Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Name Is Jayden Chan

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My name is Jayden Chan. I am Sasa Tan son. And also Big Chan's son. My mami not free, she say aunty shopping mum tagged her about me. So she asked me to do myself. I also dunno how to talk and type but she asked me to do tag. *sigh*

On the Outside
Name: Jayden Chan errr i forgot my chinese name.. "MAMIIIIIII what is my chinese name ah?"
Date of birth: 21st Marchie...is that when the doctor pulled me out from mami tummy and cut my chin loong wire ah?
Current status: doing tag and sucking pacifier.
Eye color: Blawn
Hair color: Blawn also
Righty or Lefty: I use right hand to eat and left hand to *scratch butt*
Zodiac: what is that ? *suck pacifier*
Height: last time when i go do my paspot hor the unker say i'm 72cm
Weight: last time the unker also say i 9 kgs something. But now no one want to carry me edi. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

On the Inside

Heritage: Chinese
Fear: what's that? Can eat wan izit?
Weakness: I also dunno
Your perfect pizza: errr i eat anything ...anything that dun move wan

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: pocoyo?
Your bedtime: When i close my eyes.
Your most missed memory: i dunno...

Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: i dun like cold drinks. sometimes i like la. but most of the time i no like it
McDees or Burger King: Cannot move wan right? i eat la. please give me now...
Single or Group Dates: I am single i think cos my mami owes say she wanna find gf for me.
Adidas or Nike: I have both or. How?
Lipton Tea or Nestea: ah?
Chocolate or Vanilla: can go inside mouth all gimme me please.
Do you…Smoke: Smoke? got...sometimes my Mami head got smoke coming out....especially when she say "Jayden No No!"

In the past month
Drank alcohol: Mami say i big boy first only can..
Gone to the mall: Yes please...we go now? *take sandals*
Been on stage: Where?
Eaten sushi: sushi? my mamo name is sasa. Same or not?
Dyed your hair: No my hair havent die yet.

Have you ever…
Played a stripping game: *shy* how u know wan! I owes like to take our my pampers and run arond the room and play with my ...*shy*
Changed who you were to fit in: i no understand

Finish the sentence
I love: PocoYo
I feel: Happy lo!
I hate: to be yoneyee...
I hide: under the blanket! Chak!
I miss: my Mami and Dadi
I need: More time and less pressure. It's very pressuring being a kid nowadays...*sigh and suck pacifier* They always want us small kids to be cute..how to stay cute all the time yiu tell me?

And now, i am going to tag Ryan,
Rachel and Raelynn! Wuah all R wan...

Eh my Mami uploaded my video of me scolding the unker and auntie in the restaurant..because they bring my porridge so slow. so i scold and scold here....


  1. i go home tell rachel first ar...

  2. Hahaha! Jayden, u damn funnylah. Hahahahahahaha...

  3. hahahahaha...Jayden, i nominate u for the Most Funniest Baby Blogger!

  4. so what is his chinese name ar?
    if one day jayden answer you like that, i sure you pengsan.. LOL!

  5. Jayden boy, what is a pocoyo ah?

  6. Jayden says

    ShannonC: Okay aunty shannone Please tell rachel to take cute pic and do this tag okay?

    Nadia: Aunty Nadia i forgot to tag Irfan he also got R wan

    shooi : Thanks aunty shooi!

    huisia : My chinese name is....MAMI!! what is my chinese name???

    Rabbit : Aiyoh Lebbit U dunno ah? Where u stay wan? Go google search la

  7. Esther6:24 PM

    i saw the video oredi, Jayden boy, u so fierce one ar, HAHAHA!!

  8. aiyoooo...

    U so cuteeeeeeeee!!!!

    So crever can type type type already..!!!!

    pssst..your mami not free becoz she bz with the photoshop animation.. she not working one..she bruff you!! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAA!!!

  9. What is a pocoyo??

  10. Destinee jieh jieh said:
    Jayden didi, u ah,I don't know why my mommy read read until tears oso come out leh.

    Oh, u love Pocoyo ar? No wonder ur birthday cake got Pocoyo lor. I oso like Pocoyo neh. Every morning when I wake up at 7 a.m. hor, I sure ask my mommy to switch on the TV, Channel 63, sure got Pocoyo one. I cannot watch at 11.30 a.m. becos hor I in school mar.

    Wah, u so 'okk' one ar? U shud have yelled "mum mum mum" instead of 'yeah yeah yeah' mar.

    U 'jong' the wall, pain pain or not ar? My mommy so bad, she laff and laff and watch again and watch again so many times.

    U like the pressie I gave u or not ar? U know how to put the shapes into the ball ar? I know u veli clever one. Muuuuaaaaahhhhhhh.

  11. Jayden oso kena tag ka? Muahahaha!!!

  12. Jayden boy, it's like that one lor... wanna be a baby must be pro in being cute ma. Or else next time you grow up already force the aunty and uncles who become granny and granpa liao to be cute 24/7 lor... set?

  13. Thanks for completing the tag. :)

  14. jayden walks like a duck! haha so cute! wat is pocoyo? pocoyo is duck?

  15. wahh.. laidis oso can? manyak cutie.. now i tag your mummy..http://sweetpeamy.blogspot.com/2007/04/tagged.html

  16. Esther: Ya pls dun tell anyone i so fierce. i still want a girlfren . Ten kiu.

    mott: Shhh secret.. Dun tell anione please.

    michelle : Okay . Next time i show u. by the way ah..u never see my bday cake b4 meh

    Destinee jieh jieh : I lafu pocoyo i know u like pocoyo oso. We sama sama like la. Yr mami gila wan..she like to laff i know. The wall ah, not pain wan...cos my head very big and hard mah! I got play with the present. Thank u ah...But i still dunno how to put in the ball properly la.

    AceOne118 : Actually my mami kena but i do for her ma.

    sue : Ya lor *sob* its hard trying to stay cute all the time

    shoppingmum : No problem.

    Winn : No no ..later i show u

    Sweetpea : Aunty sweetpea. U so sweet wan ah. Can i eat u. My mami kena this tag o..b ut she lazy want to do..so she asked me to do for her. so considered do edi lor? Can ah?

  17. mummy bluffing!!!

  18. aww!! so kiutt!!!!

    i wish my bedtime is the same as urs!! =P

  19. babykhong11:11 AM

    Aiyoo...got smoke from momi's hair ahh....that's scaaarryyy, isn't it??? Hahahah!!!!

  20. Haha, so sweet and cute.