her to pay for the room fees.

And now my boss is helping her to look for a job. Asked her to prepare home cookes meal and deliver to nearby single, she said she don't know how to cook. Asked her to baby sit , she said she felt confined with kids, not flexible. Ask her to do this she say she don't know. Do that don't know. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! no no it's OMFG!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what to say. This woman left me - speechless. More speechless than Me making you guys speechless! Haha.

Well, somehow she taught me to be a smarter SAHM (if i wanna be one in the future)like
her, her and her. Although they're SAHMs but they have thier own savings and they're up-to-date. We woman (and esp mommies) need to have own security, e.g. own savings, must expose ourselves to the outside world and updates and not be like a "Katak di bawah tempurung". RIGHT??????

Okay enuff of gossiping...
Someone broke my egg! and he is ACEONE! My vote now is about 19 votes. I used to be placed on the last page...which is the errr i have no idea what page is that. Now i'm at the 3rd page! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! for your support *blow flying kiss and wave like miss chinese international pagent*.


  1. hahahahahahah

    you don't how right you are!

    hahahahahah... and I really mean it! you have predicted something, earlier..and it will come true in a few days time..just wait and see!!!!


  2. ok ok going to be 20 liao.

    I got one relative like that la. Use my hubby's name to remortgage his car, bank called up my hse. KNN. Then, borrow RM3,600 from us, we thot wanna buy food for their kid. KNN go buy some stupid wardrobe. And it is just wardrobe. N iamah, my whole bedroom set only cost RM1,800 including bed, wardrobe, dresser. You say tulan or not? And hor, the only dotter wear Guess, go private skool. And when their father died, he never even put a cent to pay for funeral or grave. Niamah. Tok only I naik api.

  3. u will be the hottest lar...

  4. Aiyah...too late to chup ah?

    but since no one chup as yet...


    5Xmom - there will be someone like that in any family, esp the bigger one. For our case it was my late aunt's husband...afer my aunt die..he keep coming and borrow money left right up and down...thought he need it for some business, rupa rupanya because he need to support one club singer...knnccb.

  5. Ur vote 20 over aldy..I just logout from bloggerschoiceaward.

    Eh.. not all SAHM stupid one , k (me SAHM very sensitive. LOL ) .. :) but the one u mentioned hor...aiyo..really not worth living in this world..woman like that also got...

  6. mott : what did i predicted leh? : Shit u pinjam name to them also ah? dangerous leh! sekali ah long come to yr house la

    Shannon: In hot wok?

    Stupe : U also like to chup? I beh tahan man use money to feed other woman! knn..

    dragonmummy : *shy* 24 liao now. I know thats why i said how come got sooo stupid SAHM wan when the SAHMS i know all smart smart one...*angkat angkat*

  7. liddat kind of people also got ah!

    Eh, you deserve the award la

  8. A lot of using 'credit card' to survive ppl outside.

    That's the reason we r one of the most credit card debts country bcos of these ppl lar.

  9. Wah so memalukan us ...

    Wey wey i VOTED liao so is 27 liao :D

  10. sure i will vote you..

  11. Fuiyohh!!! Now 28th liao and counting!!! wakakakaka

  12. Really useless woman! Aigh...I pity the kids.

  13. I voted you as hot mama ledi.
    Don't forget the kisses you promise ah!

    Shhh...don't tell Ace1. Afturds that humsap lo also want. LOL

  14. That's terrible..! ppl like that.. shouldn't even live..!!

  15. Fuiyohh!! 37 votes ledi and counting!! And in the 1st page 7th place!! Wakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!

  16. YAH 37th already, GOGOGOGO!

    Hopefully i wont meet someone like that ler..really memalukan. If i met someone like that, i going to poke poke poke the head until its explode! ^^

  17. yerrr.summore stay in kota kemuning..memalukan me how come sounds like someone angie toked about yesterday...

  18. YOU ARE ON PAGE NUMBER 1 with 37 votes! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! tak rugi I nominate you... hehehehhe... please prepare ur leave to fly to floridaaaaaaaa heheheheheh

  19. I read about that woman also I naik api liao ....

  20. Anonymous12:42 PM

    No comment abt that women, there really had such kind of person exist in this world, even worst...
    And hey..I vote you hehehee

  21. aiyo. memalukan..if i am her family i will slap her 99!!

  22. Wow...I've heard of this 'disease' in KL but now only read about a real life example. Tsk tsk terrible! How can people live like this???

    Ok...will go vote for you before I sleep =)

  23. HMom: Yeah! Thats why i'm so shocked to hear bout this story! Thanks !

    CutiePrincessMummy : Haha Yeah we love plastic money. But for me, although there's plastic money i control my spending

    Jessie Woo: hey thanks so much!

    huisia: Thanks huisia!

    AceOne118: Thanks to u ace!

    King's wife: The kids are spoilt brat!

    Cocka Doodle: Shhhh....

    Mama BoK : Haha give chance...maybe when no one help her and her car and house kena tarik maybe she will wake up!

    babyfiona : Hahaha another ace!

    laundryamah: Yeah yr neighbour! hahaha

    Julian : Oi i jatuh edi.....:(

    sue : Cool Down Cool Down

    Rachel : Thanks for yr vote!

    Winn : eh when i heard about her story i felt the same

    KittyCat : U said it woman! Its a disease and only yrself cancure it.

  24. Anonymous3:21 PM come yr friend know all the details abt this woman wan....the victim will tell bad abt themselves meh?...kekekke

    btw, i also stayed in kota kemuning..hehhe...ppl here quite high class gar wor...i also got one neighbour with 3 kids same age as what u reno nice nice, owned 3 cars(camry, estima,bmw) maid...nice garden with beautiful plants...very actsy leh..only depend on hubby salary(wonder how he work? hmm)...she also SAHM!!!!!! u got the add ar? can telly correct or not? kekekekek