Thursday, April 12, 2007

How to Train yr baby to sleep by her/himself

This is to answer Yvonne's question and comment :

At 4:16
, Etcetera~Mommy
Wow.. your Jayden boy suddenly picked up so
many new tricks??? So geng!! He can sleep on his own now? Teach teach.. what's
the secret??

I tried for weeks...imagine no sleep on fridays , sat and sun when its supposed to be relaxing days for me. But I was so determined to train J to sleep by himself. So i sacrifice my sleep and pat him back to sleep everytime he cry, looking for the both of us. Why only me leh? Cos his Dadi never agree with him sleeping alone, so he never bother to help. Btw, he cannot even hear lil J cry at night.

Since i was successful in training Lil J for not taking his night feeding in 3 nights time, i was very sure that i CAN DO IT. That's tips No.1, believe that you can do it. There's one night i pat his bumbum to sleep for sooo many times that night.I got so fed up, i jumped into the playpen and sleep with him. Imagine, my kaki senget and my kepala senget because the playpen was too short for me. But lil J slept soundly that night. Big C woke up and found that i'm no longer next to him, he went around the house looking for me and found me in Lil J bed. He secretly(which i know cos i never sleep ma, Doiknz) took his handfone and started to record videos and took pics of me sleeping with lil J and suddenly i said,"Don't even think about it!". Oppsss and he went to have sex with Chau Kung's daughter again. That night i never sleep the whole night and went to work the next day, with all the bones senget.

So actually there's a reason why i jumped in. Imagine you're left alone being confined in a place where no other human beings were placed inside. How would you feel? Of course you feel like you're being in a prison right? To make Lil J feel more comfy being in his own playpen, you go in and tell him "Hey Look, Mommy's in here too!" . Ever since then, Lil J can play and watch tv by his own in his own playpen. And lately i jumped into his playpen to play with him..he pointed at me and laughed at me, then he started to use his legs to kick me softly indicating "get out mom. This is my crib!" *sigh* tai yin chai mm yiu wo seung...
Another reason is to make the bed smell more like you. Sometimes they wanna sleep with us because they want to smell us. So sit on his matress, roll on his matress or whatever, Just leave some smell on it. Fart if you want to, they love your smell no matter how smelly you are. haha For me, we gave Lil J our pillow. He sleeps using big pillow and he dun use those lil kiddo pillow. So solve the problem. It made him felt like he's sleeping side by side with us.

Trust me its not easy. Many sleepless night , waking up and looking for his pacifier and putting it back into his mouth, patting his buttock until he sleeps back again. But ever since he sleeps by his own, for the first few days i have separation anxiety....i felt that the bed suddenly got bigger. And i always go and check on him, see whether he is okay or not, see whether he is comfortable and not too cold or too hot.

But now, i got used to it. Big C never say anything but i guess he enjoyed the "Space" more. (Means he can eat more edi) I think Lil J enjoyed the space more, cos he can roll and do whatever stunts he want to in his own bed.

Did i mentioned about the privacy part too? ;) Big C loves it ..cos more space and privacy for his sleeping sexxion with Chau Kung's dotter. So that will answer Angeleyes question on
"Eh, You also Making piggy baby ah? Piggy baby?
Yeah , i heard Chau Kung's dotter is pregnant but not me. Haha


  1. It seems like U and Big C enjoys the space more lor.. SO now U can make piggy girl lor...

  2. Congrats to you ... I always failed in letting my kids sleep by themselves. Told them I will buy nice furnitures for them in the new room ... my girl says Mommy sleep with me and Titi. Sigh! Still figuring it out!

  3. Congrats..Sasha..! it's definitely another huge milestone reached.. for both you and J.. :) Mummies are always the one.. who goes the extra mile.. for their kids.. in whatever the situation. But as J grows older.. you will also noticed that your Big C will play a more active role .. in everything. I used to do everything for Chloe.. but when Chloe got older.. i trained her to go to Papa.. so now alot of things.. she only look for her Papa. For example.. if she wants to go peepee at the store.. she will only want her Papa.. ;) because the staircase at the basement.. is long and dark.. so only Papa can protect her.. kekekkeeke!

  4. Desperate Mummy8:00 AM

    :( My son still sleep with me and hub's n I alreadi sleep separately almost a yr.

  5. Anonymous8:15 AM

    u have done a great job, reading your post, remind me of my bb in those days. sleepless night "sweating". now my boy now are able to sleep by himself, just the matter of time. ^-^

  6. Wennnn : Hey told u lok. He only wanna make baby with chau kung's dotter. Not me Hahahahah

    Twin : Have to be more determined! Wish u all the best!

    mama bok : Yeah he plays more with lil J but somehow he dun have the patience to sit and play with with him..he rather watch his tv while Lil J play by himself.Oi the staircase so dark, i also sked wanna pee myself ok.

    Desperate Mummy : OMFG! How cn sleep separate for one year. nevermind, when is yr bday? i send one box of strawberry and choc for u both so u guys can rape each other! Haha Eh seriously, get back into the room woman!

  7. Anno: Haloo! Welcome to this boring blog. Yeah, its just the matter of time and need lots of determination!

  8. good job!

    few sleepless nights now better than everyday sleepless nights later!!!

    "HOE YEA"!!!!!

    To all mummies that still sleep with their sleep in your own bed, at your own time, not having to be sooo quiet (cannot even cough!) the best thing in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Keng ah... Good job :)

  10. Congratulations woman!!! YAY!! :) I think I shall put my pillow there and spray some of my parfume too.. Hahahaha!

  11. YYYYEEAAAAAA!!!!!!
    good!! not more climbing over the mami or pinching mami's nipple oledi!!!
    J really big big boy liao... time for a new dot dot... :D

  12. whn is my turn leh .. *waiting and waiting and waiting *

  13. Sasha now is a supermom!

  14. i think chao gong's doter lotsa babies liao!!! heheh =P

    i mean...lotsa ppl oso wana make baby with her! =P

  15. mommy very determine and she did it! have to start training my brandon to sleep by himself in the crib. he still sleeping between us. but i can't have him sleeping with me all his life. so i will have to start when daddy get me the wheels for his crib so i can have the crib next to my bed and in the morning push it away. i have to say i am going to miss sleeping with him when the day comes.

  16. Envy you! able to have more sleeping space. :P

    BTW, clap clap for the good job to separate lil Jayden to sleep w u! My 2 princesses still sleep w me until today. When is my turn come? ~sigh~

  17. Congratulations on training Lil J to sleep by himself. My parents make me and my brother sleep by ourselves in our room since we were a few months old.

    But every now and then we cry because we find our cots too small and uncomfortable and we get to sleep on our parents' big bed. Yay!!

  18. jacss1:15 PM

    hey sasha,

    salute u for d discipline & determination u had, while i'm ashame to say that my twins despite at 4+ are still very sticky to us when it comes to sleep. eventhough we put them on their own room, they will still walked back to our room with their eyes half closed :(
    so we ended up having to sleep on their mattress on d floor as they took over our big bed......sigh!!

  19. Wowow.. got my big name there. Aahh.. I have been procrastinating the need to move Ryan to his own bed. It is more like me missing his smell next to us. Even hubs feel the same. He said 'mm seh tak'. I know I know dem siao.. as if Ryan's cot is miless away.. what to do. Hubs and I love our son more than each other already.. :P

  20. Raelynne already sleep in her cot few months back liao... actually sometimes quite easy one lah but what you say is right. So now can wrestle on the bed liao??? hehhehehe

  21. Sigh, I can't remember sleeping with hubby alone now. :P

  22. Oscar's Mommy11:37 PM

    actually the trick to let kids sleep alone is to let them wiggle wiggle alone in a crib and in yr case the playpen. i let oscar sleep alone in the playpen when oscar is just few days old. i never let him sleep in between us. now he sleeps on his own bed in our room also la but i usually let him sleep earlier than us so i guess that is not a prob anymore. you must be determine in what you want to train jayden then you will be sucessful. see, you already kicked off the nite feed liow wat.

  23. mott: Ten kiu see fu!

    sue: Ten Kiu Ten kiu

    Nadia: Hehe perfume??

    ShannonC.: Eh i know Rachel also sleep by u oso can make baby lor!

    janicepa: When tthe time comes u will cry

    huisia: Supermom? Not qualified la

    Huei: hahaha evrynite make one baby

    wHOisBaBy: U're right woman@ good luck!

    CutiePrincessMummy: tomorrow is yr turn if u really want it to happen soon!

    ajab booboo: Hey my lil J cry sometimes too. But its ok la

    jacss: dun be ashame..u're not alone you know. Good luck!

    Etcetera~Mommy: Oi means i dun love my J meh? We love him thats why we need to train them to be independent.

    Julian: Wuah means u CAN MAKE BABY LIAO LAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shoppingmum: Oi nevermind as long still have "fun" nemind.

    Oscar Mum: U my see fu mah!

  24. hi, sasha, like shoppingmum, i dont recall being in the same bed alone with my hubby since time immemorable either.

  25. Children since birth sleep in their own bed. But with two kids, hubby and i will sleep with one each in separate rooms.

    lately, on the weekends we have slumber party where all will sleep in one room and that is THE time, I get to snuggle up up with hubby and have him by my side.

  26. Salute ya. Can sleep in the crib some more...sure it doesn't spoil it? Should ask your hubby to take a pic to show us mah.

  27. mom2ashley6:38 PM

    wah! congrats! and you even went INTO the playpen ???
    what is "chau kung" anyways? sorry ler - dont understand cantonese